GH Update Monday 1/27/14

General Hospital Update Monday 1/27/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Scott has gotten his jaw injured by Mac Scorpio, Lucy tries to help him and talk to him. He concludes that the reason Mac assaulted him was because he found out about Scott's involvement with her through Felicia.

Duke Lavery goes to the police station to ask Anna when she expects to be free for lunch. She tell shim she is not entirely certain. She also remembers that she got wrong information that he went to meet with Nikolas when she heard he did not go to Windermere. She asks him why he lied about where he was going.

Sonny breaks a glass when Olivia comes out concerned and wondering why he threw a glass at the wall. She asks what has gotten him so upset. He replies it's Morgan.

When Julian returns to Ava's and Morgan's new home after getting bloodied, he wonders what is going to happen.

Det. Nathan West goes to Kelly's and manages to place Silas under arrest. Sam demands to know what he is doing and urges him to stop. Rafe also enters and asks why his uncle is getting arrested. Silas assures is nephew there is nothing more than a misunderstanding. Rafe wants to go with him. But Sam tells him he needs to stay behind. She will go to the station with Silas and will be sure to call as soon as she knows something.

Olivia tells Sonny she is concerned a bout the fact that he appears unstable and upset. She also notices that she hardly ever sees him anymore. She asks what happened. He tells her he found out that his son betrayed him. He lied and told his dad he is no longer working for Julian when he was never stopped.

Julian reminds Morgan that Sonny wouldn't hesitate to shoot his own son. But Ava urges Morgan to know her brother does not know what he is talking about. And he tells them both that he is ready to murder Duke Lavery.

Duke admits to Anna that he is ashamed to have lied to her. She asks why he did it. He tells her that he has had so much time on his hands. He can't work. He found himself with enough time to be walking down by the docks. He was too embarrassed to tell her. But she tells him that he has nothing to be embarrassed by. He need not be ashamed. She is proud of the fact that he refuses to work for a mobster. She asks, however, if this is all that that was all about. And when she gets a call she tells him they can talk about this later.

Felicia is with Mac after he was ready to hurt Scott Baldwin and risk getting himself hurt because Scott slept with Lucy.. Felicia tells him he made a mistake punching the DA. He can press charges. But he tells her he really doesn't care what Scott Baldwin does. He's a low life sleazeball. And he might tell Lucy's husband, Kevin all about it.

Scott tells Lucy that Mac wouldn't dare tell Kevin. But she tells him he might not be able to count on that. She then concludes that the two of them both need to get to work and Mac will have no more proof. But Scott tells her he does not care what kind of evidence Mac may have. He will not stop seeing Lucy.

Lucy goes to see Felicia at the bar and demands to know why she told Mac about Lucy and Scott.

Scott Baldwin goes to find Anna at the station and asks if she has Franco in custody by now. She tells him that if he had not stalled them, the police would have been able to arrest Franco before he hid. But because of the mysterious anonymous call that Michael got that Franco abducted his mom, it hindered their investigation. And right at that point, the notice Det. Nathan West bringing Silas in to arrest him.

Ava tells Julian it's not surprising that Lavery wants to take him down after the stunts that Julian has pulled with his family. Julian has cuts all over his face but assures his sister and Morgan he's not worried about himself. But Lavery has a lot to be worried about. He is going to pay, Julian tells her.

Rafe runs into Molly and TJ at Kelly's and he informs her that he just noticed his uncle getting arrested. He is concerned about what could happen if his only living relative goes to prison. She assures him that he should not worry. Sam will make sure that Silas is ok. However, TJ's attitude is somewhat “flip” when he tells them it does not surprise him that Silas would get arrested. Maybe he killed someone.

Sam accompanies Silas to the station and tells him that she's pretty certain Diane is an excellent lawyer but she might not be the best suited for him since most of Diane's clients are actually guilty. And she tells him that suspicion could surround him that he did in fact kill his wife and got away with it, if Diane represents him. Even if he gets acquitted of charges, there might be too much “scuttlebutt” going around that he is guilty of murder even if he is not.

When Scott notices Nathan West arresting Dr. Clay, he asks what is up with that. Anna explains to him that there was evidence that Silas could have written a prescription for his wife to O.D.. on drugs. Nathan tells him there is means, motive and opportunity as he has proven to Anna so that she authorized for him to conduct this investigation and make the arrest of Silas.

When Lucy grills Felicia to tell her why she informed Mac that Scott slept with Lucy, Felicia tells her that she and Mac have a policy to always be honest and never cover things up. Lucy tells her that she realizes that things like that happen. But she is concerned that Mac walked into Scott's hotel room and breaks his jaw. And with that bit of information, Felicia immediately concludes that the only way she would know that that happened was if she (Lucy) was sleeping with Scott yet again.

