GH Update Friday 1/17/14

General Hospital Update Friday 1/17/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

AJ is at home looking at the newspaper and trying to avoid having a drink. It doesn't work, so he pours some vodka in a glass of orange juice, and takes a gulp. Tracy suddenly shows up, and says "Put it down.", startling AJ. She accuses him of having her newspaper, and he tells her to check the front stoop. Tracy says that she already has, and it's not there. AJ doesn't really care, and says maybe somebody swiped it.

The culprit is Heather, in disguise, returning to the boathouse. Heather isn't happy that there's nothing new about Carly's disappearance. Heather is disappointed that Franco hasn't been arrested yet. She wonders what is up with the PCPD.

Scotty arrives at the police station, where Anna tells him that she' s been trying to reach him. She wonders if he's avoiding her, and he reminds her, that they are on the same side. Anna wants him to speed up the arrest warrant for Franco. He tells her that it's not gonna happen.

Franco is outside Kelly's, leaving a message for Kiki. He tells her that he hasn't had much luck in his search for Carly. He thanks her for her support, and for having faith in him. He wishes the cops would feel the same way. He wishes that they would focus on finding Carly, and not so much on him. He's feeling very alone. He glances inside Kelly's and sees Sam with Silas Clay.

Sam is sharing her pancakes with Silas, who thanks her, but not just for the pancakes. He thanks her for believing in him, regarding his wife's coma. He felt guilty all these years, for thinking he drove her to suicide. He's still having a hard time believing that someone would want to hurt her. Sam says that's why they have to get to work proving his innocence. She still thinks that Ava is behind it.

Ava has met up with her brother at Metro Court. They are going up in the elevator to his office, where he wants to discuss their plans for Sonny. He wants her to "take point". Ava thanks him, sarcastically, for remembering they were partners. He tells her that they are equal partners, but this time it's different. He tells her that he's going out of town for awhile. When she asks if it's a business trip, he tells her that he's going to Seattle. He tells her that he's going to find his son.

Bobbie is at Carly's, looking at a picture of her daughter and Lucas. Luke tries to comfort her, but she's worried, because there hasn't been any news. The doorbell rings, and Bobbie goes to answer it, hoping it's someone with news. Instead, it turns out to be Lucas.

Ava and Julian get off the elevator on the floor, where his office is. Ava wonders if it's a good idea to leave town, but Julian is determined to find Lucas. He asks her to keep an eye on things, before he notices all of his stuff has been packed up. "What the hell is going on here?" he asks. He finds Sonny, sitting at his desk. "Hope you don't mind me dropping by." he says, smugly.

Lucas has come to be here for his mother, while Carly is missing. Luke welcomes his namesake with open arms. Lucas asks if there's any news, and when Luke tells him no. Lucas wants to march down to the police station to find out. This upsets Bobbie, who immediately tries to send him back to Seattle. He tells Bobbie that he's on a leave, but she still tries to get rid of him. Luke covers for his sister, saying she's been stressed out. Bobbie relents, and lets Lucas stay. Luke directs him to Morgan's bedroom upstairs. Luke gives Bobbie a hug, as she thanks him for covering for her. Luke tells her that she's going to have to let Lucas know about Julian.

Julian wants to know what Sonny is doing in his office. Sonny jokes about doing a little decorating. Ava tells him that he's trespassing, and Sonny takes great delight in telling them that this isn't Julian's office anymore. His lease has been terminated. "By whom?" Julian asks. Olivia shows up in the doorway, and says "That would be me."

At Kelly's, Sam maps out a plan of action to help Silas prove his innocence. This includes talking to Ava's mother Delia again, which Silas isn't too thrilled about. Silas is grateful that Sam believes in him, when really she should hate him. He reaches out , and takes her hands, just as Franco barges in. He tells Sam that he has a job for her.

In the boathouse, Heather doesn't understand why Franco hasn't been arrested yet. She tells Carly that she practically spoon fed them the evidence. She throws Tracy's newspaper down in frustration. She tells Carly that she even left a knife with Franco's prints on it. "What is the holdup?" she demands.

At the police station, Anna wants to know why Scotty is stalling. She asks him if he's looked at the evidence, and he says that he has. He tells her that he's not going to be humiliated again, with incomplete evidence. Anna tells them they have the knife with Carly's blood and Franco's prints on it. Anna wonders if Scotty s protecting his son. Scotty says he isn't, but he does want a body.

Tracy is still going on about her missing newspaper, and still blames AJ. AJ says he doesn't have it, but maybe that raccoon down at the boathouse is redecorating. AJ tells her that he was walking by the boathouse, the other day, and thought he heard a raccoon. Tracy says that she can't believe that she's reduced to living with vermin. "Oh is Luke moving back in?" cracks AJ. Tracy is obviously scared, and wants AJ to go down to the boathouse "to confront the beast".

