GH Update Monday 1/20/14

General Hospital Update Monday 1/20/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Silas goes to see Kiki. She invites her father in cordially and asks what is on his mind. He tells her he wanted to talk to her about something. She asks what. He replies about his wife.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy tells Monica that Luke is going to look for "something" (or someone) whom he knows is an intruder at their boathouse. Luke is startled to find Carly lying on the ground, held captive with her mouth gagged.

Franco goes to the police station and overhears Anna assuring Michael that they will find and punish Franco for what has happened to Michael's mom.

At the hospital, Sabrina and Felix run into Patrick and Robin and asks if Robin is returning. They inform the two nurses that Robin will hopefully e appointed for the new chief of staff position. Patrick and Robin admit that they know that Sabrina is pregnant but Felix wonders why Patrick seems to "disregard" the importance of the fact that she is having his baby. Patrick then reveals that he was just informed that Carlos is the father of Sabrina's baby.

After Silas informs Kiki that he's married, she assumes that he's just married Sam and asks if this is not a bit "sudden." But he tells her that it's not Sam. He is still legally married to another. Kiki then appears startled and surprised and asks her "dad" if Sam knows and how she has taken the news.

Lucas (Bobbie's adopted son, biological son of Julian and Cheryl Stansbury) runs into Sam at Kelly's. After the two of them acknowledge that they are half brother and sister, he tells her that he knows it's "awkward" but they are now family members and can now be friendly even though their "mutual dad" is dead. Not far away, Julian overhears them.

The cops gets ready to bring Franco in while he stands outside the door overhearing unseen.

Tracy talks to Monica about how they've gotten the idea that there is a "rodent" not far away. While Luke goes to find the "raccoon" and surprisingly finds Carly held hostage, he asks his niece how this happened. He is not surprised that Carly tells him it was not Franco. But when Luke hears that a "she" did this, Carly informs him and urges her uncle to move quickly before Heather returns. Before they can get away, however, Heather enters and asks what they have been saying about her behind her back.

Silas has a bowl of cereal with Kiki, and she is surprised to find out that her bio father's wife has been in a coma for 20 years. She was born from his extra-marital affair with her mother. Before they can continue their conversation, he gets a call and tells her he has an emergency board meeting at the hospital to get to. Before he can leave, she thanks him for coming over and for being honest with her. She remarks that is kind of a rarity these days. Right after he's gone, Franco enters and asks her to hide him.

Scott Baldwin asks Anna and Michael just whom this "mysterious person" was who called the police station and tipped them off about Franco's whereabouts and how they "know" that he kidnapped and attempted to murder Carly.

After Felix finds out, for the first time, from Patrick that Sabrina informed him that Carlos is the father of her baby, he is very surprised and has difficulty believing this. But she tells him that although she's not proud of it, she did sleep with Carlos the night her wedding with Patrick was canceled. But as soon as she is alone with Felix, he tells her he knows she is either lying now or lying when she confirmed she did not sleep with Carlos. But she confirms that is true and she has lied to Patrick and now to Robin informing them that she did sleep with Carlos.

As soon as Julian overhears Lucas confirming to Sam that he believes their mutual father has died, he comes out of hiding and tells Sam that he would like her to acknowledge the fact that he is her father. She tells him he better leave her alone when she was having a private conversation with Lucas. Lucas asks what on earth he is talking about and who he is. He tells Lucas if he reads the papers, he will know that Julian Jerome is very much alive. He apparently does not know who Lucas is or why this concerns him. But Lucas informs him that he is Julian's son.

At the police station, Scott Baldwin questions both Anna and Michael for why they are rushing to judgment about his "son."

When Patrick is alone talking to Robin and assures her that he won't let the "baby drama" get in the way of them getting back together and that they both realize Sabrina works there, he does remark that he finds it a bit odd that Sabrina would not have told Felix if Carlos is in fact the father of her baby. He also knows that is was not she who initially informed him of that when he want to talk to her. Carlos said that and Sabrina simply confirmed it.

Brit goes to the hospital and finds Silas. She tells him that she know he is competing for the chief of staff position and so is she.

Tracy tells Monica that she saw the list of candidates for the position and did not see Monica's name on it. Monica informs her that she is going to re-apply. The entire reason she got fired, in the first place, was because of AJ, a matter that has since been resolved.

When Luke goes to find Carly and Heather returns, he holds a club at her. But she holds a gun on him. Carly urges her uncle to do what Heather says because Heather has a gun> But Luke gets the gun away from Heather, tells her the game is over and she loses.

At the hospital, Felix tells Sabrina he believes she's making a terrible mistake to be lying about Patrick not being the father of her baby. She tells him that she believes she is doing the right thing and hopes she can count on his confidentiality.

Not far away, Silas, Brit, Patrick and Robin all find out that they are four of the candidates in competition for the chief of staff position at the hospital.

Alexis and Sonny talk about their respective history with the wrong partners in their lives. She admits that she sees him as the one out of the three completely unsuitable men to have gotten her pregnant, he's "not the worst." He tells her he is very worried that she might trust Julian Jerome. She assures him she is representing him and needs his signature on forms she will keep in her office instead of his kitchen because she does not want more trouble. But he informs her that he has already taken action against Julian.

Julian is startled to see that his son is standing right before him. But Lucas does not seem encouraged to do that.

Michael goes to see Kiki after she's hid Franco. He wonders why she's taken so much time to answer the door. He informs her (not knowing she's hiding Franco) that the police are going to arrest him. She reminds him that he promised to give Franco the benefit of the doubt. But he informs her that both of their blood and a knife were found on his mom's abandoned car.

Luke fights Heather while Carly watches as she is still being kept hostage. He manages to get the gun away from her, but out of nowhere, two strange guys enter and knock Luke out with a pipe to the back of the head. They announce that they are ready to "work" for Heather. Carly cannot believe that anybody would work for this idiot.

Not far away, Tracy wonders what is keeping Luke. She wonders why he has not caught the "raccoon."

When Julian finds Lucas outside of Kelly's, he tells his son that he wants to make up for the time they have lost. But Lucas tells him no.

Kiki asks Michael if he's sure that they really found "Franco's knife" with his mom's blood. She asks if he's certain and if the cops have found the knife today. He admits that he got a call from an "anonymous" person. Kiki asks whom this mysterious person is who told Michael the cops were sitting on evidence and instantly it appears she smells a rat.

Tracy goes into the house in the woods and finds Luke passed out. But she has no way of knowing why.

Sam tells Julian she does not think he deserves any medal of honor because he's found his "son." She believes he's a sleazeball to be waging his war with Sonny and using her little boy to do it.

While the four competing doctors are all standing and waiting to find out which of them has been selected to be the new chief of staff, Monica comes by and tells them they need not apply for her position. But it appears she has not gotten authorization to reclaim her old job. They then find out that none of them got the position. But they ask in that case, who did? Out of nowhere, Obrecht appears and announces she is now the new chief of medial staff at Port Charles General Hospital.

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