GH Update Friday 2/21/14

General Hospital Update Friday 2/21/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Sam is leaving her penthouse, making sure that she has everything. She locks up, and is surprised to find Julian when she turns around.

TJ arrives at Metro Court, where he's on the phone with Molly, confirming plans for their first night.  She's surprised that it's at the Metro Court because it's so expensive. TJ tells her that he's been saving up, and wants  Molly hopes that her friend Carson shows up, before her Mom gets home. No such luck, TJ hears Alexis tell Molly that she's home.

At the hospital, Silas is giving Kiki last minute instructions on keeping an eye on Rafe. He tells her that he's an easy kid, but just wants someone to be there, just in case. Kiki thanks him for letting her stay with him, since she and Michael are still on the outs. Silas jokes that "us jailbirds have to stick together." "Like father, like daughter." she quips. She says that, at least he has Sam's support, unlike Michael. Silas steps into new territory by asking how's that going? (Did anyone else hear that collective sigh?)

Michael shows up at Sonny's looking for a shoulder to cry on about Kiki.

At the Drake-Scorpio household, Patrick and Robin are still arguing about her leaving. She keeps saying that she has no choice, but Patrick thinks she does. Mac and Emma come home, just in time, to hear Patrick swearing. She wants to know why they're fighting.

Michael and Kiki are playing "he said, she said" with Sonny and Silas. Michael tells Sonny that this was the first time he saw Kiki since she got out of jail. He tried to tell her that he was wrong about Franco, and that he obviously didn't kidnap Carly. Sonny says that a lot of people thought that. Michael says that Kiki was hurt that he believe her in the first place.  Sonny asks if she knows what Franco did to Michael. Michael say that Kiki thinks he should've trusted her, but then she lied about helping Franco.

Kiki is going off about the same thing, and Silas tries to interject, but she tells him now is not the time. Kiki goes on to tell him that she was expecting an apology from Michael, but it didn't happen. She tells Silas that Michael is mad at her for lying to him and Dante, and for helping Franco to escape.  She's exasperated that Michael doesn't see that Carly wouldn't be alive if it weren't for her.

Michael is telling Sonny the same thing, and adds that if Franco had stayed away from Carly, none of this would've happened. Sonny doesn't disagree, but assumes Kiki did. He tells Sonny that she didn't understand why he was upset.

Kiki doesn't understand why Michael blames her and Franco, when it was Heather who kidnapped Carly. She tells him that he an interject now, but he can barely get a word in edgewise. She says that Michael blaming her for Carly's kidnapping, is like everyone blaming her for Ava has done. She says that's not fair right? All Silas can do is nod in agreement.

Sam tells Julian that she's headed out of town. He asks and she tells him that she's going with Silas to New York, to help clear his name. He apologizes for not being able to get anything out of Ava. Sam tells him that it's, okay, she's come up with her own plan. Julian tells her that Silas is a lucky man. She tells him that if that's all, she has to get going. He says no, he's here about Danny. Sam assumes he means her son, and tells him that he's with Alexis. Julian surprises her by saying it's about her brother, Danny McCall. He ells her that he knows that Danny died, eight years ago today.

TJ realizes that Molly didn't make it out I time, and wonders what she'll tell Alexis. Molly says that she's prepared, and tells TJ that she has a plan. They tell each other that they can't wait to see each other, and tell each other "I love you."  Molly is excited to see that Alexis has Danny, and wonders why. Alexis tells her that Sam and Silas are going to Manhattan. Molly asks if it's for a romantic getaway, but Alexis tells her that they're going to clear Silas's name. Alexis is delighted to have Danny, and has chocolate, popcorn and DVD's. She has all of Danny's favorites. She's all set for a slumber party, but Molly tells her that she'll miss it. Alexis wonders why she would miss it. She tells her that she's spending then night somewhere else.

TJ nervously goes up to the front desk to book a room. The clerk asks to see some ID, and they laugh about the picture. Suddenly, Olivia comes out of nowhere, and asks TJ if he's booking a room. Awkward much?

