GH Update Friday 2/7/14

General Hospital Update Friday 2/7/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

AJ is at he park, drinking. He's desperately trying to remember who was in the elevator with him, the night Connie died.

It looks like Sonny has taken over Connie's old office at Metro Court. He's on the phone, talking to Shawn, when Morgan shows up. He tells Sonny that he grabbed the last box from the movers on his way up. Sonny asks if there's any word on Carly. He tells Sonny that the cops can't find her, and now they can't even find Franco. Sonny is exasperated, and wonders how that happened. Morgan tells him that Franco had help from his ex-wife.

At the police station, the guard tells Kiki to cheer up, because she has another visitor. Kiki is less than thrilled to see Ava, slithering through the door.

Sam meets with Alexis, and updates her on Silas's situation. Sam recalls that Julian agreed to find out if his sister had anything to do with Nina's death. They both question the sincerity of Julian's offer to help prove Silas's innocence.

Julian is at the cemetery with Lucas. He's trying to get to know his son. He asks Lucas about his life, especially if he has a girlfriend. Lucas says that he doesn't, but Julian doesn't believe him. When Julian keeps pushing, Lucas announces that he's gay. Julian is stunned, and doesn't know what to say. "What's the problem, Dad?" he says, "I'm not the kind of son you always wanted?"

At Metro Court, someone knocks on Scotty's door and says "Room service". Scotty complains that he didn't order any room service, but when he opens the door, he finds it's not hotel staff, but Franco. Scotty is less than thrilled to see him.

In the fallen catacombs of Wyndemere, there seems to be movement. It appears to be Heather.

In the park, Michael startles AJ when he shows up. Michael asks him what he's doing, and AJ says thinking. Michael sys that AJ was talking to himself when came, and AJ jokes that that is a sign of genius. AJ asks Michael what he's doing here, and he says that he's thinking too. He tells him that he just came from the police station. AJ understands that Michael is frustrated about Carly, but he's not going to get answers from Franco. Michael tells him that even if he wanted too, he couldn't. He tells AJ that Franco escaped, and he had help from someone he loves and trusted.

Kiki feels neither love nor trust for Ava, and wants to know why she's there. Ava says that she heard about the arrest, and had to come and see her. Ava notices that she's been crying, but Kiki isn't interested in admitting that to her. Kiki says that she's tired, and in custody, and Ava is there. One of these things has to change, she says. Guess which? Ava ignores her, and asks if Franco talked her into helping him. Still bruised from Michael earlier, she gets upset and says no. she wanted to help him.

Morgan can't believe that he's standing inside of Julian's old office again. He asks Sonny when he took it over. Sonny tells him that he and Olivia got together, and booted Julian out. Morgan wonders why he moved in, and Sonny tells him that Michael's running the restaurant, and he wanted a place to keep the business away from him. He promised Carly that he'd do that. Morgan asks what about him, and Sonny reminds him that neither he nor Carly wanted him near the business either. Unfortunately, that got "shot to hell" when he went to work for Julian.

Julian is trying to digest what Lucas just told him. Lucas isn't making it easy on him. He keeps pushing Julian on how he feels about his son now. Lucas badgers Julian on how he feels, but Julian doesn't know how to answer. Julian is obviously uncomfortable so Lucas challenges him and asks, "Do you have a problem with me?"

At the police station, Sam is surprised when Alexis encourages her to give Julian a chance. Sam wonders what happened at dinner the other night. Alexis avoids the subject, and talks about Silas. She tells Sam that Silas has been held for 48 hours, and should be let go, unless they find new evidence. Detective West comes down the stairs, and tells her that he has.

Franco pushes his way into Scotty's, in spite of Scotty's efforts to keep him out. He tells him that he can't help him, or be seen with him. He goes to call the police, but Franco begs him not, too. Franco says that he needs Scotty's help. He tells him that he wouldn't kidnap Carly, never Carly, but his baby Mama Heather Webber would.

