GH Update Thursday 1/16/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/16/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

When Julian entered his suite, Ava showed him a copy of his newspaper. The headline read “Cuckoo for Carly!” “Subtle,” Ava said, sarcastically. Julian shrugged and told her they sold out the early edition due to that headline. He added that they had to make legitimate money or the Feds would get suspicious. Ava asked Julian what he thought happened to Carly. Julian snapped that he wasn't a cop, so he had no idea. The conversation shifted to Morgan. Ava was still bitter that Julian had destroyed her personal life. Julian told her to tell Morgan that he had nothing to do with Carly's disappearance, then he changed his mind and told Ava to stay away from Morgan. Julian mentioned that he planned to keep using the paper to try Franco in the court of public opinion. Ava was concerned that this would upset Kiki, but Julian replied that she'd get over it. Julian wanted to keep trashing Franco to keep the heat off the Jeromes. Ava was confused – she thought that was why they bought the DA. Julian thought it would be a good idea to remind Scott that he owed them, but in the meantime, it didn't hurt to keep the focus on Franco and off of Julian and Ava.

Julian revealed that he had a reason for inviting Ava over. Ava assumed he wanted to talk about Sonny. She thought it would be good to strike Sonny now, while he was distracted because of Carly. Julian was already putting things into place. Ava was miffed that Julian hadn't kept her up to date, and Julian promised to keep her in the loop in the future. He explained that he actually called her over to discuss Bobbie. Ava asked who “he” was. Julian revealed that “she” was someone he knew from his “first life.” He told Ava how he saw the name Lucas come up on Bobbie's cell phone. Ava remembered that Julian thought he had a connection with Lucas. Julian revealed that Lucas was his son. Ava noted that Julian had certainly spread his seed. She asked if Bobbie was another teenager. Julian explained that Bobbie was Lucas's adoptive mother. Julian told Ava how Luke and Bobbie launched an elaborate routine to convince Julian that Luke had butt-dialed Bobbie. Julian didn't buy their act, and it raised his suspicions, so he looked into it and learned that Bobbie had illegally adopted a boy she named Lucas. Since the adoption was illegal, Lucas was given back to his biological mother, who was Julian's lover. Eventually there was a custody battle between Bobbie and Lucas's aunt Tiffany and Bobbie got Lucas back. Julian planned to go meet Lucas and get to know him. Ava wondered if Julian was doing this because Sam didn't want anything to do with him. Julian explained that he wanted to be a better father to his children than his father had been. Ava quipped that Julian was keeping his expectations low, since their father Victor was a terrible parent. Ava liked Victor's power and prestige, but she hadn't found him to be a warm father. Julian told her to imagine growing up with Victor. Victor had relentless expectations and he pitted his sons against each other. Julian also had to deal with Duke, who was also like Victor's son, and another sister who made Ava seem stable by comparison. Julian used to vacillate between wanting to make Victor proud and wanting to kill him. Julian felt fortunate that Victor died before Julian got a chance to do either. Julian wanted to be someone his kids could turn to. Ava thought it was a little late for that, because Julian's kids were adults and Sam hated him. Julian thought Sam could change her mind, especially if he got through to Lucas. Ava thought that Julian should respect Bobbie's wishes and stay away from Lucas. Julian countered that Ava hadn't given up on Kiki. He insisted that he and Lucas had a right to know each other.

At Carly's, Lulu looked at a picture of herself with Carly. Nathan came downstairs and thanked Lulu for cooperating with the search, instead of making him get a warrant first. Lulu chuckled that her father would have done that. Lulu was curious about the evidence Nathan found. Nathan explained that in addition to finding the letter on Carly's computer, he'd also matched the luggage in the house to the suitcase found in the trunk of the car. Lulu got overwhelmed, because she assumed this meant Carly had tried and been prevented from leaving town. She had to sit down, and Nathan asked if she was okay. Lulu assured him she was fine. Nathan offered to give Dante her regards when he got back to the station. Lulu was confused, and Nathan clarified that he thought she might want to say hi, because she mentioned that Dante saved her life. Lulu nodded and confirmed that he did. Nathan sensed that Lulu was upset, so he assumed it was a painful subject, and he apologized for bringing it up again. Lulu explained that she was just worried about Carly. Nathan assured her he and Dante were doing all they could to ensure a positive outcome. Lulu was going to say something, but she changed her mind and reminded Nathan that he should go. She wished Nathan luck and he left.

