GH Update Thursday 2/6/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/6/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick looked for Emma's headband while she got ready for school. Robin found it. Patrick kissed her forehead and called her his hero, before taking it to Emma. Once Robin was alone, she looked at Jason's picture and wondered whether he could really still be alive. She put the picture between the pages of a magazine. While Emma ate breakfast, Patrick told Robin that he knew she tossed and turned all night long. He assumed it was just because of Sabrina's baby, and he told her that they'd get through this by being open and honest with each other. They hugged, and Robin's gaze fell on the magazine where she put Jason's picture. Emma wanted to skip school and go to work with Patrick again, so she could see the babies. Robin told her school was important. Emma asked if Robin heard that Sabrina and Carlos were having a baby. Robin and Patrick exchanged a glance. Robin said yes, and Patrick and Emma left.

Victor was in the foyer of Wyndemere on the phone. He asked someone to let him know when Robin was alone. Victor mentioned that he planned to reacquaint himself with Nikolas while he waited. Spencer walked up behind Victor, just as Victor assured the caller that no one knew the real reason he was in Port Charles. Victor hung up, and Spencer asked him who he was. Victor introduced himself as Spencer's Great Great uncle. Spencer asked what was so great about him. Victor reached into his pocket and pulled out a Faberge egg, which he offered to the unimpressed boy. Spencer replied that they had a lot of those. Victor said that this was a special egg that Spencer should give to the girl of his dreams when he met her one day. According to Victor, the egg would help Spencer win the girl's heart. Spencer took the egg and replied that he already met her.

Nik, Britt and Ben were in the living room. Nik noted that the house, once nearly deserted, had become Grand Central Station. Britt was pleased that her mother wasn't one of the people living there. Nik asked about Ben's allergy. While the worst was over, Ben still had a rash, and Britt hoped the prescription would be filled soon. Nik told her that Elizabeth said it would be ready today. Britt bristled at the mention of Liz's name. She was surprised that Liz was working in the pharmacy, and Nik explained that he ran into Liz and she offered to help. Nik saw the look on Britt's face and he told her that while Liz wasn't Britt's favorite person, Liz was his friend and he'd told her how important Britt was to him. Britt replied that he was important to her, too. They kissed. Spencer burst in to show them the egg. Britt noted that it must have cost a fortune, and Victor told her that Cassadines deserved the best. “So does Emma,” Spencer added. Although Nik seemed wary of Victor, he told him to help himself to the breakfast Alfred prepared. At this moment, Patrick and Emma were leaving their home. Victor got an alert on his phone and told everyone he had to go.

Nik called a contractor to go to the catacombs and check out the rumbling noise. Spencer wanted to check the tunnels for the chupacabra, but Nik refused to let him go down there, then he told him to get ready for school. Britt found Nik looking through a family photo album. He told her his family was a big believer in tradition, and Britt playfully mocked Victor giving Spencer the expensive egg. Nik agreed that Victor was dramatic even for a Cassadine. Britt showed Nik a silver baby brush that Victor gave to Ben. Britt guessed that since there were no Cassadine babies on the island, Victor saw Ben as the next best thing.

Robin was about to leave home when Victor and his men arrived. He asked if Robin was ready to help, and Robin reminded him that he promised to prove Jason was alive. Victor played a DVD for Robin. She was stunned by what she saw. She said she wasn't convinced the video was real, but Victor was confident that she now believed Jason was alive. Robin asked what would happen if she agreed to help. Victor explained that he would take her to an undisclosed location, where she would work for as long as it took to develop the technology to help Jason, Helena and Stavros. The catch was that Robin would have to leave her family without telling them or anyone else where she was going or what she was working on. Robin flatly refused to leave her family. Victor supposed this meant that Jason would be in his present state until someone cared enough to revive him. “Even if I agree to this insanity, what possible reason could I give my husband and little girl?” Robin asked. Victor told her that her marriage must have a problem that she could use as an excuse to leave.

Spencer made the chauffeur drive him to Emma's house. “We'll get there” Spencer snarled, when the man reminded him that he was supposed to be going to school. When Spencer went up to the door to drop off the egg, he looked in the window and saw his uncle Victor. Back inside, Victor told Robin to let him know her decision, soon. Spencer hid behind a hedge while Victor and his men left.

