GH Update Monday 1/13/14

General Hospital Update Monday 1/13/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Nathan West is getting started on his new job and consulting with Dante. He remarks why it is that the PCPD has the "active cases" in their most accessible and highest-priority files. Dante replies it's so they can solve the most current cases the quickest. Dante remarks, (the same as Anna) to Nathan about how Nathan believes that a certain "cold case" is worth leaving his high profile job and transferring out to the boonies to solve, when it's been 20 years... Clear out of the blue, Silas appears suddenly and tells Nathan if he wants to see him "He is here" while he pulls Nathan up out of his seat by his collar.

Alexis goes to see Sam and admits to her daughter that she's "missing her first born" reminding Sam she hasn't seen her since New Year's. Sam admits she's been a bit “preoccupied”. Alexis tells her daughter she hopes that Silas sees her for the incredible woman she is and she tells Sam she assumes that things are getting serious between them. Sam replies they “were”. Alexis asks why she is speaking past-tense. Sam tells her mom that things were going well between herself and Silas until she found out he has a wife.

While Carlos is urging Sabrina to go away with him when she's pregnant with Patrick's child and to know that he is there for her, she is not certain what to say or do. Before she can answer his question, Patrick knocks on the door and asks to talk to her. She opens the door and Carlos goes into the other room. Patrick enters and asks her if she is pregnant.

Morgan goes to find Julian and is ready to physically attack and hurt him, demanding that he tells him if he did something to Morgan's mom to cause her to disappear.

Kiki goes to ask Ava the same question. Ava asks her daughter if she seriously believes her mom would do something to make Carly disappear. Kiki replies yes.

Meanwhile, Franco is alone in his room and distraught unable to find Carly and worried what could have happened to her right when she planned to spend the night with him. He notices a note written by Carly.

When Heather is holding Carly captive, she tells her that she is going to use the knife that her son used to kill her and failed. And the only difference is she is not going to fail to do what she intends to do. She holds the knife at Carly who is bound and gagged and looks terrified.

When Alexis hears Sam tell her she's found out that Silas is married, she asks her daughter what is up with that and why he hasn't told her when she hears Sam sound like she might be justifying the situation. Sam tells her mom she'd prefer she not cross-examine the witness like a lawyer. It's a complicated situation, as he explained to her involving a wife presently in a coma and her family harassing him and pressuring him to do what they want because they have money.

When Silas goes to the station to physically attack Nathan West after learning that he's gone to visit Sam and drop the bombshell upon her that Silas is married, Nathan protests he thought Sam had the right to know that her boyfriend is married. Dante then attempts to break them up and prevent them from getting into a fight. He tells Silas that if he assaults a police officer, especially in front of a witness who is a fellow officer, he will go to lock up. So his best advice to Silas is to get control of himself. He tells him he can either spend the next 48 hours in jail, or he can go and discuss the situation privately and in a civilized manner with Detective Nathan West. Silas then goes into the room with Nathan who seems pretty smug and ready to discuss matters with Silas.

When Dante is alone, Michael enters and tells him he urgently needs Dante's help.

In the parking garage, where Morgan finds and confronts Julian, Julian hasn't a clue why Morgan is angry or accusing him of hurting Carly. Morgan tells him he heard him loud and clear that he would not hesitate to hurt any member of Morgan's family, especially his mom. So, Morgan tells him, he needs him to tell him if he knows anything about why she is missing.

Kiki tells Ava she believes she is certainly a suspect and has motive to hurt Carly when she overheard her mom threatening to wipe Carly off the face of the earth. Ava tells her daughter she cannot believe that she would rush to judgment and assume this about her. Aren't there many other suspects out there who could have made Carly disappear including Franco? Kiki replies she discussed it with Franco and he assured her he had nothing to do with it and was distraught that Carly was missing. Ava then asks her daughter how she could believe the word of a serial killer over her own mother. Kiki replies Franco has never lied to her and her mother has never told the truth to her.

Franco sits in his room very upset and reads a letter he believes is from Carly, telling him that she was ready to start a relationship with him but knows it is better that that does not happen. It was not meant to be. She cannot put him before her own son's happiness. She (so he believes by reading the letter) tells him that he puts everything in her life that she holds dear at risk including her relationship with her children and her family's safety and how does she know he's not the same psychopath he was before. She doesn't know how he's going to react so she's going to leave this letter in his room and she will leave town for a few days. She believes this is for the best for everyone involved.

As Heather holds Carly captive and points a knife at her, Carly is ready to speak. Heather removes the gag from Carly's mouth and Carly yells for help. But heather smugly asks her if she thinks Heather would have removed the gag if she thought there was anyone around nearby who could hear Carly. Heather then tells her if she has something to say, she needs to say it directly to heather. If Carly doesn't want to do that, then she (Heather) can just carry out her mission. But Carly tells Heather she cannot do that. She cannot kill her. Heather asks Carly why. Carly replies because they are one of a kind.

