GH Update Tuesday 1/21/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/21/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the PCPD, Anna had a tense phone conversation. She told them their explanation was unacceptable and pointed out that they were putting countless lies in danger. She slammed the phone down and Dante asked if it was about Franco. Anna clarified that it was about someone else. Dante offered to help Anna with her issue, but she told him to focus on the search for Franco.

Michael vented to Kiki at their apartment. He didn't understand why Carly would get involved with Franco, knowing what she did about him. Michael apologized to Kiki, because he knew she had wanted to trust Franco. Kiki nervously admitted that someone stopped by while Michael was out. A panicked Franco listened in from his hiding place, in the closet, fearful that she was about to give him up. Kiki hesitated, then she told Michael about Silas's visit and his revelation that Kiki was the result of an adulterous affair. Michael pointed out that he was conceived during a drunken one night stand. Kiki felt bad about bringing this up right now, but Michael was grateful for the distraction. Michael admitted that he wanted to rip Franco to shreds. Michael made his way toward the closet to grab a shirt and the alarmed Kiki shouted “No!” Kiki convinced Michael to go take a shower and unwind. They kissed then Michael left the room. Franco emerged from the closet and complimented Kiki on her quick thinking. Kiki angrily pointed out that she didn't like lying to Michael, then she challenged Franco to explain why there was a knife with his fingerprints and Carly's blood on it. Franco insisted that someone was setting him up. Kiki ordered Franco to get out of her apartment. Franco was going to leave, but Dante knocked on the door and called out to Kiki and Michael.

Kiki ushered Franco back into the closet just before Michael walked into the room. Kiki let Dante in. He was there to let Michael know there was a warrant for Franco's arrest. Michael informed Dante that Michael pressured Scott into issuing the warrant. Michael was upset that Dante didn't tell him about the knife. Dante explained that he was just following orders, but Michael thought his brother owed him a heads up, especially if Scott was able to use his position to protect his son. Kiki stepped in and defended Dante for following protocol. Michael settled down and asked if there were any leads. Dante hoped Kiki could help. He asked if Franco had reached out to her. Michael said he hadn't, because Kiki would have said something if he did. Michael looked at Kiki, waiting for her to say he was right. Kiki didn't respond.

Heather hid the bound and gagged Carly at the Wyndemere stables. Carly spat insults and threats at Heather, who was unfazed. Heather thought the isolated island was the perfect spot for Carly. Heather was familiar with Wyndemere; she knew that Nikolas hadn't been riding since the summer and that the only visitor to the barn was the stable hand. In a sinister tone, Heather announced that she'd taken care of that already. Carly was disgusted when she realized Heather had killed someone else. “No one's coming for you, Carly. Least of all, Franco.” Heather stated. Carly mumbled that Sonny would find her and dismember Heather. To prove a point, Heather took Carly's gag out and mockingly yelled for help along with Carly. Carly was forced to admit that there was no point in yelling. No one could hear her. Heather added that everyone would think Franco killed her. Carly countered that Luke knew the truth. Heather cryptically said Luke was in no position to help and that he got what he deserved. Carly accused Heather of lying. She didn't think Heather would kill Luke, because she loved him. Heather admitted that she did love Luke. She reminded Carly that she (Heather) also loved Franco, even though he forced her to do this. Carly argued that Heather was deliberately choosing to frame Franco. Heather agreed, and she bragged that Franco would be arrested soon if he wasn't already and that he'd have to pay for his crimes “including what I'm about to do to you.”

Carly continued to taunt Heather until Heather got fed up and reached out to put the gag back in her mouth. Carly bit Heather and lunged at her. They struggled and Carly got the upper hand.

Lulu dropped by Wyndemere to visit Nikolas. Nik had Ben in his arms and explained that Spencer was upstairs playing with Cam. Nik asked if Dante had any news about Carly. Lulu revealed that she hadn't talked to him, because she left him after Britt told them that they wouldn't be able to have a baby. Lulu praised Britt's compassion and told Nik that Britt seemed almost as upset by the news as Lulu and Dante were. Lulu smiled and theorized that Nik must be having a positive affect on Britt. Lulu acknowledged that this wasn't Britt's fault. “It's not like she stole my last chance at having a child” Lulu stated, as he gaze shifted to Ben. Nik added that it wasn't Lulu's fault, either. Lulu thanked Nik. Nik asked if she knew that Dante wasn't to blame for this.

