GH Update Tuesday 2/18/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/18/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Emotions ran high at the Scorpio-Drake home after Robin told Patrick that she was leaving town. A tearful Patrick ordered Robin to be straight with him and tell him the real reason she was leaving him and Emma. Patrick recalled that Robin went to Africa the last time her HIV medication stopped working. He wondered if that was the case again or if she had PTSD. Robin insisted that that wasn't it, so Patrick begged her to confide in him. Robin blurted out that she was leaving because of Jason. Robin was reluctant to say more, but at Patrick's urging, she eventually revealed that Jason was still alive. Patrick realized this meant that Robin wasn't really planning to go to Africa. An apologetic Robin explained that she lied to Patrick because Victor Cassadine had forbid her from telling Patrick the truth.

A tearful Robin explained that Victor, the new secret head of the WSB, had offered her the chance to bring Jason back to his wife and son. The catch was that she'd have to leave Patrick and Port Charles. Patrick pointed out that Victor could be tricking Robin. Robin admitted that she didn't know if she could trust Victor, but she didn't think she had a choice. Patrick was flabbergasted. He countered that she could choose to stay home, where she belonged, instead of running off on an adventure five minutes after she got back. Robin was annoyed that Patrick described her taking a chance to save Jason as an adventure. Patrick asked if Robin already agreed to go. Robin admitted that she eventually agreed to help Victor. Patrick angrily asked if that meant was just going to abandon Emma without apologizing or explaining herself first. Robin ordered him not to say that, but Patrick insisted that this was abandonment. “I cannot believe that you're doing this to us again!” Patrick yelled. He didn't understand how Robin could consider leaving Emma after being separated from her for two years. Robin asked Patrick to think about Danny growing up without a father. Patrick spat that he didn't care. Robin asked if he didn't care about a defenseless baby, and Patrick replied that he cared about their baby, who'd slept with Robin's picture every night, believing she was in Heaven. He asked if Robin had been planning to tell Emma she was sorry, but Jason's son was more important than Emma. Robin argued that that wasn't fair. She asked Patrick to please try to understand how it was with Jason. Patrick felt that Robin had Jason on a pedestal and Patrick would never measure up. Patrick argued that Jason was a gangster. Robin countered that he wasn't a gangster to her – he saved her life, and she never would have met Patrick or had Emma without him. Patrick argued that the medication saved Robin's life, and Robin replied that Jason convinced to take her medication by making her see that her life was worth living. Robin insisted that if she had even a small a chance to save his life, she had to take it. Patrick admitted he didn't understand. He was grateful to Jason, but he thought there was a limit on the lengths Robin should go to pay Jason back. Robin insisted that Jason needed her. Patrick countered that he and Emma needed Robin.

Robin told Patrick that Jason was going to die without her help and that Sabrina needed Patrick to stay in town. Patrick asked why Robin brought that up. “Why? Because I had to give you weeks to make your choice. This just fell into my lap...and it's Jason.” Robin added that it was important to her to show Emma that you have to do the right thing even if it's difficult. Patrick thought that was a cop out. He argued that Robin wasn't doing this for Emma, and he added that this wasn't the first time Robin had put Jason before their family. Robin denied ever doing that, and Patrick reminded her that the lab explosion was two years ago today; Robin had elected to ignore the alarms and go into the lab to get Jason's protocol. Patrick felt that Robin had been willing to die – to lose him and Emma forever, in order to save Jason. He wondered how long Robin would be gone this time. A week? Ten years? Robin saw similarities between the time she was held prisoner and Jason's situation, but she felt that Jason had it worse because he was immobilized. She was adamant that she couldn't have a life if she left Jason trapped in a state between life and death. Patrick insisted that Robin would have a life – one with him and Emma. Robin swore that her decision to leave wouldn't change the fact that she loved Patrick and Emma more than anything. “Yes it would, because you'd be gone,” Patrick insisted.

Robin explained that she had to save Jason for Sam, Danny and for herself. She felt that Jason had just as much of a right to live as Patrick did. Patrick disagreed, because Jason lived a dangerous lifestyle. Robin was convinced that if Jason were in her shoes, he'd leave his wife and son to save Robin's life. Robin swore this wasn't about abandoning Patrick; it was about saving someone whom she truly cared about and who never let her down. “And I have?” Patrick asked. He wondered if Robin was leaving as payback. Robin assured Patrick that she wasn't trying to get back at him. “I love you. I love our daughter. You have to believe that.” Patrick challenged her to stay with him and say no to Jason and Victor and staying. Robin shook her head no, so Patrick left. He ignored her calling after him.

Ava and Morgan were in bed after having sex. They'd slipped off to a hotel to celebrate Valentine's Day. Morgan got dressed and admitted that he wanted more than a couple of stolen hours with Ava. Ava promised that they'd have all the time in the world when Sonny checked out the information she gave him on Julian.

