GH Update Thursday 2/13/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/13/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan went to Sonny's new office at the Metro Court. Sonny asked about Carly, and Morgan told him that she was groggy, but fine. The doctors expected her to make a full recovery. Morgan said he and Michael were upset that Franco didn't tell anyone that Heather had it out for Carly. Sonny decided to go visit Carly, but before he could leave, Morgan asked how things went with Ava. While Sonny believed that Ava was angry enough with Julian to betray him, he refused to trust her until she proved herself. Sonny asked Morgan to step out of the office while he made a phone call. Morgan took Sonny's request as a sign that Sonny didn't trust him. Sonny insisted that he was just trying to shield Morgan from some aspects of the business. Morgan put in a good word for Ava again, then he the room.

Ava logged onto Julian's laptop to gather dirt on him for Sonny. She noticed that Julian was using a picture of Sam with Danny as computer wallpaper and she seemed disgusted at how “sappy” he was being. She easily guessed his password then plugged a USB stick into the computer. Alexis came over. Exasperated, Ava denied poisoning Silas's wife or framing him, then she tried to slam the door. Alexis revealed that she was actually there to see Julian, and she let herself in. Ava and Alexis traded barbed comments, then Alexis told Ava she was concerned about Julian, because Julian had a bad encounter with Lucas. Ava didn't realize that Julian recently spoke to Lucas. Alexis explained that Lucas told Julian he was gay. Ava was confident that her “bigoted brother” didn't take the news well. Ava had tried and failed to get Julian to be more accepting in the past. Alexis explained that she'd tried too, and she was there to find out if Julian took her advice. Morgan called Ava and asked if she got dirt on Julian yet. Ava assured him that she was working on it. Morgan was pleased because he wanted them to celebrate Valentine's Day together. Ava told Morgan that she missed him holding her. While Ava was on the phone, Alexis took a call of her own. The email service on her phone wasn't working, so she approached Julian's laptop. Ava noticed her and demanded to know what she was doing. Alexis explained herself, and Ava replied that Julian was downloading files and wouldn't want Alexis to interfere with that. Ava replied that Julian wouldn't want Alexis messing with his computer while he was downloading files. Ava told Alexis to leave. Alexis asked where Julian was, and Ava told her that she overheard him call the hospital. Alexis left. Ava wondered whether she'd be able to go through with betraying Julian.

Back at Sonny's office, Morgan told Sonny what Ava just said. Sonny asked Morgan if he thought a trustworthy person would lie to their daughter about her father's identity for twenty years. Morgan assumed Ava had her reasons. He added that Sonny had lied to his family in the past, too. Sonny reminded Morgan that Ava used Kiki to lure Morgan in. Morgan argued that Ava had changed. He told Sonny that Ava even bailed Kiki out of jail. Sonny urged Morgan to think about what sort of future he and Ava would have once the passion died down. He also asked Morgan if he was willing to trust someone who'd sell out her own brother. Morgan revealed that Ava's willingness to give up her family and business for him made him trust her even more. Morgan was delighted when Ava arrived. Morgan crowed that he told Sonny Ava would come through. Sonny didn't seem interested until Ava announced that she had all of Julian's confidential files.

Felix met up with Elizabeth at the nurses' station. He asked if she had the results of the DNA test they ran on Ben and Dante. Liz had just called the lab, but they didn't answer. Felix thought they should have taken the samples to another lab, but Liz reminded him that they wouldn't have been able to get away with running an unauthorized test at another lab. Liz and Felix weren't sure if Brad helped Britt steal Dante's sperm. As a precaution, Liz labeled the samples with fake names. Felix was glad that Brad wouldn't be able to tamper with the results, “This is Britt's fault. I can't believe I'm letting the Britch control my life again” Felix grumbled. He was convinced that his relationship with Brad would be over before it began if Brad found out that Felix didn't trust him.

Julian and Kiki ran into each other at GH. Julian found out that Kiki let Ava bail her out of jail. It was clear that he thought Kiki made a mistake accepting Ava's help. Kiki didn't think she had a choice. Julian thought Kiki seemed like a smart kid. He warned her that Ava would consider Kiki to be in her debt, now. Kiki thought it was hypocritical for Julian to be calling Ava untrustworthy. Julian admitted he wasn't the best father, but he said he didn't try to screw over his kids. He asked Kiki to point him toward Carly's room. Kiki scoffed and reminded Julian that Carly chose Franco over Julian. Julian clarified that he was hoping to find Lucas. Kiki didn't know, she turned to go visit Franco. Julian grabbed her arm and warned her again to keep her guard up around her mother.

