GH Update Thursday 1/30/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/30/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Scorpio-Drake home, Robin helped Patrick choose a tie for work, while Emma was on the computer. Emma asked how to spell chupacabra. Her parents helped her and asked her why she was researching the creature. Emma stalled, instead of answering, then Robert came by. Robert revealed that he was leaving town. Disappointed, Robin asked why he was leaving so soon after their family had been reunited. Robert announced that he had to go help Holly get Ethan out of a jam. Robin wondered why Luke couldn't help his own son, and Robert told her that Luke was M.I.A. Robert explained that this was his way of repaying Holly for sitting at his bedside for months while he was in a coma. Robin understood. Patrick offered Robert a ride to the airport, but Mac had that covered. Patrick wasn't sure he'd ever be able to repay Robert for bringing Robin back to them. Robert advised Patrick to keep an eye on Obrecht. Robert regretted not being able to figure out how Obrecht secured her release and a job as head of GH. Robin changed the subject because she didn't want to spend their last moments talking about Obrecht.

Robert pulled Emma onto his lap and asked her to keep an eye on her parents for him. Then he told her that as a Scorpio, she deserved a boy who was her equal. He advised her to choose a boy who preformed an act of chivalry. They pinky swore on it, and Robert kissed Emma on the head. Later, Emma and Robert played didgeridoos until Mac came to pick Robert up. Robin was upset that this was goodbye. Robert reminded her that Scorpios never said die, or goodbye. Robin's eyes filled with tears and she asked Robert to promise that he would come back. He did, and they hugged. Robert said his goodbyes and left. Robin hugged Patrick and Emma.

Emma went back to reading about chupacabras, and she learned that they were first seen in Puerto Rico, where Sabrina was from. While Emma was on the computer, Patrick talked with Robin. He offered to stay home with Robin and Emma. Robin asked what about Obrecht and Patrick replied that she could only fire him. Emma asked if she could go to the hospital with Patrick. Patrick reminded Emma that she was supposed to be spending the day with Robin. Robin smiled and told Emma she'd drive her and Patrick to the hospital. Later, when Robin got home, she found door open. She went inside, but she sensed something was wrong, so she immediately left and pulled out her phone. Someone exited the house and clamped a gloved hand over her mouth.

At Wyndemere, Spencer told Nikolas and Britt that there was a chupacabra living in the stables. Nikolas told Spencer that they didn't exist, then he asked where Spencer got such an idea. Spencer remembered Heather convincing him not to say anything about her, so he told his dad that Alfred, the butler, told him. Britt dreaded going to work, but she reluctantly went upstairs. Elizabeth came by to drop off Cameron for a play date. Nik was confused, because he didn't schedule the play date. Liz wanted an explanation from Cam, because he'd told her he had permission to come. Cam looked sheepish, and Nik told Liz it was okay. He assumed that Alfred must have set the play date up. Cam ran into the living room where Spencer was. Annoyed, Spencer demanded to know why his cousin was there. Cam announced that he planned to prove himself to Emma by killing the chupacabra. The boys argued about which of them would be the one to kill the creature, then Spencer grabbed a fireplace poker and told Cam they were going to the stables.

Back in the foyer, Liz thanked Nik for hosting another play date. She wasn't looking forward to going to work, either, due to Obrecht, and she was impressed that Nik was able to live with Obrecht for a month. Nik told Liz that he was very good at reading her, and he sensed that something else was bothering her. Liz admitted that she overheard something that concerned a friend and she wasn't sure whether she should get involved. Nik asked if it was about him. When Liz said no, Nik encouraged her to tell him what it was, so he could help her figure out what to do. The kids tried to run past them and out the door. Nik stopped them and took the fireplace pokers away before letting them leave. Liz changed her mind about confiding in Nik, because she felt she should deal with her problem on her own. Britt returned just as Nik and Liz hugged. “It's not even noon and yet you need your knight in shining armor” Britt noted, snidely. Liz replied that she was dropping off Cam. Britt thought Cam might need more friends. “Every day must be such a joy,” Liz sarcastically told Nik. Nik promised to bring Cam home later. Liz tried to leave, but Britt stopped her and told her they could share the launch, since they were going to the same place. Britt made a big show of pulling Nik into a kiss, then the women left.

