GH Update Tuesday 1/28/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/28/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

When Dante got to work, Sam approached him and mentioned that he looked like he was having a bad day. Dante explained that he'd just checked out some leads on Carly that didn't pan out. Sam told him that his “idiot partner” arrested an innocent man. Sam filled Dante in and she groaned as she explained how she inadvertently gave Nathan evidence against Silas on a silver platter. She grumbled about Nathan, the “overzealous dolt,” who was probably out celebrating. Dante gently told her that Nathan was just doing his job. Sam didn't see it that way. She figured was probably out at a bar bragging to some hot girl about being a great cop. Sam asked Dante to get Nathan to back off. Dante replied that this was Nathan's case and it would be poor form to interfere. Sam apologized and explained that she had to give it a try. Dante was sorry he couldn't give Sam the answer she wanted.

Sam felt bad about making Dante's bad day worse, and he assured her that she hadn't. Sam assumed Dante was eager to get home to Lulu, and Dante confided that she left him. Sam was sympathetic, and she told Dante that Alexis was sorry that she wasn't able to help them win custody of the baby. Dante knew Alexis had done all she could. Sam mentioned that it had been almost impossible for her and Jason to reconcile after losing the baby. Dante wondered if Lulu was right when she said that they wouldn't have lost the baby if Dante hadn't told the judge she lied on the stand. Sam replied that Alexis told her the case was more complicated than that. Dante admitted that the deck was stacked against them from the beginning. He said Lulu needed someone to blame and that person was him. Dante thought about Lulu all the time, then he realized he wasn't going to get to see her. Sam told Dante that losing a baby was probably the hardest thing a couple could face, and she urged him to hang in there and stay optimistic. Dante said he had to so he didn't lose Lulu, too. After the heart to heart, Sam explained that she'd been waiting around for her mom to get out of court, because she hoped Alexis would be able to get Silas out. Dante broke the news that Silas would have to stay the night, because all the judges were gone home. Sam decided to go to Kelly's and bring Rafe up to speed. She invited Dante along and offered to get him a BLT. Dante turned her down, because he was swamped with work. After Sam left, Dante was going through his desk drawer when he ran across a picture of himself with Lulu.

Nathan was at the Floating Rib chatting on the phone. He happily relayed the news that he'd finally arrested Silas. Lulu walked in and Nathan greeted her by name. They made small talk, and Nathan revealed that he was celebrating something work-related. Lulu grew hopeful and asked if he found Carly. Nathan apologized for getting Lulu's hopes up and told her it was about another case. Lulu said it had been good to see him, then she shifted her focus to the menu. Nathan got her attention again and made conversation about the bar. When Lulu mentioned that she was there to order takeout for herself, Bobbie and Lucas, Nathan asked her to have a drink with him while she waited for her order. He added that it might take her mind off Carly for a bit. Lulu accepted and they moved over to a table. Nathan mentioned that he was glad he ran into Lulu – if he were working in Manhattan, he would have been having this celebratory drink with a bunch of guys instead. Lulu asked why he wasn't celebrating with Dante right now. Nathan explained that Dante was wrapped up in Carly's case.