Dante found Lulu sleeping on a bench at the PCPD. She'd slept there all night. Dante smiled when Lulu revealed that she'd been waiting for him. Lulu assumed she must look bad after falling asleep there, but Dante assured her that she looked beautiful. Lulu was curious about what Dante found at the cemetery. Dante hesitantly told her about the open grave, the bloody sheets from the Metro Court and the threatening note written in blood. Lulu wondered what Dante thought about the evidence. Dante thought that Franco wrote the note and that the blood was Carly's. Lulu asked why Franco would write a note in blood if he'd already hurt Carly. Lulu tried to stay positive. She suggested that Carly might have escaped. Dante agreed that this could be possible. Someone from forensics came in – the lab was down, so they weren't able to run a DNA test on the blood, but they discovered a long blond hair on the sheet. Dante admitted it didn't look good, but he urged Lulu not to worry until they knew something for sure. He advised her to go home and get some rest while he had the hair analyzed. Dante asked Lulu if she still wanted to move back to the loft. Lulu assured Dante that she hadn't changed her mind – she loved him and wanted to be with him. Dante told her that they may have lost their baby, but they still had each other. They kissed.

A guard brought Kiki to an interrogation room to see a visitor. She looked nervous when she saw Michael waiting for her. Kiki began to apologize, but Michael interrupted and asked if she was okay. She was. He explained that he'd been worried when she didn't come home last night. Kiki's eyes filled with tears. She apologized and told Michael she loved him. Michael told Kiki he loved her too, then he demanded to know how long she'd been helping Franco. Kiki admitted to hiding Franco in their apartment, then tricking Dante and Michael into leaving the apartment so Franco could get away. Michael was furious. Kiki apologized again, and Michael replied that he was sorry too; sorry that she cared more about Franco than about his mother's life. “I'm sorry that you turned your back on me when I needed you the most” Michael yelled. Kiki insisted that that wasn't what she was doing. She was adamant that she wanted Carly to be found just as much as Michael did. Michael challenged her to explain why she helped the man who hurt Carly, and Kiki theorized that Heather was framing Franco. Michael reminded Kiki that she initially blamed Ava. Kiki outlined her reasons for suspecting Heather; Heather had threatened Carly the night of the gallery opening, and Franco said Heather was desperate to get Carly out of Franco's life. Kiki revealed that she went to Miscavige to see Heather. Michael asked if she was there, and when Kiki said yes, Michael argued that Heather couldn't frame anyone from inside a mental hospital. Kiki hinted that there was more to the story. Michael assumed she was holding back information that could help him find Carly, so he ordered her to tell him what she knew. Kiki reached out and grabbed Michael's hand, but he pulled away. Kiki tearfully told Michael she couldn't tell him. Michael was disgusted. He felt that she was more concerned with protecting Franco than helping Carly. Kiki told Michael that this wasn't about Carly. Frustrated and angry, Michael told her this was all about Carly for him and Morgan; they wanted to find her before it was too late, so they didn't have to tell their little sister that their mother was dead. Michael asked Kiki if she knew where Franco was. She didn't. Michael felt that he should stop wasting his time there and go find Franco. He left.

At GH, Elizabeth looked at Dante and Ben's identical prescription ointments, as she remembered telling Nik that Ben may have inherited the latex allergy from his father.

Felix called Brad, who was at home, and apologized for bailing on him the night before. Felix swore he wouldn't have canceled their date for anyone except Sabrina. Brad said it was fine, but Felix disagreed. Felix felt that Brad deserved to do something fun. Brad was shirtless in bed. When Brad hung up the phone Lucas sat up in bed next to him and stroked his face. Looking regretful, Brad reminded Lucas that this wasn't supposed to have happened – they were only supposed to talk. Lucas kissed Brad's chest and suggested that they have another round. Brad was reluctant at first, but he gave in and had sex with Lucas again. Afterward, Brad was distant with Lucas again. He got dressed for work and Lucas mentioned that he had to go to GH, too, to pick up Dante's prescription. Brad told Lucas to stay there, and he promised to pick up the prescription for him. Brad left, and Lucas got back in bed and took a selfie with his phone and sent it to Brad.

Back at GH, Sabrina arrived and asked Felix if Brad was mad at him. Felix thought Brad had been understanding. Sabrina was grateful that Felix was there when she told Carlos that she told Patrick the baby was his. The news had upset Carlos, and he yelled at Felix. Felix assured Sabrina he'd dealt with worse and he understood why Carlos was upset that he wasn't going to be raising the baby. Felix made his way to the nurses' station where Liz was. He asked about the tubes of ointment she told him that they belonged to Ben and Dante. Felix thought it was weird that they both had the same allergy. “Maybe not” Liz said, cryptically. Felix asked her to explain and she told him that she thought Britt did something horrible. Felix connected the dots and exclaimed “You think Dante's the father of Britch's baby?!” Alarmed, Britt shushed him and told him she didn't have anything concrete yet. Liz repeated the story Nik told her about Britt and Obrecht impregnating Britt with sperm they stole from the lab. Felix revealed that Brad already told him.