Heather returned to the stables with food for Carly and a newspaper that contained “good news.” Carly, who was tied up and sitting on the floor, looked dejected when she saw the front page story on Franco's arrest. Heather read the story aloud, and Carly reacted to the part about Michael convincing the DA to issue a warrant. Heather removed Carly's gag, and Carly complained about how Heather manipulated Michael into forcing the DA to act. Heather was elated that her plan was working. Carly insisted that Franco would find her. Heather disagreed. According to Heather, no one would find Carly until long after Carly was dead. Heather tried to feed Carly a BLT, but Carly snapped that she'd rather starve. Exasperated, Carly wondered why Heather was so obsessed with BLTs. Heather's father used to make BLTs for her. Heather fought back tears as she explained that her father, who she'd been close to, had left home one day and never returned. He'd abandoned his family for another woman. Carly commiserated by telling Heather that she grew up without her biological parents and her adoptive father left when she was little. Heather spat that that didn't make them the same. Carly agreed, but she thought she understood, a little. Carly felt that people who'd been abandoned as children found it hard to love anyone, even their own children. Carly's thoughts seemed to resonate with Heather. “If even your father can abandon you, then your sons will, too. Isn't that why you gave them up? So they couldn't leave you first?” Carly asked. A tearful Heather admitted that giving up Steven Lars and Franco was the worst thing she ever did. Carly pointed out that Heather came back. Then she theorized that Franco had hurt Heather by putting another woman first, so she was punishing him, the way she couldn't punish her father. Carly's eyes were filled with tears as she spoke to Heather in a compassionate tone. Carly tried to convince Heather that she would never win Franco back by hurting Carly. “Maybe I don't want to,” Heather said. But Carly was convinced this wasn't true.

Carly insisted that the first step in breaking the cycle and reconciling with Franco was releasing Carly. Heather scoffed. She refused to let Carly go, because she felt that Franco loved Carly more than Heather. Carly said that wasn't true. “He killed me for you! Has he ever killed anyone for me? No!” Heather said, to prove her point. Carly recalled the night of the art show; according to her, that night, Franco finally understood why Heather loved him so much, and he was grateful for all she'd done for him. Heather spat that he thanked her by stabbing her. Heather predicted that Franco would soon find out how it felt to get paid back. Carly tried a different tack – she claimed she didn't want to be with Franco anymore, due to Heather making the relationship more trouble than it was worth. Carly swore that if Heather let her go, Carly would walk away from Franco for good and never tell him what Heather did. Heather didn't believe Carly, but Carly insisted that she'd never want to tear apart Heather's family the way Kiki and Ava tore apart Carly's family. Carly begged Heather to let her go. Heather didn't believe Carly, and she was adamant that Carly had to die and Franco had to pay.

Spencer and Cam entered the stables, then grabbed tools for weapons. They agreed that the person who slayed the chupacabra would win Emma.

Nikolas looked at a picture Cam drew of himself taking on the chupacabra.

Franco was in a holding cell across from Silas's cell. A guard popped in, showed Franco the paper and told him he was famous again. Franco wondered why he was on the front page instead of Silas. Silas assumed that Julian wanted to keep his sister's name out of the papers. Franco was curious about what Ava had to do with it, and Silas accused Ava of framing him for attempted murder. Franco advised Silas not to put anything past Ava. Franco admitted that he initially thought Ava set him up, too. A frustrated Franco complained that no one, except Kiki, believed he'd never hurt Carly. Silas wondered what his daughter had to do with this. Franco revealed that Kiki helped him realize that Ava wasn't the one who framed him.

Franco paced his cell and annoyed Silas by loudly wondering who set him up. Franco was terrified about what the person who had Carly might be doing to her, so he wanted to figure out who was behind her disappearance as soon as possible. Michael suddenly raced in, grabbed Franco through the bars, and demanded to be told where Carly was. A guard ran in and made Michael let Franco go and dragged him from the room. Before Michael left, he threatened to kill Franco. Silas thought Michael had been harsh, but Franco assured Silas that Franco deserved it. Franco thought that Michael would eventually turn Kiki against him. Franco felt he deserved that, too. Silas thought Franco should have more faith in Kiki, since she had never let Franco down. Franco thought Silas was lucky to have a daughter like her.

The depressed Ava was at her apartment, reading the breakup text from Morgan. Ava had responded several times, asking if she got a say in this. Morgan hadn't replied. Ava sent Morgan another text telling him she missed him.

A dejected Morgan was at Sonny's house looking at the texts from Ava, when he received the latest text. He remembered Sonny saying he could only come back to the family if he cut Ava loose. Morgan hesitated, then he texted “I miss you, too” but he didn't send it.