Lulu was curious about how Nathan liked working with Dante. Nathan thought he was a good cop and he figured Dante must be a decent person, since he was Yankees fan. Lulu agreed that he was decent. Nathan thought she felt that way, because Dante saved her life. Lulu admitted that there was another reason for that – Dante was her husband. Nathan was surprised that both that she was married, and to his partner. Dante had mentioned his wife to Nathan, but he never said her name. Nathan asked why they were so tight-lipped about each other and Lulu explained that she and Dante weren't in a good place. Nathan asked if Dante cheated on her. Lulu laughed, said no, and asked why he jumped to that conclusion. Nathan apologized and explained that infidelity was on his mind due to the case he he'd been working on. Nathan was curious about what happened, so Lulu told him the whole story. She explained that she had blamed Dante for losing custody of the baby, even though she knew it wasn't his fault. Nathan asked Lulu why she didn't go tell Dante that and tell him she wanted to move back in. Lulu told Nathan that she ran into Dante at Kelly's and he asked when she was coming home. Lulu wanted to say “right now” but the loft was full of memories of Connie and reminders that Lulu was a failure for not being able to have a child. “I blamed Dante for us losing Connie, but the truth is it's my fault we can't have kids” Lulu said, as her voice cracked with pain. Nathan told her it wasn't anyone's fault; it was just biology. Lulu countered that Dante could have tons of kids with another woman. Nathan pointed out that Dante wanted Lulu. He suggested adoption, and Lulu revealed that it was off the table, because of her. Lulu cried that she failed Dante because she couldn't make him a father. Lulu felt that the only way to make it stop was to walk away. Lulu suddenly wondered why she was telling Nathan all this, and Nathan told her she was just doing what she needed to do. Lulu noted that Nathan sounded like he had experience with this, and Nathan confirmed that he did. Lulu was scared that these feelings would never go away and she'd never be able to go back to Dante, in spite of her love for him. Nathan hugged her and she sobbed on his shoulder. Nathan told her he knew what it was like to lose someone and he assured her it would get better. Nathan was still holding Lulu when Dante walked in and saw them from behind.

Rafe tried to leave Kelly's, but TJ blocked his path. Molly stood by while TJ accused Rafe of telling the cops that TJ witnessed the warehouse shootout. Molly asked Rafe if TJ was right. Rafe admitted that he was, and Molly was incensed. She pointed out that TJ could have been arrested, or Julian could have him killed for talking to the cops. Rafe countered that neither of those things happened, and he reminded Molly that TJ was the one who chose to get in the middle of a mob war. TJ accused Rafe of trying to use this to get him out of the way so Rafe could have Molly. Rafe confirmed TJ's suspicions. TJ was disgusted, and Molly reminded Rafe that he said he was okay with being friends. “Maybe I wasn't,” Rafe said. Rafe swore he regretted what he'd done the second he did it, but he couldn't take it back. TJ assumed Rafe must be disappointed that he wasn't killed or arrested, but Rafe insisted that he was glad nothing happened to TJ.

Rafe hoped Molly could ignore his mistake and they could go back to being friends, but Molly felt that Rafe had gone too far. Rafe insisted that he was still the same person, but Molly disagreed, so Rafe rushed out of the diner. TJ told Molly he was sorry about Rafe, but he was glad they knew how Anna found everything out. Molly still couldn't believe Rafe would do such a thing. TJ told her it was over now and Rafe had played a high price. Molly was shocked that TJ would do that to try and be with her. TJ smiled and told her he understood why Rafe couldn't help falling for her. Sam arrived and asked where Rafe was. Molly told her he took off, then she asked if Silas was really arrested for murder. Sam said yes, and added that Sam was going to spend two days in jail, all because of an overzealous cop.

Duke showed up at Anna's office with takeout from the Floating Rib. He'd been hoping to surprise her and was startled when he noticed that she was angry with him. Anna asked him if he'd really been working for Sonny. Duke asked where she got that absurd idea. Anna told Duke about her visit from Julian. Duke claimed Julian was lying, and Anna told him she thought so too, until she remembered seeing Duke with Sonny at the pier. She reminded Duke that he lied to her and said he was at the pier because he had a job interview at Nikolas's house. Anna snapped that Duke played her for a fool, just like Julian played Duke for a fool when he pretended to be Derek. Duke kept trying to deny it, but Anna didn't buy it, so Duke relented. “Alright!” Duke yelled, then he admitted the truth. Anna wanted Duke to explain himself, so he told her they were trying to take down Julian. Duke explained that the only reason he hadn't acted on his desire to tear Julian limb from limb was because Anna asked him not to. Duke told the tearful Anna that he turned Sonny down the first time he suggested teaming up, and he only agreed to join him after overhearing Julian say he'd go after any cop who stood in his way, including Anna. Duke asked if Anna understood, now. Anna spat that she understood that Duke was working for a mafia don. She reminded Duke that they had agreed that him being on the wrong side of the law would be a deal-breaker for their relationship. “You gave me your word,” she said. Duke countered that he made that promise before he knew Julian was still alive. Anna asked if Duke was working with Sonny before he resigned from his job with Julian. Duke admitted he was, and Anna realized this meant he was already working for Sonny when she told him to stay out of the mob war if he loved her and let the cops handle it. Duke pointed out that the cops hadn't done anything about Julian. Anna was insulted and she insisted that her department was doing all it could to protect the city from the Jeromes. Duke stuck to his position, and he clarified that it wasn't Anna's fault. Duke said that Julian grew up in a crime family and he knew how to stay one step ahead of the law. Duke told Anna that he could direct all his energy toward protecting the two of them and taking Julian down.

