GH Update Wednesday 2/12/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/12/14


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Julian was waiting for Alexis when she got home and invited him in. Julian wanted to see her to talk about Lucas. Alexis convinced him if he wanted to have a relationship with Lucas, he needed to come to terms with him being homosexual. Julian agreed and left.

Carly and Franco arrive at GH. Bobbie and Lucas also arrive to see Carly and she tells them Franco saved her and that it was Heather Webber that took her. Bobbie called Michael while he was with Morgan looking for Sonny and they also went to see her. Carly asked to see Franco and on his way to surgery, Carly told Franco quickly that she will be there when he came out.

Sam and Silas agree to go see the pharmacist in NY to find justice for his wife Nina.

Sonny walked in on Ava and AJ's convo in his office and Ava convinced Sonny he came to look for a job. AJ confirmed and left after some banter. Ava told Sonny that she wanted to help him get Julian and even though he had no reason to trust her, that she would give Julian on a silver platter and prove herself. Sonny asked why she would do that and Ava explained that Julian never showed her any loyalty and she loves Morgan.

After AJ left Ava and Sonny, he went to Connie's grave. AJ asked Connie for answers and she appeared. She told him that he was there that night and was not a ghost, merely a figment of his imagination that he conjured up.

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