GH Update Tuesday 2/4/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/4/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, a contrite Sabrina approached Patrick and told him that he was her baby's father. Patrick was confused. He reminded Sabrina that she told him that he wasn't the father, and he was certain she wouldn't lie about that. Sabrina admitted that she did lie. She also revealed that she lied about having sex with Carlos on their would be wedding night. Stunned, Patrick asked why she was just telling him now. Sabrina explained that she lied because he chose Robin. Patrick wondered if Sabrina was trying to punish him, and Sabrina assured him that she wasn't. She clarified that she lied because she didn't want to come between him and Robin. Patrick walked away and Sabrina followed and begged him to listen. She explained that she didn't want to use her baby against Patrick like Britt did. Patrick asked when Sabrina was going to tell him. Sabrina confessed that she had been planning to leave town so he'd never find out about the child. Hurt and angry, Patrick asked how she could do that to him. Sabrina cried that she didn't know. She told Patrick that the only thing that made losing him bearable was knowing that he and Emma were happy with Robin. She asked how she could ruin that by telling him she was pregnant with his baby. “Because it's MY baby,” Patrick stressed, as his eyes filled with tears. Sabrina explained when Carlos took it upon himself to tell Patrick the baby was his, she went along with it, because she saw it as a way out.

Patrick wanted to know why Sabrina decided to come clean. Sabrina explained that Emma overheard her and Elizabeth talking about the baby's true paternity. Patrick was shocked that Liz knew, and Sabrina clarified that Liz had been pushing her to tell Patrick the truth. When Sabrina saw how confused Emma was, she realized this had gotten out of hand and that Patrick needed to know the truth. Sabrina apologized for not being up front from the beginning. Patrick was silent, and Sabrina asked him to say something. Patrick snapped that he'd been lied to about babies so often that he wasn't sure what to say. He thought Sabrina would never lie to him, but now that she had, he wasn't sure if she was telling the truth. Sabrina was adamant that she would never hurt Patrick the way Britt had, by telling him that the baby was his if it wasn't. “No, you'd just keep the baby away from me forever” Patrick shot back. Sabrina countered that she wasn't able to go through with it. Sabrina cried that she was sorry, and Patrick flatly replied that she said that already. Liz brought Emma to Patrick. Patrick greeted his daughter, then Emma hugged Sabrina and said talked to the baby. Patrick took Emma home. Liz figured out what was going on. She comforted Sabrina and asked how Patrick took the news. Sabrina replied that he was shocked and upset. Sabrina didn't blame Patrick for his reaction – he'd been lied to a lot, this year. Sabrina worried about Robin's reaction.

At Robin's, Victor Cassadine tried to convince Robin to help him develop a way to resurrect his family. When Robin refused, Victor pulled out a picture of Jason and told her that her research would help him, too. Robin swore she wouldn't let Victor use her dead friend to manipulate her. Victor recalled that Faison somehow got a hold of the WSB's technology, which he used to have a mask of Duke made. While masquerading as Duke, Faison shot Jason. Victor made a point to note that Jason's body wasn't recovered. Startled, Robin asked if he was saying Jason was still alive. Victor picked up a photo off the table and admired Robin's family. Robin snatched the portrait from his hands and ordered him to answer the question. According to Victor, Faison thought Jason might be useful in the future, so he had someone retrieve Jason from the water while he was at the brink of death and take him to the same clinic where Duke was held. Robin's eyes filled with tears; she realized this meant she had Jason had been in the same place. Robin became skeptical and asked why no one found Jason when they discovered her and Duke. Victor explained that no one was looking for Jason. After Robert and Anna went to the clinic, Obrecht decided to relocate her most valuable patients. She handed Robin over to Jerry and she gave Jason and Stavros to Helena, who put them both into a cryogenic state. According to Victor, Helena, Stavros and Jason were put into stasis the moment before death, so it was possible for them to be revived. “If you agree to help save my family, you'll save Jason” Victor stated.