Felix wondered how Liz was going to prove this. Liz wanted to run a DNA test. She decided to use Ben's medicine as a reason to go to Wyndemere, so she could get some of his DNA. Felix asked how she'd get a sample of Dante's DNA. Liz told Felix that was up to him. Sensing Felix's reluctance to get involved, Liz pointed out that this was his chance to take down Britt. Felix thought there was a chance Brad played a part in Britt's scheme, and he was afraid exposing Britt would get Brad in trouble. Brad arrived, and he asked Felix and Liz what they were talking about. Liz made up a cover story, and Brad bought it. As Brad was leaving for the lab, Felix promised to see him later. Brad told Felix he'd like that, and he left. Felix wanted to ask Brad if he knew anything, but Liz was totally against it. She didn't want Britt to get tipped off and cover her tracks. Felix grudgingly agreed to help Liz because he thought Dante deserved to know if he had a son. However, Felix was uncomfortable with keeping secrets from Brad.

As Brad walked toward the elevator, he looked the picture Lucas sent him. He was so preoccupied by it that he later bumped into Felix. Felix assumed he'd been playing a game on his phone and he was glad Brad found something to keep him busy. Felix apologized again for breaking their date. Brad told him it was okay. Brad was about to say something else when Dante arrived and asked him to test the hair. Felix gave Dante his medicine, then Dante asked for a place to throw out his water bottle. Felix took it and offered to throw it away. Dante thanked him and left.

Liz took Ben's medicine to Wyndemere. Britt was surprised Liz would come all the way there for Ben. Liz announced that she also wanted to apologize to Britt. Liz said she (Liz) had been childish and that she wanted to bury the hatchet out of respect for Nik's feelings for Britt. Britt was caught off guard. She glanced over at Nik, who was paying close attention, then she accepted. No one noticed Liz smile slyly. She sat down next to Britt and watched intently as Britt combed Ben's hair with the silver brush. Later, Britt told Nik that the hairbrush was missing.

Back at GH, Liz and Felix headed to the lab to test the DNA on the water bottle and hairbrush against each other.

Patrick and Sabrina literally bumped into each other by the elevator. He asked if she was okay Sabrina smiled and admitted that this wasn't the first time that she'd ran into someone today. Patrick told her it was pregnancy brain – where pregnant women become more clumsy and distracted. He explained that that was Robin's name for it. It was clear that Patrick was afraid that the mention of Robin would make Sabrina uncomfortable, so Sabrina assured him that it was okay to talk about Robin and any other topic. Patrick asked how Sabrina was doing, and she told him she had a rough night, because she told Carlos he wasn't going to be raising Patrick's child. Sabrina asked Patrick if he told Robin about the baby. He told her that he had and that she was shocked. Sabrina knew that Robin had thought this was all over. “It's not” Patrick stated. Sabrina felt bad that this happened, but Patrick told her it wasn't her fault; it was just life. Sabrina told Patrick that she didn't want their child to come between him and Robin – that was – it was Britt's style. Patrick admitted he didn't know what would happened, but he promised Sabrina that he'd be there for her, no matter what.

Carlos and Julian met at the cemetery by Heather's former grave, which had been cordoned off with police tape. Julian was happy to see Carlos. Carlos explained that he'd been laying low, because he was concerned that Sonny or Julian might try and finish him off. Julian assured Carlos that he had no intention of killing him. Julian wondered why Carlos wanted to meet there. Carlos thought it was fitting to meet at the grave he almost ended up in. He sighed that he almost wished he'd died, now that his dream of starting a new life with Sabrina had gone up in smoke. Carlos admitted he'd been excited about the baby. Julian thought it was commendable that Carlos was willing to raise another man's child. Carlos said DNA didn't matter; he would have raised that child like it was his own. He admitted it sounded ridiculous, but he felt like he lost a child. Julian replied that he (Julian) actually did lose a child. Julian confided in Carlos that meeting Lucas for the first time didn't go as well as Julian had hoped it would. Julian wanted to reach out to Lucas, but he wasn't sure how to go about it. Julian sighed that he might never see Lucas again.

Just then, Lucas arrived. Carlos left. Julian was pleasantly surprised, because he assumed Lucas was there to see him. Lucas explained that he was actually there to see his “real father” Tony, who died eight years ago, today. Julian wished that he'd been able to meet Tony and thank him for taking care of Lucas when Julian couldn't. Lucas started to walk away, so Julian asked him to stay. Julian told Lucas that he was more than just his business and he wanted them to get to know each other. Lucas asked why. Julian explained that he'd promised himself he'd be a better father than his father had been. He wanted to know his kids as people and not just as heirs to a legacy. Julian assured Lucas that he understood if Lucas wasn't ready, and he started to leave. Lucas took a deep breath and asked Julian what he wanted to know. Julian's face lit up. He wanted to know everything about Lucas – his hobbies, career, whether he had a girlfriend. “Definitely don't have a girlfriend,” Lucas replied with a laugh. Julian didn't believe an attractive guy like Lucas didn't have a girlfriend. Lucas revealed that he was gay.

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