Bobbie returned and Lulu told her about Nathan's visit. Bobbie told Lulu about taking Carly's toothbrush to the station, so the police could check her DNA against the blood on the car. Bobbie assumed it was going to be a match, but Lulu urged her to stay optimistic. Lulu was confident in Dante's detective skills, despite their separation. “If anyone can find Carly, it's him” she said. Bobbie revealed that she still hadn't told Lucas about Carly. Lulu was shocked, and she pointed out that Carly had been missing for two days. Bobbie was hesitant to tell Lucas the truth, because she didn't want him to come to town and run into his biological father, Julian. Bobbie worried that it might be difficult for Lulu to hear this story, because she just lost custody of the baby. Lulu assured her that she was okay. Bobbie explained that Lucas knew Julian was his biological father, but he thought Julian was dead. Bobbie wanted it to stay that way. Bobbie still thought Julian didn't know he had a son. Bobbie later called Lucas and broke the news about Carly.

At the police station, Anna told Dante that the blood on the knife was Carly's and the prints were Franco's. Dante was disheartened and assumed Franco had probably murdered Carly. Anna and Dante discussed the case. Someone had erased the parking garage security video. Anna didn't think Scott would be willing risk losing another high profile case so soon after failing to convict AJ. She believed that Scott would refuse to issue a warrant for Franco's arrest unless he was certain he could convict him. Dante knew this meant they had to prove Franco did something to Carly. Nathan returned, and Dante and Anna walked him through a time line they developed of Carly's movements leading up to her disappearance. They assumed that Sonny convinced Carly to end things with Franco, so she went home, wrote the break up letter and slid it under Franco's door, hoping he wouldn't find it until the next morning. The police believed that Franco was lying about finding the letter today and that he'd actually received it the night before. They speculated that Franco had noticed the letter being slipped under his door, read it, raced after Carly, tried to convince her to reconsider and killed her when she refused.

Dante couldn't figure out why Franco had the knife with him. They knew the knife was from the Metro Court kitchen. Anna theorized that Carly had brought the knife with her for protection and that Franco had wrestled it away from her and stabbed her with it. Dante pointed out that Carly's fingerprints weren't on the knife, and Anna said she must have been wearing gloves. They assumed that Carly had smeared blood on the door when she tried to escape after Franco stabbed her. Dante thought Franco must have panicked and gotten sloppy when he threw the knife in a garbage can right next to the car. Anna wasn't sure she bought this. She wished they had the hotel's surveillance footage for that night. Dante thought Franco must have used Carly's key to get into the security office and erase it. Anna admitted that their theory wasn't that bad, but she wondered where the body was.

Heather returned to the boathouse. Carly was sleeping on the floor. There was a bandaged cut on her arm. Heather woke up Carly, who groggily asked if she was still alive. She glanced around and announced that she was in hell. Heather revealed that she paid a kid to go into Kelly's and pick up some food for her and Carly. Carly noticed the wound on her arm and moaned that Heather cut her. Heather cheerfully told her it was a small cut, and she added that she gave Carly a sedative and bandaged her up. Carly wondered why Heather cut her, and Heather explained that she did it so she could frame Franco for Carly's murder. Heather felt that she had been good to Franco. She thought Carly should relate to Heather's attempts to protect Franco from someone who wanted him dead. Heather was upset that Franco had repaid her by stabbing her and burying her alive. She couldn't forgive him for it and she wanted revenge.

Carly asked how Heather planned to frame Franco. She was stunned when Heather revealed that she had been following Carly ever since Carly said goodbye to Franco and got into the elevator. Heather added that she overheard Sonny advise Carly to break up with Franco. Heather had gone to Carly's house and deposited the unconscious Carly on the floor, while she wrote the letter. Heather revealed that in the letter, she'd called Franco a dangerous psychopath. Carly was confident that Franco would know the letter was a fake, because she'd recently told Franco that she knew he wasn't like that anymore. Heather shrugged. It didn't matter to her if Franco didn't believe it, because he wasn't the target audience. Heather used Carly's master key to break into Franco's room, then she placed the letter inside. As Heather was leaving, she almost got caught by Ava. Heather felt fortunate that that “witch” was too preoccupied with her phone to notice Heather. Carly was surprised Heather didn't like Ava either. Heather explained that she was angry that Ava had tricked Franco into thinking Kiki was his daughter. Heather spat that Ava was loathsome and vile for hurting Heather's son. Carly pointed out that Heather was also hurting Franco, and she tried to convince Heather that it wasn't too late to stop this revenge plot and repair her relationship with him. Heather insisted that there was no going back after Franco “killed” her and the police had discovered the evidence she planted.