Back at Wyndemere, the luckiest woman alive climbs out of the ruins, and surveys the damage. She calls for Carly, but doesn't see her.

Alexis questions Detective West about his new evidence. He reminds her that Sam found the pharmacist, and Alexis questions the veracity of the pharmacist's claim. Sam says that she's not a lawyer, and even she can see the holes in his story. Alexis tells Detective West that he has nothing to charge Silas with, but he uses Nina's will. The one that left everything to Silas.

Things aren't going well between Julian and Lucas. He questions whether or not Lucas is really gay. Lucas gets defensive, and says yes he's gay. He likes dudes and sleeps with dudes. "Macramé?" Julian says as a lame joke. Lucas tells him that he came out of the closet in high school. He says that he tried to deny it, but it's not temporary. He's gay. Julian suggests that maybe he didn't have a strong male presence in his life. He says that maybe if he had, things would've turned out different. "Different?" asks Lucas. "Normal." says Julian.

Morgan asks Sonny if Julian has made any attempts on Michael, or anyone for him quitting. Sonny says not to worry about that, because he has someone watching Michael. Morgan is worried cause Julian mentioned him specifically. Sonny asks Morgan if Julian has been in contact with him, and Morgan says no. Sonny wonders if Morgan would tell him, and Morgan says yes. Sonny asks him if he's heard from Ava.

Ava asks Kiki why she would even help Franco. Kiki tells her that she doesn't believe that Franco took Carly. She tells her mother that Franco loves Carly too much. Ava says so now we're back to me. Kiki, sarcastically, says that not everything revolves around Ava. She tells Ava that she's off the hook. She thinks that someone else took Carly. Kiki says there's a mother whose even worse than Ava. Ava jokes that it's always nice to have someone else in the running. Ava tells her that the guard told her that she wasn't her first visitor. Kiki says that Michael was here earlier, so Ava asks if he's getting her a lawyer. Kiki says no because Michael would rather she her locked up.

In the park, an extremely upset Michael tells AJ what happened. AJ can't believe that Kiki thinks that Franco is innocent. He tells AJ that she thinks Franco is being set up by Heather Webber.

Heather is still searching for Carly in the ruins.

At Metro Court, Scotty says that Heather is securely locked up at Miscavige. Franco argues that she isn't, and Scotty gets upset that he keeps interrupting him. Franco told him that Heather showed up at his doorstep several times. Scotty asks him why he didn't call him, and Franco says that Scotty wanted nothing to do with him They argue about whether or not Franco should've reported her. Scotty asks him what he did do about it. He reluctantly tells him that he was forced to dole out some "vigilante justice." Scotty says that he really doesn't want to hear this, but it's inevitable. Franco tells him that Heather showed up at his hotel suite with a big knife. He says that Carly was having a shower, and Heather was going to kill her with the knife. He says that he got the knife away from Heather, and killed her with it, then buried her.

Heather has found Carly buried under the rubble. She thinks that she's dead.

Julian defends himself to Lucas saying that he didn't mean what he said. He said that he just thought his son would be into sports and like women that's all. Lucas tells him about Tony, and how he raised him to respect women, and that he dated a few. He tells him that he was QB1 on his football team. He tells him that he's the captain of his "gay" football team in Seattle. He tells Julian how worried he was that Tony wouldn't accept him because of his DNA. He tells him that when he was dying, Tony told him how proud he was of him. He says that Tony loved him and respected him for the way he was. He says that's what a real father does. He points at Julian, and says "You are not my father.", before he walks away.

Ava is surprised that Michael made Kiki cry. Kiki says that he believes that Franco is guilty, and nothing else can change his mind. Ava says that those Corinthos boys are stubborn. Once they may up their minds, there's no changing them, especially with us Jerome girls. Kiki can't believe that Ava is making this about herself. Ava denies it. She says that she was just trying to be sympathetic or empathetic. Kiki doesn't believe her, and says that her sympathy is like ice cream and antifreeze. Ava suddenly pulls the mother card, but Kiki goes for jugular, and says how happy she is that Morgan finally came to his senses. Ava says that Morgan didn't break up with her, his father made him do it.

