GH Update Friday 1/31/14

General Hospital Update Friday 1/31/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Dante brings up Franco to the interrogation room, who wants to know what this is. Anna quips that "it's a police station." She and Dante enjoy some banter, before telling Franco to stay put. Franco wants to know what's going on. He wants to know why they aren't looking for Carly. Dante wonders if he has something to hide, and he says no. Anna tells him that they have something to show him.

Kiki arrives at Miscavige, and tells the nurse at the front desk that she called earlier. She's here to see Heather Webber. The nurse is reading "Hard Copy", which has AJ and Connie on the cover.

In the stables, Heather is pleased with her work, and prepares the final touch. Carly pleads with her not to go through with killing her, but Heather isn't budging. She manages to wrap Carly up in a horse blanket, and is about to drug her but is interrupted by Spencer and Cameron.

Moments before, the boys pledge to conquer the chupacabra. They say that whoever wins the chupacabra's heart wins Emma's. They even spit on it saying "For Emma." They burst in on Heather, who hasn't sedated Carly yet.

Patrick is giving Emma a piggy back ride, when he arrives at GH. He's really happy that he got to spend some time with her. He thanks her for letting him, as she jumps off him. He tells her that they have to keep their promise to mommy not to run into Dr. Obrecht. Too late. Obrecht sees them arrive, and joins them. She greets Patrick, and tells Emma that she would recognize her anywhere. " She looks just like her mother." says Obrecht, as Emma tries to hide behind Patrick.

Robin tells the strangers that they can have anything they want. She just wants them to leave before her family comes home. One of the men says that they're not there to rob her. He asks her to sit down. She says that if they're not there to rob her, why are they there. She tries to use her phone, but one of them grabs it from her.  She makes a joke about the President being in town, and asks if they're Secret Service. "Who the hell are you people?" she asks. Suddenly, another man comes in, and says slowly, "They work for me."

At Miscavige, Kelly the nurse says Heather is on a restricted visitors list. Kiki won't be allowed to see her. Kiki says that's not what she was told earlier. Kiki didn't get a name, so this doesn't fly with Nurse Kelly. Kiki asks about family and says that her father is Franco, and Heather is her grandmother. She smiles sweetly at the nurse.

Back in the stables, Heather says "Showtime." just as the boys burst in. They cling to their baseball bats, as they ask Heather if that's the chupacabra. ( You can hear Carly struggling in the background.) Heather says it is.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is reading aloud about the chupacabra. He doesn't hear Lulu enter, and jumps out of his chair,  when she taps him on the shoulder. She tells him that she didn't mean to scare him, and he tries to brush it off. She calls her brother a bad liar, and he tries to tells her about the chupacabra. Lulu doesn't know what he's talking about, so he apologizes. He asks why she's there, and she tells him that she's there to see Britt.

Britt and Elizabeth have arrived at GH, and it seems to have been an eventful launch. Britt keeps telling Elizabeth that she hates her. Britt is soaking wet, and accuses Elizabeth of pushing off the launch. Elizabeth claims that she was just trying to help her. They continue to bicker, as they get on the elevator. Elizabeth jokes that she has a mini Britt voodoo  doll at home. Britt says that Elizabeth thinks that she's in cahoots with her mother.

Dr. Obrecht is trying to make nice with Emma, by giving her a lollipop. Emma says "Witch, please!" as she clings to Patrick. Obrecht isn't impressed by Emma's behavior, and says her child would be disciplined. Patrick warns her to stay the hell away from Emma. "Daddy, I can hear you." says Emma. Patrick apologizes to her, and continues arguing with Obrecht. Suddenly, Emma spies Sabrina, and rushes over to her. It is a warm reunion, until Obrecht chides her for being late. Sabrina says she wasn't feeling well, and Patrick asks if she's okay. Suddenly, Obrecht blurts out that Sabrina is pregnant. Patrick and Sabrina both look at her in disgust. "Sabrina, you're pregnant?" asks Emma.

Robin's guest  apologizes for the subterfuge, but he wanted a "captive" audience. "Ah, captivity humor" sighs Robin. "Never gets old." She again asks who he is, because he knows who she is.  "Where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself. A man of wealth and taste. I'm sorry. I couldn't resist." he laughs, and says "Who says that my family doesn't have a sense of humor.? How could they not for the things we've done." "Your family" asks Robin. He introduces himself as Victor Cassadine.

At the police station, Anna and Dante are double teaming Franco. He asks for his lawyer, and Anna says that it might take a while, because Diane is a defense attorney. Franco doesn't want to play their game, and he knows how serious this is. Anna says "the sooner you can convince us this isn't you, the sooner we can look for someone else." "Whatever you've got, I can explain." says Franco. Dante and Anna show him the bloody butcher knife.

Back at Miscavige, Kiki tries to pass herself off as Franco's daughter. She plays up to Kelly, who recalls hearing her story. Kiki says it's just "the press", and asks her if she heard the story about a chupacabra in the paper. She puts on a performance to convince nurse Kelly that it was a lie. Kelly feels guilty about reading the rag.  Kiki tells her that she is Franco's daughter, and can she please she her granny. Nurse Kelly relents, and says "Why not?"