Elsewhere in the house, Cam wanted to play a game, but Spencer had something else in mind. He ordered Cam to stay from Emma. “No more notes, no more gifts...leave Emma alone!” Spencer snarled. Cam argued that Emma was his girlfriend. Spencer told him to go date Josslyn. Cam pointed out that he was older, and Spencer countered that he was a handsome prince. The boys had the realization that the choice was up to Emma. They ran downstairs and interrupted Lulu and Nik's talk. They said hello to their aunt, then they asked if Emma could come over. Nik handed Ben over to Lulu, who brightened as soon as the baby was placed in her arms, then he went to see if Emma was available.

Emma was at Kelly's with Robert and Mac. The little girl wailed that she was love-sick and buried her face in her hands, while Mac and Robert exchanged startled glances. Emma showed Mac and Robert two gifts. One from Cam and one from Spencer. She explained that they both wanted to be her girlfriend. Robert sputtered that Emma was too young for boys. Mac was amused and told Robert that Mac dealt with this while he was raising Robin. Mac added that it was now Robert's turn. Mac agreed that Emma was too young for a boyfriend but he was curious about who she'd choose. Robert interjected that she didn't have to choose. Mac stepped away to take a phone call. Emma asked Robert for advice. She didn't want to leave the boys hanging. Robert reiterated that she didn't have to make a choice now. Mac returned and told Emma that Spencer wanted her to come over. Emma excitedly asked if she could go. Just then, Anna came in. she kissed Emma hello and asked if she and Robert could have a word. Mac took Emma to Wyndemere.

Nik walked toward the door and Spencer, who was now wearing a tiny smoking jacket, rushed in front of him. Spencer sprayed breath freshener in his mouth, then opened the door. He took Emma's coat for her, then they ran off to play. Nik hoped that this play-date didn't get in the way of something Mac had planned. Mac assured him it was fine; his plans had changed because Anna needed to talk to Robert. Lulu asked if it was about Carly. Mac wasn't sure but he was optimistic that Carly would be found, because the best detective, Dante, was on the case. Lulu forced a smile.

Nik promised to drop Emma off later. Mac admitted that he hoped Lulu and Maxie would repair their friendship after Maxie returned. Lulu nodded and while Mac talked, she looked down at Ben.

Once all the kids were together, the boys bickered and urged Emma to choose between them. Emma couldn't make a decision, so Spencer came up with an idea. They went outside and to Cam's annoyance, Spencer took great pleasure in pointing out that everything there belonged to him (Spencer). Spencer decided to impress Emma by showing her the horses. He lead them to the stable door. Back inside, Heather got the best of Carly. She pinned her against the wall and snarled that she should have killed her when she had the chance. The women heard Spencer chattering outside, and Carly screamed for help. The kids froze with fear.

A member of the GH board of directors gathered Patrick, Robin, Silas, Monica, and Britt at the hospital for an announcement. Everyone was stunned when Liesl Obrecht walked in and announced that she was the new chief of staff. While Monica was confused about who Obrecht was, Robin, Patrick and Britt were shocked that she was free. Obrecht made a snide comment about Robin's attitude, and Robin lunged for her and began to strangle her. Patrick pried Robin off and the board member scolded Robin. Robin was appalled that the board hired a sociopath who enslaved Robin. She and Monica thought that Dr. Hardy would be disgusted. Obrecht disagreed. She thought he'd be impressed by the “grand plans” she had for the hospital. Obrecht revealed that the WSB had authorized her release. All charges had been dropped and Obrecht no longer had a record. Robin, Patrick and Britt were skeptical. Britt wondered why GH would hire her mother. The board member explained that they were impressed by her unique skill-set and a five year plan she designed to grow the hospital. Patrick refused to work for Obrecht and he threatened to quit. Obrecht reminded Patrick that he couldn't quit, because he was under contract. So were Silas and Britt. Robin refused to be Obrecht's slave again, so she stormed out, with Patrick on her heels. Obrecht called after her that her job would be there when she changed her mind. Monica was outraged that the board would hire Obrecht when they fired Monica for something her son was later acquitted of doing. Obrecht admitted that she wasn't squeaky clean, but she maintained that no one was. She shot Britt a pointed look and in a knowing tone, she reminded Silas that even the brightest minds have faced legal scrutiny. Obrecht ended the meeting, then she followed Britt out the door. Obrecht adopted a soft demeanor as she approached her daughter. She admitted she had been hoping Britt would be happy about this, since it would give them a chance to repair their relationship. Britt wasn't interested in reconciling with Obrecht, especially after she just threatened her. Obrecht insisted that she didn't threaten Britt, but Britt argued that her mother had been hinting that she'd reveal the truth about Ben unless Britt toed the line. Obrecht swore that she'd never tell the truth about Ben, because she didn't want to lose her grandson. Obrecht wanted one thing in return. Britt steeled herself, and Obrecht quietly asked Britt to give her a chance. Britt rolled her eyes and walked away.