At the new office, Sonny questions Morgan about Ava. Morgan tells him that he broke up with Ava. Morgan tells him that he texted her, and she answered, but he's not proud of it. Sonny says that's good, but for Morgan it's not. He tells Sonny that Ava came to the house, and he sent her away. Morgan gets upset, and tells Sonny that something fun turned serious. Sonny says that he gets, but Morgan isn't sure that he does. He tells Sonny that Ava became everything to him. He breaks down and tells sonny that he feels like he's drowning, and doesn't know how he'll be able to go on. Sonny reminds him that that's the way he felt when he lost Connie because of AJ.

Michael is upset that Kiki believes Franco is innocent. AJ can't believe that Franco thinks that his mother is framing him. Michael tells him that Kiki knows something that she isn't telling him. Michael says that she's keeping him in the dark. AJ says that he knows what that's like. AJ tells Michael that he's starting to remember things about the night Connie died.

At the police station, Alexis looks over a copy of the evidence. She asks him where he got the original, and he says he found it in his mailbox. It was waiting for him when he came home last night. He doesn't know who sent it to him. Alexis says that most spouses name their husband s beneficiaries. Detective west fires back that most don't have pregnant mistresses. Alexis says that he still doesn't have enough evidence to hold Silas. He says that the millions he stood to inherit does. Alexis says it's not his call to make, it's the DA's and asks where Scotty Baldwin is?

In his hotel room, Scotty wonders how a dead woman could've kidnapped Carly. Franco tells him that the first thing he did when he escaped, was to check the grave where he thought he left Heather. Franco doesn't know how Heather survived. "Next time, wooden stake." he says. Scotty says so his proof is a hole in the ground? Franco says a note saying "You're gonna pay for this." is. Scotty asks for the note, but Franco says that he doesn't have it. He thinks that he dropped it when the cops came. Scott tells him to had over the phone and he'll straighten this out. Franco gets frantic and says that Scotty is the only one who can help him. Franco says the note tells him that he's going to pay. Heather wants to revenge, and she got it by taking Carly. He begs Scotty to help him find her.

Heather is disappointed that her plans have gone awry. She says that Carly was supposed to die of stab wounds, not this way. Now she has to save her, just so she can kill her again.

At the park, AJ tells Michael that he's starting to have flashes. He tells him that he's standing outside Connie's, leaning against the wall. He has a gun in his hand, and he can hear himself breathing. He hears the elevator door ding, and says "Who's there?' Michael asks who it was.

Ava tells Kiki her troubles with Morgan. Kiki finds the whole thing absurd. Kiki doesn't care about the whole Morgan thing, and reminds her that Morgan is her ex-husband. She also reminds her that she's in jail. Ava apologizes then says the reason she came was to make sure that Kiki had a good lawyer. She wants to call Diane Miller for her. Kiki remains stubborn, and says that she doesn't want her help.

In Sonny's new office, Morgan and Sonny talk about what it was like when Sonny lost Connie. Morgan says it's not the same thing because Ava's still alive. He doesn't know what he's going to do without her, and can't imagine how Sonny feels with AJ walking around. Sonny tells Morgan that he never wants him to feel that kind of hate. The only reason that AJ is still around is because of Michael.

Michael tells AJ that whoever came off that elevator, may be Connie's real killer.

At the police station, Ava and Kiki argue about who can help her. Ava says that she knows that Kiki hates her, but she's still her daughter, and she loves her. Michael isn't going to come her rescue, and Silas isn't available. She begs her to let her help.

Detective West says he will track down DA Baldwin, but the prisoner remains till then. Alexis thanks Detective West, in advance, for getting their case dismissed. Sam enjoys watching her mother in "lawyer-mode". Alexis tells her to hold the applause, and doesn't like the coincidence of the will just showing up. Sam and Alexis have the same idea of who might have delivered it.

