GH Update Friday 2/14/14

General Hospital Update Friday 2/14/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Molly and TJ are doing homework at Alexis's. They are eating Sweetarts, with TJ giving her ones like "Be Mine" and "Let's get busy." TJ has gone over to her, and with some reluctance on her part, they start making out.

Anna is in her suite at Metro Court, talking on the phone giving someone instructions to make sure Heather doesn't escape. She tells them that she would like to keep the town's criminals behind bars, for once. Duke knocks on the door and presents her with a bouquet of roses. "These are for you, my love." Anna just sighs in frustration.

Ava has arrived at Sonny's new office, with a flash drive with all of Julian's business on it. Morgan looks on as she hands it to Sonny, and says "Now do you believe I'm on your side."

Lulu is back at the loft, cleaning up after her husband. She finds a pair of socks under the bed, and one of Connie's shoes, as well. Dante comes looking for her, and sees that she's upset. She shows him the baby's shoe, and starts to cry. She tells him that she's okay, and tells him "that they're just going to have to pull it together. They're going to be ambushed by baby stuff, and they just have to accept that will never have a baby." They share an embrace.

At Wyndemere, Britt is holding Ben when the doorbell rings. She tells him that Nikolas said that he had a Valentine's Day surprise for her, and wonders if that's it. Surprise, it's Elizabeth, whose on a mission. She says she's not there to see Nikolas. She wants to talk to Britt.

Nikolas and Spencer have shown up at Dante and Lulu's. Lulu is surprised that they're up already, and Nick tells her that they are on Ben's schedule now. Ben's an early riser, and Spencer says that baby's are annoying but fun. Spencer has Valentine's presents for his aunt and uncle. Yankee tickets for Dante, who says that Spencer has to come with him. It was part of the plan, and a beautiful bracelet for Lulu, which he picked out himself. He tells his father that he was right about the bracelet, and blurts out that Britt will love the ring he got her. Lulu looks at her brother in surprise.

At Wyndemere, Britt wants to know why Elizabeth is there. Britt puts Ben in he playpen. Elizabeth pulls the brush out of her purse, and says Britt was right, she had it all along. Holding the brush, Elizabeth she thinks she knows why Britt was so frantic about losing it.

At Metro Court, Anna tells the person on the phone that she'll get back to them. Duke hands her the flowers, and says "For you. Happy Valentine's Day." Anna takes them, and says thank you, but it's obvious that she's still upset with Duke. She says that she's been busy, and he congratulates her for capturing Heather Webber and saving Carly. He asks to come in for a moment and she says that she's surprised he has time considering how busy he is. She's not happy that he's still working for Sonny

Ava tells Sonny to sort through the files, and he'll see Julian's strategy. She tells him about Julian's plan to destroy Corinthos Coffee, and that he was the target. She tells him what else is on the list. He tells her that he wants to speak to Morgan, and that he'll be in touch. She leaves, and Morgan immediately says that "This is legit." Sonny isn't so sure, and tells Morgan to still treat Ava like the enemy. He tells Morgan to stay away from her.

When he leaves the office, Morgan receives a text from Ava, telling him to meet her at the hotel. He sends her a message saying that he can't. He literally bumps into Olivia. She asks him where's the fire, and he updates her about Carly. She says that he should be happy that Carly is alive and well. He tells her that he spent the night with Carly, but he doesn't mention that he's down about Ava. He leaves, and Olivia knocks on Sonny's door.

Molly and TJ are on the floor making out, but when he tries to unbutton her blouse, she freaks out, and tells him to stop. TJ is confused, because he thought Alexis was going to be out all day. She says she is, but she stopped before they wouldn't be able, too. TJ wants to know if that would be so bad. She can' talk to him with his shirt off so he puts it back on. Molly and TJ talk seriously about having sex. He tells her that he was drunk and stupid, and if she wants to wait it's okay. They hug and she thanks him, but she surprises him by saying that she doesn't want to wait.

Duke tells Anna that he always has time for her. Anna doesn't want him to come in, but he does anyway. She asks him if he's stop working for Sonny, but it's obvious that he hasn't. He tells her that the conditions have changed, but Anna's hasn't. She's not best pleased, and they argue about the dangers of working for the mob. He blames everything on the Jeromes, Sonny and Faison. She asks if he's going to walk away once he get's his vengeance. He didn't like wandering around the streets looking for a job. She asks him how long does she have to turn a blind eye. Duke informs her that the war between Sonny and Julian should be over very soon.

Sonny is on the phone telling Shawn to check out the information that Ava gave them. Suddenly, there's knock on the door, and it's Olivia, looking fabulous. Sonny tells her that he thought she was standing him up. She tells him that she just saw Morgan, and he looked upset. He tells her that he's fallen pretty hard for Ava, and he got some bad news. He says that he told Morgan to stay away from her. Olivia doesn't think it likely and Sonny realizes that Morgan is dazzled by Ava, and won't listen to reason. He tells her that hopefully Morgan will make the right decision when the information comes through. Olivia asks where he got the information, and if she should be worried. He tells no because Ava is the one who gave him the information to bring down Julian.

