GH Update Tuesday 1/14/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/14/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Dante, Michael and Morgan happened upon Carly's car in the hotel parking garage. They were alarmed when they saw blood spattered on the back door and Carly's keys on the ground. Michael reached to grab them, and Dante called him off, then used a cloth to pick the keys up. Everyone was apprehensive when Dante unlocked the trunk. Morgan was relieved to see a suitcase inside, but Michael was still worried. It dawned on Morgan that Michael feared that Carly had been dismembered and stuffed in the suitcase. Morgan angrily refused to consider it. Dante urged his brothers to leave, but they refused, so Dante unzipped the suitcase with them watching. It was filled with clothes. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and Morgan snapped at Michael for freaking them all out. Dante surmised that Carly must have packed in a hurry, because the suitcase didn't contain any toiletries. Michael stated that Carly hadn't mentioned a trip, but she went away on business all the time. Dante theorized that someone must have stopped her from leaving. Just then, Kiki and Franco arrived. Michael ran over and grabbed Franco. Kiki tried to break it up, and Morgan ordered her to stay out of it. Morgan maintained that Michael had the right to attack Franco after all Franco had done. Dante pulled Michael away and told him to back off. Franco insisted that he didn't want any trouble. Dante ordered Franco not to touch anything, then he stepped away to call Forensics. Franco walked toward to Carly's car, and he shoved Michael out of the way when he tried to block his path. Franco asked if that was blood on the car. Morgan made a snide comment and Michael accused Franco of doing something to Carly. Kiki asked what was going on and Michael and Morgan told her it seemed that someone prevented Carly from going on a trip. Kiki remembered that Franco received a letter in which “Carly” broke up with him and mentioned that she was leaving town for awhile. Kiki made eye contact with Franco, who signaled her to keep quiet. Michael sensed that Kiki had something to say.

At Sabrina's, Carlos told Patrick that he (Carlos) was the father of Sabrina's child. Patrick asked Sabrina if this was true, and she hesitated, then said yes. Sabrina begged the stunned Patrick to say something, and he asked if this meant she did sleep with Carlos on their would be wedding day. Sabrina's cover story was that she slept with Carlos because she was devastated when Patrick kissed Robin at their wedding. Patrick reminded Sabrina that he apologized, and Sabrina told him that he didn't have to be sorry for kissing his wife. Sabrina said she lied to Patrick when he found her at Carlos's because she didn't think she owed him an explanation. According to Sabrina she kept lying because when Patrick didn't immediately choose Robin, she thought there was a chance Patrick might choose her.

Carlos told Patrick to leave. Before Patrick would go, he wanted to know how Sabrina could be sure that the baby was Carlos's. Sabrina explained that she and Patrick always used protection, and she and Carlos didn't. Patrick revealed that Emma was conceived while he and Robin were using protection. Sabrina stammered that she and Patrick hadn't been together in awhile, because she started sleeping at her apartment after the engagement. The timing fit with the baby being Carlos's, she said. Patrick accepted this. He started toward the door, then told Sabrina to let him know if she needed anything. Sabrina thanked him, but told him she and Carlos could handle it. She urged Patrick to go back to his wife. Once Patrick left, Sabrina broke down crying, then she lashed out at Carlos for claiming the baby. Carlos insisted that he was just trying to help. He thought she should be angry at Felix. Sabrina assured Carlos that she was mad at him, too. Carlos pointed out that Sabrina could have told Patrick the truth. He asked if she wished she had, and Sabrina admitted that she didn't. Carlos told Sabrina that this was the best decision for everyone. They hugged and Carlos said everything would be okay.

Ava went to the PCPD looking for Nathan. She found him and immediately denied having anything to do with Carly's disappearance. Nathan didn't know what Ava was talking about, but he was intrigued and urged her to give him more details. Ava realized she'd been mistaken, and she asked Nathan why he asked her to come to the station. He revealed that he wanted to ask her about Silas. Ava realized he was the detective from the NYPD. She told him to direct his questions to her lawyer, Diane. Ava turned to leave, and Nathan asked if this meant she didn't know anything about Silas attempting to kill his wife Nina. Ava stopped and pretended to be surprised Silas was married. Nathan revealed that he knew Ava was aware Silas had a wife, so Ava dropped the lie and agreed to talk with Nathan for a few minutes. Nathan told her that Kiki's date of birth proved Silas cheated on his wife. Nathan assured Ava that he was after Silas and not her. Ava insisted that Silas would never hurt his wife. Nathan replied that Silas injected Nina with the drug that caused her overdose. Nathan asked if Ava had anything to say about this.

