GH Update Friday 1/24/14

General Hospital Update Friday 1/24/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

In his suite at the Metro Court, Scotty is on the phone to someone at the PCPD, reaming them out about finding Franco. There's a knock on his door, and when he opens it, he's surprised to see Lucy. He thinks that she's finally left Kevin.

At GH, Lucas shows up and plants a big kiss on Brad. They apparently spent the night together.

A happy Felix is at the Nurse's Station, talking to a computer that's not working. He's not going to let it spoil his mood. He's happy he has a date. Silas comes up to the station, and asks him to dial it down. He's in a mood, so Felix makes a bad joke about taking some anti-depressants to get happy.

At Kelly's, Sam is meeting with the retired pharmacist, to ask him questions about the prescription, and if he recognizes Ava Jerome.

At Ava's penthouse, she's drinking, and offers one to Morgan. He says it's too early in the day for him. He's feeling guilty for ratting out Duke to Julian.

It's a foggy night, when Julian meets with Duke, on the pier. He tells Duke that he knows about him working with Sonny to bring him down. As he holds a gun on Duke, he tells him that it's not going to work out that way.

Mac shows up at The Floating Rib, after a workout with Kevin. It's all part of Kevin's plan to help save his marriage.  Felicia makes a remark that Kevin cuts a trim figure. When Mac says "You noticed, huh?", she quickly compliments her husband. As Mac continues talking about Kevin's plan to revitalize his marriage, Felicia recalls Lucy's confession that she slept with Scotty. Mac thinks everything is fine with Kevin and Lucy's marriage.

Over at Metro Court, Scotty thinks that Lucy has come to be with him. She tells him that she's there to ask why he would sic the cops on his own son. She rambles on about his self-serving reputation, until she blurts out" the man I.." and stops herself. Scotty catches it and asks her "This man I what?"

At Kelly's, Nakamura is about to answer Sam's question, when Det. West comes in. She interrupts Nakamura's answer to go, and gloat to West. She thinks she's about to solve his case for him. Intrigued, he goes over to introduce himself to the pharmacist. West takes over the questioning, and asks if he remembers Silas, and he said he does. Sam wants to know if he knew Ava, and he says that he remembers her.

At Ava's penthouse, Morgan is feeling remorseful about the things that he's done. He's worried about Carly, and how he treated her, and he's still upset over shooting Max. He's also upset about lying to his father about where he is. Ava tells him that Julian isn't out to commit cold-blooded murder. He's doing it to protect himself, and his family. "It's all a matter of perspective." says she. She puts a twisted spin on things, saying that to be successful "in this business", you have to be willing to do things. Morgan draws the line at murder. Ava tells him sternly that Julian is protecting his family. "Same as you." she tells him. Morgan disagrees, and says that he needs to tell her something.

At the pier, Julian is about to blow Duke away, when Shawn comes up and points a gun at his head. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Duke chides him for thinking that he would show up alone. "You made a terrible mistake." he tells Julian. Sonny shows up, and says it may be his last.

At GH, Brad pushes Lucas away and tells him to slow down. Lucas is confused by his reaction, but Brad tells him that he's at work. Lucas apologizes for coming on too strong, but he just had a run-in with Bobbie. He wanted someone to talk too, and now thinks it wasn't a good idea. Lucas tells him that it doesn't feel like their strangers. Brad flashes back to his meeting Lucas at The Floating Rib. He was there because of his fight with Felix. Lucas was there, well, because he found out about Julian. We find out Brad is adopted, too and that his father turned out to be a notorious gangster. They bond immediately. Lucas want to keep the relationship going, but Brad hesitates.

Felix is still dealing with a grumpy Silas. They snarl at each other, until Felix says that he's going on a date, and maybe Silas should too. Silas snaps at him, and Felix makes a remark about why he lost the Chief of Staff job to Obrecht, a criminal, because it wasn't his "winning" personality. Felix flounces away.

Things aren't going too well for Sam either. Nakamura admits seeing Ava, and remembers her, because of her looks. When Sam asks him about filling out a prescription for Ava, Nakamura says that he didn't. West seems pleased, when Nakamura says that Silas asked him to fill out the prescription for the liquid anti-depressant.

Scotty wants Lucy to admit how she feels about him.  Lucy will only says that he's her best friend. She's upset over his throwing away a chance to get to know Franco. Scotty says that they only share genetics and that he doesn't know him that well. Lucy wonders what will happen if Scotty does want a relationship with him. Scotty blames Anna for a leak at the police station. He tells her how Michael threatened him with a press conference with Morgan and Josslyn on the steps of City Hall. Michael was going to accuse him of protecting Franco. Lucy asks him if he thinks that Franco is guilty, and he tells her that he pointed to Ava Jerome. He tells her that he's in danger himself, if Julian ever found out.

On the pier, Julian figures out that it was all a setup. He realizes that Duke wasn't going to kill Carlos. In fact, no one knows where he is. Sonny still can't kill him, because of Danny, but they can give a beat down. Shawn holds him, while Duke gives him a beating.

At The Floating Rib, Mac wants to make plans with Kevin and Lucy. Felicia hedges, and says they might have some more work to do. Felicia says that some marriages aren't all they seem to be. Mac becomes curious, and pushes her to tell him what she knows. Felicia tells him that Lucy slept with Scotty.

Scotty is telling Lucy that he's between a rock and a hard place. He tells her that he's pulled in different directions by Julian, Bobbie, Anna and Michael. Lucy says that she isn't helping things, but trying to mend things between him and Franco. He feels like he's standing on his own, but Lucy tells him that he's not alone.

