GH Update Wednesday 1/22/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/22/14


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina tries to convince Liz not to tell her secret that Patrick is the father of her baby and Patrick and Robin walks up and they think she knows what they were saying but they didn't. Robin and Patrick told of how Obrecht is the new Chief of Staff at GH. After Robin and Patrick left, they continued talking about Obrecht and she walks up behind them demanding for respect and will follow her rules. Obrecht told Liz to make different arrangements for her child after seeing her scrubs and asking if her shift was over.

Britt comes home to Wyndemere and tells Lulu and Nik about her mother. Lulu explains why she left Dante and Britt tells her to patch things up now with him. Lulu left to get info on Carly and runs into Dante at Kelly's. Lulu explains she is there to get something to eat for Bobbie and Dante tells her he is there on a false lead that Todd manufactured. Dante was called away and they agreed they needed to talk soon.

Robin and Patrick went to see Anna at the PCPD and informed her of Obrecht's new position. Anna informed them Frisco was looking into this but Obrecht must have info that the WSB needed and would impact a lot of lives.

Spencer, Emma, and Cameron go over to the stables for a "duel" and hear a noise. First, Spencer goes in with a cane and sees Heather. Heather convinces Spencer she works for Nik and then the other kids come in. Heather gives them advice for their love triangle and asks them not to say anything to Spencer's father. In the meantime, Carly is in a basket in another room in the stables and gets out. The kids hear this and Heather convinces them to leave and not to say a word. After finding Carly out of the basket, she drugged her leaving us with that cliffhanger.

Elizabeth goes to Wyndemere to pick up Cameron and accuses Britt that she is in cahoots with her mother when Nik walks in and Liz asks for Cameron. Nik tells her he is going to look for them and is about to leave and the kids walk in safe.

Kiki continues to hide Franco and does believe in him but tells him she can't keep lying to Michael and doesn't blame Michael for suspecting him. Franco tells her he thinks it is Ava. Kiki tells him she thinks it is Heather. Franco convinces her it couldn't be but doesn't tell her of what he did.

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