At Sabrina's apartment, while Carlos hides and overhears their conversation, after Patrick asks Sabrina if she is pregnant, she asks where he would get that idea. He replies Felix told him that. He tells her it was not Felix's fault. He demanded an answer from him when he knew there was something wrong.

Sam attempts to explain to her mom that Silas' wife has been in a coma for over 20 years after taking an overdose of anti-depressants. . Alexis asks her daughter why, after Silas has been close to Sam for months now, did he suddenly reveal it, out of the blue right now. Sam replies that he did not. She found it out through another source. She found out about it from a cop.

In the police station interrogation room, Silas tells Nathan he needs for him to leave Samantha Morgan alone. Nathan tells Silas he has a job to do which is law enforcement. Nathan asks Silas just what happened when he first found his wife in a coma. Silas admits he found her unconscious on the floor one day when he came home from work. She had overdosed on anti-depressants. Nathan asks him why she would do that. Silas replies he does not know. She did not leave a note. Nathan asks him if he was not aware that his wife was taking an anti-depressant. What would she have to be depressed about? Would it be that he was cheating on her with Ava Jerome.

Kiki tells her mom that she has lied to her daughter over and over again and she has to honestly admit she does not trust her.

When Morgan confronts Julian to find out if he had anything to do with Carly's disappearance. Julian tells him he does not presently believe he has any “incentive” to carry out the threat. Morgan admits to Julian that he “did what he wanted” by lying to his parents that he ended his business relationship with Julian, and by telling Ava he was done with her.

At the station, Dante tells Michael he'd like to help him but he cannot file a missing person's report on Michael's mom until she's been missing for at least 48 hours. Michael asks Dante if they cannot make an exception. He tells Dante because he (himself) is not a cop, he does not know the right questions to ask the people at the Metro Court since he's not a cop. He knows the last anyone saw of his mom was when she went to meet Franco. Dante tells him he heard the same story from Bobbie. Dante tells Michael that he has no legal “recourse” to go after Franco. According to the doctors, the man is no longer dangerous. And since Dante is not a doctor, he cannot comment n whether he buys that or not. Michael then persuades Dante to go and take action and find out what happened to Carly.

While Heather is holding Carly hostage, Carly attempts to convince her that the two of them have things in common. They both have sons who have been accused of murder. They both loves both of their sons. But Heather tells Carly the difference is that both of her sons have betrayed her and broken her heart, as has not been the case with Carly. So that is why she “has to do this” as she tells Carly while she thrashes the knife at Carly.

When Patrick goes to talk to Sabrina at her home after she's dropped the “bombshell” upon him that she's pregnant, he asks her if she's ok and if she's been having morning sickness. He admits he doesn't know how this could have happened since they have both been pretty “safe”. He tells her he had to ask her what she plans to do. She replies she really doesn't know. He tells her that he wants her to know that she is not alone. He will be there for her. But right then, Carlos comes out of hiding and tells Patrick me need not worry about this. It's not his (Patrick) baby. Carlos tells Patrick it's his.

When Sam admits to her mom that she asked Silas about his wife going into a coma, he told her that she overdosed.

In the police interrogation room, Nathan West asks Silas the same questions and asks about his extra-marital relationship and infidelity with Ava Jerome. Nathan asks Silas if he lied to the police by denying the affair when questioned and if he does not know that that is a felony. Silas admits he's not proud of that. Nathan then presents some physical evidence that Silas cannot dispute.

Morgan tells Julian that he told his parents and told Ava all that Julian wanted him to tell them. Michael and Dante walk through the parking garage and see them. They demand that Morgan tells them what he is doing there “with him” (with Julian).

Kiki goes to see Franco and informs him that Ava is gone and “the coast is clear”. She informs him that she asked and Ava told her she odes not know what happened to Carly. Franco asks if she thinks that for once in Ava's life she might be telling the truth. And he shows Kiki the “rejection letter' that he believes Carly wrote to him. She tells him she is sorry.

We then see Heather walking outside of the deserted cabin where she's kept Carly. And she holds a knife that appears to be full of blood. Heather makes the comment that Carly deserved it and so does Franco.

After Carlos comes out of hiding to announce to Patrick that he is the father of Sabrina's baby, Patrick tells him he does not believe a word he says. Sabrina urges Carlos not to do this. But he “tells them it's ok”. He asks Patrick if he can remember the night of his “almost non-wedding”. He does remember that Sabrina fled to his (Carlos) home. Patrick came by the next morning and found her there. Patrick also reminds Carlos that Sabrina told him nothing happened. In response to that, Carlos smirks and smiles and tells Patrick she lied. He and she did sleep together and now they are having a baby. Sabrina then faces Patrick not knowing what to say.

Alexis asks Sam if the police believe that Silas purposely gave his wife the overdose. Sam replies they probably believe that but he has said otherwise. Alexis asks her daughter if she believes that. Sam says of course. He's the most dedicated doctor she knows and she believes he'd never do anything like that. Alexis tells her she is not trying to cause trouble but believes this story is kind of fishy as most overdoses are not accidental. Sam tells her mom she agrees and knows that this probably was not. And Sam knows the reason why his wife would purposely overdose is because he was cheating on her.