Robin tries to appease Emma about what was going on between her and Patrick. Emma says that Daddy said a bad word that people use, when they fight. Patrick apologizes to her for using that word. Emma wants to know why they were fighting. Mac distracts her by taking her into the kitchen to make hot chocolate. Robin says that she just stocked up with all the supplies this morning. Emma goes, but tells Robin that they aren't done yet. When she leaves, Robin calls Emma, her mini-me, and Patrick agrees. Patrick tells her that if she's serious about leaving, then she has to tell Emma and Mac. Patrick and Robin discuss what to tell Mac and Emma. She can't tell them the truth because Mac would never let her go. Robin also comments that Victor probably has the house bugged. Robin asks Patrick for his help, and he obviously doesn't like lying to Emma or Mac. She says that she's leaving because she has, too, but Patrick doesn't agree. They argue over her reasons for agreeing to Victor's plan again. Robin asks Patrick to show Emma a united front. Before he can answer, Mac and Emma have returned with the hot chocolates. Emma says that it's to help stop the fighting. Patrick has sparkles in his, which he likes, but then he gets serious, and says they have to talk about something. Emma looks concerned.

Back in Sonny's office, Michael and Sonny are still discussing Kiki. When Sonny mentions how difficult the situation it is with the two of them living together. Michael tells him that Kiki is staying with her father. Sonny asks if he's reached out to her, and Michael says no, but she hasn't reached out to him either. Sonny tries to reason with him that they almost lost his brother, and suggests that Michael make the first move. Michael is still upset that Kiki was hiding Franco in his apartment.  He says that Dante had his doubts, but he's still angry that Kiki was lying to him when Carly's life was in danger. Sonny says that he's not forgiving, but Michael is. Michael says that she knows what Franco, but believes he's changed because of the brain tumor. Michael thinks that they maybe he and Kiki don't know each other at all. Sonny calls Kiki naive. Sonny plays devil's advocate and says that if Kiki hadn't of helped Franco, then he wouldn't have found Carly. They could be standing at her funeral. Michael says that that doesn't make things magically go away. He tells Sonny that he doesn't know if he can trust her.

At the hospital, Kiki asks Silas if Michael has a right to be mad at her. Silas can't believe that she is asking him for relationship advice. Kiki says that she's desperate, and Silas remind her of his own spotty history after losing Nina. She reminds him that then he found Sam. He says that he almost ruined it by not telling Sam that his wife was in a coma for twenty years. Kiki says that it's not like he was cheating on his wife with Sam. But he tells her that a lie is still a lie like the one she told Michael about Franco. Silas feels bad about his lie, but Kiki doesn't feel bad about hers. She thinks that she was right to help Franco and protect him. Silas suggests that Michael sees this as a breach of trust like Sam did. Silas tells Kiki that she's gonna have to get Michael to trust her again, if she wants things to work out. 

At Sam's penthouse, she's surprised that Julian knew about her brother. Julian tells her that when he found out that she was his daughter, he did some research on her. He found out the difficult choices she had to make for her brother. She admits that some of her choices were criminal, and he says that her adopted father taught her to break the law. He thinks that they have that in common because Victor taught him to do the same.  He uses that to bond, and ask her to give him another chance like Lucas did.

Molly tells Alexis that she's going to study for her SAT's with Carson. She says that the scores she gets this spring will help with her college apps net year.  Alexis tells her to invite Carson over here, but Molly says that Danny would be too distracting. Alexis buys that, and tells Molly that they'll miss her, and how proud she is of her. Molly actually looks guilt-ridden for a moment.

At the Metro Court, TJ tries to get past Olivia, and tells her that Shawn is having a lady over, and he needs to be somewhere else.  Olivia isn't convinced, and busts him that he's the one looking to get laid tonight.

Molly tries to get past Alexis, by saying she'll wait outside for Carson. Alexis tells Danny to keep building, and goes over to Molly, whose loaded down with backpacks. Alexis also notices how nice she looks, wonders why. Molly reminds her that Carson is always "dressed to the nines", and she wants to keep up. Alexis asks if she's okay, and Molly says that she's fine. Alexis asks if she has anything that she wants to talk about.  She tells her that she an talk to her about anything. Molly wonders what she has to be stressed about.  Alexis says that she saw something on the news that Molly's generation is the "stressed" generation, and that stresses her.  Molly says that she's fine, then Alexis tells her not to worry about college, cause she'll get into any college she wants. Suddenly, Alexis gets all emotional about Molly growing up, and going off to college. She tells her that she's almost a grown woman, and not her baby anymore. We hear Carson honking, and Alexis tells Molly she loves her, and they hug.  Alexis asks Molly if Carson's parents know that she is driving tonight, and Molly says yes.  She tells her to be safe, and Molly says she will.