At the cemetery, Julian begs Lucas not to write him off the way Sam has. Lucas can't believe Julian is asking him for another chance right after he insulted him. Julian apologizes for insulting him, and says that he just needs a moment to catch up. Lucas says but when he though of his son, he didn't picture him being gay. Julian defends himself saying that he's having a little trouble digesting all of this. Lucas says that he's having trouble with who Julian is, too. He says that he was born gay , but Julian chose to be a mobster. "You honestly think that's better than being gay?" Julian doesn't have an answer, and they've reached an impasse.

Scotty and Franco are having similar problems. Franco has confessed to having killed Heather or he thought he did. Scotty is between a rock and a hard place. Franco tells him about Kiki going to Miscavige and seeing Heather. He wants Scotty to follow up, and go see Heather himself to find out what she did with Carly.

At Wyndemere, Heather is digging through the rubble trying to revive Carly. Heather begs her to breathe, and she finally does, coughing.

At Sonny's office, he tells Morgan how he felt when Connie died. He says he went after AJ, and if it hadn't been for Dante and Michael, AJ wouldn't be walking around now. Morgan says that he understands Michael because AJ is his biological Dad, and feels obligated to him. He still doesn't understand how Baldwin lost the case. Sonny says that he can't stand that AJ is still walking around and Connie isn't.

In the park, Michael is surprised to hear that AJ is starting to remember things. Michael remembers AJ saying that he didn't kill, and maybe someone else did. AJ says that he wished there was someone else, and even if he wanted too, he still can't clear himself. "Who else could've killed Connie?" he asks. "Who else wanted her dead?"

Back at the police station, Ava finally persuades Kiki to let her call Diane. As soon as she leaves the interrogation room, Ava runs into Sam and Alexis. Sam says that they were just talking about her, and Ava says "I'm sure I gave you plenty of food for thought when I told you about Nina Clay's will." They tell her that the will magically showed up in Detective West's mailbox. Ava denies giving the detective the will, and before she leaves, she tells Sam that Julian did try to get her to confess to killing Nina. She pointedly tells Sam that Julian would gladly throw her under the bus just to get closer to his child. Ava congratulates her, and walks away.

Julian has grabbed Lucas by the arm, which Lucas doesn't like. Julian wants to continue their discussion, but Lucas has had enough. Lucas says there's nothing to discuss unless Julian can accept having a gay son or he can't. Lucas tells to let him go, and tells him that he didn't come here to visit Julian. He came here to visit his real father, and walks away. Julian is totally frustrated.

Scotty wants to know why he would do anything for Franco. Franco tells him that he overheard him at the police station, the night Michael demanded his arrest. He tells Scotty that he heard him hesitate, but Scotty tells him that he just didn't want another loss like AJ. Franco doesn't believe him, and says that he only gave in because Anna and Michael pressured him to issue the warrant. Franco tells him that he needs to listen to the little part of him that's his Dad. Scotty tells him that he DA part of him questions whether or not Franco's telling the truth.

Heather tells Carly that there was a cave-in, and that she saved Carly's life. Carly asks why, and Heather tells her so that she can kill her the right way. She didn't go through all this trouble to frame Franco, just for Carly to die in a cave-in. The only problem is that she can't find the knife.

Sonny leaves Morgan alone in the office He asks him to write down everything he knows about Julian. Sonny tells him how pleased he is to have Morgan back. Morgan tells him that he's glad to be back.

Julian leaves a message for Alexis that he wants to talk to her. Alexis ignores the message.

Morgan is thinking about Ava, when she shows up at Sonny's office.

Michael tells AJ that he loves him, and that he has to accept that the jury found him not guilty. AJ tells him that he couldn't get through any of this without him. Michael leaves, and AJ tries to remember again. An image becomes clearer, and he realizes it was Ava.

Franco pleads with Scotty to let him stay in his room, while he finds Carly. Before Scotty can answer, Detective West shows up at his door.

Carly is starting to get up, and starts calling for help. Heather looks around until she finds the knife.

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