Meanwhile Det. Nathan West grills Silas about how his wife could have overdosed and if it's likely she took pills. Silas asks him if there's a point to this and if Nathan is enjoying digging up this painful history in his personal life. Nathan tells Silas he knows that Silas' wife took an overdose in liquid form. And the prescription was not for her. It was for Silas.

Michael and Dante find Morgan talking to Julian in the parking garage and ask him what is up with that. Morgan replies nothing. He was just telling this guy to stay away from him and his family and that he wants nothing to do with him. Julian replies, in front of the witnesses, that if Morgan did not stay in the same hotel where he stays, he might have an easier time avoiding him. He tells Morgan he made a big mistake crossing him. And he walks away. Alone with Morgan, his two brothers ask him why he is talking to that guy/.

Franco shows Kiki the “rejection” letter Carly apparently wrote to him. Kiki sounds very sensitive and asks how he thinks that could happen. She admits that Carly admitted to her and Michael that she is going to be seeing Franco even if Michael disapproves. He asks what could have possibly caused Carly to make such a drastic 180.

Heather enters the parking garage wearing a hat and glasses to disguise herself. She remarks this has been a “job well done if she does say so herself.

Kiki calls and leaves a message for Michael telling him that she has information about his mom so he need not worry and they can talk about it when he replies. She then gets back to Franco and tells him at least he knows and maybe it was for the best that Carly made this decision. Maybe he can get over it and feel better soon. But he clearly reveals to her that that is not going to happen. He tells her that he knows there is something terribly wrong. Her boyfriend still believes he is a psychopath. He asks her why she cares about him now that she knows he is not her biological father. She tells him that it's not either of their faults that Ava lied to him. And just because he's not her father and they are not related does not mean she does not care about him.

After Sam reveals to her mom that Silas may have driven his wife to overdose because he had an affair with Ava, he says he regrets it. Alexis asks her daughter how she feels about it. She tells her she realizes Silas had motive not to tell her. But he needs to be honest with her. If they are going to have a relationship, he needs to be upfront. Why and how has he kept all of this hidden and how long was he going to go without telling Sam about it. Sam tells Alexis that Silas has been prevented from having any contact with his wife or her family. Right then, Alexis gets a call and has to interrupt their conversation. She tells her daughter she has an important appointment to get to. But she is there for her daughter.

When Nathan tells Silas he knows that the drug given to Silas' wife was not for her, he bets it was written by Silas. Silas tells him that did not happen. Nathan tells him he knows that it was his (Silas') signature on the prescription. Silas denies that but Nathan does not believe him. Silas gets in Nathan's face and tells him he loved his wife and would never hurt her. But, Nathan tells Silas he knows he cheated on her. He wasn't about to come clean. He got caught. His daughter's birth date is proof that he had an affair with Ava long before anybody was going to know. And his wife's death makes it obvious that he set his up for her to overdose before any evidence could come out. If Silas gets away with murder, he'd be free to run off with his mistress. Silas smirks and asks him if this is the best he's got. Is he under arrest? And if Nathan wants to waste his time again with any more of his stupid little theories, he needs to contact Silas' lawyers.

Ava later meets up with Julian and tells her brother she is not happy with is “most recent manipulation”. Julian informs her that Morgan has accused him of being responsible for Carly's disappearance. She informs him that her daughter accused her of the very same thing. Julian then informs his sister that he's heard that she's become “increasingly discontented with Carly” and was seen publicly threatening her. So, he asks Ava, in the interest of covering their “collective asses”, did she make Carly disappear? She replies no but did he? He replies no. She then concludes that she wonders who did.

While Dante and Michael ask Morgan what he's up to and all three of them are distracted at the parking garage, not far away, Heather hides behind her car unseen. But then, the guys wonder what is going on over there and see blood smeared on the side of Carly's car.

At Sabrina's home, Carlos tells Patrick that while his long lost love came back to him, Sabrina got back with him. Patrick is now off the hook. She's having Carlos' baby. Patrick asks Sabrina if this is true. She faces him and does not know what to say.

Silas goes to see Sam and wants to talk. He indicates that he's found out, for the first time, that there is police evidence that his ex wife, Nina, may not have taken the overdose herself. Sam asks what that might mean. He finds out that “someone” forged his signature to set him up for writing the prescription for his wife to go into a coma. He wonders who might want to do that. Sam suggests it could be Ava.

Ava gets a call from Nathan asking her to go back to the station.

Franco tells Kiki he has to get out of there and find Carly. She tells him that might not be a good idea. Carly might just need time. But he tells her if he could just talk to her and make her see there is nothing to be afraid of. But he does not know where to start. Kiki tells him she can help him with what he needs and will go with him to find Carly.

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