GH Update Monday 2/17/14

General Hospital Update Monday 2/17/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital room after Franco has been operated on, Carly asks the doctor why he has not regained consciousness yet. The doctor replies that although Franco survived, he has suffered irreparable trauma and he admits it's not a good sign that Franco has not regained consciousness. Carly looks worried.

Obrecht is alone in her hotel room looking very upset and distraught while she makes calls to find out what happened to her “valentine”. She demands that the person she talks to realizes she is a very important person and the chief of staff. Right then, she nears a knock on the door. She opens to see it' Victor Cassadine smiling and offering her a heart shaped box for Valentine’s Day. She is not happy to see him.

After Elizabeth has "made the rounds” to reveal to Britt that she knows that Dante is the father of baby Ben, she knows that Britt stole Dante and Lulu's embryos, Britt waits for Nikolas to get home. When he returns, she faces him and looks at him very grimly and seriously and reveals to him that Elizabeth just came by. He asks her why she is so worried about that.

Patrick returns to Robin ready to take her out for Valentine's Day, but she announces to him that she is leaving Port Charles. He asks her why. She told him she is going back to Africa to continue her AIDS research. He asks her when she plans to be back. She appears very evasive admitting she does not know. He asks how on earth this would have suddenly happened.

Victor Cassadine tells Obrecht he has jewelry for her that matches her eyes and reveals he is very attracted to her and has feelings for her. She frowns. He asks her what he can do to make her smile. She tells him one thing he can do that would make her feel better is to find Cesar Faison.

Britt works up to telling Nikolas the “first part” about how Elizabeth took Ben's hair brush and then returned it. He suspects nothing and tells her that he is not worried. He wants to take her out and asks her to go and get dressed while they get ready for their night on the town. She departs. Alone with baby Ben, Nikolas happily tells the infant that he cannot wait to propose to his mom and plan their life together.

Carly urges Franco to open his eyes and awaken. He finally does after she reminds him of all they have both been through with Heather. The doctor warns him that he better be very careful and mindful about his condition. She asks him if he remembers what happened to get him hospitalized.

Victor asks Obrecht how it is that an amazing woman has Faison on the brain. What does she see in him? She admits that she has not been ok since he's been gone. He reminds her that it's not surprising that Faison would be away somewhere as he's a known criminal. She informs him that Anna Devane, the police department and Robert Scorpio who all should know where he is, have been no help whatsoever to her in finding him. He then remarks that he is ready to implement his “plan” upon Robert Scorpio.

Patrick asks Robin why she would want to leave him and leave Emma after she's been away from them for so long. He knows something is up.

Felix reveals to Brad that he and Elizabeth have lied to him about having to do a DNA test as a police investigation. They made up a false name so that the rest of the staff would now know that she is running a DNA test to find out of Dante is the biological father of Ben Westbourne.

Elizabeth goes to see Lulu and Dante. Lulu has no clue why she's there when she tells them she has a “secret” regarding Nikolas, Britt and the two of them. Lulu reveals that she assumes that Elizabeth knows and probably disapproves of Nikolas proposing to Britt. Lulu tells Elizabeth that she and her husband do not intend to talk her brother out of marrying Britt. They have nothing personally against her even though they know Elizabeth does not like her. Elizabeth is stunned to hear that Nikolas would propose to Britt and is not certain how to tell Lulu and Dante the “good reason” he will have to reconsider.

Nikolas plans a romantic dinner right in his home for himself and Britt. She is happily surprised at the time and thought he took. He tells her this should be the perfect time to carry out his plan. She asks just what that plan would be. He then asks her if she will marry him.

In Franco's hospital room, he reveals to her that the last he heard (and the only thing he “knows” ) is that she reconsidered being with him. She assures him that she is there for him. He tells her that he could not find her but somehow knew there was something fishy although nobody believed him and thought he took her and possibly killed her. Right then, she remembers that “somebody” did find her. Before he came, there was a man who may have been hired by Nikolas to go to the cabin who tried to save her life but Heather killed him.

Felix admits to Brad that he and Elizabeth found a way to get a DNA sample from Dante and the baby and ran it to find out if he was the father after she put two and two together when she saw that Dante has the same prescription for allergies as baby Ben. He admits that he and Elizabeth were not about to tell him the truth because they thought that he might be “in on it” with Britt.

When Elizabeth reveals to Lulu that she is “not happy” with something regarding Britt, Lulu assumes that Elizabeth is not happy to hear that Nikolas is moving on and marrying Britt because she suspects that Elizabeth is still in love with Nikolas. Elizabeth is silent and does not know what to say or do.