Olivia, the bloodhound, figures out that the room is really for TJ and Molly.  She reminds him that she raised son, and knows all the signs.  She asks him if he has condoms, and an embarrassed TJ says yes.  He tells her that they've been planning this for awhile, and it's no big deal. Olivia disagrees, and says that it is a big deal. She reminds him that she had Dante, when she was younger than Molly. TJ assures Olivia that no one is getting pregnant. He asks if he can have the room, but Olivia is concerned about his finances. He tells her that he's been saving up, and that he checked the rates online.   He hands Olivia the money, and because she likes him, she's giving him the friends and family rate. She tells him to order something nice from room service, and all of Molly's favorites. TJ can't believe his luck. She tells him to have good time, and please be safe. He tells her thank you and calls her Miss Falconeri. Olivia tells him to call her Olivia, but TJ has just one more favor to ask her. Can she keep it between them? Just then Shawn turns up, and wonders what TJ is doing there.

Michael is still at Sonny's office, whining to his father about not being able to trust Kiki. After all, he says, they rushed into this relationship, and don't really know each other. Sonny agrees that the trust between Kiki and Michael was broken. Sonny tells that if he did jump into this thing with Kiki too soon, then maybe he should just cut his losses. It's not meant to be. Michael asks him if he believes that, and Sonny says that it doesn't matter what he believes. If Michael wants to keep the relationship, then he has to work really hard to make it happen or cut his losses, and let her go.

Kiki says that Michael is the one that should be begging her to forgive him. Silas comments on how determined she is to stay mad at Michael. Silas asks her if she's ready to give up on Michael, and tells her that a sincere apology goes a long way. Kiki wonders if Michael even wants her anymore. Silas reminds what his apology did for him and Sam.

Sam is still in her building listening to Julian, who tells her that she doesn't have to answer him right away. He asks her to give him a chance to be in her life, even just a little. Sam tells him that she will think about it, and pushes the elevator button again. He stops her again, and gives her an envelope, so she asks him what's in it.  Julian surprises her by telling her that he's been doing some research on Danny's genetic disorder, the fragile syndrome.  He says that they've made great strides, and that he made a donation in Danny's name.  He tells her that they gave him a certificate with his name on it, and wants Sam to have it. Sam is extremely moved, and gives him a big hug. Julian wishes her good luck in New York, and takes his leave, when the elevator arrives. Sam stands there holding his gift to her heart.

Back to the Scorpio-Drake household, Emma want to know what her parents were fighting about.  Patrick tells her that they weren't fighting, he was just sad. Patrick is in near tears, when Robin gingerly tells Emma and Mac that she has to go away.

At the hospital, Silas tells Kiki that no matter what happens with Michael , "I won't be there, but my door is always open. " She jokingly calls him "father of the year." just as Sam arrives. She tells him that she's got the boarding passes, so they're ready to go. "Id go anywhere with you. says Silas. Silas leaves to check on something, leaving Sam and Kiki to play catch up. Sam says that they're going to New York to clear Silas's name. She tells Kiki that she thinks someone paid the pharmacist to keep quiet. Kiki assumes that it has to do with Ava, and tells Sam that Ava is the one to bail her out of jail. Sam thinks that's a convenient way to get back into Kiki's good graces. Kiki tells her that Sam is starting to sound like her father "Uncle Julian", and asks how things are going with him. Sam tells her that she's still trying to find her way around the "new father" thing. Kiki can relate but she thinks Silas is less complicated than Sam's father. Sam isn't so sure, and compares it to Kiki's relationship with Ava. She tells her that Julian just did something nice for her, but she isn't sure she can trust him.

Alexis is enjoying her time with Danny, and talks to him about being pregnant when she was Molly's age. She tells Danny that that's not gonna happen to Molly.  Alexis says that Molly is more sensible than she was at her age, and she's more sensible than her now, especially about your grandfather. Alexis says that yea, she knows that he doesn't want to talk about that .  Danny doesn't care, because he's having too much fun blowing bubbles. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and Alexis wonders to Danny if she should answer it. And to no one's surprise, it turns out to be said grandfather.

Shawn asks TJ what he's doing at the hotel. Olivia covers for him, and says that he was applying for a job. Shawn is surprised because TJ already has a job, and asks if TJ is leaving him. Olivia says that he just wanted to pick up shifts to help pay for college. TJ says if he's gets in, but Shawn is convinced that he will. Olivia tells Shawn that Sonny's expecting him, and he can go on up. Shawn tells TJ that he's an incredible kid, and his father would be proud of him. He says that he is, and leaves. TJ thanks Olivia for covering for him.  Olivia tells TJ to treat Molly right, and TJ says that he wouldn't have it any other way. Molly arrives at the hotel, just then. She and TJ look at each other lovingly.

