GH Update Wednesday 1/15/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/15/14


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy and Scott are in bed together enjoying each other by kissing and employing some witty repartee with lots of double entendres about why they're together again. Scott finds her librarian look sexy, so he hands her her thick glasses to wear, then remembers he has a book that is way, way overdue. Lucy suggests it's the "Tropic of Cancer" with all its pages stuck together, so he's going to have to pay a steep fine, and she doesn't take cash. As they're kissing, Kevin suddenly appears in bed with them asking if he can be included in her fantasy, leading Lucy to start screaming at the top of her lungs and wake up. Next to her in bed, Kevin is frightened and also screams himself awake. Lucy seems surprised to see her husband next to her. He asks what's the matter with her.

Scott calls Anna for an update on the missing Carly Jacks. Descending the stairs in the police station, Anna tells the D.A. that she hasn't heard what Forensics found out about the bloody knife found near Carly's car. Scott wants a fire lit under the lab for information, so the police department's image isn't tarnished by the delay in finding Carly. Anna points out how Scott made the police department look bad by botching the case against AJ Quartermaine. Scott responds by bemoaning the fact that no arrests have been made after the shootout at the Corinthos property. Finally, he threatens Anna professionally if she doesn't find Carly quickly and rudely hangs up.

Desperate to find his mother, Michael shows her photo to the ER nurse asking if Carly's been there with no luck. While he's badgering the nurse, Kiki rushes in to try to calm him down, but Michael's afraid his mother is Franco's victim. Kiki cautions him not to jump to conclusions, suggesting that her mom could be involved, but Michael doesn't buy that. He accuses Kiki of being blinded by Franco's hard-luck story, just like his mom. Once she assures him she wants to find Carly as much as he does, Michael realizes they're a team and calms down.

While Sonny and Shawn are talking about whether to believe that Morgan has cut all ties with the Jeromes, he approaches them and listens to their doubts. Shawn theorizes that Julian set Morgan up to beg his father's forgiveness in order to feed him information. Sonny's thought of that but feels that deep down inside, Morgan loves him and that's what saved them both.

Lulu twists her wedding ring while thinking then answers the door of Carly's house to Nathan West, who asks for her help. After she invites him in, Nathan asks to examine Carly's computer then asks Lulu if she's the nanny. Smiling, Lulu informs him she's Carly's cousin who's just crashing there for a little bit. When he gives her his name, she notices he's new to Port Charles but knows his partner, Dante.

Sitting at his desk, Dante tells Anna they're still waiting for the blood on the knife to be typed and the fingerprints matched, because Forensics' computers were down. She is eager for something to tie Carly's disappearance to their prime suspect. While Dante reads the day's newspaper, Anna sympathizes with his family's concern. He knows they have to interview Sonny, because he was the last person to see Carly. Anna reminds him that he can recuse himself if he is too emotionally involved, but Dante assures her he can be professional. She trusts him as a detective and needs Dante to lead them to Carly. He informs his boss that he's been at work since the crack of dawn chasing down leads and that his new partner almost clocked in before he did.

While Franco walks around Carly's car surrounded by police tape in the Metro Court underground garage, Scott grabs his coat from behind, demanding the truth about what he did to Carly. Franco insists the police is wasting their time and should be looking at Ava Jerome who threatened Carly in front of Michael and Kiki. Scott knows he shouldn't influence a police investigation in favor of his son, but Franco thinks Scott should throw his weight around before it's too late for Carly.

Sitting at Kelly's, Felicia talks to Duke about how Bobbie must be feeling about her missing daughter. She thinks about calling her and is relieved that Anna's on the case. Although Felicia's afraid there will be a full-out mob war between Sonny and Julian, Duke's confident that Anna and the PCPD have things under control. Felicia, though, remembers when Victor and Olivia Jerome were wreaking havoc in Port Charles and doesn't want a repeat performance hurting Duke and Anna. Duke assures her that won't happen and leaves for his volunteer commitment, since he longer has a job. When Felicia suggests he call Mac about working at the Floating Rib, Duke says his philanthropic work is all he can handle at the moment. Calling him one of the good guys, Felicia hugs Duke who looks uncomfortable.

Anna remarks that Nathan is a go-getter. Dante likes that he's a Yankees fan and doesn't lose his cool easily. Anna doesn't want the knife evidence leaked to the press before they're ready. Bobbie overhears Dante say no one should find out about it and wants to know what they're talking about. Anna refuses to discuss police business, but Bobbie begs to know if it has anything to do with her daughter. Anna assures her they're doing everything possible to find Carly. Bobbie supplies Dante with Carly's toothbrush, so they can get her DNA. She asks if that evidence will be enough to arrest Franco.

