GH Update Thursday 1/23/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/23/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the PCPD, Anna talked with Nathan. She heard that Silas barged into the station and attacked Nathan, and she wanted an update on the investigation. Nathan explained that Silas attacked him because he was upset that Nathan told Sam that he was married. Nathan showed Anna a prescription slip for a liquid antidepressant. It was written out to and signed by Silas. Silas's wife Nina had previously been prescribed the same drug, in pill form. Nathan theorized that Silas had ordered the drug and injected her with it to make it look like she took an overdose of her pills. Nathan had questioned Silas about it, but Silas refused to hand over a handwriting sample for comparison. Anna pointed out that Silas wasn't obligated to cooperate. Anna stated that Nathan had worked the case to exhaustion, and he still hadn't found enough solid proof to satisfy the DA. Nathan promised to find the evidence the DA wanted. Anna explained that she let Nathan pursue this case because she hoped it would lead to them getting something on Ava, but that hadn't happened. Anna thought Silas's next move would be to file a harassment suit. The department didn't have the resources to deal with a lawsuit, so Anna told Nathan to drop the investigation.

Nathan begged Anna to give him a little more time. Anna wondered why Nathan was so invested in this case. Nathan claimed he was outraged that Silas cost his wife twenty years of her life. Anna reminded Nathan that the case against Silas was circumstantial, but Nathan insisted that Silas was guilty. Anna thought this was an example of a situation she'd seen before – a cop becoming obsessed with a cold case and losing sight of the squad's priorities. “This is why I became a cop; to bring people like Silas Clay to justice,” Silas stated. Anna understood that, but she pointed out that the odds of solving a case diminished every year, and after twenty years, it was highly unlikely that this case would be solved. Anna wanted Nathan to work fresh cases where he could make a difference. Anna suddenly had a change of heart and told Nathan he had one more week to work the case.

After spending the night together, Silas and Sam had breakfast at Kelly's. Silas teased Sam about her big appetite and gave her a quick kiss. Silas told Sam he had to go, because the new Chief of Staff ran a tight ship. Sam didn't understand why the hospital would pass over Silas in order to hire a fugitive. Silas explained that everyone assumed that Obrecht had leverage over someone on the board. Sam wished she could help by looking into it, but she thought they should focus on clearing Silas's name by proving Ava drugged his wife. Sam revealed that she got in contact with the pharmacist who filled the prescription and convinced him to stop by Port Charles on his way to Syracuse. Silas wished he could be there for the meeting, but Obrecht had fired the chief of Pediatrics for less. Silas wasn't afraid of Obrecht, but if he left his job, he wanted to get the joy of quitting. Sam laughed then they kissed goodbye.

Silas left and Bobbie walked in. Sam asked about Carly. There was no news. Bobbie thanked Sam for looking after Lucas. Sam wished her talk with Lucas hadn't been interrupted by their father. Bobbie's eyes widened. She didn't know Julian and Lucas saw each other. Sam was surprised Lucas didn't tell Bobbie about their run in with Julian. Bobbie revealed that Lucas texted her and told her he was spending the night with Sam and Danny. Sam told Bobbie that he didn't stay with her. Just as Bobbie started to panic about her son's whereabouts, Lucas walked in and told her to relax. Relieved, Bobbie hugged Lucas. Lucas admitted he never should have lied to Bobbie, and he explained that he did it because he didn't want to worry her while she was upset about Carly. He also apologized to Sam for involving her in his lie. Sam assured him that there was no harm done. Bobbie asked Lucas why he lied. Lucas responded by asking her why she didn't tell him his biological father was alive. Lucas assured Bobbie that he wasn't angry, but he wanted to answers. Bobbie replied that she tried to tell him yesterday, but Lucas countered that she'd known the truth a lot longer than that. Bobbie explained that she had kept quiet to protect Lucas. Lucas was frustrated that Bobbie didn't realize that he was an adult who didn't need her protection anymore. Bobbie apologized for being overprotective, but she wanted Lucas to understand that she was afraid that the dangerous Julian would take advantage of Lucas's curiosity. Lucas admitted that he'd always been curious about Julian. Sam understood Lucas's interest in their father, but she warned him that Julian would only disappoint him. Sam told Lucas how Julian saved Danny's life. Lucas thought that was a point in Julian's favor, but Sam said Julian only saved Danny so he could later use him as a shield in the mob war against Sonny. While Lucas appreciated the warning, he made it clear that he still hadn't decided whether or not he wanted to get to know Julian. Bobbie wished that Lucas could understand why she didn't tell him. Lucas told her he did understand – she wanted to fight his battles for him, just like she did when he found out he had diabetes and when he came out. Lucas kissed his mom and told her he needed some time to sort things out. He left and Bobbie tearfully said she blew it. Sam hugged Bobbie and told her she (Bobbie) was just being a mother.