Kiki and Michael ran into each other. Kiki asked about Carly. Michael said she was dehydrated and had a contusion on her leg, but she'd be fine. Kiki pointedly noted that Franco rescued Carly just in time. Michael conceded that Kiki had been right about Franco and that Franco saved Carly's life. Kiki thought it might have been easier for her to believe Franco, because she didn't have a dark past with him clouding her judgment the way Michael and his family did. Michael added that Franco wasn't truthful about Heather's threats or what he did to her. Kiki countered that Franco was truthful about being innocent. Kiki was hurt that Michael didn't trust her enough to listen when she told him Franco was innocent. Michael pointed out that she lied to him and Dante about Franco's whereabouts, in spite of the fact that Carly's life was on the line. Kiki explained that she hid Franco in their apartment because she didn't trust the cops to give Franco a fair chance. Michael countered that the cops might have listened to Franco if he'd been forthcoming about Heather's numerous escapes from Miscavige and her threats toward Carly. Instead Franco had just stabbed and buried Heather. Michael felt that Franco hid his actions because he wanted to be seen as a changed man. Kiki insisted that Franco had changed. She maintained that Franco didn't tell anyone because he knew no one would believe he was innocent. She walked away, but Michael followed and added that Heather survived the stabbing and came looking for revenge. Kiki argued that Franco had no way of knowing that.

Kiki revealed that she told Franco that Heather was at Miscavige and he said it was impossible. Michael realized that Franco had confided in Kiki about killing Heather and that Kiki had hidden it from him. Kiki explained that she had to help Franco escape so he could figure out what was going on. Michael stressed that Kiki committed a felony and could get sentenced with serious time. Kiki didn't care. She angrily pointed out that Carly would be dead if Kiki hadn't helped Franco escape. “You two risked my mother's life by withholding information,” Michael yelled. Michael understood why a “psychopath” like Franco would do that, but he didn't know why Kiki would lie to his face. Kiki demanded to know why Michael wouldn't believe he'd been wrong about Franco. Michael argued that none of this would have happened if Carly had stayed away from Franco. Kiki shot back that Franco wasn't to blame for Heather's crimes. She added that Franco was fighting for his life because he broke out of jail to save Carly. “I'm grateful that Franco rescued my mom. I am, but every time that Franco had a choice, from Heather's first threat all the way until the end, he chose to run, he chose to hide, to save his own ass, and you chose to back him!” Michael spat. Kiki argued that Michael was blind if he couldn't see that Franco was just as much of a victim in this as Carly was.

Brad was in the hospital elevator. He looked at the seductive photo Lucas sent him, just as Lucas just got in the same elevator. Brad firmly told Lucas that he had to stop texting him pictures and showing up at his job. Lucas assured Brad that their meeting was coincidental; he was at GH to see his sister. that he was at the hospital to visit Carly. Brad hadn't heard that she'd been found. Lucas assured Brad that he wasn't trying to stalk him or cause trouble for him and Felix. He added that he was glad they ran into each other, though, because he needed someone to talk to. Brad spotted Felix when he and Lucas got off the elevator. Lucas offered to leave, but Brad had Lucas follow him around a corner, then he asked Lucas what happened. Lucas told Brad that Julian wasn't supportive when Lucas came out to him. Brad wasn't surprised that a mobster didn't accept his gay son. Brad confided that his adoptive father didn't take it well when Brad came out – he'd been glad Brad wasn't his biological son and didn't inherit gay genes from him. Brad's father eventually came around, and Brad thought there was a chance Julian could, too. Lucas spat that he didn't care whether Julian accepted him. “Yeah, you do,” Brad gently countered. Lucas admitted he wasn't sure how he should feel. He wasn't sure why the opinion of a man who he only shared DNA with mattered. Brad made sure Felix wasn't looking, then he comforted Lucas with a hug.

Julian walked up while Brad and Felix were in the midst of the hug. Julian asked to talk to Lucas alone. Brad looked at Lucas, who said it was okay. After Brad left, Julian asked Lucas about Carly. Lucas answered Julian's questions, then he told Julian he suspected that Julian wanted to see him for another reason. Julian confirmed that Lucas was right. Julian apologized for acting like a jerk when he found out Lucas was gay. Lucas agreed to accept Julian's apology on the condition that Julian accepted him for who he was. Julian assured Lucas that he wanted to accept him, but he admitted he needed time to process things. Julian confided in Lucas about his own father's close-minded views, which Julian had adopted as his own without examining them first. Julian clarified that this explanation wasn't meant to be an excuse. “Regardless of what I think of homosexuality are my son and...I would really love to get to know you.” Julian said. Julian was relieved when Lucas accepted his apology. Lucas admitted that he was surprised that Julian had come around so quickly. Julian confessed that someone had helped him see the error of his ways. Lucas advised him to listen to that person more often.

Brad took the paternity test results to Liz and Felix. Obrecht was forcing Brad to follow proper protocol in the lab, so Brad had checked the hospital records for the names on the test. Brad wasn't able to find any records under those names, and he wanted an explanation. Liz lied and said Dante asked them to run the test because the PCPD's lab was down. Brad announced that Obrecht didn't want them running tests for the police anymore. She'd said the “incompetent scarecrow” (Anna) could run her own tests, but Brad gave Liz the results, since the test had already been run. Felix pulled Brad aside and asked him to be his Valentine's date. Felix wanted to make Brad dinner in order to make up for standing him up the other day. Brad accepted the invitation. Felix promised to make sure no one got in their way today, then he left. Lucas walked up, seconds later. He told Brad about his talk with Julian. Lucas admitted that Brad was right – Lucas did care about Julian and he was happy that they might be able to get to know each other. Lucas asked Brad if he could celebrate with him tonight. Brad wasn't available that night or any other. He liked Lucas, but he was adamant that they couldn't be more than friends, so no more selfies or one night stands. Brad was serious about Felix and he didn't want to do anything to jeopardize the progress they made. Lucas said he got the message, so Brad left.