Heather closes the door to the boathouse, still complaining about the PCPD. Carly begs her to remove her gag. She tells Heather that her plan isn't working. Franco isn't learning any lessons. She thinks Heather should cut her losses, and let her go, She promises Heather she won't tell anyone who held her captive. Heather seems to be mulling it over but then says "What's the fun in that?" She waves the butcher knife around.

Back at Carly's, Bobbie says that Lucas doesn't have to tell Lucas about Julian Jerome. Luke tells her he man Lucas grieved for was his father. He also tells her that Julian being Lucas' biological father won't take anything away from Tony or her. He realizes that's what she's worried about. He tells her that Lucas isn't a child anymore, and has to make his own decision about Julian Jerome. Bobbie tells Luke that she knows that she has to tell Lucas. Lucas comes back downstairs, and says "Tell me what?"

Julian wants to know what kind of game Olivia is playing. Olivia says that she isn't playing games. Apparently, Olivia has inherited Connie's half of the hotel, and is his new landlord. She tells him that she's kicking him out. Ava says that she can't kick him out, because he has a lease. Julian says that he paid a year in advance. Olivia shows him the part of the lease, where she can terminate it, if she suspects him of illegal activities. Ava takes a look at the lease, while Julian makes a crack about who Olivia's boyfriend is. "You got something against coffee, Julian?" Sonny asks sarcastically. Olivia plays it tough with Julian, who says "This isn't over." The hotel staff start wheeling things out, including his bags from his room. Sonny gloats, as Olivia tells Julian to find new place to live.

At the police station, Anna wants to know why he isn't using his influence on this case. She thinks that he's protecting Franco, but Scotty says that he hardly knows him. Anna makes a crack about Scotty's self-serving reputation. Scotty says that he doesn't want to be embarrassed in court again, because of lack of evidence. Scotty is still unhappy about the missing security footage. Anna lists the evidence they do have, the knife with Franco's prints, and Carly's blood, and the letter, among other things. She tells him that Franco had the means, motive, and opportunity since he has no alibi. "Is there anything else we can get for you?" she asks. "How about a body?" says Scotty.

At the boathouse, Carly asks Heather if she's going to kill her. "Not yet," says Heather. She tells Carly that she was just messing with her. She's getting impatient with the lack of progress at the police station. Carly tries to talk her into going there and complaining to them. Heather tells her that "I'm crazy not stupid." She says besides everyone knows that she's locked up at Miscavige. She can't waltz into the PCPD with a tip. She comes up with a plan to use someone close to Carly. Carly begs her to stay away from Michael. Heather says that she's not going to hurt him, just use him. Heather makes the call and, in a poorly disguised voice, telling Michael that she wants to make Franco pay. Carly struggles to get loose.

At the Quartermaines, Tracy and AJ are arguing about the raccoon, when Michael shows up. AJ asks if there's any word on Carly. Michael says no, and he's going out of his mind. Tracy tells Michael to let the police do their job, and remember that Carly is a Spencer. Michael wonders what that means, and Tracy says Carly's a Spencer and they survive anything. Michael doesn't take comfort in Tracy's sarcastic remarks. Tracy is still concerned with the raccoon. Tracy wants Michael to help her get rid of the raccoon. AJ blasts Tracy for wanting to use Michael at this time. Tracy marches off to find Alice, "the real knight in shining armor" of this house.

Michael thanks AJ for supporting him with Tracy. He looks at the drink in AJ's hand, and asks how he's doing. AJ guesses that Monica has told him about his drinking again. Michael says that she did, but only because she's worried about him. Michael tells him that he's glad that he went to the AA meeting, even if Monica had to drag him. Michael understands about the guilt AJ feels for killing Connie, but he can't go back to drinking again. Michael is worried about his mom, and doesn't want to worry about him, too. He asks AJ if he's drinking again, as AJ looks at the booze laid out. Michael asks him again, but AJ is saved by Heather's phone call.

At Kelly's, Franco interrupts Sam and Silas's breakfast, by telling Sam he wants to hire her. Sam says no way in hell would she ever work for him. He wants her to help find Carly, but Sam says that she's heard that he's the prime suspect. Surprisingly, Silas thinks Sam should listen to him. He tells her if the police are focusing on Franco, because of his past, they might overlook another suspect. Carly will end up paying the price. She agrees, but then asks Franco to prove to her, why should believe him.

Pretending to be an employee of the PCPD, Heather calls Michael and advises him to ask the DA and the police what they know. She tells him about the butcher knife found with Carly's blood and Franco's fingerprints, and Michael asks who she is. Heather hangs up, and Michael rushes off to the police station. AJ pours himself another drink.

At the police station, Anna and Scotty are arguing over how many times they've used their positions to protect their families. He brings up Duke, and Anna tells him that he's a law abiding citizen now. She still thinks he's protecting Franco, and if he's hurt Carly Jacks he should be locked up. Scotty says it's too bad she can't go over his head, because he's the boss. Anna threatens to talk to the mayor, and walks away.

Heather thinks that if Franco turned himself in, he would just get manslaughter. Now that Michael is on his way to the police station, Franco will be arrested, and all she has to do is take care of Carly. Carly is gagged again.