Dante called Nathan and asked him to come to the Metro Court. Dante heard raised voices and hung up the phone. Michael urged Kiki to say what she had to say. Kiki wanted to wait until Dante came back. Franco ordered Michael to back off of Kiki, and Morgan took offense to Franco telling his brother what to do. Dante arrived just as Franco announced that Ava was involved in Carly's disappearance. Kiki told Dante about the letter. Franco tried to rush upstairs, but Dante told him the only place he was going was to the PCPD.

Back at the station, Nathan told Ava to wait there until he returned. Ava balked, and Nathan told her that he if she left, he'd be forced to drag her back to the station and make her a material witness. Ava warned him that he'd be sorry if he tried to drag her anywhere. Nathan told Ava she could either wait at the desk or wait in a holding cell. Ava gave up and asked to call her lawyer. Nathan gave her permission.

Forensics came to the parking garage and collected evidence from the car. Nathan arrived, and Dante explained that Franco had a long history of targeting his brother's family. Nathan was confused about why it wasn't Dante's family too. Dante explained that Franco was obsessed with the Quartermaines, Michael's biological family. He added that Franco had moved on to Michael's mother. Dante considered Franco a prime suspect in Carly's disappearance, because Franco got so upset when he was questioned. Nathan remembered that he'd heard Carly's name before, and he told Dante what Ava said at the station earlier. Nathan's gut told him Ava wasn't involved. Dante asked if Nathan knew that Ava had mob connections and a history of being involved in dicey situations. Nathan did know that, but he still didn't think Ava was a part of this. Nathan asked how Carly and Dante were related. Dante explained that Carly was his father's ex wife. Dante and Carly didn't get along, but a lot of people Dante loved, loved Carly. Nathan offered to take over, if Dante was too close to this. Dante wanted to stay on the case, because of his brothers. Forensics found a bloody butcher knife in a trash can and showed it to Dante and Nathan.

Sonny was at home, and he looked troubled. He remembered Morgan saying he cut ties with the Jeromes. Olivia arrived with good news – Max was being released tomorrow. She noticed the look on Sonny's face and asked what was wrong. He asked if she heard from Carly. Olivia hadn't. Sonny filled her in on Carly's disappearance and admitted he was worried. Sonny confessed that he and Carly fought about her relationship with Franco. Sonny decided to have Shawn look for Carly. If Shawn wasn't successful, Sonny planned to get personally involved. Olivia asked what she could do. Sonny let her know her presence was enough. Sonny was also grateful that Olivia visited Max so often, because Sonny had been too preoccupied to go as often as he would have liked to. He apologized for not having the big Christmas celebration he and Olivia had planned on doing. Olivia assured him that she wasn't going anywhere and there was always next year. Sonny called Olivia his rock and they kissed and began to undress each other. Later they cuddled in bed and Sonny asked what Olivia was thinking about. He was surprised when she said “Morgan.” Olivia clarified that she was relieved Morgan had parted ways with the Jeromes and come home. Olivia noticed that something was bothering Sonny, and he admitted that he didn't understand how Morgan was able to just walk away from the Jeromes.

At Sam's, Silas told Sam that someone had signed his name to a prescription order for the medication that his wife Nina overdosed on. Sam theorized that Ava did it. Silas was taken aback. He admitted it would be convenient to blame Ava, but he seemed skeptical. He asked Sam why Ava would do it. Sam thought Ava tried to kill Nina so she could have Silas for herself. Silas confessed that he always thought Nina did this to herself because he hurt her. Sam tried to assure Silas that this wasn't his fault, but he disagreed. Silas maintained that if Ava was guilty, it was his fault for having the affair and putting Nina on Ava's radar. Sam asked if Silas knew Ava could be dangerous when he got involved with her. According to Silas, Ava wasn't like that back then. Sam countered that Ava was obsessed with Silas and in league with the mob back then. Sam asked Silas if he thought Ava was capable of killing someone. Silas remembered the time Ava held a scalpel to his back and threatened to kill him if he went near Kiki. Before he could answer Sam, Ava called. Ava told Silas that the detective from the NYPD worked now worked for the PCPD. Silas revealed that he already knew, and Ava was annoyed that he didn't warn her. Ava asked Silas what they should do. She was stunned when Silas told her to tell the truth. Ava started to argue, but before she could get going, Morgan walked into the station and asked what she was doing there. Ava hung up.