Back in the Wyndemere stables, the boys are fascinated by Heather's story of how she captured the chupacabra. The boys asks Heather if they can see it, as Carly continues to struggle in the background.

At GH, Elizabeth and Britt continue their bickering. Britt accuses Elizabeth of being jealous, and Elizabeth admits that she did warn Nikolas about Britt. She tells Britt that she won't have to do anything to break them up. Britt will do that all by herself. Britt watches her leave, with a concerned look on her face.

At Wyndemere, Lulu is feeling foolish for not checking to see where Britt was. They share some sibling banter, but then he asks why she wanted to see Britt. Lulu says that she wanted to thank her for encouraging her to mend things with Dante. They talk about her marriage, and how she hopes that they can work things out. She says how empty the loft will feel without Connie. Just then, we hear Ben, on the monitor, waking up.

At GH, Sabrina wants to know how Dr. Obrecht knew she was pregnant. Obrecht says it's her business to know. She says that Sabrina had an appointment with Dr. Chu on company time. Patrick stands up for Sabrina, and Obrecht suggests that Sabrina find a doctor with more flexible hours. Sabrina is horrified, when she suggests Britt, and says never gonna happen.  In front of Emma, Obrecht wonders if Patrick is the father.

At the Scorpio-Drake house, Robin tells Victor that she's never heard of him. He's not that surprised, considering he was incarcerated for some time. He tells her that she does know Nikolas, and she tells him that he's one of her best friends. He tells her that his grandfather Mikkos, was his brother. She tells him that Nikolas is on Spoon Island, and Victor says that he'll visit him eventually. Right now he has business with her, and the WSB. Robin says that she's not with the WSB, and Victor announces that he is. He's the new director.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas has brought a fussy Ben downstairs.  He and Lulu fuss over the baby, and wonder what's wrong. He tells his sister that this isn't the first time. Nikolas thinks that sometimes, he just misses his Mommy.

At GH, Emma asks Patrick if it's true. He asks Sabrina if she could take Emma away. Sabrina tells Emma that she's been waiting some one on one time with her, and spirits her away. Patrick tells off Obrecht for talking about his personal life. She says that she's telling the simple truth, but Patrick tells her that he's not the father. He tells it's none of her business, and he doesn't understand why she's not locked up. Obrecht leans into him, and says that she has the most valuable commodity, information.

Robin is just as shocked by Victor's news. He tells her that his appointment was a well-guarded secret, and that not even her father or the great Frisco Jones know yet. Robin figures out that he made a deal with Obrecht, and that's why she's free.  He admits that she had some valuable, and highly confidential information. He tells her that he's going to share it with her.

At the police station, Dante holds up the bloody knife. Franco seems to be nervous, and Anna wonders if he recognizes the knife. Anna tells him that they found it near Carly's car, and it has her blood, and his fingerprints on it. Anna throws back his words at him that he could explain anything, so explain, she says. Franco says that he can't explain it. Dante shoves in his face and asks him if he recognizes it. He flashes back to using the knife on Heather.

Kiki has won over Nurse Kelly at Miscavige. The nurse lets her see Heather. An orderly walks by, at that time, and she asks him to take Kiki to see her grandmother. It turns out that Strunk (Yup, that's his name) is one of Heather's goons.  Nurse Kelly goes back to reading her rag, while  Strunk takes her to Heather's room. Strunk says, "You wanted to see her go right in." Kiki enters the padded room cautiously. 

Cameron and Spencer are bugging Heather to pull off the blanket off "the chupacabra". Carly is still struggling and making noise. Heather tries to scare them, but it doesn't work. Spencer says that they don't have to see it to kill it. Carly doesn't like the sound of that, but it intrigues Heather.  When she asks why, the boys say that they're doing what she told them to do. They're proving themselves to Emma by killing the chupacabra. Heather thinks that's a fabulous idea, and wonders which one will do it. Spencer says he will, but Heather says his stick won't do. She brings out another butcher knife. "That's a big knife." says Spencer, causing Carly to try and scream even louder. Heather says that she got it just for this occasion. She says that she has to make sure the stab wounds match. Spencer says What? and she remembers where she is. She tells the boys that this knife was made for killing chupacabras, and for giving people what they deserve. Carly is frantic by this time, as Heather asks who'll do the honors? Spencer takes the knife, and moves towards Carly.

At GH, Patrick tells Obrecht that her crimes are worse than Heather Webber and Franco combined. He wonders what information she could possibly have, but Obrecht is distracted. She sees Elizabeth and Britt come downstairs. She admonishes Britt for being late, and Britt tells her to blame Elizabeth. Obrecht gets upset when she calls her mother so Britt tells her the Elizabeth pushed her into the harbor, Chief of Staff Obrecht. Britt apologizes to Patrick for having to put up with her, and Patrick responds that he's sorry that she had to grow up with her.  Obrecht complains in German, then takes a dig at Patrick. She tells Britt that Patrick is in a sour mood today, cause he's being cheated out of another child. He tells Britt that Sabrina is pregnant, but it's not his. Elizabeth overhears this.