Olivia explains to Sonny that maybe Morgan's behavior is due to being devastated over losing Kiki. He may feel sibling rivalry. She remembers feeling that way to her cousin when she was Morgan's age. So Morgan is maybe just lashing out and making bad decisions. But this could blow over and maybe Sonny needs to overlook it and not take it so hard. But he is furious that his son is joining forces with Julian Jerome. Olivia asks Sonny what he plans to do knowing and feeling the way he does about that.

After Julian goes out the door and leaves Ava and Morgan alone, Morgan asks her if she thinks her brother is going to kill Duke. She asks why he is concerned. He tells her that the night she found him in Julian's hotel room, she walked in on a conversation between him and Julian where he told her he was affirming his loyalty to her brother. And he confesses to her, for the first time, that that was not the conversation he had with Julian. The conversation between them that she walked in on was his telling Julian he wanted to quit and Julian threatening him as “incentive” to reconsider..

After TJ tells Rafe it would not surprise him if his uncle is a murderer, Molly demands to know how he could say that. TJ tells Rafe he's biological father, Silas' brother was a serial killer. So it could very well be true about his uncle. In response to that, Rafe gets in TJ's face reminding him that Shawn may very well have murdered TJ's father and is presently working with Sonny so TJ should not throw stones.

Scott Baldwin tells Detective Nathan West that he does not have a case against Silas although Nathan tells him he seriously hasn't a clue and needs to use his brain and be a better DA realizing that his department can successfully prosecute this case. Anna stands “in between” the two men telling each they need to respect and see the other's viewpoint. She tells Scott that her detective knows what he is doing but also tells Nathan he needs to not get so far up on his high horse with the DA and realize that the case against Silas may not be as iron clad as he assumes and hopes. Sam overhears the conversation and tells Nathan that he’s just heard from both the police chief and the DA that he may not be doing the department or himself any good pinning this on Silas. So they have to let Silas go. Not far away, Julian appears. Sam is stunned when she sees the condition of his face and asks what happened. Does she “care” about her “bio dad”?

Sonny continues his conversation with Olivia about how his son's betrayal of him cannot be forgiven or overlooked.

Morgan confesses to Ava, for the first time that he was ready to end his working relationship with Julian. She right away knows that Julian motivated him to reconsider his decision by making threats and she asks Morgan if her brother threatened him. He tells her no. Julian did not threaten him. But he threatened Morgan's family.

Mac walks into the bar and overhears Lucy's and Felicia's conversation and asks the two women if everything is alright. Lucy replies that she is not “ok” with Felicia informing him that she (Lucy) slept with Scott. He tells her that he and Felicia have a policy of not keeping any secrets. And he tells her he believes she made a serious mistake sleeping with Scott. She tells him she understands that but urges them both to know that telling Kevin about it is not the thing to do. Felicia then agrees. Lucy leaves. And it seems when Felicia is alone with her husband, that the two of them may not do what Lucy is asking of them.

Nathan makes sure that Silas knows that he should not get “confident” that he's going to beat the charges. Yet Silas is pretty confident that they have no case against him to get him accused of murdering his wife.

Anna remembers not long ago, running into Duke talking to Sonny when he lied and told her he was going to meet with Nikolas and she found out otherwise. And when she goes to question Julian, she is able to put two and two together about Duke lying to her about his whereabouts.

Not far away, Sam calls out to Julian and tells him she might need his help. It appears his sister is framing Silas. He first tells his daughter he's not sure he can help her with that. But she tells him that if he cares about her, he will make some effort to look into this for her.

Morgan admits to Ava that Julian threatened his family if he does not continue to work with him and betray his dad. He now knows that his dad has no reason to trust him and might be after him. She is worried and tells him if he's going to do that, he needs to take a gun with him.

Olivia tells Sonny she is concerned about how this anger he is feeling is eating him up alive. So now is not the time to take action. He needs to sleep on this before deciding what to do with Morgan. He then agrees and hugs her and asks what he would do without her. She tells him she hopes he never has to find out. She tells him she has to get to the Metro Court but urges him to call her if he needs anything.

Morgan tells Ava he need not take a gun. But she tells him she's worried about having him come back to her in one piece. She then tells him she loves him. And she passionately kisses him. He tells her he loves her too. And he heads out the door.

Felicia admits to Mac that she knows they have agreed to never keep secrets but she was not ok with having a confrontation with Lucy or causing confrontations. He tells her he knows but being honest and not keeping secrets is more important than that.

Lucy returns to Scott and tells him that Felicia and Mac have agreed not to tell Kevin about the two of them. She tells him that they are not going to sleep together and she is going back to her husband. But Scott realizes that she could have easily told him all this on the phone yet has made a trip out there to see him in person. So that must mean something. And they end up ready to sleep together again.

At the station, Nathan is ready to nail Silas and get him charged with murder. But Silas kisses Sam and sound confident that they will be together again very soon.

Morgan goes to see his father. They both stare silently and coldly at each other.

Julian returns to Ava suspecting nothing. But his sister reveals to him that she knows he threatened Morgan's family. She holds a gun at her brother and tells him now that she knows that, she is going to threaten him.

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