GH Update Thursday 2/20/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/20/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Anna and some other police officers arrived at Miscavige. They showed the orderly, who'd been working for Heather, a picture of Luke and Scott and asked if he'd seen them. The man said no. Anna sensed that he was lying and realized he must be Heather's accomplice. Anna revealed that Heather already confessed to taking Luke to Miscavige. She warned the man not to make things worse for himself by lying. The orderly gave in, and lead the cops to Scott and Luke. The men were huddled together in a corner, asleep. The cops shook them awake. Scott came around quickly, but Luke seemed dazed.

Tracy and Lucy were at the PCPD anxiously awaiting news on Luke and Scott. Tracy wanted to wring Heather's neck for kidnapping Luke. Tracy was also annoyed that Anna had dismissed Tracy's concerns when Tracy reported Luke missing. Lucy felt guilty for not realizing Scott was in trouble and for not being there for him when he needed her. Tracy asked why Lucy cared so much about Scott. Lucy pointed out that Scott was her ex husband and the father of her child. Lucy explained that she hadn't set out to have a child with Scott. She got pregnant to help Scott and Dominique have a baby, then her relationship with Scott deepened over time. Tracy did not care to hear Lucy recap her history with Scott. Tracy knew that the child Lucy gave birth to stood to receive a large inheritance, so Tracy was sure that Lucy was well compensated for carrying it. Offended, Lucy insisted that she was not well paid.

Tracy didn't believe that Lucy was so concerned about Scott due to their past. She felt there must be more to it. Lucy vehemently denied that there was anything going on between her and Scott. Tracy sensed that Lucy was overcompensating in an attempt to hide the truth. Tracy asked how Lucy's husband felt about what was going on between Lucy and Scott. Lucy spat that Kevin didn't know anything about it. Tracy pointed out the inconsistency between Lucy's statements. Tracy noted that Scott and Lucy weren't known for their moral integrity. “And you are?” Lucy spat. Tracy admitted that she wasn't, but she pointed out that, unlike Scott and Lucy, Tracy never pretended to be reformed. Tracy thought that Scott and Lucy were still the same “lying cheats,” they always were. Lucy swore that she and Kevin were happily married and that there was no “Scott and Lucy.” She got frustrated when Tracy didn't believe her. The conversation was cut short when Anna called Lucy and told her Scott and Luke were on their way to GH. Lucy filled Tracy in, then they started to bicker about which of them would drive to the hospital.

Patrick and Robin were at home. Patrick didn't like the idea of Robin going off with Victor Cassadine to an undisclosed location for an unspecified period of time. Robin tried to assure Patrick that she would be safe, but Patrick was completely against it. He felt that he and Robin had been through too much for him to hand her over to Victor. Patrick thought that Anna could fix things, but Robin was adamant that her mother couldn't know about any of this. She was afraid that if Anna started an investigation, Victor would hear about it and shut off the machines keeping Jason alive. Patrick countered t Victor e needed Jason as bait to get to Robin. Robin explained that she didn't want to leave everyone she loved, but she had to save Jason's life. Robin admitted that she thought there was a chance Victor was listening to them right now. Patrick grabbed Robin's arm and pulled her toward the door, determined to make her talk to Anna. When Patrick opened the door, they found Victor standing on the porch. Victor walked in and introduced himself to Patrick. Victor tried to strike up a conversation with Patrick about Robin's brilliance and Spencer and Emma's friendship, but Patrick ordered Victor not to say his daughter's name.