Felix went back to the nurses's station, and Liz told him that she was right – Dante was the father of Britt's baby.

Alexis found Julian and asked if he'd made progress with Lucas. Julian brought her up to speed and told her he was optimistic that he had a good chance of developing a relationship with his son, thanks to Alexis. Julian asked Alexis how she found him and she told him about her encounter with Ava. Alexis told Julian how Ava went ballistic when Alexis tried to use his computer and said Julian didn't want anyone to touch it while he downloaded files. Julian looked confused and told Alexis that he wasn't downloading any files.

Britt was at Wyndemere holding Ben on her lap. She was convinced that Liz stole Ben's hairbrush, and she thought that Liz all but admitted it when Britt confronted her about it. Britt suddenly wondered if there was a chance that Liz wanted Ben's hair and not the brush. She asked herself if it was possible that Liz suspected that she wasn't really Ben's mother. Spencer walked in and asked what Britt was talking about. She told him she was wondering what happened to Ben's hairbrush. Spencer gave Britt a box of Hershey's kisses for Valentine's Day. Nikolas came in, and Spencer prodded his father to apologize for not believing Spencer when he told him there was a lady in the stables. Nik apologized, then he Spencer asked what Nik got Britt for Valentine's Day. Nik dodged the question and asked Britt how her wrist was. She'd broken it when she felt in the snow. Spencer interrupted in a rude way and asked if they were done talking about Britt's cast. Nik scolded Spencer for being rude, but Spencer countered that it was rude and un-princely of Nik not to get Britt something for Valentine's day. Britt told Spencer that all she had all she needed – the Hershey's kisses, Nik, Spencer and Ben. Spencer thought that was lame. Britt took Ben and left so Nik and Spencer could talk in private. Spencer told Nik that Britt was hot. Nik agreed that Britt was beautiful, but he told Spencer that her personality was what counted. “Duh,” Spencer replied. Spencer explained that he liked Britt because she was nice to him and Nik.

Nik asked Spencer how he'd feel about Nik proposing to Britt. Nik explained that he and Britt got to know each other through crisis. Now things had calmed down and their relationship was still going better than expected. Nik admitted that it was really early in their relationship for a proposal. Spencer asked if Britt made him happy. Nik said yes, and Spencer gave him his blessing. Spencer asked to see the ring, but Nik told him he hadn't bought it, because he wanted to talk to Spencer first. Nik asked Spencer to help him pick out the perfect ring. Spencer didn't want to look at jewelry, but he agreed to help, because Britt was awesome. Nik was glad Spencer liked Britt so much, since not everyone thought so highly of Britt. Britt brought Ben back downstairs just as Nik and Spencer were leaving. They told her they were putting together a surprise. Nik asked Ben to make sure Britt didn't go on a date with anyone else while they were gone. After they left, Britt cuddled Ben and said she'd never been so happy in her entire life.

At the loft, Lulu had a dream that Ben was her son with Dante. Ben suddenly disappeared, and Lulu bolted upright in bed. Dante asked what was wrong, and she told him that she dreamed they had another baby. Dante admitted that he dreamed about Georgie all the time. Lulu told him all about the dream. She wondered why she would dream that Ben was their son. Dante thought Lulu was dreaming about babies because she was back at the loft where their little girl used to live and that she dreamed about Ben because she'd been spending a lot of time at Wyndemere. Lulu admitted that she had invented reasons to visit Nik, because it gave her an excuse to see Ben. Lulu thought Britt was a bit annoyed that she kept dropping by, but Britt had been gracious as long as Nik was around. Dante thought Britt was on her best behavior because she wanted to impress Nik, but Lulu didn't think Britt was that bad, especially because Britt had gone out of her way to help Lulu and Dante.

Dante confessed that he was surprised that Britt seemed to be a decent mother. Lulu thought it helped that Ben was such a good baby. She gushed about Ben and told Dante she could fall in love with the little boy. Her smile faded and she told Dante she had to stop thinking like that; Ben wasn't their baby. Dante's eyes filled with tears when he confessed about how much it had hurt to come back to the empty loft day after day, when Lulu left him. Dante had missed her and the baby and he'd worked a lot of overtime over the past two months so he could avoid going home and thinking about his mistakes. Lulu didn't understand, because she felt like she'd been in the wrong, not him. Dante felt that he'd made a mistake by being stoic and telling Lulu that Georgie wasn't theirs to keep, instead of confiding in her about how much he missed being a father and how much he ached for the baby. They held each other, and Lulu admitted that she shouldn't have been afraid to face her grief, since she had Dante's support. It scared her to think of how close she'd come to losing Dante. Dante assured her that he wouldn't have let her go. They told each other they loved each other, then kissed.

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