GH Update Tuesday 2/11/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/11/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny was packing up his old office at Pozzulo's for the move to his new office at the Metro Court. He smiled wistfully at a portrait of himself with Connie, then he continued to box up his belongings. Morgan arrived and told Sonny that Ava visited him at the new office. Sonny ominously said he was going to have a talk with Ava and make sure she got the message that she and Morgan were over. “What if we're aren't?” Morgan asked. While Sonny understood that Morgan had feelings for Ava, he was adamant that Morgan could not go on dating his family's enemy. Morgan argued that Ava didn't have to be their enemy. Sonny was incredulous, so Morgan asked him to hear him out. Morgan explained that when he told Ava they couldn't have a future if she was on Julian's side, she decided to align herself with Sonny and help him take Julian down. Sonny didn't buy it; he thought Ava was manipulating Morgan. Morgan wondered if Sonny was having trouble believing this, because he didn't think Morgan was worth switching sides for. Sonny clarified that he didn't think Ava would turn on Julian for anyone. Sonny assured Morgan that he loved him and wanted him to be happy but not if that happiness came at the expense of the rest of the family. Sonny was adamant that Ava couldn't be trusted and he told Morgan not to try to guilt him into “welcoming this snake into the fold.” Morgan argued that Ava could too be trusted. He added that he'd stake his life on it. Sonny asked if he'd be willing to stake Michael, Sonny or Dante's lives on it. Morgan thought his dad would be able to sense Ava's sincerity, so he plead with him to meet with her. Morgan insisted that Ava wanted peace so badly that she was willing to sacrifice her brother to get it. “No, what she wants is you,” Sonny countered. Morgan didn't think Ava's motive for agreeing to turn on Julian mattered. He believed that if there was a chance, however slim, that Sonny could end the war, he should take it. Sonny relented and agreed to go talk to Ava, but he made Morgan stay behind.

Silas was in his holding cell thumbing through a book called Cancer for Cretins. Sam arrived. She mentioned the book, and Silas explained that Nathan gave it to him in a failed attempt to insult him. Silas was grateful to have the book to distract him, now that Kiki had been bailed out. Silas was hopeful that Sam was there to do the same for him, but Sam told him there was new evidence against him – someone anonymously sent Nathan the will naming Silas as Nina's sole beneficiary. Silas immediately blamed Ava. Sam didn't think Ava was the anonymous sender because of the way Ava reacted when Sam and Alexis asked her about it and because Sam didn't think Ava would send the will anonymously. Silas trusted Sam's instincts, so he wondered who the sender could be.

Elsewhere in the PCPD, Alexis told Anna that Silas had been in a holding cell for 48 hours and it was time to either charge him or release him. Just then, a disappointed Nathan walked in and said that Scott refused to press charges against Silas. Nathan didn't want to let Silas go. He insisted that he could prove Silas was guilty in time, but Alexis threatened to sue him for harassment if Silas wasn't released. Anna maintained that this wasn't harassment – Nathan put together a strong case that another prosecutor would have been willing to take to court. Alexis pointed out that this didn't matter. Anna admitted that Silas was going to go free – for now. Alexis left to see to Silas's release. Anna asked Nathan if he wanted to be there, but Nathan did not want to watch an attempted murderer go free. He vowed to find the proof he needed to convict Silas. While Nathan talked about Silas, Anna read the lab report on the hair found in the cemetery. She looked shocked and immediately placed a call to Miscavige.

Alexis went to the holding cell and told Silas he was getting released.

At Miscavige, an orderly let Scott into a padded cell to see Heather. Scott called Heather's name. When “she” didn't turn around, he slowly approached her and jumped back in shock when he realized that it was actually Luke in a blonde wig. Luke mumbled incoherently, and Scott demanded to know what was wrong with him. The orderly explained that he'd been sedated. Scott asked who authorized this, and the orderly refused to say. He suddenly locked Scott in the room with Luke. The orderly took Anna's call. She asked him to do a bed check on Heather. The man observed Scott pounding on the soundproofed door, but he told Anna that he was looking at Heather as they spoke.