Despite his encouragement, Lucy refuses to tell Kevin the truth about her nightmare. She pretends she dreamt about Richard Simmons at the Nurses' Ball, but Kevin asks if she's cheating on him. As she calls that idea preposterous, he admits he was kidding and receives a smack on the arm by Lucy who finds nothing funny about adultery. Kevin apologizes and tries to help interpret her disturbing dream but comes up with nothing. Lucy feels guilty when Kevin declares he has nothing to worry about, because his wife is true blue.

Franco accuses Scott of only caring about his own career and assures him he wants to find out what really happened to Carly. Although reluctant to make any promises, Scott says he'll ask Anna if she has any other suspects. Since he does care about Bobbie, Scott threatens to hunt down Franco if he finds out that he is responsible for Carly's disappearance.

Since they don't even know if a crime has been committed yet, Anna tells Bobbie that they're just collecting evidence at the moment, but Bobbie urges Anna to get real. Franco is a known killer and all they have of Carly is a trail of blood. Something has to be done, and if Anna won't do it, Bobbie will. On her way out, Bobbie runs into Scott and asks him to get Franco to confess what he did to Carly. Bringing up their past special relationship, she begs him not to let her down.

Franco barges into Kevin's office and complains about how everyone's accusing him of kidnapping Carly. Instead of agreeing with him about how unfair that is, Kevin threatens to turn Franco in for killing Heather Webber. Franco insists that was totally different, because he had to kill Heather to keep her from murdering Carly. If he wanted so desperately to protect Carly, why would he then hurt her? Franco is sure that Carly didn't write the break-up letter that appeared in his room, but Kevin suggests his biggest fear came true. Carly dumped him, because she realized he's still evil. Frustrated with Kevin's twisted logic, Franco thinks someone is trying to make it look as though he hurt Carly, and he needs to figure out who.

As Shawn tells Sonny he believes him, Morgan enters saying he was on Skype with his little sister who's worried about their mother. When Sonny urges him to make the search for Carly a priority, Shawn takes off. Morgan is afraid he won't be able to make up for the rotten way he's treated his mother. With a hug, Sonny assures him he'll get that chance.

While Nathan goes through Carly's computer, Lulu asks him if she can help him. As they talk through Carly's last movements, Nathan finds the letter she supposedly wrote to Franco. Lulu can't believe Carly did such a 180 on Franco, since she'd been defending him to everyone who didn't approve, including herself. When Nathan asks why she didn't like Franco, Lulu informs him he tried to kill her by strapping her to a bomb, but Dante saved her.

When Duke goes to talk to him, Sonny lets Morgan in on Duke's role in the organization. They have a plan to take Julian down and don't want anyone to know that Duke is involved, due to his closeness to Anna Devane. Morgan nods as Duke states how important it is that Anna not find out, for all of their sakes.

Scott says he loves Bobbie and is trying to help her, but there are other suspects. When Bobbie accuses him of just trying to protect his son, Scott insists he has no fatherly love for Franco. He just wants to make sure the investigation is done properly. Bobbie thinks that won't matter if Carly's already fallen prey to his son and storms out. Scott returns to pressure Anna some more about making sure they consider every possible suspect, especially Ava Jerome, and do it fast!

Lucy goes to Kelly's and sits down at a table with Felicia who notices her friend looks tired. When Lucy blurts out that she had a late night with Scott, Felicia does a spit take with her coffee. She smiles, though, when Lucy adds that it was just in a horrible, terrible nightmare she can't get out of her head. Lucy is surprised when Felicia admits she sometimes dreams about Frisco. Lucy is afraid her life is a disaster, because she slept with Scott just last month when she thought her marriage was over. The next morning, she "hid like a cheap coward" when Kevin showed up vowing his love for her, so she told Scott it was over between them, but she still has feelings for him. Now she wonders how long it will be until Kevin notices. Lucy looks wary when she turns around and sees Kevin and Scott come into Kelly's.

Franco runs down the hospital steps and right into Michael who informs him that he'll abide by Kiki's wishes and give him the benefit of the doubt until evidence proves otherwise.

Noticing the time stamp on Carly's letter as being after she saw Sonny, Nathan thinks it's legit. Lulu wishes she'd stayed with Carly the previous night and possibly prevented what happened to her. Seeing she's almost in tears, Nathan tries to make Lulu feel better by assuring her she's not at fault. Meanwhile, Nathan's cell phone buzzes with a call from Dante. When he notices, he returns Dante's call and reports that the letter checked out, which reinforces their theory. Before he leaves, he wants to take another look around Carly's house for anything else they can use to nail Franco.

After Dante passes Nathan's report to Anna, she tells him that the blood on the knife is Carly's and the prints are Franco's.

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