Morgan has turned up at Ava's hotel suite to tell her that he can't see her anymore. He tells her that he shouldn't be there, because his Dad is still waiting for confirmation on the information she gave him. She tells him that it came from Julian's computer. "You trust me don't you?" she asks, as she drags him inside for a passionate kiss.

Britt is dealing with Elizabeth, who hands her back the brush. worried about it because it was an heirloom. Elizabeth says that she didn't steal it, unlike the DVD Britt stole last Christmas. She tells her that she took the brush for a piece of Ben's hair, and had a water bottle that Dante has used. And she accidentally ran a DNA test, and she accidentally read the tests. And now they both know that Dante is Ben's father. Britt is wondering why she did the test in the first place. Elizabeth tells her that it was because of the latex allergy that Ben and Dante share. Britt says that a lot of people have that allergy. But then things get ugly when Elizabeth tells her that Nikolas old her that Brad wasn't the father. No shocker there, because Ben doesn't look remotely Asian. She knows that Brad helped her cover everything up. She goes on about Dante and Lulu wanted to try again. But their donations were missing, and she figured out what happened to Dante's. Britt says she couldn't be more wrong. She thinks that has Britt over a barrel. Britt wants to know what she wants from her. Elizabeth says that she was just giving her the heads up before she tells Dante and Lulu.

Back at the loft, Lulu is curious about the ring Spencer mentioned. Dante takes Spencer aside so Lulu can talk to her brother. He tells Lulu that he's proposing to Britt tonight.

Lulu says that she's surprised because him and Britt haven't been dating that long. Nikolas reminds her that they've been living together for while, and under trying circumstances. He thinks that this has brought them closer together. He thinks that Lulu doesn't want to hear him rhapsodizing about his romance with Britt. Lulu wants him to admit that he loves her, otherwise he shouldn't be getting married. He goes on to tell her why and how loves Britt. He also likes the family unit they've created with Spencer and Ben. Lulu says Nikolas sounds convinced, but it may take her awhile. He knows that Lulu and Britt haven't had a good history, but because Laura is out of town, he'd like her blessing. He asks if he can count on her for that.

Anna stands her ground with Duke. She goes over the history of the mob in Port Charles. She doesn't want the Jerome/Sonny war to end up with either Duke being dead or having to arrest him. He says that she's not in that position yet. He asks her if she's ready to give up their love for something that may happen in the future.

Lulu reminds her brother how hard it's been for Nikolas since Emily died. He admits that he's made a ton of mistakes, and he's glad that he didn't meet her before all that. He tells Lulu that he thinks that he and Britt can make it together. Lulu says that if Britt can do all of this for he brother than yes he has her approval. They hug it out.

Britt and Elizabeth, however, are not hugging it out. In fact, the accusations are flying fast and furious, with the whole thing turning into a catfight. For a one-armed woman, Britt can sure handle herself.

Dante returns from boxing lessons with Spencer. Spencer is all muscled up until Lulu says "Just like George Forman." and Spencer says "The Grill guy?" Oops! Time to leave, says Dad. Spencer wants to watch Nikolas propose to Britt. Nikolas tells him that he'll call him at Lesley's if she says yes.

Elizabeth gets away from Britt, and tells her that she's on her way to Dante and Lulu's. Britt screams in frustration.

Morgan tries to leave Ava, but she knows how to push his buttons. He tells her that he can't stand being without her. She uses the whole Valentine's Day and they should be with the ones they love. It works.

Olivia is worried because of the year they've had. She doesn't want to lose him. Sonny tries to reassure her that he's not going anywhere, and she shouldn't worry about a war between him and the Jeromes. He tells her that she's his rock then pulls out a jewelry box. It's a beautiful necklace.

Molly and TJ also talk about the year they've had the danger he was in. TJ asks if that's why she wants to sleep with him. She says no. She wants to sleep with him because she loves him and she's ready.

Anna isn't ready to give up on her and Duke, much to his relief. She suggests that they leave town, and begin a new life somewhere. Of course, she doesn't mean it and she and Duke argue about their impossible situation. He tells her that the impossible situation for him was being locked away from her for 20 years. He's not going to walk away from her. He asks her if she can do it, if she can walk away form him.

Molly and TJ make plans for their first night together. He promises it will be special.

Sonny puts the diamond necklace on Olivia, and tells her how much she means to him.

Ava and Morgan are in bed, and she says that she's missed him. Morgan is more concerned with how Sonny will react, and hopes that he will see that Ava is on their side. Ava is facing away from him, perhaps thinking that she's losing Morgan.

Anna admits that she can't let Duke go either, and they share a passionate kiss.

Dante and Lulu are about to leave for dinner when Elizabeth show up, much to their surprise.

Britt is holding Ben and telling him that it was a big surprise to her how much she would love him. Nikolas comes home and immediately senses something wrong.

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