Lucas stood outside the diner and looked at a picture of Julian (on the front page of a newspaper) on his phone.

Later, when Sam was alone at her table, the pharmacist, Mr. Nakamura, arrived. He made it clear that he wasn't sure how much he'd remember about that time frame. Sam showed him a picture of Ava and told him she wanted to talk about the prescription that caused Silas's wife's coma.

Nikolas woke up and sat up in bed. Britt cursed under her breath. Nik thought she was upset he woke her up, but Britt clarified that Nik wasn't responsible for her bad mood. She was worked up because she realized the events of the day before weren't a nightmare. Britt was blown away that her mother was free and working at GH after attempting to kill Duke, kidnapping Ben and holding Robin captive. Nik revealed that he made an unsuccessful attempt to get the board to explain why they hired Obrecht. Britt announced that she was quitting; she didn't want to work for her mother after all she'd done to them. Nik pointed out that Britt was under contract. Britt was willing to break it and forgo working for awhile. Britt was surprised when Nik said he supported her decision. However, Nik wanted Britt to be sure she wanted to do this. He pointed out that Obrecht had already taken a lot from Britt and he thought it would be a shame if she took away the job Britt loved, too. Britt came around to seeing Nik's point of view, and she decided not to let her mother win. It was clear that Britt was dreading going to work. Nik kissed her neck and told her she could be a little late. Britt giggled and countered that her mother valued punctuality. Nik kept kissing Britt until she was convinced to stay. After they had sex, Britt got up and panicked because she was really running late. Nik playfully tugged her back onto the bed and promised he would get to the bottom of what was going on with her mother. Britt thought Nik was the best. They kissed.

Brad was taken aback when he saw Obrecht at the hospital. She greeted him tersely and reprimanded him for being nine minutes late. Brad asked what she was doing there and she revealed that she was his new boss. Obrecht was displeased with Brad's performance as a lab manager. She believed the lab was inefficiently run and there were security problems. Brad reminded Obrecht that she took advantage of those security holes when she stole Dante and Lulu's embryos and implanted them into Britt. Anger flashed over Obrecht's face. Obrecht reminded Brad that they both stood to lose a lot if that secret came out, and she warned him that she would make sure he took that secret to his grave.

Felix spotted Obrecht intimidating Brad and he told her to leave him alone. Obrecht maintained that this was none of Felix's business, so Felix threatened to turn her in to HR. Obrecht dropped the subject and walked away. Brad breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Felix. He admitted he was surprised Felix was even talking to him after they mixed it up the other day. Felix said that he owed Brad an apology, then he asked if they could go somewhere private to talk. They went into an exam room, and Felix confessed that Brad was right when he accused him of butting into other people's lives. Brad admitted that Felix's habit had just worked to his advantage, but Felix thought it was time that he learned to pick his battles. Felix admitted that he had no right to tell Patrick Sabrina's business or to go off on Brad about conspiring with Britt. While Felix still believed that Brad was wrong to lie for Britt, he acknowledged that he wasn't perfect and he'd decided not to throw stones.

Felix asked if Brad could forgive him. Brad told Felix not to feel too guilty, because Brad had done his share of bad things. Brad thought the only positive thing he'd done lately was convince Felix to be his friend. Brad thought there were a lot of reasons that Felix should stay away from him, but he hoped that Felix could get past them. Felix replied that he didn't want to stay away from Brad. Felix pointed out that he and Brad had been on the verge of building something more than friendship, and Felix wanted to give it another try. He asked Brad on a date. Brad was shocked; he didn't expect this to happen, especially after their fight. Felix wondered if that was a yes, and Brad enthusiastically told him it was. They agreed to meet after their shift was over. When Britt arrived at GH, ran into Felix on his way to the elevator. She was shocked to get a cheerful, polite greeting from Felix. She wondered what happened to the name-calling, and Felix explained that he was in too good of a mood for that.