Shawn had just returned to Sonny's office after checking out a list of addresses they found in Julian's files that Ava gave them. Shawn had discovered that it was a list of Julian's safe houses in the city. Sonny thought that would be of use some day. Sonny had checked some of the other files and learned that Ava was telling the truth about Julian tracking Corinthos Coffee's finances. Sonny and Shawn realized Julian wanted to cripple the coffee business so Sonny wouldn't be able to use it to launder money. Sonny was taken aback when he found a file on Jason that Julian had clearly been compiling for several years. Julian also had copies of Danny's medical records. Shawn noted that Danny was the only thing keeping Julian alive. Shawn and Sonny saw something shocking in Julian's files. Sonny told Shawn to get Ava over to the office, now.

Julian was at home. He let out a big sigh as he remembered Lucas's request that Julian accept Lucas for who he was. Ava came home and Julian adopted a pleasant tone and asked about Ava's day. Ava claimed she'd been with Kiki. Julian noted that he ran into Kiki earlier and had been left with the impression that she and Ava were still on the outs. Julian kept asking Ava questions that seemed polite and meaningless on the surface, but Ava knew he was up to something, so she ordered him to just say what he had to say. Julian demanded to know what she'd been doing with her laptop. Ava pretended not to know what Julian meant, so he told her that he knew she was downloading something from his computer when Alexis dropped by. Ava tried to convince Julian that Alexis made it up in an attempt to drive a wedge between Ava and Julian, out of loyalty to Sonny. After Ava spun her lie, she tried to breeze past Julian, but he grabbed her arm and accused her of double crossing him. Ava swore that she could never do a thing like that. Julian reminded Ava that she held him at gunpoint when she found out he threatened Morgan's family. Ava countered that that was a far cry from betrayal. “Sister or no sister, if you push me against the wall, I will take you out, Ava” Julian warned. Ava insisted that Julian wouldn't kill his own sister, so Julian reminded her that he killed their sister Olivia after Olivia pushed him too far. Ava warned Julian not to underestimate her. According to Ava, she was wiling to kill Julian or do anything else it took to survive. “Sonny may not be able to take you out because of Danny, but trust me, that little brat you call a grandson means nothing to me” Ava hissed. Ava got the phone call from Shawn, so she left.

When Ava got to Sonny's office, Sonny asked who she answered to. Ava said no one, so Sonny showed her the computer screen. Julian had a mysterious backer who'd been financing the entire Jerome operation for years.

Someone contacted Julian through his computer. “Speak of the devil” he said when he noticed the chat starting.

At GH, Lucas wrote a text wishing Brad a happy Valentine's Day. He added that he wished they were spending it together, then he deleted the last part and wrote that he'd like to hang out with Brad sometime. He sent the text, then Morgan walked up, and Lucas greeted his nephew with a hug. Morgan had been looking for Carly. Lucas told him that she and Franco were sleeping in his room. Lucas and Morgan were both having trouble digesting that Carly was dating a serial killer. Morgan knew that Carly would insist that they refer to Franco as a reformed serial killer and that Franco was her hero, now. Lucas thought it must have been weird for Morgan to hear that Carly was dating Franco. Morgan admitted it must have been just as weird for Carly to find out about him and Ava. Lucas knew Morgan had interacted with Julian, too. Lucas confided that he was considering giving Julian a chance, and he was curious to know whether or Morgan thought Julian was as bad as people said he was. Morgan replied that Julian was bad news. Lucas pointed out that people said the same thing about Sonny, and Morgan replied that Julian had done something that Morgan's dad would never do. Morgan told Lucas that Julian had threatened to kill Carly or Michael if Morgan quit working for the Jeromes. Morgan stressed that Julian had been threatening Morgan and Lucas's family. He clarified that he wasn't telling Lucas what to do, but he wanted him to know what he was getting into. Lucas admitted he had a lot to think about. Lucas was sorry Morgan had to break up with Ava, and he assumed Morgan had a bad Valentine's Day. Morgan remembered undressing Ava at the hotel, earlier, but he didn't correct Lucas. Carly had told Morgan that Lucas was a Don Juan, so Morgan wondered if Lucas was seeing anyone. Lucas admitted that the guy he was interested in was into someone else.