Obrecht made her way to Silas and told him she hoped they would be able to work together. Silas thought they'd be fine as long as Obrecht didn't kidnap him or his loved ones. Obrecht offered Monica a job as head of cardiology. Obrecht then spoke privately with the board member. She revealed that she had forced the board to hire her and boasted that no one would be able to stop her from carrying out her plan.

Patrick caught up to Robin and told her he was going to deal with this. Robin wasn't optimistic. She thought Obrecht was going to trap Patrick, just like she trapped Robin and just like Britt tried to trap Patrick and make him her puppet. Patrick hugged Robin and promised that he wouldn't let Obrecht pull one over on them. Robin realized it was best to stay calm, because she survived two years of captivity by keeping her cool. Patrick told her that they'd tell Robert and Anna what was going on and deal with it as a family.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sabrina hugged Felix when he grudgingly promised not to tell anyone that Patrick, not Carlos, was her baby's father. Elizabeth happened to overhear Felix and her eyes widened in shock. Felix added that it was Sabrina's life and her business. Liz loudly cleared her throat. Felix and Sabrina tried to cover, but Liz revealed that she heard what they said. They went to a private part of the hospital to talk. Sabrina was adamant that her lie was the best thing for everyone involved and she asked Liz to forget what she overheard. Liz didn't understand how Sabrina could do this to the man she loved. Liz reminded Sabrina that Patrick was one of Liz's best friends and she refused to lie to him about something so important. Sabrina urged her to think of Robin and what the truth would do to her. Liz sidestepped the point and insisted that Patrick would want to know he was going to be a father again. Sabrina admitted she knew Patrick would step up, no matter what it would do to his family. Sabrina reminded Liz about what happened when Britt claimed Patrick was her baby's father. Liz argued that the situations weren't the same, and Felix agreed. Sabrina countered that the end result would be the same. This would cause a rift between Patrick and Robin that might never heal. Liz pointed out that it didn't have to – Robin and Patrick could deal with it like adults. Sabrina felt like everyone had been hurt too much already. She begged Liz not to say anything and she repeated that Patrick couldn't know he was the baby's father. Just after as she said that, Patrick and Robin entered the room.

Back at Wyndemere, Nik reminded Lulu that she never answered his question. Lulu confirmed that she knew it wasn't Dante's fault that they couldn't have children. She explained that this separation was about her. She didn't know how to let go of her dream of being a parent. Britt walked in. Lulu told Ben that his mommy was home and she took him over to see Britt. Britt took Ben, and Nik asked how things went at the hospital. Britt told him to brace himself.

Back at Kelly's, Anna filled Robert in on the news about Obrecht. She explained that the WSB contacted her around Christmas and demanded that the PCPD turn Obrecht over to them. Anna had refused, but the WSB was able to get their way. Robert thought that sounded similar to the way the WSB took custody of Julian. Robert and Anna thought Obrecht must have traded something to the WSB in exchange for this deal. Anna wondered if Obrecht knew what Anna and Robert did to Faison. Robert was confident that she didn't. Anna pointed out that Obrecht was suspicious about what happened to Faison, and Robert reminded Anna that they already planned for this and made sure that Obrecht would never figure out the truth. Robert was concerned that whatever Obrecht traded to the WSB would come back to bite all of them. Anna hoped Frisco would be able to shed some light on this. Robert thought Frisco would have called them by now if he knew anything. Robert decided to make some inquiries with the other people he knew at the WSB. Anna sighed that she'd wait until Obrecht slipped up and catch her again. Robert announced that they had bigger problems – Emma was in a love triangle.

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