Back at GH, Lucas and Brad talk about how much they have in common. Brad recalls the night before, telling Lucas about his father, Kim Wu, who used to run the Triad in the Asian quarter, until he got killed. Lucas didn't know they had an Asian quarter, and Brad tells him it's where all the hipsters live now. Lucas asks Brad if he wishes he hadn't look for his real parents. Brad admits that he wishes he hadn't hurt the people that raised him. He considers them his real parents. He just wishes he outcome was different. He talks about his mother dying, giving birth to him, and that his father wasn't a notorious criminal. Lucas can relate because of Julian. What are the odds? I mean, really? Lucas flirts with Brad, but then Felix finds them.

Back at Ava's, Morgan has a hard time making his confession to her. Before he can, Julian comes home, and Ava freaks out when she sees him. She hopes that Duke is dead, but Julian tells her, that didn't happen. Ava asks why not, and wants to know where Carlos is. Julian tells her that Carlos wasn't there, because it was a setup. Ava asks by who, and he tells her Sonny. He looks at Morgan and tells him, that his father is onto him.

On the pier, Duke and Shawn tell Sonny they're sorry, that he turned out to be right. He tells them that after Max was shot, Morgan told him that he learned from his mistakes. Sonny is disappointed that Morgan hasn't learned a damn thing, and is still working for the Jeromes.

At Kelly's, Nathan West goes over what Nakamura has told him about Silas. Nathan goes to show him a picture, but as it happens, Silas comes through the door, and Nakamura identifies him. Sam looks helpless, as Silas joins them.  He thanks him for coming, but gets upset when he hears that Nakamura says it was Dr. Clay who asked him to fill out the prescription for liquid anti-depressants. Nathan and Sam argue about whether or not Nakamura can remember things clearly. Nakamura says that he can, cause it was an unusual request. He was already filling the prescription for Dr. Clay's wife.  The pharmacist said that most doctors don't self-prescribe, so when he heard about his wife's death, he became concerned.

At GH, Brad lies to Felix about who Lucas is. Felix asks about their plans, and Brad tells him to meet him at the Metro Court at 8:30. Lucas asks him if that's the guy he mentioned last night. They flashback to he night before, where they talk about Brad not having a chance with Felix. Lucas continues to pitch himself to Brad, who doesn't know what to say.

At The Floating Rib, Mac is freaking out over the news about Scotty and Lucy. Felicia begs him to stay out of it, but that's not Mac. She tells him that it happened when Kevin and Lucy were separated. She tells him it was just once, and that Lucy realized her mistake. She really wants to work on her marriage.

Scotty tries to get Lucy to leave. He says it's not fair, because she's being so supportive. She asks him what he wants, and he tells her that he wants her. He goes on to say that she already told it's not going to work out. She says that they're friends, but he tells her "It just doesn't cut it anymore." He tells her that she doesn't want that because she put it in the past. Lucy starts to reveal her true feelings, but can't get the words out. Lucy says that she thinks about him all the time, and even dreams about him. She tries to leave, but Scott starts kissing her, and they start undressing.

On the pier, Duke asks Sonny if he's sure about his suspicions about Morgan. Sonny said he wasn't, but after tonight he is. Sonny is disappointed that his son betrayed him.

Julian warns Morgan that his father isn't stupid, and wanted to test his loyalty. Julian comes up with another scenario, and asks Morgan who he's really working for.

Felicia begs Mac not to tell Kevin about Lucy and Scott. She tells him that Lucy is committed to her marriage to Kevin. Mac wonders how the marriage will work if Lucy isn't honest. Again she begs him not to tell Kevin.

Lucy and Scott are lying in bed after making love.  Lucy is feeling guilty, but Scotty tells her that she wanted to do it. Lucy rambles about not becoming the way she used to be. Scott tells her that he thinks her marriage is over. Lucy doesn't want to believe it, but admits she loves them both. She says that she knows what she has to do.

Brad explains to Lucas that he didn't lie to him. He thought that he didn't stand a chance with Felix. He tells him how things changed between him and Felix,  and how Felix stood up to his new boss for him. He says that he's been chasing Felix for a year, and Felix ended up asking him out. Lucas asks if this is their first date, and when Brad says yes, Lucas says that he still has a chance. Lucas leaves.

At Kelly's, Silas denies Nakamura's accusation, but it doesn't help. Silas goes after Nathan, and wants to know what he gets out of this. He accuses Nathan of framing him, and they almost come to blows. Sam intercedes, and asks the pharmacist, why he didn't report his suspicions to the police years ago. He says that he didn't want to get involved. Silas gets pissed, and goes to leave, but Nathan stops him.

Lucy and Scotty are startled by a knock on the door. Lucy freaks when she hears it Mac. She scrambles to hide, while Scotty answers the door. Mac sucker punches him, and warns him to stay away from Lucy.

Felix checks in with Brad about their date. Brad gives him  a couple of compliments, that Felix eats up. Brad is distracted by Lucas, who's catching the elevator.

Sam protests as Nathan places Silas under  arrest.

Ava doesn't buy Julian's theory about Morgan being a double agent. Ava tells Julian that he got lucky, because Sonny can't kill him because of Danny. Julian says that the only one who should be worried is Morgan.

Sonny tells Duke and Shawn that Morgan set him up. Duke asks him what he's going to do about it.

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