Patrick told Victor that Robin wasn't going to help him. Victor pretended to be surprised that Robin told Patrick about the project. Robin told Victor that they all knew Victor was there because he knew Robin had confided in Patrick. Victor admitted that he knew Patrick and Robin were about to tell Anna about the project. Patrick asked Victor how he thought Anna would react if she found out he was coercing her daughter. Victor stated that Jason would be “toast” if Robin told Anna the truth. Patrick took issue with Victor threatening Robin and forcing her to choose between her friend and her family. Victor insisted that this wasn't a threat. He explained that Robin's skills were 1 in a million and that the WSB wouldn't be able to find anyone else who could help. The WSB couldn't compel Robin to help them, so they were trying to provide her with an incentive. Victor told Patrick that Robin could either stay with him and Jason would die, or she could go with Victor. Patrick told Victor to get out. Victor told Robin that his plane left tomorrow, and he hoped she'd be on it, then Victor left. Robin felt like she just made a deal with the Devil. Patrick told her that she didn't have to go. Robin reminded Patrick that she was Jason's only hope. Patrick pointed out that Jason had lead a risky life, but Robin refused to have that argument again. Patrick asked Robin if he expected her to just wave goodbye as she left them behind. Robin said she wasn't telling Patrick what to do, but he was telling her what to do. Robin told Patrick that he couldn't change her mind or change what Jason meant to her. Patrick pointed out that Robin and Jason barely saw each other during the last few years. Robin didn't think it mattered. She was confident that Jason would go get her, even if they hadn't seen each other for ten years, and she was going to do the same for him. Robin swore she loved Patrick and Emma. She assured Patrick that she didn't want to leave, but she told him that she would be getting on that plane.

Lulu and Dante were on their way out the door when Britt dropped by with Ben. Dante explained that they were on their way to the PCPD, because Luke was missing. Lulu told Dante that Tracy would keep them updated, and she urged him to visit with his son. Shortly after Britt arrived, she got called into the hospital, because Dr. Chu had an emergency. Britt was going to take Ben with her and drop him off at daycare, but Dante suggested that she leave him there. Britt agreed. She kissed Ben, told him to be good for his dad and Lulu, then she left. Dante fed Ben and Lulu told Dante that Ben inherited Dante's good appetite. Lulu and Dante knew that Olivia would be thrilled about Ben. They thought she'd make up for Ben having Obrecht as his other grandmother. Lulu was in awe when she suddenly noticed that Ben had Dante's chin. Dante asked if she was okay, and she assured him that she was just happy for him. Tracy called Lulu and told her about Luke. When Lulu filled Dante in, he wanted to go to the hospital with her, but she told him to stay there and spend time with Ben. Lulu admitted that she was concerned that Luke allowed himself to be taken to the hospital, since that wasn't like him. After Lulu left, Dante played with Ben and imagined what he'd grow up to be like. Dante felt that he'd be happy with Ben whether Ben liked baseball or ballet. Dante was glad to have a son, but he admitted that he wished Ben was Lulu's.

Epiphany and Sabrina wondered why Lucy didn't show up for the meeting about the 2014 Nurses' Ball. Sabrina confessed that she wasn't sure she wanted to participate this year. Epiphany was surprised, since Sabrina spearheaded the revival of the Ball, last year. Sabrina pointed out that she did it to honor Robin, and she feared things would be uncomfortable, now that Robin was back. Epiphany added that it didn't help that Sabrina was carrying Patrick's baby. Sabrina revealed that Patrick had insisted on being involved in the pregnancy. Epiphany wasn't surprised, because she thought that Patrick was an honorable man. Sabrina had an appointment with Dr. Chu and she wondered where Patrick was. She called and left Patrick a message. Epiphany offered to take a break and accompany Sabrina to her appointment. Sabrina was afraid that Obrecht would be angry with Epiphany. Epiphany made it clear that she wasn't intimidated by Obrecht and was looking forward to the day that she and Obrecht crossed paths.

Sabrina went to her appointment and discovered that Britt was filling in for Dr. Chu. They agreed that it was awkward, but there was nothing that they could do, so they went ahead with the appointment. Sabrina said if she could deliver Britt's baby, she guessed Britt could scan hers. Britt confessed that she was still surprised that Sabrina and Patrick were expecting a baby. Sabrina told Britt that she didn't plan on using the baby to hold onto Patrick. Britt admitted she deserved that comment. Britt told Sabrina that she saw the connection that Patrick and Sabrina, had from the beginning. It was the kind of connection Britt longed to have with someone, so she tried to use manipulation to get it. Britt apologized for trying to come between Patrick and Sabrina. Sabrina accepted her apology, and the awkwardness in the room melted away. Britt did the ultrasound – the baby looked fine. Britt offered to tell Sabrina the sex, but Sabrina chose not to find out, because she wanted Patrick to be there for the reveal. Sabrina didn't have a feeling about whether the baby was a boy or a girl, and she asked if Britt could sense that Britt had been pregnant with a boy. Britt didn't recall. Britt lit up when she thought about Ben. She gushed about how much she enjoyed being his mom and she hoped that nothing would ever come between them.