Ava considered it disrespectful and cruel for Morgan to ignore her like this, and she decided to go see him. “Let's see if you can ignore me to my face,” she grumbled as she grabbed her coat, keys, and purse, and stormed over to the door. She opened the door to find Sam about to knock. Sam told “Auntie Ava” to take a seat. Ava let Sam in, and Sam accused her of trying to kill Silas's wife then framing Silas for the crime. Ava denied doing either of those things. Sam didn't believe her and she asked if Ava really hated Silas so much that she wanted him to spend the rest of his life in prison. Ava insisted that she cared about Silas, but she wasn't in love with him anymore. Sounding skeptical, Sam asked what changed. Ava smiled and replied that she moved on when she found someone else. According to Ava, she wished Silas and Sam the best and hoped Sam could surmount his past. Sam wondered if Ava really expected her to believe that Silas tried to kill Nina because he wanted Ava. Ava believed Silas tried to kill Nina for her money. Ava told Sam that Nina was “as rich as Midas” and she put Silas through medical school. Silas had already told Sam about that. Ava revealed that Nina had a will that left everything to Silas. Ava urged Sam to open her eyes and see that Silas played her for a fool. Sam wasn't convinced about the existence of the will, because she found it hard to believe that Ava knew about evidence that the police didn't. Ava explained that Silas told her about the will, but she didn't know if the police knew about it. Sam countered that Ava could have tried to kill Nina hoping Silas would share the money with her. Ava agreed that this was true, but she was adamant that she didn't. Ava told Sam that she should ask Silas about the will. Ava believed Sam would see the deceit in Silas's eyes if she did. Ava reminded Sam that she warned her that Silas had secrets.

Sam went to the PCPD. Silas was glad to see her, but Sam coldly warned him not to get too excited. She asked him about the will. Silas admitted it existed and Sam stormed off, ignoring Silas, who yelled that the money meant nothing to him.

Kiki went to Sonny's. She asked Morgan if there was news on Carly. There wasn't, and Morgan was frustrated that Franco wouldn't tell them where Carly was. Kiki suggested that Franco didn't know the answer. Morgan was stunned that Kiki was still on Franco's side. He spat that she needed to read the newspaper article again. Kiki countered that she was on Carly's side, and she was worried that Carly was with a psycho while everyone focused on Franco. Kiki was convinced that Franco loved Carly and that he genuinely wanted to find her. Morgan wasn't swayed by Kiki's argument. Kiki thought Michael would have told Morgan that she still supported Franco when he came by this morning. Morgan replied that Michael never came over. Kiki was taken aback; Michael told her he was going to Sonny's. Morgan noted that this meant he wasn't the only Corinthos brother who lied to her. Kiki got up to go look for Michael. Morgan apologized for the cheap shot and explained that he was dealing with some issues right now. Kiki wondered if he was talking about her mother. Morgan confessed that Sonny made him end things with Ava. Kiki knew that didn't make it easier. She realized that Morgan had cared about her mom. Morgan's eyes filled with tears and he admitted that he still cared about Ava.

Michael arrived, and Kiki asked where he'd been. Michael was vague at first, but Kiki kept pressing him for details, so he confessed that he went to visit Franco. Kiki wanted to know why he lied and Michael spat that he wanted to avoid hearing Kiki defend Franco. Morgan asked what Franco said. Michael told him that Franco stuck to his story. Kiki didn't think Michael should be surprised. Michael was angry that Kiki didn't seem to understand that he had to try. Morgan was also frustrated. He thought if Kiki researched Franco, she'd understand why they were worried about Carly. Morgan asked Michael to let him know if he heard anything on Carly, then he left. Michael agreed with what Morgan said. Kiki insisted that she wasn't denying what Franco did. Michael felt that Kiki didn't grasp the gravity of Franco's crimes, because they happened before she knew him. Kiki wondered why Michael didn't believe Franco changed. Michael asked why Kiki wasn't more worried about her biological father. Kiki didn't understand, and Michael revealed that Silas was in a holding cell, too. Kiki called the PCPD, then told Michael that the police wouldn't let her see her father. She told Michael what Silas was charged with, and Michael asked if he was being framed, too. This annoyed Kiki, and Michael complained that Kiki was being unsupportive to Michael by standing by Franco. They argued about whether or not Franco was capable of hurting Carly. Michael asked Kiki to give him one shred of evidence to support her argument. Kiki had nothing, so Michael walked away. Kiki called Miscavige and asked to make an appointment to see Heather.

When Morgan stepped outside, he was alarmed to find Ava on the doorstep. Morgan warned her that she couldn't be there, but Ava insisted that she had to see him. Looking hurt, she asked why he was doing this. Morgan told her she knew why – Sonny wouldn't allow them to be together. Ava told Morgan that she loved him and that he couldn't just break up with her by text. Morgan told Ava he loved her too, but she had to go. Ava left and Morgan looked depressed.

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