Brad made reservations for himself and Felix at the Metro Court restaurant. “There you are!” Lucas said with a smile when he spotted Brad. Brad was caught off guard, and he didn't say anything. Lucas told Brad he'd texted him earlier, because Brad left before Lucas woke up. “You didn't give me a chance to do this” Lucas said, before pulling Brad into a deep kiss.

Nathan followed Silas onto the GH elevator. Once inside, Nathan pressed the emergency button to stop the elevator from moving, then he tried to get Silas to admit that he gave his wife the overdose. “You don't expect me to confess, do you?” Silas asked. Silas surmised that Nathan's bosses were losing patience with him. He yelled that Nathan should stop harassing an innocent man and use the leeway he had left of find the real culprit. Nathan smirked and asked who that was. Silas, who was still irritated, told him to start with Ava. Nathan asked if Silas was throwing his mistress, and the mother of his child, under the bus. Silas snapped that Nathan made a lot of incorrect assumptions, such as thinking that Silas didn't love his wife and that he didn't want justice for her. Nathan countered that Silas wrote the prescription because he wanted to get rid of his wife. Silas yelled that Nathan couldn't prove it, because it wasn't true. Nathan kept needling Silas. He urged him to be a man and confess, while it was just the two of them and it would be Nathan's word against Silas's. The elevator doors suddenly opened, ending the confrontation. Obrecht stood on the other side. She demanded to know who stopped the elevator. Nathan took responsibility and explained that he was investigating Silas and why. Obrecht asked if Nathan worked for Anna. Nathan said yes, and it set Obrecht off. She accused Nathan of endangering her patients by monopolizing the elevator. Unfazed, Nathan pointed out that there were other elevators. Obrecht ordered Nathan not to be flippant. She snarled that Silas was one of her most talented employees and the hospital paid him to use those talents, not to be harassed by Anna's underlings. “If she wants to badger a member of my staff, she can do it on her own time, but not in this hospital!” Obrecht yelled. Nathan promised to deliver the message, then he warned Silas that this wasn't over. Nathan left, and Obrecht asked Silas if the allegations were true. Silas quietly said that someone gave his wife an overdose of antidepressants, but it wasn't him. Obrecht told Silas she was sure he had his reasons. Exasperated, Silas repeated that he didn't do it. Obrecht told Silas that she wasn't exaggerating when she called him one of her most talented employees. She knew Silas must be disappointed that he was passed over for C.O.S. but they both shared a passion for medicine and she hoped they could learn to work together. “Just please deal with your personal life on your own time,” she said, before walking away.

Ava was at home sitting on the couch. She smiled as she scrolled through her phone's gallery and looked at pictures of herself with Morgan. She sent Morgan a text – “I miss you.” Julian appeared and snatched the phone from her hands. Ava thought Julian should be more polite after she graciously gave him a place to live after he got kicked out of the Metro Court. Julian scolded Ava for continuing to talk to Morgan. He warned her that their “little love notes” could be the end of the Jeromes. Ava pointed out that she and Morgan had successfully fooled Julian and she was confident that they could fool Sonny as well. Julian argued that Ava was distracting Morgan from his assignment. Morgan had been spying on Sonny for weeks and he still hadn't brought them anything useful. Julian reminded Ava that he only agreed to keep Morgan around because she assured him that he'd be useful to them. He texted Morgan, from Ava's phone, and asked him to come over. Ava pointed out that Sonny was probably watching the building. She thought it was hypocritical for Julian to tell Morgan to drop by, when he accused her of endangering their plan by texting Morgan. Julian didn't think Sonny had anyone watching the garage entrance. He grumbled that Morgan wasn't a rocket scientist, but he should be smart enough to figure that out. Ava noted that Julian was in an exceptionally bad mood and she theorized that it wasn't because of Morgan. Julian quietly admitted she was right. He confided in her that he met Lucas, and he didn't want anything to do with him. Ava sympathized. She knew it hurt when your child rejected you, but she reminded Julian that she warned him about this. She leaned against her brother and told him it was the two of them against the world. Ava pulled back when Julian asked where that left Morgan. Ava asked Julian what he meant, and in a serious tone, Julian told her that they had to figure out what to do about him. “Morgan needs to shape up, or I'll have to put an end to our arrangement,” Julian said.

