GH Update Wednesday 2/19/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/19/14


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

It is the day after the revelation that Ben is Dante's son and lots of speculation and tension involving the situation.

Lucy and Kevin go to GH and see Franco once they come out of the elevator. Lucy explains she has to go and Kevin wheels Franco in his office.

Robin called Patrick but he didn't answer and he left a voicemail. Lucy walks over to talk about the Nurse's ball and asks where Robin is. Patrick tells her that she won't be there for the Nurse's Ball and she gives him advice that love is still there deep inside; so you can work anything out. Patrick leaves to go home and tells Robin that they are going to go tell Anna everything.

After seeing Patrick, Lucy walks into Kevin's office. Franco tells Lucy and Kevin that no one has heard from Scotty since he went to see Heather.

Spencer walks into Nikolas's bedroom and asks if Britt said yes to Nikolas's proposal. They tell Spencer yes and he is ecstatic. Spencer leaves for school and Britt tells Nikolas that she is afraid of what Dante and Lulu will do now that they know Dante is the father of her baby. Nikolas tells Britt to bring Ben over to see them as a show of faith. Britt brings the baby at the end of the show before Dante and Lulu leave to go search for Luke.

Anna has Heather in a conference room to talk about what she did to Luke. Anna entices her with a BLT. Heather is tempted at first, but does not talk. Anna starts eating and Heather tells Anna that Luke is at the mental hospital.

Upon hearing of Scotty's disappearance, Lucy went to see Anna just as Heather talked. Lucy told Anna that Scotty went to see Heather and hasn't been heard from. Anna told Lucy Heather was holding Luke there.

Tracy went to see Dante about lighting a fire under him regarding Luke's disappearance and he wasn't there. Lulu had a dream about Britt, Ben, and Dante just before Tracy arrived and she told Tracy about the news and that Dante was with Sonny telling him that he has a grandson. Tracy assured her that all will be alright. It will be hard but since Tracy fell in love with Lulu, the same will go for Lulu and Ben. Sonny gave Dante the same advice since it worked with him and Michael.

Elizabeth went to see Robin to tell her about the baby and Nikolas. Robin asked Elizabeth if she was still in love with Nikolas. Elizabeth finally admitted she wanted Nikolas and still in love with him. Robin told Elizabeth that he may be engaged, but not married yet. Robin advised that Elizabeth tell Nikolas how she felt. Elizabeth left not long after to do just that.

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