Britt cries when Nikolas tells her how happy she has made him, how much he enjoys being with her, how he's grown to love her and her baby and how well she's bonded with Spencer. So he wants her to be his wife. She tells him she's sorry. She cannot. She gets up from the table and walks away.

Victor Cassadine reveals to Obrecht that he has plans to find Jason Morgan and has to send Robin away although he'd prefer not to. She tells him that she could care less if Robin leaves. She believes that Robin is “beneath” her and not fit to be a physician on her staff at GH. She tells him he can arrange to have Robin give her resignation and say she got another job. She's not worried about it although Victor knows that getting Robin to go on their mission for them in order to find Jason may be easier said than done.

Patrick urges Robin to tell him why she is leaving to go to Africa. She replies it's because of Obrecht. The WSB cannot protect them from her. She works with them. She has apparently given them valuable enough information so that they are working with her and not against her, but she cannot tell Patrick the real reason why she has to tell him that the only thing for her to do is to disappear and go to Africa. It's the only way she can be safe. He tells her in that condition, “they” can all go to Africa. She and her and Emma will all go together. He tells her that the three of them will be safe from any threat that Obrecht poses, but she tells him she cannot uproot him and Emma. She cannot take their daughter away from her support system with her mother and all of their friends and people Emma has grown to know and love, but he urges her to know that Emma needs to two of them more than anything else. The three of them can go to Africa together and will be fine, but she asks him what about the baby he is having with Elizabeth.

Nikolas asks Britt why she has to say no. Does she not love him? She tells him of course she does, but there is something that happened involving her most recent visit with Elizabeth where she took Ben's brush and then returned it to reveal to Britt the reason why she took it. He asks why Elizabeth told her she took Ben's brush. Britt then replies it was to run a DNA test. He asks whose DNA Elizabeth tested. She then reveals that it was a paternity test where Elizabeth proved that Dante is baby Ben's biological father.

Elizabeth urges Lulu to know that she does not trust Britt. She does not think Lulu or Dante should trust her, and they should all be very concerned about the serious mistake Nikolas is making wanting to marry her. Lulu admits that at first she did not trust Britt either, but Britt attempted to help them with fertility. She found out that she (Lulu) no longer had any viable eggs. So they are out of luck.

Nikolas urges Britt to tell him that she “did not know” that the sample was from Dante when she artificially inseminated herself with the embryo, but she cannot answer that.

Felix tells Brad that he knows that Brad has lied for Britt in the past, and if she lied and stole Dante's sample to make herself pregnant, that is illegal. If he was involved in that with her, Dante could press criminal charges and Brad could lose his job and his license. So, he urges Brad to come clean and answer whether he knowingly helped Britt to steal Dante's sperm sample. Brad then admits that he did.

Nikolas assumes that Britt had no clue that the sperm sample she took was Dante's, and if she's worried about Elizabeth getting her into trouble, he can go with her to confess to the cops that she did not know that Dante is her baby's biological father, but she tells him she's afraid of the outcome of that. He asks her why. She tells him she's afraid that she could lose Ben.

Lulu tells Elizabeth that she realizes that Britt lied about the paternity of her baby, but she is raising her baby alone. They have gotten to know and love baby Ben and forgive her. Elizabeth is not certain what to say.

Britt reminds Nikolas that Patrick was ready to sue her for custody and take her baby away when he though it was his and she remembers what could have happened to Maxie, but he assures her that her situation is different. She is the mom of baby Ben.

Robin reminds Patrick that Sabrina is having his baby and she knows he's not going to abandon the baby. He tells her that he can fulfill his obligation for Sabrina’s baby, but he's not going to let that baby dictate what happens to his family, but she asks him what if she no longer wants to be part of a family with him.

Carly lays beside Franco in his hospital room and tells him she blames herself for forgetting that Heather murdered that innocent man who tried to save her life. He tells her that he was negligent with letting Heather get away with what she did, but she tells him she will not let him blame himself, and she kisses him passionately.

Brad tells Felix that there is something more to Britt's plan than he realizes. Felix asks him what the secret is.

Nikolas and Britt go to find Dante and Lulu and notice Elizabeth is right there paying them a visit. Assuming that they are only making “false accusations” of her, he tell them that they must right now hear “Britt's side of the store”. Not knowing what he's talking about, Lulu asks her side about what.

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