Morgan was on the pier. He received Ava's first text and remembered that Ava tried to convince him that they could still be together if they hid their relationship from Sonny. Morgan texted back “I miss you too.” Sonny arrived and asked Morgan what he was doing. Morgan lied and said he was texting with Michael about Carly. Sonny assured Morgan that they would find Carly. He added Dante and Shawn were looking for her. Sonny wanted to look for her too, but he had to focus on the Jeromes. Duke arrived and Sonny announced that he was going to strike back against the Jeromes, tonight. Sonny asked Duke how things went. Duke was hesitant to talk in front of Morgan, but Sonny reminded him that Morgan was on their side, and he confided in Morgan about the plan. Carlos had been in hiding for so long that he didn't know Duke didn't work for Julian anymore. Duke had just made contact with Carlos and set up a meeting. Sonny and Duke were planning to use Carlos as bait to draw Julian to come out while he was unarmed and unprepared. Morgan asked about his role, and Sonny told Morgan he wasn't involved. Sonny told Morgan to go focus on Carly. Morgan claimed he didn't want to get involved in her case because he was afraid he'd fly off the handle and make things worse. Sonny acknowledged that Morgan had a temper, which he inherited from Sonny, but Sonny was confident that Morgan would learn to control it, just like Sonny had. Sonny told Morgan to get together with his brothers and figure out what they were going to tell their little sister. Morgan received the second text, which he assumed was from Ava. Morgan told Sonny he was right, then he left.

Sonny and Duke were having a last minute chat about their plan when Anna arrived. Duke and Anna were both startled to see each other. Anna said she was following up on a lead in Carly's case. Sonny looked hopeful, but Anna explained that it wasn't anything concrete. Anna asked what Duke was doing there, with Sonny. Duke lied and told Anna he went to Spoon Island to ask Nik about a job, then he ran into Sonny on the pier and tried to convince him to cooperate with Anna's investigation into the warehouse shooting. Anna told Duke she appreciated his good intentions, but she couldn't have him compromising the integrity of her case. Duke offered to walk Anna home, but Anna had questions for Sonny. Duke rounded the corner and lurked out of sight, waiting for Anna to leave. Sonny assumed Anna wanted to talk about Carly and Franco, but Anna clarified that she wanted to talk about the warehouse shooting. Sonny thought Anna should be focusing on Carly's disappearance instead. Anna noted that Robin thought highly of Sonny. She theorized it was because Sonny only showed her his good side. Anna thought Sonny's concern for Carly was sincere, but she thought he was ruthlessly bringing it up right now as a way to deflect attention away from the shooting. Anna didn't think Robin got to see the part of Sonny that was “utterly ruthless.” Sonny admitted he did what he had to to protect what was his. Anna believed that. She told Sonny she'd be hearing from him, and she left. Duke immediately came back. He felt bad about lying to Anna, but he also felt that she couldn't know about his alliance with Sonny. Sonny added that she couldn't know what was happening tonight.

Morgan went to Ava's. He kissed her hello and Ava let him know they weren't alone. Julian revealed that he sent the text. Morgan asked what Julian wanted, and the annoyed Julian reminded Morgan that he was supposed to bring them information on Sonny. Morgan insisted that he was trying, but Julian didn't think he was trying hard enough. Julian asked Morgan to think about the consequences of failing to come through for him. Morgan remembered Julian threatening to kill one of Morgan's loved ones if he didn't inform on Sonny, then he announced that Duke was working for Sonny. Julian chuckled and said he knew that S.O.B. wouldn't go away quietly. Morgan told Julian and Ava the whole plan. Ava made a point to say that Morgan lived up to his end of the bargain. Julian agreed. Morgan asked what Julian was going to do. Julian loaded his gun. He planned to surprise Duke while Duke was waiting for Carlos and and kill him. Later, after Julian left, Ava tried to comfort Morgan, who was depressed about signing Duke's death warrant.

Anna went back to work. Nik stopped by to let her know that Obrecht worked at GH, now. Anna then thanked Nik for giving Duke a job interview today. Confused, Nik said he hadn't interviewed Duke.

Duke was alone on the pier waiting for Carlos. He heard footsteps and looked up to find Julian pointing a gun at him.

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