GH Update Monday 2/3/14

General Hospital Update Monday 2/3/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Brit talks to Patrick attempting to confess for the serious mistake she made to get pregnant and let her mother put her up to lying to him that it was his baby. He does not appear comfortable nor want to have that conversation, but she tells him she realizes what is happening in his life with not knowing if yet another baby is his. She confesses that she has never been “trained” to know how to be a parent to a child, remembering only the way her parents treated her, but now she has discovered that she loves her baby more than anything. She admits that she is somehow afraid she could “lose” him. Hearing that, Patrick asks her how or why she's afraid of that.

Baby Ben is with Nikolas while Lulu visits her brother. They both seem to really bond with the baby yet neither has any conscious awareness that she is his bio mom and Nikolas is his bio uncle. Nikolas goes to check the stables and returns with a large knife.

Kiki goes to visit and talk to Franco while he's in the interrogation room, still not giving up on establishing his innocence and wanting to help him find out who really did kidnap Carly. He is afraid there is no more hope or strategies left for anyone to believe him. And he's ready to take drastic and desperate action. In the police station, Dante is talking to Detective Nathan West. Kiki comes out and frantically tells him she hates Michael and wants him locked up. Dante takes her aside and asks her what is going on and why she is so upset.

While Victor Cassadine and his bodyguards are with Robin, her Uncle Mac comes to visit. They hide and tell her if she reveals to him that they are there, they can kill him. While they hide, Mac gives her the necklace that her father Robert was going to give to Emma before it slipped his mind. She chuckles when she sees that it's a frog. He explains to his niece that Robert heard there is an aborigine tradition that believes frogs bring good luck. Although he questioned that, he knows how his brother escaped death and so much danger in his life that it would make one wonder if it's true. So, he explains, Robert wanted her to have that charm to carry around with her so she will always be protected and have good luck. They both know that she needs to be protected from the “bad guys” although she cannot reveal to him exactly what that is.

Emma is at the hospital and tells both Sabrina and Elizabeth about a strange woman (Heather) talking about some strange creature that they've never heard of. They both tell her that maybe she should not listen to that strange woman. But at that point, Emma tells Sabrina that if there is some “hidden truth” about something, she does not need grown-ups to cover it up. She tells Sabrina, specifically regarding the “lie” she overheard her admitting she told about Patrick not being the father of her baby, she is ok with Sabrina admitting that she is. She was not happy to think that Brit was having her daddy's baby. But she'd be ok with Sabrina having his baby. She'd love the baby because she loves Sabrina.

Outside in the hospital lobby, Patrick and Brit continue their conversation where he remarks that he has been really pleasantly surprised to see that she has become a good mother when he didn't think he'd ever see that in her. They confirm that she has really changed for the better because of Ben and because of Nikolas.

At Nikolas' home, while he and Lulu watch baby Ben, she talks about Dante having a severe allergy to a type of latex glove powder and how the police department has to order special gloves for him, and he has to use a special hand cream. They notice that the baby has similar allergies. She remarks that Dante is also allergic to many different kinds of fruits and vegetables... She remarks that it's really odd that the baby has the same allergy as Dante.

Kiki appears to be passed out and has Dante and Nathan attempting to help revive her. While they are distracted, Franco uses a paper clip to unlock the door to the interrogation room where he's been locked in.

Carly is trying to get free. Heather is wondering where her knife has gone. She leaves to go and find it.

The cops are ready to call an ambulance for Kiki. Franco walks out. Dante catches him, pulls a gun on him, and orders him to freeze.

Nikolas notices how baby Ben seems to be really attached to Lulu. He is ready to go and feed the baby. And she wants to keep them company, almost as if she knows the “bond” she has with this baby.

While Victor and his men hide and overhear Robin's conversation with Mac, she mentions that she has a “bad guy” from whom she needs protection. That's Obrecht. They both haven't a clue how that woman could have become the hospital's chief of staff. They wonder just what type of deal Obrecht cut with the authorities in order to get her freedom and to be able to practice medicine. And they realize that Emma is at the hospital right now and they don't want her around Obrecht.

Emma affirms to Sabrina and Elizabeth that she believes in the chupacabra monster that Heather told her about.

Heather spies unseen upon Nikolas and Lulu when he remarks that he must have forgotten that he left a sharp knife unattended on his coffee table.

Elizabeth takes Emma to go and see some of the new born babies. Not far away, Patrick affirms to Brit that they are friends. She tells him this may be none of her business but she was curious whether he and Robin plan to have another child. He replies they've concluded it's not their time right now.

Mac leaves Robin with the frog good-luck charm. As soon as she's alone, Victor and his two men come out of hiding and tell her that they know they can get her to do what they want. They want her to bring Helena and Stavros Cassadine back to life from the frozen state they're now in.

Nikolas and Lulu discover that they have never before seen that knife and neither has his butler. It appears to have come out of nowhere. Brit returns. Lulu comes to talk to her and tells her that she has helped her and Dante become encouraged to work things out and not split up. Realizing that Lulu and Dante have reason NOT to be grateful to her, she remarks that she is sorry she could not help them have another baby. But while Lulu still has no clue what Brit has done to “steal” and ruin their chances of that, she tells Brit that was not her fault and she's given them something a lot more than to be able to have a baby. Nikolas informs her that they found out something very odd in that Ben has the same allergies as Dante. Isn't that odd,? They both ask Brit? She smiles but can't reveal to them how it is that she knows why that would be.

At the police station, Franco tries to run but Dante corners him. He tells Dante he has to find Carly. When she hears a gunshot. Kiki gets up and is afraid that Franco has been shot.

Heather realizes she has lost her knife, but she tells Carly she is not worried about that. Maybe Carly has to make peace with her maker, because when Heather returns, this will all be over for Carly...and for Franco.

At the hospital, Patrick finds Sabrina and remarks that he knows she and Carlos are having a baby. She confesses that she's sorry to have lied to him. This is not Carlos' baby. It's his.

Victor tells Robin there is a man who is a friend of hers who might “motivate” her to do what they want. She asks whom they are talking about. They show her a picture of Jason Morgan.

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