Sam asked Silas if it was possible that the police had connected Ava to what happened to Nina. Silas wasn't sure, but he thought the police were still convinced that he was guilty. Silas thought that if Ava got cornered, she'd put the blame on him. Sam wondered if Ava would protect Silas, due to her feelings for him. Silas thought Ava was over him and had her hooks in someone else, now. Sam decided to use her skills as a PI to help Silas. She told him the best way to clear his name was to prove Ava was guilty.

Back at the station, Morgan asked if Ava was okay. Ava assured Morgan that she was fine and asked why he was there. Morgan told her Carly was missing. Ava urged Morgan to stay optimistic. Ava took Morgan's hand, and he apologized for the cruel things he said to her and told her he didn't mean it. Ava assured Morgan that he still meant the world to him and that she'd always have his back. Kiki and Michael arrived and witnessed the tender moment. Michael wanted an explanation, and he told Kiki that Morgan and Ava were supposed to have broken up. Morgan convinced everyone that he was disgusted that Ava touched him. Ava played along and insisted that she was only trying to comfort Morgan. Kiki wondered if Ava was there to be questioned about Carly's disappearance. Michael didn't want to offend Kiki, but he thought she was grasping at straws because she didn't want to admit Franco was at fault. Two officers brought Franco in and he and Ava's eyes met. Michael accused Franco of doing something to Carly. Franco swore he was innocent and pointed the finger at Ava, again. Ava was adamant that she wasn't involved. She asked Morgan if he knew that, and he told her he wasn't sure what she was capable of. The cops took Franco to an interrogation room, and Michael and Morgan walked away, and Kiki accused Ava of hiding something and she vowed to find out if it had something to do with Carly.

Brad was pleased when he spotted Felix hanging out at the nurses' station after their shifts were over. Brad asked Felix to have a drink with him. Felix tried to give him the brush off, but Brad pointed out that they were supposed to be past that. Felix apologized and explained that he wasn't in the mood to go out. Felix told Brad that he'd let it slip to Patrick and Robin that Sabrina was pregnant. Felix felt that Patrick had dragged the truth out of him. Brad suggested that Felix told the truth because he subconsciously wanted to. When Felix protested, Brad gently pointed out that Felix had a habit of minding other people's business. To prove his point, he brought up the way Felix had inserted himself into the situation with Brad and Britt. Felix shifted the spotlight onto Brad and ranted about Brad letting Britt talk him into fathering a child that he was now ignoring. Brad blurted out that he wasn't the father. Felix wanted to know why Brad went along with Britt's lie. Brad didn't think the reason was important, but Felix disagreed. Brad emphasized that this meant he wasn't a deadbeat dad. Felix demanded to know why Brad kept this from him and let him think there was an insurmountable obstacle between them all this time. Brad asked why Felix cared so much whether or not he was Britt's father. Felix explained that it was because Britt tricked Patrick. Brad stressed that Britt tricked Patrick, not Felix. He wondered why Felix felt the need to monitor everyone else's lives. Felix argued that he might be nosy, but Brad was a liar. Brad countered that most people have lied at some point. Felix asked if this meant Brad didn't see anything wrong with conspiring with Britt. Brad snapped that what he and Britt did was their business, just like Sabrina's pregnancy was her business. Brad yelled that Felix was in everyone else's business, because he didn't have a life of his own, then he stormed off.

Robin stood at the top of the staircase at GH and looked down on the nurses' station, then she sat down on the steps. Elizabeth noticed her and walked over. Robin revealed that she applied for the Chief of Staff job. Robin also confided in Liz about Felix telling her and Patrick that Sabrina was pregnant. Liz assumed Felix meant well, but she thought he should have let Sabrina tell Patrick. Robin explained that Sabrina didn't want Patrick to know the truth, because she didn't want him to feel obligated toward her. Liz understood that Sabrina didn't want to be like Britt. Liz noticed the look on Robin's face and asked if she was worried that the baby would draw Patrick and Sabrina back together. Robin didn't want to believe that would happen, but she had a bad feeling. Robin revealed that Patrick suggested that they have another baby and she turned him down, because the timing wasn't right. Now Sabrina was giving Patrick something that Robin wouldn't. Liz didn't think Robin had anything to worry about. She pointed out that even death hadn't kept Robin and Patrick apart. Liz was willing to stay with Robin, but Robin urged her to go home to her kids. They hugged and Liz left.

Patrick returned and told Robin that Sabrina was pregnant, but it wasn't his baby. Robin was relieved and they hugged. Robin said everything would be all right, now.

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