GH Update Wednesday 1/29/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/29/14


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Dante walks into the Floating Rib and sees Lulu and Nathan hugging and assumes the worst. After some words, Nathan and Lulu convince him that Lulu was upset over Dante and he was just comforting her. They agreed they needed to talk and Nathan leaves. Just as they declare their love and forgiveness, Nathan gets a call about Franco's whereabouts. Nathan and Dante leave. Lulu goes to Carly's to be with Lucas and Bobbie.

Franco in scrubs went to Dr. Kevin Collins's office and continues to try to convince him that he is innocent. Kevin told him to stay there and he will handle things. While waiting, a patient of Kevin's named Tina, played by Chandra Wilson, comes in for her scheduled appointment. He convinces her that he is an assistant and asks her to call in the morning to reschedule her appointment, because Dr. Collins is away on an emergency. Kevin leaves Franco to go to Scott's room to give him a heads up about his son Franco. Lucy, who had just slept with Scott again, hid until Kevin left. Scott wants Lucy to leave Kevin for him, but Lucy declares her love for Kevin. Scott calls the police to have Franco arrested and tells Lucy to go back to her husband so she leaves.

Alexis goes to see Ava regarding Silas being arrested for his wife's murder and she runs into Julian there not knowing he lived there now. Julian told Alexis he agreed to help in this matter when Sam brought it to his attention but is having no luck, because Ava won't admit anything. Julian also wants his children and her in his life.

Duke goes to see Sonny after being confronted by Anna that he is working for Sonny. Sonny tries to give him an out, but Duke wants to make it clear that he has no intentions of leaving. Duke needs to do this, no matter the consequences. He feels he'd rather have Anna hate him than not be around at all. He thinks everyone is in danger from Julian.

Robert goes to see Anna and they start out talking about Duke working for Sonny. Anna explains that he is doing it to protect his loved ones and wants to be the one who brings Julian down for good. After some criticism from Robert who thinks she deserves much better, he sees Duke's side and asks Anna what she is going to do. Anna says she doesn't know. Anna admits she shouldn't be the one to judge after what she did to Faison. Robert convinces her they were in it together and comforts her, because they did what they had to do to protect their own.

Robert explains the reason he came to see her. Robert is leaving in the morning to help Holly and Ethan, who is in trouble. Even though Luke is his father, he hasn't been around, so it's up to Robert. On a lighter note, Anna asks him if he can possibly take the didgeridoo with him, as a favor to his daughter who wants to strangle him. After some hugging and goodbyes, Robert says they still make a good team, like when they rescued Robin. Anna agrees that they made the BEST team. Robert expresses he is glad they had that adventure. Finally, Anna asks him to be careful, but laughing, he asks, "Where's the fun in that?"

After some passionate words, Julian succeeds in getting Alexis on the couch; but as they kiss, she suddenly realizes what she's doing is wrong and gets up, making an excuse about somewhere she has to be, which is anywhere but there. Breathing heavily, Alexis flees the apartment.

Nathan calls Anna and reports that they have Franco in custody and are bringing him in now. Before leaving her office, Anna almost puts her framed picture with Duke in her desk drawer but changes her mind and sets it back up on her desk. Nathan and Dante drag a handcuffed Franco out of Kevin's office. Franco feels betrayed by Kevin who insists he had no choice but to turn him in.

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