Back at the PCPD, Anna relayed this to Nathan, but she had a feeling that things didn't add up. Nikolas ran in and told Anna that Franco approached Spencer, Cameron, and Emma in the park. Anna decided to go question the kids. Nik added that Franco left after the kids told him that Heather was at Wyndemere, claiming to be a stable hand. Anna decided to go to the island instead. Nik offered to go and act as a guide, but Anna didn't want to involve civilians. Anna suspected that Heather was in the catacombs.

In the squad room. Silas thanked Alexis for helping get him released. Alexis told him he should be thanking Sam. Alexis went to talk to Nikolas. Silas and Sam flirted while they discussed ways that for Silas could repay Sam. He started by kissing her. Silas couldn't wait to go shower. Sam promised to join him. As they walked out, Sam told Silas that they would prove that Ava was the one who tried to kill his wife.

Alexis and Nik had a wry conversation about all the things happening at Wyndemere – Victor's arrival, the chupacabra, Heather and Franco. Nik told Alexis that she shouldn't be surprised, since Wyndemere always attracted a wide variety of freaks and nutcases. Alexis chuckled and wondered why Heather was there. Nik assumed that if Heather and Franco were involved, it had something to do with Carly.

Back at the mental hospital, Luke babbled about “Sally” being a man. Scott slapped him hard across the face, to try and snap him out of it. Luke suddenly focused and asked “Baldwin” if that was all he had. Luke realized where he was and wondered how long he'd been there. Scott made snide comments about Luke's questions, and he used his cellphone to take a picture of Luke in the wig to put on twitter. Luke told Scott about Heather kidnapping Carly then locking him up. Scott realized Franco was telling the truth. Luke stressed that they had to get to Carly before Heather killed her. Scott fumbled with Luke's straitjacket, but he wasn't able to free him. They alternated between bickering with each other and screaming for help.

At Wyndemere, Franco entered the tunnels and saw Carly trapped under some debris. He immediately freed the overjoyed and relieved woman, then they had an emotional reunion. Carly was terrified that Heather would come back. Franco helped her to her feet, so they could escape, but Carly had hurt her leg in the cave in and wasn't able to walk. Franco picked her up and assured her everything would be okay. “Oh no it won't” Heather countered, as she walked in. Heather was irritated that Franco had “that hussy” in his arms. Franco threatened to kill Heather if she didn't get out of the way. Heather was appalled that Franco would speak to his mother that way. Heather was hurt when Franco hurled insults at her and questioned whether she really was his mother or if that was another one of her sick lies. Heather insisted that it was true. Franco began to rage at Heather. He rejected as her as his mother and told her that his parents were Susan and Alan and Jason was his twin. He yelled that he loved his twin, because he taught him to love violence, while Heather never gave him anything. Carly gently cradled Franco's face and quietly urged him to stop. He calmed down and carefully put Carly down.

Franco quickly picked up the knife that Heather had planned to use to kill Carly. Franco admitted that he wanted to slit Heather's throat and watch her die, but he wouldn't do it, because he wouldn't have the woman he loved look at him like he was a monster. Franco told Heather that she had one last chance to move. Heather refused, so Franco attempted to stab her, but she suddenly pulled out a gun and shot him. The horrified Carly crawled toward Franco, who'd collapsed on the ground. Heather decided to shoot Carly to punish Franco for the hurtful things he said earlier. Franco crawled over to the knife, then he used it to stab Heather in the foot. She fell and they struggled over the gun. Franco urged Carly to get out of there. Franco won the struggle, but before he could shoot Heather, she jabbed him in his gun shot wound. Heather grabbed the gun, but before she could lift it off the ground Anna arrived and stepped on Heather's hand. Heather begged Anna to let her finish, but Anna ignored her pleas and placed her under arrest.

Nathan radioed for ambulances for Franco and Carly. Carly tried to comfort and tend to Franco, who was bleeding from the mouth and chest and going in and out of consciousness. Anna read Heather her rights, but Heather's gaze was fixed on Franco. She tearfully asked how her “baby” was. “How do you think he is? You shot him” Anna spat. Heather explained that this was Carly's fault; she drove Heather to shoot Franco. Carly wanted the cops to get Heather away from her and Franco, but Heather insisted on staying with her boy. “He's not your boy!” Carly growled. Franco weakly reached up touched Carly's face. Heather ordered Carly not to say that. Anna roughly pulled Heather to her feet and gave her a shake. She told her that Franco was the latest in Heather's long list of victims and they'd get a statement from him if he lived. Carly assured Franco that he'd be okay. He agreed that he would be fine, because Carly needed him. Carly told Anna that Heather killed a contractor and hid his body somewhere in the catacombs. The disgusted Anna and Nathan took Heather away. As they lead her out, Franco told Heather that he wasn't her son. Heather disagreed and told him he'd always be her son. Franco thanked Carly for teaching him how to love. Carly was alarmed when he slipped out of consciousness, and she begged him to stay with her and told him she loved him, too.