Robin wouldn't even consider helping Victor unless he proved that he had Jason. Victor understood Robin's skepticism. One of Victor's men signaled him, and Victor promised to provide the proof in due time. He told Robin that Patrick and Emma were on their way home and that she wasn't to mention this conversation. Robin demanded to know how he'd stop her from telling anyone. Victor told her that if she told anyone about the project, she'd lose the opportunity to help her friend. Victor told Robin to think about his offer, and he promised to be in touch. He gave Robin the picture of Jason as an incentive, then he and his men left. Robin wasn't sure what to think. She believed Jason was strong enough to survive getting shot and falling in the water, but she also thought everyone in the WSB except her parents and all the Cassadines except Nikolas were untrustworthy. Robin heard the door opening, so she hid Jason's picture under some papers on the coffee table. Patrick sent Emma to get ready for bed. Robin noticed the serious look on Patrick's face and asked if everything was okay. Patrick revealed that he had something to tell Robin.

During dinner at the Metro Court, Sonny told Olivia how Julian used threats on Morgan's family to force Morgan to work for him. Sonny wasn't surprised that Julian ignored the code which stated that a mobster's family was off limits. He added that Morgan thought Julian could be involved in Carly's disappearance. Olivia thought Julian was capable of making good on his threats, but she believed Franco was responsible for Carly's disappearance. Sonny was relieved that Morgan hadn't turned against him, but he was angry that Julian made Morgan fear for his family's safety. Sonny felt that the war between himself and Julian was heating up. Sonny had security watching out for all of his children and their mothers, but he knew that there were no guarantees. Sonny noted that Julian started this war knowing that Sonny wouldn't retaliate against Danny's bone marrow donor. He and Olivia were disgusted that Julian was hiding behind a child. Sonny felt that Julian was untouchable, even on the unlikely chance that Danny found another donor.

A guard went to Silas's cell and told him he had a visitor. Silas looked up and was disappointed to see Julian. Julian surmised that Silas had been hoping to see Sam. Julian was concerned about the allegations he'd heard about Silas. Silas insisted that he didn't do anything to his wife. Julian offered to help Silas prove his innocence. Silas laughed. He pointed out that they didn't like each other, and he forewarned Julian that he wasn't going to encourage Sam to reconcile with Julian. Julian admitted that he only wanted to help Silas for Sam's benefit. Julian wasn't sure he believed that Silas had been framed; he just knew Sam wanted the truth and he wanted to make sure she got it. Silas wondered if this was a ploy to make Sam stop hating Julian. Julian admitted that he cared about Alexis and Sam and that he wanted to be someone they turned to. “If that means figuring out who framed you, so be it.” Silas wondered what Julian would do if he found out Ava framed him. Julian replied that if Ava was guilty, he'd make sure she paid. Silas thought Julian was being disloyal to his family. Julian replied that his children were his family, even if they didn't know it yet. “If it turns out that you are guilty, let's just say you won't be in any position to see my daughter again” Julian warned, before leaving.

Elsewhere at the PCPD, Dante chased Franco down a corridor that ended with a closed door. Franco glanced at Dante and the gun and decided to take his chances. He told Dante that he had to find Carly, then he opened the door. Dante shot Franco in the shoulder, and he sank to the floor. Kiki panicked when she heard the gunshot. Nathan ushered her into an interrogation room and shut the door. Then Nathan joined Dante. Franco slowly stood up, ignoring the orders to get on the ground. A delivery man suddenly opened the door, and Franco took advantage of the distraction and scrambled through the doorway. Nathan and Dante weren't able to catch him. They put an APB out on Franco, then they went to confront Kiki. Kiki asked who got shot. Nathan filled her in. Kiki feigned surprise about Franco's escape, but Nathan and Dante told her to drop the act. Nathan and Dante took turns castigating Kiki for helping Franco escape. Dante was especially annoyed because Kiki came between his brothers, then she assisted the person who he believed hurt Michael's mother. The cops ordered Kiki to tell them where Franco was going. Kiki asked for a lawyer.

Silas saw Nathan bring Kiki down to a holding cell, and he assumed Nathan was harassing Kiki to rattle Silas. Nathan clarified that Kiki was here due to her own crimes, and he left. Silas asked Kiki if she was okay, then he assured her that he was innocent. Kiki replied that she figured Silas was innocent, but she was still glad to hear it from him. Kiki admitted that she wasn't innocent, then she filled Silas in. Silas didn't understand why Kiki would do something so reckless to help Franco. Kiki explained that it was Franco's only chance. The police were charging Kiki as an accessory. She confessed that she didn't realize she'd get in this much trouble. Silas advised Kiki to watch out for Nathan. Kiki clarified that Dante angrier. Kiki understood that Dante's history with Franco made it difficult for him to believe that Franco had changed. Kiki now realized she committed a felony when she gave Franco a paperclip to pick the lock on his cuffs. Silas wasn't sure he'd be able to protect Kiki from this. Kiki assured him that he didn't have to. She was adamant that she chose to help Franco because she thought he was innocent, just like she thought Silas was innocent. Silas was surprised that Kiki accepted his innocence without question. Kiki replied that Silas and Franco had been there for her, so if they said they were innocent, she believed it. Silas smiled.

