GH Update Wednesday 2/5/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/5/14


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Brad gave Felix a rose to celebrate a successful first date. Sabrina walked in and told Felix she needs him. She said she told Patrick the truth about the baby, because Emma overheard her talking with Elizabeth. Before Sabrina came in, Brad and Felix had made another date, but Felix later postponed to help Sabrina.

Lucas and Lulu went to the PCPD on an update on Franco and Carly. Lucas got angry with Dante because Franco escaped and there was nothing more to report. Lucas then went to call Brad, because he needed a hug and wanted to get together with him. Brad told him that he already had plans with Felix.

Victor arrives at Cassadine Island and runs into Heather. Heather tells him she is an employee and can't let him into the house. Victor couldn't help thinking she was strange.

Franco was at the grave site where he thought he buried Heather and could not believe she was alive. He dug with his bare hands and found the bloody sheet he buried her in with a note saying she would make him pay for this. He runs into Mrs. McClain (played by Shirley Jones) who is there to visit her husband's grave and pretended he was a grave digger. She left and went to the police and told them she saw the fugitive at the cemetery. When the police got there, he was gone, but had dropped the note written in blood, which Dante picked up.

Liesl Obrecht went to see Britt and told her she wanted to live at Wyndemere. Britt told her in no certain terms that it would not be a good idea. Liesl tried to blackmail her daughter by threatening to tell Nikolas about Ben. Britt also asked her if she was the one that had anything to do with what she is hearing in the catacombs. Liesl assured her if there were other captives, it was not because of her. Victor walked in and told Britt he knew her mother. Britt went to get refreshments and Nikolas came home. Victor told Liesl he still cared about her and would treat her well like she deserved. Liesl nervously wanted to leave and told Britt she didn't want to live there anymore. Nikolas welcomed his Uncle Victor who told him he was there on business.

Robin hid Jason's picture under a stack of magazines on the coffee table. Patrick came home and told Robin that Sabrina was carrying his baby. In exasperation, Patrick flipped the table and the picture of Jason fell out. Patrick saw it and asked Robin why she had it. Robin explained she missed him and needed closure, because she never got to say goodbye. Patrick went to check on Emma and told Robin she was asleep. Robin assured Patrick they would deal with this new bit of information, and it is no one's fault.

Carly struggled to get untied and indeed did just as Heather walked in. Just as Heather came at her with the knife she'd stolen from the Metro Court, Carly hit her over the head with a bottle and Heather fell. Carly thought she was free, but Heather got up and they struggled some more. Heather repeatedly hit Carly's head against a post. The ceiling fell over their heads and debris went everywhere. They were both knocked out.

Nikolas went to see Elizabeth at GH to talk about Britt. Elizabeth told him she doesn't like or trust her and brought up Brad being Ben's father. Nikolas told her Brad is not the father. It was an anonymous sperm donor. After some words of discontent, Nikolas had to leave to get Ben's prescription for his allergy of latex and assorted fruits. Lucas came to GH because Dante was having an allergy attack and showed Liz he needed the same prescription as the one for baby Ben. Comparing the two identical medications, Elizabeth was stunned to think that Ben and Dante are related.

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