Anna wanted Duke to explain why he'd acted out of character and blatantly lied to her. Duke made a passionate speech – he was tired of being held captive by people like Faison and duped by people like Julian and having to be rescued by Anna. Duke wanted to be in control and to protect the people that he loved. “I want to be the man that I was before!” Duke exclaimed. Anna assured Duke that she loved him as he was, now. “When I wake up I feel so blessed to be with you and safe” Anna insisted. She told Duke she didn't need him to fight, but Duke replied that he needed to fight. While Anna understood, she still wanted him to stop working for Sonny. Anna told Duke she wanted him to be the good man that she knew and loved, and she begged him to find another way to take control. Duke told Anna he loved her very much, but he wouldn't stop working for Sonny until Julian wasn't a threat to her or anyone else he loved. He left.

Sonny was sitting alone in his darkened living room when Morgan walked in. Sonny coolly asked how Michael was, and Morgan admitted that he'd been with Julian. Sonny played clueless and asked why Morgan was with Julian when he stopped working for him weeks ago. Morgan revealed that he knew Sonny tricked him into feeding Julian bad information. Sonny confessed that he didn't understand how Morgan could betray him like this. Morgan tried to explain, but Sonny kept cutting him off and ranting about Morgan shooting Max and betraying him. Sonny was hurt and angry, because he believed Morgan when Morgan said they were going to start over. It had made Sonny sick to have to test Morgan's loyalty. Sonny positioned himself just inches away from Morgan and admonished him for risking Duke's life. Sonny asked if Morgan would really let people die because he was angry with Sonny and felt like Sonny didn't love him enough. “The Hell with you!” Sonny spat, before storming to the other side of the room and turning his back to Morgan. Morgan yelled that he didn't have a choice; he only went back to work for Julian, because he made threats. Sonny argued that Morgan knew Sonny would have protected him. Morgan revealed that Julian threatened to kill Carly or Michael.

Nearly in tears, Morgan begged Sonny to believe that he hadn't wanted to lie to him and that he only did it to keep their family safe. Sonny calmed down and admitted that Morgan had chosen Julian over Sonny so many times that he never considered that Julian had forced him to spy for him. Morgan admitted that Sonny had been right all along and that he never should have gotten involved with Julian. Morgan confessed that he had been afraid Julian had something to do with Carly's disappearance. Sonny didn't think that seemed like Julian's style. Morgan added that he'd done everything Julian told him to. “Like spy on me,” Sonny clarified. Morgan acknowledged that he endangered a lot of people and he didn't know how to fix it. Sonny announced that he (Sonny) was going to fix it and that Morgan was going to have to be done with Julian. Morgan agreed. Sonny added that he had to cut ties with Ava, too. Morgan tried to convince Sonny to change his mind. He insisted that he and Ava had something real that didn't have anything to do with the business. Sonny argued that Ava's partnership with Julian meant she was against him and Morgan, and Morgan had to break up with her in order to protect his family. “In order for us to be a family again, you have to let Ava go.” Morgan begged Sonny to trust him enough to know he wouldn't let Ava use him, but Sonny was firm. Morgan was taken aback that Sonny was making him choose. “You came to me, son. I think you made your choice” Sonny stated. He walked out, leaving the conflicted Morgan alone in the room.

