GH Update Monday 2/10/14

General Hospital Update Monday 2/10/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

AJ goes to the graveyard and has a “vision”. He remembers that Ava was there the night Connie died. He does not remember what happened but now knows that he may not have murdered Connie.

Right then, Morgan is ready to move all of his stuff out of the office where he works with Julian and Ava and out of the apartment he shares with Ava. Right then, Ava enters and greets him.

Right then, Robin is in the park talking on the phone to Victor Cassadine. He asks her whether or not she intends to cooperate with his plan to save Jason. She admits she really does not know. Right then, Emma enters and asks her mom whom she is talking to. Robin does not know how to answer that question.

While Victor is in Nikolas' home, Spencer finds him (Victor) and asks him what he was doing not long ago at Emma's home.

Not far away at Windermere, Heather is ready to murder Carly who is getting desperate. She sounds confident that she can frame her son. Carly yells for help and is desperate to not let Heather get away with what she is about to do.

Meanwhile, Franco goes to find Scott Baldwin and urges him to find Heather and do something before it's too late because he has to save Carly or bring the person to justice whom he knows killed her. Scott tells his “son” he's sorry but he can't help him.

Morgan asks Ava what she's doing at his dad's office when she goes to see him there. He tells her she has to go because there could be a serious risk if his dad finds her there. She tells him that she can take the risk and although he told her he didn't want to see her anymore, she knows that they both know that is not what he really wants.

AJ is then alone when he remembers holding the gun after Connie got killed and noticing Ava seeing him and asking what he has just done.

In the park while Robin is with Emma, she finds Elizabeth with Cameron. They remark how both Cameron and Spencer want Emma to “date” them and be their valentine.

Meanwhile, Spencer reminds his uncle Victor that he needs ot know what Victor did at Emma's house when he promised he would deliver the Valentine to the girl of Spencer's dream when Spencer knows he went there for another reason. In response to that, Victor tells the boy that he has a secret and tells him he must never tell anyone the secret about why he went to talk to Robin alone.

Nathan West goes to see Scott Baldwin and tells him that he needs to take action on the evidence that makes it very obvious that Dr. Silas Clay murdered his wife. Scott argues that although Nina Clay was found overdosed on anti-depressants and her husband may have written the prescription, there is no evidence that Silas killed his wife. So the DA's office cannot pursue the charges. But Nathan tells him they absolutely do. So the DA has to get this murderer off the streets.

Emma and Cameron take a picture of themselves on the camera phone while in the park. Alone, Camera wants to compete with Spencer and remarks that he's going to send a message to “that loser”.

At Windermere, Victor asks Spencer if they have not become friends. Spencer admits that his dad does not like it when he lies to his dad. Right then, he sees a text message with a “romantic” picture of Cameron with Emma in the park. At that point, the boy wants to share a secret with Victor.

Elizabeth finds Robin in the park and remarks that Robin appears to be “somewhere else”. Elizabeth then tells Robin she wants to go and get some hot chocolate and bring it back for them and for the kids. But before she gets out of the park, she runs into AJ who tells her he urgently needs her help with something.

Ava urges Morgan to realize that he has the feelings he has for her. And that means that they cannot let anyone or anything stand in the way of them being together. He tells her that he wants to be with her but does not know how that can happen because their families are at war. But right then, she kisses him, right at Corinthos coffee shop.

When Nathan West goes to urge Scott Baldwin to go forward with “nailing this psychopathic murderer”, not far away, Franco overhears their conversation unseen.

While Heather is secretly holding Carly captive, a man comes by and tries to prevent her from going through with her plan. Carly appears to be blooding and crying and very worried. And it looks like hopefully the man will prevent heather from going through with her dastardly plan on Nikolas' property.

In the park, Robin runs into Molly whom she remembers and remarks how much Molly has grown since they last met. She introduces Robin, for the first time to her boyfriend TJ and also to the child, Danny Morgan, son of Jason. Robin gazes at the toddler and appears lost in thought remembering hearing that Jason may be alive.

Nikolas and Brit are at his home realizing a professional employee has gone down to the house in the woods after the “cave in”. She asks if there might not be danger for the man but Nikolas is not worried. They have no clue what is going on in that house involving Heather and Carly who has been injured after the cave-in.

Nathan West and cops go to urge Scott Baldwin to find Franco and prosecute him for the disappearance and presumed murder of Carly. But Scott covers for his son and lies telling them he has not seen Franco. When they are alone, Franco tells his “dad” it's amazing that he covered for him. So if Scott believes him, Franco tells him, they can't waste any time about finding Carly and putting Heather away.

Morgan tells Ava he wants to be with her again but there is no way for that to happen when she's working with his father's arch rival. She tells him she won't give up and there must be a way for them to be together. He then tells her that he knows of a way. What if she no longer works with Julian? What if she works with Sonny and becomes his alli? That might be a way for them to stay together without having issues with his father.

In the park, AJ finds Elizabeth and tells her he just discovered that he was not alone the night Connie died. Not far away, Nikolas is with Spencer, Brit and baby Ben. Nikolas asks her if she is ok and urges AJ to leave her alone, reminding her that Aj has been drinking. AJ then tells them he will deal with this on his own.