Ava was still at Sonny's new office when AJ came in. Ava noted that he was drunk, and she wondered if it was wise for him to be in Sonny's office, the place where he'd murdered Sonny's fiancee. AJ, who seemed very confident, was unfazed by Ava's words. He sat down at the desk and revealed that his memory of the night Connie died was coming back. He clarified that he remembered seeing Ava get off of the elevator as he was leaving Connie's office. Ava had noticed the gun and asked AJ what he did. He'd been so startled by her that he dropped the gun one the floor before getting into the elevator. AJ theorized that Ava picked the gun up and used it to kill Connie. Ava didn't understand AJ's desperation to absolve himself. She thought he should be happy that he was found innocent. “Not guilty,” AJ corrected. “There's a big difference.” Ava admitted that she was there that night, but she told AJ that things didn't play out the way he assumed they did. She warned him to brace himself before she told him the truth. Ava reminded AJ that this used to be Julian's office. According to Ava she stopped by that night to see her brother. When she saw AJ leaving the office with a gun, she was afraid he'd hurt or killed Julian, so she went inside and she found Connie lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Ava claimed she quickly left. AJ pointed out that Connie would have still been alive at that time. He asked if Ava just left her to bleed to death. Ava claimed she thought Connie was already dead. She explained that she didn't call the police because she didn't want to answer questions about herself that might lead to Julian having his cover blown before their protection was in place.

After she left the office that night, she went to AJ's house looking for him. AJ thought Ava was lying, because her version of events didn't explain how the gun got from the Metro Court to his family's property. Ava claimed she took the gun with her, because she didn't want the father of her daughter's boyfriend to get arrested or killed by Sonny. When Ava went looking for AJ, she found Michael trying to sober him up. AJ demanded to know why she didn't stay until he woke up. Ava said she received an urgent call from Julian, so she went down to the lake and threw the gun toward it as hard as she could, then she left. She didn't realize until later that the gun didn't make it into the water. AJ was skeptical. He asked how he knew Ava didn't use the gun on Connie then put it on the Quartermaine property to frame AJ. Ava pointed out that there was no way for her to have used the gun and wiped her fingerprints off while leaving AJ's intact. AJ asked why Ava didn't let him pay for his crimes if this was true. Ava insisted that she'd been trying to protect him. AJ didn't believe that Ava cared about him, and he backed up his position by reminding Ava that she sided with Tracy over him in the battle for ELQ. Ava admitted she'd lied when she claimed she protected him for the sake of his son and her daughter. She recalled that Tracy had cut ties with her once the truth about Kiki's paternity came to light. However, Ava still wanted ELQ, so she helped AJ stay out of prison, hoping she could use him to get power at the company. AJ thought this was a more plausible explanation.

Ava added that she stole the DVDs containing the hotel's security footage from that night, then she intentionally flooded the security room to cover her tracks. She accidentally left one DVD behind – the one Scott tried to enter into evidence. AJ nervously asked Ava if she watched the footage. Ava did, and she insisted that the video made it clear that AJ shot Connie on purpose. Shaken, AJ asked Ava to show him the video. Ava asked why he wanted to put himself through that. AJ explained that he wanted proof that Ava wasn't lying. When Ava asked AJ if he really thought she'd lie about that, he impatiently told her to show him the video. Ava revealed that she burned the DVDs. Ava sighed that her plan failed – she never got back into ELQ and AJ got prosecuted when Morgan found the gun. The show cut to a scene of Morgan picking up the picture of Sonny and Connie and staring at it. AJ asked Ava why she didn't tell him all this before. Ava claimed that she didn't see any good reason to take away AJ and his family's last shred of hope that he was innocent. “I was here. I saw the disks. You did it, AJ. You killed her,” Ava stated, firmly. Immediately after the words left Ava's mouth, Sonny walked in and asked AJ what he was doing there.

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