Sounding pleased with herself, Heather told Carly about the evidence. Franco had buried Heather with the knife he used to stab her. Heather took that knife, which still had Franco's fingerprints on it, wiped her blood off, then used it to cut Carly's arm. Heather then drove Carly's car to the Metro Court and smeared blood on the door. Heather knew that Franco wouldn't figure out that she framed him, because he thought she was dead. She crowed that she would bury him alive, like he buried her, except she'd use a prison cell instead of dirt. “Poor Franco” Carly whispered. “Poor me!” Heather shot back. Carly asked what was going to happen to her. Heather took Carly's question as a sign that she was only concerned about herself – more proof that she was no good for Franco. Carly believed that Franco would figure this out. Heather countered that no one would believe him. Carly revealed that she updated the hotel's surveillance system after Connie's death. Heather announced that she already knew that and she used Carly's key to access and erase the video from that night. Heather planned to keep Carly around so that they could enjoy Franco's suffering together. Once the police put all the pieces of the case together, Heather was going to put the final nail in Franco's coffin by giving the police Carly's body.

Elizabeth and Nikolas bumped into each other at GH. Nik had just finished attending a board meeting about hiring a new Chief of Staff. Liz asked Nik for an inside scoop, but then she changed her mind, because she didn't want to take advantage of their friendship. Nik confessed that he was surprised she and the boys didn't come over for the holiday. He conceded that it was probably his fault for not formally inviting them. Nik admitted he'd missed Liz. She smiled and told him she missed him, too. They apologized to each other. Liz revealed that she had wanted to invite Nik over for the holiday, too. She was about to explain why she didn't when Nik correctly guessed that

Liz wasn't sure whether or not to invite Britt and Ben. Liz admitted that she and Britt weren't friends, so Liz didn't want to add tension to the holiday. At the time, Liz decided it was best not to call, but now she regretted it. Even though Robin was back now, Liz had learned from her “death” that people can be gone in an instant. She pointed out that Nik could get on a plane and leave tomorrow. Nik assured Liz he wasn't planning on doing that. Liz inquired about his plans for this afternoon, and she invited him to go ice skating with her, Cam and Aiden. The boys were still learning, but she thought it would be fun for everyone. Nik told her he didn't know how to ice skate. He asked what she'd do if he and the boys got stranded on the ice. Liz promised to rescue them. When Nik still wouldn't agree to go, Liz teased that he was afraid of looking undignified. Nik admitted she was right. Liz playfully warned that he was turning into his uncle Stefan. “All the spontaneity is being sucked right out of you.” Nik played along. He pretended to be horrified and asked if it was really that bad. Liz solemnly confirmed that it was and she urged him to go skating to prove her wrong. Liz grinned and playfully gave Nik's jacket a tug. Just then, Britt called. Nik took the call, then he told Liz that he had to go, because Britt and Spencer had a surprise for him. Liz understood. Nik told Liz he was counting on her to make sure he didn't turn into his uncle. Liz replied that it was a deal, and Nik left.

Franco returned to his suite. Sonny was inside, sitting in a chair and reading a newspaper that had pictures of Franco and Carly on the front page. Sonny revealed that he was having Franco followed. He knew that Franco had just been to see his psychiatrist, Kevin. Sonny added that Franco hadn't left anything incriminating in the room. Franco insisted that he didn't have anything to do with it. “If you didn't do it, who did?” Sonny asked. Franco didn't know, but he thought he was being framed. All Franco wanted was for Carly to come back to him. Franco wondered if Sonny had framed him in order to get him out of the way. Sonny informed Franco that he preferred to take a direct approach and just get rid of people. Sonny admitted that he did try to convince Carly to leave Franco. Sonny hoped that wasn't the last thing he'd get to say to Carly. Franco asked why he'd say something like that, and Sonny said it was because Franco had a history of terrorizing the people in Sonny's life. Michael had told Sonny about the breakup letter, so Sonny was confident that he'd gotten through to Carly. Franco was skeptical, so he asked Sonny if Carly told him she would break up with Franco. Sonny confessed that she didn't, but he explained that he knew Carly well enough to know she would never admit to being wrong. Franco snapped that he knew about Carly's defiant streak, too, and he liked that about her. Franco theorized that someone else wrote the letter. He explained that things were going so well for him and Carly that she had left to tell Michael that nothing would tear them apart. Sonny pointed out that Carly had admitted to deluding herself in the letter. Franco admitted he'd done terrible things, and he reminded Sonny that Sonny had, too.

Franco believed that Sonny must understand how terrifying it was to love a woman and knew she might never return your feelings because of your past actions. Franco thought Sonny must know how it felt to have everyone refuse to believe you were a changed man, due to your love for someone. Sonny challenged Franco to explain who wrote the letter. Franco thought there must have been someone else in the restaurant who overheard the argument. Sonny was adamant that no one else was there. He told Franco that Carly chose her kids over him and wrote the letter. Franco swore that he was incapable of hurting Carly. Sonny countered that Franco had basically tortured Jason and his loved ones, including Carly. Franco insisted that he never hurt Carly. Sonny told Franco that if Carly wasn't found safe, he'd see to it that Franco died a slow and painful death.

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