Ava and Julian were at Ava's home. Ava held Julian at gunpoint. She revealed that she knew Julian made Morgan keep working for him, by threatening to kill someone he loved. Ava pointed out that she was one of Morgan's loved ones, and she theorized that she could kill Julian now and call it self defense. Julian took a step toward Ava, hoping to talk her down, but she ordered him not to move. Julian defended his threats by asking what else he was supposed to do. Ava spat that he could have not threatened to kill people Morgan cared about. Julian pointed out that Morgan knew too much and that people couldn't be allowed to quit working for them. Ava felt that Julian should have realized that Morgan would never do anything to hurt her and that Julian should have made an exception for Morgan. Julian thought Ava had let Morgan make her soft. He maintained that his threats toward Morgan saved both Morgan and Ava's relationship with Morgan. Ava didn't buy it. She argued that Julian had ordered her to break up with Morgan so that Sonny wouldn't realize Morgan was a spy. Julian countered that Ava didn't kept seeing Morgan anyway. Julian believed that Sonny would treat Morgan like any other traitor and kill him. Ava was confident that Sonny wouldn't hurt his son, but she warned Julian that she'd hold him responsible if anything happened to Morgan. Julian asked Ava to put the gun down, and she refused. Julian insisted that she'd made her point and he knew she was willing to shoot anyone who was standing between her and what she wanted, including him. Then, he referenced the time Ava accidentally shot Olivia while trying to kill Franco.

Julian admitted that Ava did surprise him every so often, like when he heard about what she did to the love of her life, Silas. Ava had no idea what he meant. Julian had ran into Sam at the police station, and she told about Silas's arrest. According to Julian, Sam claimed that Ava pulled some strings to make evidence against Silas materialize. Julian wanted to know exactly how Ava did it. Ava wondered why Julian believed Sam's version of the story, and Julian pointed out that she was his daughter. Ava laughed and reminded Julian that he'd only known Sam for a few months. She added that she was surprised Sam even acknowledged Julian's existence long enough to accuse Ava of something. Julian thought Ava was deflecting, because she felt threatened, but Ava insisted that she was pointing out that he had no reason to trust Sam. Julian thought Sam was more trustworthy than Ava at the moment. He urged her to admit that she tried to kill Silas's wife, then framed Silas for it to punish him for choosing Sam over her. Ava surmised that “Jules” wanted Ava to confess to him so he could tell Sam and be her hero. Ava told Julian that she was not going to give him the currency he needed to buy his way into his new-found family. Julian noted that she wasn't denying that she set up Silas.

Julian asked Ava, again, to put the gun down. Ava warned Julian that she meant it when she told him he'd have to answer to her if he hurt anyone Morgan loved. Julian assured Ava that he got the message, so she put the gun away. Julian asked if Morgan was somewhere hiding from Sonny. Ava replied that Morgan wasn't bloodthirsty like Julian, but he wasn't a coward. She revealed that he went to see Sonny. Surprised, Julian wondered if Morgan was acting out of bravery or stupidity and asked if he was armed. Ava said Morgan refused to take a gun, and Julian concluded that Morgan was stupid, then he told Ava she was stupid for letting Morgan go. He said there were only two ways that meeting could end – either Sonny killed Morgan or he took him back and promised to defend him against the Jeromes – both outcomes spelled the end of Ava and Morgan's relationship. Ava was adamant that neither of those things would happen. She insisted that Morgan would turn his back on his father and come back to work for them before letting his father force him to give her up. Julian observed that the relationship that had started out as a way to get revenge had turned into something more. Just then, Ava received a break up text from Morgan.

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