Morgan tells Ava she needs to realize her brother has not respected her. She tells him she cannot betray Julian regardless. But he tells her if she helps him and his father bring Julian down, then Sonny will protect her, show loyalty to her and accept her relationship with his son.

Spencer finds Emma in the park and gives her his valentine's gift. She admires it and Cameron looks disappointed.

When Robin talks to Molly, she holds baby Danny and tells him he is so cute and she knows he's going to be strong and brave just like his dad. Just then TJ remarks he cannot believe that anybody thought that Danny was not Jason's son. Hearing that, Robin asks what he means. They then explain to her that after Danny was born, there was mistaken evidence that Franco, instead of Jason, was Danny's biological father.

At Scott's hotel room, he tells his son they both need to get out of there because its just a matter of time before someone finds Franco. He has Franco go out the other door and lets Nathan and his men search the room after Franco is no longer there.

In the park, Victor sits and reads the headlines in the paper about Heather Webber's psycho son on the loose after being suspected of kidnapping and murdering a woman. He then sees the picture of heather. And right then, out of nowhere heather appears.

When Heather is in the abandoned house with Carly after murdering the guy who could have saved Carly's life, Carly reminds heather that although Heather thinks she's thought out everything so that she will seamlessly and flawlessly carry out her plan without any margin for failure, Heather did forget one thing. Heather asks Carly what that might be. Carly replies that would be her (Carly's) time of death.

Ava protests to Morgan that she cannot just decide to betray her brother on a whim. He tells her this would not just be on a whim. She needs to know that Julian may tell her he sees her as an equal partner but he just wants to exploit her and doesn't care about her. She tells Morgan if she leaves, Julian will kill her. Julian did not think twice about killing many others. Morgan tells her that his dad will protect her just like he will protect his son. She asks what will make Sonny believe that they are both siding with him. Morgan answers because they can do this together and he will make his dad believe him. She then agrees that they will do this together. He then tells her he will go and find his dad. Alone, Ava appears very uncertain of the decision she has just made.

In the park, after Nikolas has just found Elizabeth with AJ, she assures him he need not worry as she's sure that AJ would never hurt her. He goes and takes Ben to make snow balls. Right then, Brit is alone with Elizabeth and asks her what might have happened to hers' and her baby's hair brushes that have suddenly disappeared. And it happened so coincidentally right after Elizabeth made a special trip to Nikolas' to deliver the allergy prescription for Ben. Elizabeth tells Brit that if she's going to be suspicious of anything, Brit is a lot more of a “suspect” for many more things than she is.

Not far away, Robin admits to Molly that she knew Jason always knew that Danny was his son. She holds baby Danny and tells him how important his dad was to him. TJ reflects how tragic it has to be for baby Danny to grow up without a dad. And he reflects that he got to live to be a little older before his dad passed but it's a terrible loss when one always wonders “what would have have happened if” daddy lived longer.

Not far away, in the park, Franco finds the three kids. Alone, Emma, Spencer and Cameron gather and whisper that “that is the psycho”. Franco asks if the kids might have any information about the mysterious woman they spoke to at Windermere.

Carly reminds Heather that it's only a matter of time before the police connect the dots and wonder why it is that they've concluded that she died long after they found blood on the knife when Franco allegedly did it. Heather then says let's say Franco stabbed her that night. But she survived. SO he came back later and finished the job. But, Carly remembers that the papers know that he was in custody when she allegedly died. So, Carly reminds her, if Heather killed her, then it will prove that Franco could not have done that. Hearing that, Franco then concludes that she is right. If only it were not for Luke Spencer and those nosy kids.

The kids, meanwhile inform Franco about the mysterious lady whom they saw at Windermere. They heard screaming. At that point, Franco now knows he has a new lead at Windermere.

Scott then goes to the institution and tells the staff he needs them to take him to Heather Webber's room. They tell him they cannot let heather have visitors. But he tells them he is not a visitor. He's the district attorney.

Alone, Ava admits that she has a terrible dilemma on her hands. And right then, she gets a text message from AJ. She asks what “that lush would want with her”. And right then, AJ enters. He tells her he had to find her and needs to know what she has been doing. She tells him she is waiting for Sonny and she's sure he has heard that this is now Sonny's office and she's sure that AJ would not want to be there when Sonny gets there. He asks her why he wouldn't want to see Sonny.

Robin holds baby Danny and is right then determined not to let anything keep Jason away from his son. Molly and TJ take him away. And instantly thereafter, Victor appears. Robin asks if he is following her. But she asks him to wait and tells him she has something to tell him. She has now decided that she is “in” with his plan.

The guy at the institution tells Scott he's wasting his time. The woman who “appears” to be heather is not talking to anyone. But Scott knows that “her” back is turned to him and he cannot see her face. So he turns around to face her... And he is stunned.

Franco goes to the house at Windermere searching for Carly and for heather. Inside the cabin, heather is ready to take drastic action. SO she first knows she has to take the dead man away. Carly still struggles to get out but cannot. Franco rushes and is almost there. He sees her and calls to her. She sees him and knows he is there to save her.

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