In an exam room, Emma and Sabrina are playing with her sticker book. Emma pauses to ask her about the baby. "Did Daddy pass the test?" Sabrina tells her that it's her friend Carlos's from Puerto Rico.  Emma says that maybe he can tell her about the chupacabra. She admits that's why she got Patrick to bring her to the hospital . She wanted to ask Sabrina how to get rid of it.

Back in the stables, Spencer's scared off by Carly's screams, drops the knife and takes off. Heather picks up the knife and holds it in front of Cameron, and says "Last chance?" Cameron hightails it out of there.

At the police station, Franco shoves the knife away and say it's not possible. Those can't be his prints, but Anna pushes him, and says it wasn't a smart move to leave he knife in a trash can so close to Carly's car.  Franco says that he's not saying another word until Diane gets there. Anna tells him that he's leaving Dante with him, who goes on a rant that says he doesn't care what happens to him, but he wants Lulu, Michael and Carly's family to know what happened to her.

Kiki recalls her conversation with Franco about Heather being the kidnapper. Kiki tries to say hello to Heather, but she doesn't respond. Strunk tells her that Heather has been in a catatonic state since the night of Franco's show. Kiki looks at the back of the person in the chair,  and says "So there's no way she couldn't have gotten out. "

Anna's day just got worse, cause Tracy has arrived (butterfly net and golf club in hand) to report that Luke has been kidnapped.

Victor and Robin talk about her captivity on Cassadine Island. Victor tells her that Dr. Obrecht has information about the other inhabitants, which is news to Robin. Victor pulls out a picture of Helena. and tells her that after Luke shot her on The Haunted Star, her body was transported to Cassadine Island. Thanks to Stavros, her body was to be preserved. "I'm sorry?" says Robin.

At the police station, Anna asks Tracy if Luke was golfing or fishing when he disappeared. Tracy doesn't find it amusing, and continues her story about the raccoon in the boathouse. You have to admit it's hard to swallow, which Anna doesn't. "Luke was kidnapped by a raccoon?" she quips. Tracy asks to speak to someone else, but Anna says there isn't anyone. Tracy says that she's waited 48 hours, and what if something terrible has happened?

Kiki has returned to the police station, and runs into Dante. She begs him to let her see Franco. Dante doesn't understand why, but lets her anyway. She's surprised that he's in the interview room. Franco is surprised to see her, and wonders what she's doing there. She tells him that she went to Miscavige to see Heather. He tells her that Heather has nothing to do with this, and she agrees with him. He's confused when she tells him that she's locked up at Miscavige. 

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is surprised that Ben has calmed down. Lulu and Nikolas joke about her being the baby whisperer. Ben seems fascinated with Nikolas. Suddenly, the boys come rushing in, and they tell Nikolas they have a chupacabra.

In the stables, Heather tells Carly how disappointed she is in the boys. She turns the knife over and over, saying "You want something done right. You have to do it yourself." Carly, now uncovered, looks terrified .

At GH, Britt asks Patrick if he was upset or relieved . He says a little of both then says "It is what it is." Britt tells him that she's sorry, but Obrecht mocks his "It is what it is." Elizabeth is eavesdropping, Obrecht tells Britt that she doesn't understand Americans attitude towards blood relations, unless it's a girl. Britt takes the hit in stride, and says "Thanks Mom. Oh I mean Dr. Obrecht." as she walks away. Elizabeth takes off to look for Sabrina.

Emma says that she wants to slay the chupacabra to impress the boys. She also wants to save the horses.  Sabrina tries to tell Emma that there's no such thing as a chupacabra. Emma goes to get something out of her back pack, just as Elizabeth bursts in. Before Sabrina can stop her, Elizabeth blurts out that she's not comfortable lying to Patrick about the baby. Emma pops up her head, and says Sabrina?

Patrick tries to call Robin, but Victor intercepts, so he leaves a message instead. Robin asks Victor  what he wants her to do with two dead Cassadines. Robin is shocked to here that they're not dead, and he wants her to bring them back.

Britt asks her mother why she rubbing Patrick's nose in it, about losing another baby. Obrecht says that he didn't seem too broken up about it. Britt says that he wouldn't of shown his feelings in front of her. Obrecht tells her to be grateful, as she hugs her, she whispers, that there's a much more salacious baby story that she could tell him. That your son is Dante and Lulu's.

The boys implore Nikolas to check out the stables for the lady with the knife, and the chupacabra. He takes them out to the kitchen, before he leaves. Lulu is left with Ben, and notices a rash on his arm. Nikolas checks out the stables, but there's no one there.

Tracy is still trying to convince Anna that Luke is in trouble. Tracy plays the Duke card. They argue about whether Luke is really missing. Tracy tells her that she knows Luke better than her. Anna refuses to believe that he's really in trouble. She thinks that he'll turn up eventually.

Franco is stunned when Kiki tells him that Heather is in a straightjacket and has been catatonic for months.

Back at Miscavige, Strunk checks on his patient. He smirks to himself, as the camera pans onto the front of the person sitting in the chair, who turns out not to be Heather, at all. It's a very drugged up Luke, in a blond wig.

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