At the Drake-Scorpio household, Robin is telling Emma and Mac that she has to go to Africa to help sick people. Emma says that Daddy is a doctor, too and he's not going anywhere. Robin tells her that Daddy is a different kind of doctor. Robin says that because of her oath she has to help save these people. She wouldn't want them to get sicker, would she? Emma reluctantly agrees, and says as long as it doesn't take too long. Robin chuckles, but then Emma asks he when she's coming home.

Olivia greets Molly while TJ is at the front desk signing some papers. TJ asks Molly if she'll be okay, and Olivia says, of course, she will be. Olivia gives Molly the same safe sex talk she gave TJ. Molly thanks her for being so nice, but Olivia says that she's not nice, just realistic. She again makes Molly promise her to be careful, and Molly says that she's not going to end up pregnant like her mother did with Sam.

At the hospital, Kiki and Sam agree that it would be nice to trust their parents. Rafe finally shows up, and asks where Silas is. Sam tells him that he's sill with some patients. Rafe asks where Danny is, and Sam tells him that he with his grandmother. Silas joins them and tells Rafe that Kiki will be staying with him while he's gone. Kiki jokes that unless its trig homework, she can't help him there. Rafe chuckles, and Silas says that dinner is on him tonight. He hands him a big bill, and tells him to take Kiki somewhere nice to cheer her up. Kiki says that he doesn't have to do that, and Silas says he knows.  Sam and Silas warn Kiki about how much Rafe can eat.   Kiki wishes Silas luck on clearing his name, and jokes that they don't make father-daughter cells.   As Kiki and Rafe leave, Silas tells her to trust  her instinct o the Michael thing. Silas tells her when they get back, they'll work on getting her charges dropped.

Michael still hasn't decided  what to do, when Shawn arrives at Sonny's office. Michael thanks for Sonny for the talk, but Sonny doesn't know how much help he was.  Much like Silas, he tells Michael that he has to figure it out. As soon as Michael leaves, he asks Shawn if he learned anything about Julian Jerome's mystery backer. 

Julian  is still waiting for Alexis to let him in. He tells her that he knows that Danny was here, and  she asks if Sam sent him.   He tells her that Sam told him in an effort to get rid of him.    He admits that he just wanted to see her and his grandson.  He asks Alexis if he can come in.

Emma wants to know when Robin is coming back, and Mac would like to know too. Unfortunately, Robin doesn't have answer for them. Emma asks her if she'll be at her dance recital, and Robin has to tell her no. She says that Patrick, and Uncle Mac will be there. Emma gets upset and says that she wants Robin to stay. She just got back and it was so sad without her. Patrick tells her that they can Skype with Robin, but Emma isn't happy. She gets even more upset that Robin has to leave right away. Robin says that Emma is strong, and Emma says that she isn't, and doesn't want to be.  She takes off to her room, and Patrick goes after her. 

Mac takes his turn with her, and the two have a heart-to-heart chat. He asks her if there's another reason for her leaving. She says that it's been hard adjusting to being back.  Mac is having as hard of time as Patrick, accepting her decision. If Mac knew the truth, he would never let her go. But, above all, Mac loves Robin and gives her his support. He asks her if she has the good luck charm that Robert gave her. She tells him that she's wearing it close to her heart. Mac tells her that at least, this time it's different. This time he knows that she's out doing good in the word, and he'll be seeing her again. Robin chuckles, and assures him he will. Mac leaves as Patrick comes back. Robin asks how Emma is, and Patrick says "How do you think?". Robin goes to talk to her, and Patrick wishes her luck.

Sam is looking at the donation certificate that Julian gave her. Silas returns and asks her what it is. Sam says that she'll tell him on the plane. It's time to head to New York to clear his name, and asks him if he's ready. Silas says, "You have no idea how ready I am." as they walk out.

Kiki and Rafe arrive at the Metro Court, where he tells her that he wasn't crazy about Uncle Silas at first. Kiki says that he gave Rafe a hundred bucks, so he can't be that bad. At that moment, Michael steps off the elevator, and Kiki asks Rafe to go the restaurant to get them a table.

Molly and TJ thank Olivia, when she hands them their hotel key. She, once again, asks them to be safe. Molly and Rafe look forward to their night, unaware that they've been spotted by a jealous Rafe.

Alexis finally allows Julian (who by now is freezing) in, so he can visit Danny.

Sonny asks Shawn if he found out who's bankrolling Julian, and he says that he did.

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