Sam and Alexis were also at the Metro Court. Alexis assumed they were meeting to come up with a way to help Silas prove his innocence. Sam confessed that she was no longer convinced that Silas was innocent. She told Alexis that Silas failed to mention that he stood to inherit everything if his wife died. Alexis pointed out that it wasn't unusual for someone to leave everything to their spouse. Sam agreed, and she explained that it wouldn't have raised her suspicions if Silas had been up front about it. Silas had hidden so much from Sam that Sam wasn't sure she knew him well enough to be confident that he was incapable of hurting his wife. “What if there is something I don't know about him?,” Sam said. Alexis encouraged Sam to trust her instincts as a P.I. Sam grudgingly admitted that she thought Nathan had a good case; he had the prescription on Silas's pad and signed with Silas's name and the pharmacist who claimed Silas filled the prescription. Alexis thought this was a trust issue. She asked Sam if she believed Silas. Sam wasn't sure, because every time she thought Silas was being completely honest, she found out about another secret.

Heather went to the Metro Court to replace the knife she lost. She was in the dining area along with Olivia, Sonny, Sam and Alexis, but they didn't see her. Heather asked the waiter to bring her the dessert tray and a serving knife. The waiter brought the tray then left. Sonny decided to go check in with Shawn. He told Olivia he'd see her at home, then they kissed goodbye. After Sonny left, Olivia spotted Heather, who ran off. Olivia tried to follow her, but Julian suddenly appeared in the doorway, and Olivia wasn't able to get past him. They had words about Olivia kicking Julian out of the Metro Court. Olivia asked Julian if he saw Heather. Julian hadn't, and he suggested that she was having another one of her visions.

Sam asked Alexis to go talk to Ava about Silas. Alexis admitted that she already tried that and she ran into Julian instead. Sam was curious what happened. Alexis remembered kissing Julian, but she told Sam that nothing important happened. Sam sensed there was more to the story, so she urged her mother to open up. Alexis began to go into detail when Julian walked up and noted that he overheard his name. He asked how his two favorite women were. Sam and Alexis tried to give him the brush off, but Julian blurted out that he had gone to see Silas. Julian explained that he wanted to find out what Silas's intentions toward Sam were. “I'm not going to let him hurt you, Sam” Julian stated. Julian let them know that he was going to do everything in his power to prove that Silas didn't try to kill his wife. Sam was startled that Julian wanted to help Silas, and she didn't know what to say. Julian told her that she didn't have to say anything. He explained that he wanted her to be happy, and if she wanted Silas, he'd do everything in his power to help him. Sam seemed taken aback. She announced that she had to go, then she hugged Alexis goodbye and left without saying goodbye to Julian. Alexis tried to leave too, but Julian grabbed her arm. He told her he couldn't get their kiss out of his mind. Alexis allowed Julian to hold her near him, and Julian thought that she would have pulled away if she didn't feel the same way he did. In a quiet voice, he asked Alexis why she was scared of him. Alexis wasn't scared of Julian; she was scared of herself. She walked away.

Olivia went to the PCPD and told Dante that she saw Heather. Olivia wasn't sure whether or not it was a vision, but it seemed real. Dante called Miscavige and they told him that Heather was securely locked up.

Sam went to see Silas. She noticed Kiki and asked if she was okay. Kiki told her she was fine, but it was a long story. Silas told Sam she looked pretty, then he admitted that he didn't expect to see her again after how they left things. Sam revealed that she hadn't been planning on coming back, but she realized she owed him the chance to tell her why he hadn't mentioned his wife's will before.

Franco went to the cemetery. He grimaced in pain as he knelt by the plot where he'd buried Heather. He dug through the dirt with his hands and found the grave empty except for the bloody sheet he'd wrapped Heather in and a letter written in blood. It said “You're going to pay for this.”

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