At Felix's, Brad remembered talking with Britt about the fact that Ben was Lulu and Dante's baby, not Dante and Britt's like Felix assumed. Brad confessed that Felix didn't know the whole story. “How bad is it?” Felix asked apprehensively. Brad chugged a glass of wine and asked for a refill. While Brad was working up the nerve to tell Felix everything, Lucas's text arrived. Brad's phone was on a table near Felix. Felix read the text and asked Brad who Lucas was. Brad lied and said Lucas was a straight friend of his. Felix then spotted the text containing the seductive photo Lucas had posed for while he was in Brad's bed. Felix recognized Lucas as the patient he saw Brad with at GH. Brad clarified that he never told Felix that Lucas was his patient. Felix assured Brad he wasn't mad, but he wanted an explanation. Brad explained that he met Lucas when Brad went to the Floating Rib to drown his sorrows after fighting with Felix. Brad added that he and Lucas had a lot in common. Brad admitted he slept with Lucas that night. Felix asked if Brad had slept with Lucas since Felix and Brad made up. Brad confessed that he'd slept with Lucas a second time. He explained that he hadn't meant for there to be another time, because he wanted to make things work with Felix. Felix reminded Brad that Felix had asked to take things slow. Felix now assumed Brad had only agreed because he had Lucas on the side. Brad apologized. Felix didn't think Brad should apologize, because Felix wrongly assumed that Brad was wasn't seeing anyone else. Felix admitted he'd even had a romantic idea about spending Valentine's night with Brad, but now, Felix just wanted Brad to leave. Brad apologized again, but Felix said it was better that they found out now that they were looking for different things. Felix thought Lucas and Brad might be on the same page. Brad was about to say something else, but Felix told him he'd see him at the hospital and he closed the door.

Lulu, Dante, Elizabeth were at the loft when Nik and Britt arrived to do damage control. Nik started by saying he had no idea what Liz had told Dante and Lulu, but they needed to hear Britt's side of the story. Dante and Lulu's confusion turned to shock when Nik blurted out that Britt had no idea that Dante was Ben's father. Liz whispered to Nik that she didn't tell them. Dante and Lulu demanded an explanation, so Britt admitted that Ben was Dante's son. Dante asked how that was possible. A skeptical Lulu asked if they wanted her to believe that Dante slept with Britt, and she was quickly assured that this wasn't the case. Britt was silent, so Liz wondered if she was thinking of a cover story. Nik thought Liz was being tactless, but Liz felt like Britt was stalling. Liz repeated what she believed to be true – that Britt impregnated herself with Dante's stolen sperm sample. Nik quickly clarified that Britt didn't know it was Dante's sample. Britt thanked Nik for standing up for her, but told him she would handle it. Britt explained that she'd been in a really bad place when Patrick broke things off. She'd been desperate to get him back and Obrecht had convinced Britt to get pregnant to hold onto him. Liz scoffed about Britt blaming Obrecht, and Britt admitted that she chose to go along with her mother's plan. Britt added that they stole sperm from the lab so there wouldn't be paperwork that could prove Patrick wasn't the father. “Dante, you're a father,” Lulu said, in a stunned tone. Dante asked why he should believe all this. Liz told him that she ran a DNA test. Britt sniped about “St. Elizabeth” running tests behind everyone's backs. Liz explained that she ran the test using Ben's hair and Dante's water bottle after noticing that they shared the same allergy. Lulu wondered why Liz ran the test in secret, and Liz explained that she was trying to be sensitive to their fertility struggles. Dante demanded to know if Britt knew this the whole time. Britt swore that she thought her mother used an anonymous donor until today. She added that her mother probably knew the truth all along. Britt was adamant that she would never have kept the truth from Dante because she knew how much he wanted a child. Dante grabbed his coat and asked where his son was. Nik advised Dante to wait. Dante warned Nik that he wasn't going to be able to stop him from seeing his son. Nik assured Dante that he wasn't trying to do that. Nik explained that Ben was asleep for the night. Britt promised to call Dante in the morning to set up a visit.

Liz rolled her eyes as Britt apologized and insisted that she never meant to hurt Dante and Lulu. Nik and Britt left. Dante and Lulu realized that Liz had come by to tell them without Ben, and they wondered why she was about to leave without saying anything. Liz explained that she changed her mind after Lulu confided in her about Dante and Lulu's reasons for not using a donor egg. Liz wanted to protect Lulu, so she decided that this wasn't the right time to tell them about Ben. Liz gave Dante the DNA results then she left to give them privacy. Dante wondered if Lulu was upset. She assured him that she was happy for him and looking forward to welcoming his son into their lives. Dante repeated that he had a son and grinned. He hugged Lulu, who blinked back tears.

In the hallway of Dante and Lulu's place, Britt apologized to Nik. She assumed he must be relieved that they didn't get engaged, and she was stunned when Nik revealed that he still wanted to marry her. He assured her that he believed she was telling the truth about not knowing that Dante was Ben's father and that he still loved her. Liz rounded the corner and froze when she saw Nik get down on one knee. Britt and Nik didn't notice the disappointed Liz watching them. Britt accepted Nik's proposal, then they said they loved each other and kissed.

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