Sabrina noticed Britt's engagement ring and surmised that Nikolas gave it to her. Britt beamed as she confirmed that she and Nik were engaged. Sabrina congratulated her. Sabrina noted that Sabrina's “happily ever after” didn't take, but she hoped Britt's did. Britt thanked Sabrina, then Sabrina left. Britt looked down at her ring.

Anna and Epiphany wheeled Scott and Luke through the hospital. Scott was eager to get out of the wheelchair and go back to work. Luke, on the other hand, was unusually docile. Epiphany refused to let Scott leave until he had a full check up. Lucy and Tracy arrived. Lucy rushed to Scott, threw her arms around him and told him how worried she'd been. Lucy added that she would have rescued Scott if she'd known he needed help. Tracy ripped into Luke for letting Heather get the best of him and for skipping town so often that the only reason Tracy knew he needed help this time was that he didn't embezzle any money out of her bank accounts. Tracy demanded to know what Luke had to say for himself and was alarmed when he just quietly said “Hi, Tracy.” Anna explained that Luke had been drugged. Tracy ordered Epiphany to call a doctor. Tracy pulled Luke into a hug, but Luke had no reaction to it and didn't attempt to hug her back. Lulu arrived. She hugged Luke, while he sat motionlessly. Luke asked Lulu why he was at the hospital. Tracy told Lulu about the drugs, then she went to go figure out where the doctor was. Lulu apologized to Luke for not realizing that he needed help. Lulu wondered if Luke knew what drugs he was given. Luke told her not to worry, but Lulu replied that she was worried. Lulu asked Luke if he'd be okay by himself while she went to check on Tracy. “Lesley, I'm the same as I ever was,” Luke said in a monotone voice. Lulu hesitated for a second, then she left.

Tracy glanced across the hospital lobby and noticed Lucy making a fuss over Scott. Lucy told Scott that when he fell off the radar, she wondered if he was avoiding her for the sake of her marriage. Lucy told Scott that now that she knew the truth, she wouldn't be avoiding him. “If anything ever happened to you, I don't know what I'd do” Lucy said, before hugging Scott.

Elizabeth inadvertently caused an awkward moment when she went up to Nikolas's room and found him wearing nothing but a towel. She quickly apologized and explained that Victor had told her to go up. Nik grumbled about Victor's sense of entitlement. He assured Liz that it was okay for her to be there, since the two of them never stood on ceremony, before. Liz remembered Robin urging her to tell Nik how she felt about him. While Nik went to get dressed, Liz tried to work up the nerve to take Robin's advice. When Nik returned, he sensed Liz's discomfort, and wondered if she was there to talk about what happened at Dante and Lulu's. Nik assured Liz that he didn't want the incident to come between them, and he told her that he believed Britt was telling the truth about not knowing that Ben was Dante's. Liz confessed that she knew Nik was engaged. “Please don't marry her,” she said. Nik started to defend Britt, but Liz clarified that she wasn't saying this out of disapproval of Britt. Liz's voice cracked with emotion as she confessed that she was in love with Nik. Stunned, Nik asked her to repeat herself. Liz added that she'd been trying to deny it since he came back to Port Charles. Nik reminded Liz that she rejected him and chose AJ. Liz explained that she didn't choose Nik because the last time they were together, a lot of people got hurt. Nik asked what changed. Liz revealed that she chose AJ because she thought she and AJ could start over together, but it didn't work. Liz now realized that it had been unfair of her to choose AJ when she was still in love with Nik. Liz explained that she'd been trying to do the right thing, but it turned out that she made the wrong decision. Liz wasn't sure if she should be saying anything, now that Nik was about to start a life with someone else, but she was trying to do what was right, for once. “I had to tell you that I love you, before it's too late,” Liz said.

Nik's eyes filled with tears and he told Liz that she had no idea how long he'd been waiting to hear her say that. “I've loved you for years. You know that” Nik said. Liz was tearful, too. She asked how things stood, now. “I did what you asked me to do, Liz,” Nik said. Nik told Liz that he'd moved on, fallen in love with Britt and asked her to marry him. Disappointed, and hurt, Liz guessed there was nothing left to say, so she walked out. She lingered by the closed door of Nik's bedroom, then she left.

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