Bobbie is nervous, and tells Lucas that she just wasn't ready for this. Lucas asks if it's something about Carly, and Luke tells him no. Bobbie asks Luke to leave, so can talk to her son.

Back at Metro Court, Julian still doesn't want to leave, but Olivia won't budge. As Ava reads the lease, Olivia tells him that lease has been amended, because it's in the name of Derek Wells, and not Julian Jerome.

At the same, Sam is hearing out Franco, who tells her and Silas that Ava threatened Carly. Franco says that they all know what Ava is capable of lying. She lied about Kiki being his daughter, and Silas suggests they leave Kiki out of this. Sam lets slip that they are already investigating Ava, which peaks Franco's curiosity. Sam picks up her portfolio, and tells him that it's none of his business. She gets up and leaves.

Back at Metro Court, Ava wonders why Sonny is letting Olivia do his dirty work for him. Ava asks him about the code of honor for people like them, but he tells her that she blew that when they turned his son against him. "So this is retaliation." says Julian, as he leaves. "This is the best you could do?" Sonny says that he's just having fun, and asks the security guards to escort Julian off the premises. Julian tells Sonny that this is not over. Sonny wants Ava to go ,too, but she isn't finished yet.

Franco is disappointed that Sam won't take the case, and leaves in a huff. He heads to the police station, while Silas asks Sam if she's okay. Silas says that he needs to get to work, too. He thinks it's interesting that Francois accusing Ava of hurting Carly Jacks, when they're wondering if Ava had anything to do with his wife's death. "There's no telling what she's capable of."

Back at the Quartermaine's, AJ is pouring himself another drink. He looks a the picture where the safe is, and has a flashback of the night Connie was killed.

At the police station, Michael asks Scotty about the knife, and tells him that someone called him about it. Scotty immediately blames Anna for leaking the information so she can get a warrant.

Heather returns to boathouse, complaining about all the Quartermaines running around. She's annoyed that they just can't stay away from the boathouse. She tells Carly that they're going to have to relocate.

AJ has another flashback of someone being in the elevator with him. He wonders if it's real. Tracy comes back with a butterfly net, and some other equipment to catch the raccoon. He tells Tracy that he was trying to remember something. She brushes him off, and he asks her about Alice. Apparently, Alice is afraid of the raccoons, too. AJ leaves the room, telling her "he's leaving her with the vermin". Of course, that's when Luke comes in, and Tracy says she needs his help. "Huntin wabbits?" quips Luke. Tracy says "Not quite." She tells him if he loves her, he'll help her do this.

Heather says it's time to move, and she knows just where to stash her. Carly looks worried. Heather warns not to make any trouble, because if she does, it could get very messy. And it might take a long time for someone to find her.

Luke jokes around about the raccoons, while practicing his golf swing. Tracy is surprised that Luke even cares about Carly. He, of course, is worried about his living arrangements at Metro Court. He says that he'll probably be evicted, and Bobbie would be very upset. Tracy says that Carly should've known better than to hang around Franco. She's grateful that he's not a Quartermaine, and Luke makes fun of him being the spawn of Scotty and Heather. Luke says he almost feels sorry for him, (as he scoffs down some breakfast.) Tracy says to let Anna take care of the investigation. Luke tries to wheedle out of raccoon hunting, but after running out of excuses, he takes on the job.

At Carly's, Lucas wants to know what's going on with Bobbie. Lucas agrees with Luke that Bobbie isn't taking care of herself. He goes to kitchen to see if Carly has any frozen pizza. Bobbie says she'll lie down for awhile.

Sam is still at Kelly's, where Julian finds her and sits down. He asks how she and Danny are, but she doesn't want to talk to him about her son. Again she gets up to leave.  "So how about we talk about mine?" he says, surprising her. Sam denies knowing anything about Lucas, but Julian doesn't buy it. He tells her about the research he's done. Sam tells him that she's not talking about Lucas or anything else, and leaves. Lucas has turned up at Kelly's , and introduces himself to Sam. Sam stares through the window at Julian.

Michael lays into Scotty at the police station and threatens a lawsuit if Scotty doesn't arrest Franco. Scotty asks if Michael learned to make threats from Sonny. Michael says that Sonny doesn't make threats, he does what he says, and so will he.

At Metro Court, Ava says that things don't have to be this way. Sonny doesn't want to have anything to do with Ava. He's glad that Morgan dumped her, but Ava warns him that there are chinks in his armor. He says that Carly will be found , and that there will be hell to pay. Ava gets cocky and reminds him that Connie's killer hasn't been found.

Not so fast there Ava, AJ is having another flashback about leaving Connie's office. Tracy comes in, and spoils the moment.

Michael is still going after Scotty, who asks Anna if she's go to do anything. She thinks Michael is within his rights. Scotty gives in, and gives the go ahead for the warrant to arrest Franco. Franco has arrived at the station, and overhears this. He's hiding around the corner.

Luke's raccoon hunting at the boathouse turns into him finding Carly.

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