GH Update Friday 1/10/14

General Hospital Update Friday 1/10/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny finds Ava with Morgan at the restaurant looking deeply into each other's eyes and wants to know what's going on.

Julian is about to leave his hotel suite, when Shawn knocks on the door, and pushes him back on the couch with a gun to his head.

Michael finds Franco at Carly's house and pushes him against the wall. He demands to know where Carly is, but Franco doesn't know. Michael is convinced something bad happened to her and Franco is involved.

AJ has returned to the boathouse to retrieve the bottle of booze he left there. Inside, Carly refuses to sign the "farewell" letter, until Heather threatens her. Carly signs the letter at gunpoint, and Heather goes to leave, but she hears AJ say, "What the hell are you doing here?" Monica has followed AJ and isn't best pleased with his attitude. She wants to know what he's hiding. Heather hears them and goes back inside.

At Sabrina's apartment, Carlos is still trying to convince her to accept his offer. He surprises her by offering to raise the baby together.

At GH, Patrick hounds Felix about Sabrina, until he blurts out that she's pregnant. Unfortunately, Robin arrives and overhears them talking.

Back at Carly's, Kiki tries to stop Michael from attacking Franco. Michael says that Carly never slept in her own bed last night. Franco tells him that the last time he saw Carly, was when she left the restaurant. He tells him that she went looking for Michael, but he never saw her. Franco says that something must've happened to her.

Heather sees the look of disappointment on Carly's face and realizes that she thought Heather had been caught. Heather tells Carly that it was only AJ and Monica, and she's annoyed that they interfered with her plans. Heather dashes Carly's hopes for a rescue.

Michael freaks out on Franco for his past deeds. Kiki tries to tell him that that was before the brain tumor was removed. Michael ignores her, and continues his tirade. Franco fights back and says he didn't do anything to her, because he hasn't seen her. He tells Michael that they have to retrace her steps. Kiki says that the last time they saw Carly was at the restaurant. She says that they were out for awhile, but no one had called them or came by. Franco tells them that the last time he saw Carly she was going to Sonny's looking for Michael. Franco wants to go with Michael, but he'll have none of it. He tells Franco that if it's a wild goose chase then he will come back for Franco. 

Shawn holds Julian at gunpoint and warns him to stay away from TJ. Julian doesn't take kindly to Shawn's orders. Julian, in turn, threatens to rat our Morgan to the cops.

Sonny is demanding answers from Morgan as to why Ava is there. Morgan says that he was telling "the bleached blonde nympho" to stay away from him. 

AT GH, Felix tries to change his story about Sabrina being pregnant. Patrick and Robin don't buy it, so Felix has to tell the truth. He tells Patrick that Sabrina was "violently" ill, and when they ruled out other possibilities, they concluded she was pregnant. He tells them that a pregnancy test confirmed it. He says that the test may have been faulty, which Robin agrees is 99% of the time. His flimsy excuses don't cut it with Robin, cause Sabrina 's a nurse. Felix tells them that Sabrina never wanted them to know. She didn't want to tap him, and ruin their reunion. Felix makes his excuses, and takes off. Patrick apologies to Robin, but he tells him that this was all too good to be true. She was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and now it has.

Carlos is trying to convince Sabrina to accept his offer. He doesn't want her to give up her baby just to protect Patrick. He wants to raise the baby as his own, but she's says that Patrick will see her and know. He tells her that they will have to leave Port Charles.

Back at Pozzulo's, Sonny isn't convinced that Morgan is telling the truth. Morgan puts on a show and verbally assaults Ava. He tells her that he just using her to get back at Kiki. He tells her that it was just a bonus that her brother was someone that his dad hates. He tells her to leave and never come back.

Franco tells Michael that he would never hurt Carly, but Michael doesn't believe him. Michael doesn't want to leave Kiki with Franco, but Kiki tells him that someone has to be there, in case, Carly comes home. Kiki sends Michael off, and Franco asks if he believes her. He would never do anything to hurt Carly.

AJ denies to Monica that he's drinking, but she doesn't believe him. Monica is disappointed that he's drinking again. He apologies to her.  Monica wants to take AJ to a meeting.

Inside the boathouse, Heather is waiting for them to leave. She spends her time taunting Carly, and after listening to AJ and Monica, she tells Carly "that sometimes she thinks sons are born to hurt their mothers. But I can get even with mine. I have the hotel master key and a gun." She tells Carly not to go anywhere. She'll be back soon.

Back at Carly's, Franco tells Kiki that Carly is the best thing to ever happen to him. He would never hurt her. Kiki tells him that Michael is freaking out right now, cause he's worried about his mother. Kiki thinks they're getting worked up over nothing, and Carly could walk in any minute. Franco has a bad feeling that there's something wrong. When he says that maybe someone is out to get Carly, Kiki remembers Ava threatening her the day before.

Ava is getting the bum's rush from Morgan, as Sonny watches intently. He practically shoves her out the door and says "Bye." Ava says that she thought she could convince him to come back. She says that she understands now, and tells him that he's on the losing side of this war. She also tells him that he'll never find another woman like her, and walks out. Sonny looks at him quizzically.

At Metro Court, Julian tells Shawn that Morgan went running home to Papa. Shawn tells Julian that if he goes to the police he will face charges too. After all, Carlos held a teenager hostage and at gunpoint. He also encouraged Morgan to kill his own father. He rattles off the list of charges he would face. He warns Julian, at gun point, to stay away from TJ, or it will be the last of him. Julian puts on a brave face, but breathes easier after Shawn leaves. Shawn makes a phone call to Sonny, outside of Julian's room.

Sonny says he's not a fan of Ava's, but even he thinks Morgan was a little hard on her. Morgan says that he will do anything to make up for shooting Max. Sonny receives Shawn's call, and tells Morgan he has to take it, cause Shawn was having trouble with his old boss. As soon as Sonny goes into his office Morgan immediately texts Ava an apology saying he had to make it look good. He no sooner sends it when Michael turns up. He's surprised to find Morgan there. Michael is skeptical when Morgan tells him that he left the Jeromes. Sonny comes out, and tells Michael that he's happy to have Morgan back, and he wants them to work out their differences. He tells Sonny that they've got a bigger problem. He tells them that Carly is missing.

Carly is struggling in the boathouse when she hears Monica and AJ outside. Monica learns that AJ has been drinking since he was acquitted. He tells her it started with the champagne left by Tracy and Luke when he came home. He tells of seeing a juror on the news saying the only reason he got off was lack of evidence. Carly manages to make noise knocking a cooler over. AJ hears the noise and tells Monica that he heard it before and thought it was raccoons.

Heather enters Franco's suite at Metro Court.  She flashes back to Franco killing her.  She places her letter on the coffee table. "Why did you try to kill me? Why did you make me do this? You drove me to it." 

At Sabrina's, Carlos is still trying to persuade Sabrina to leave town with him. Carlos reminds her that he's a marked man afraid for his life. And her "baby daddy" is happily married to someone else.  Sabrina can't believe that he would raise another man's child. He tells her that's how much he loves her. Finally, he says "Let's go home."

At GH, Patrick apologizes to Robin, and tells her they were using precautions and being careful. Robin says that one of you weren't being so careful. Patrick still doesn't believe it, but Robin thinks. She tells him that it was all too perfect, and she was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it just did.

Heather has left the letter and slips out of Franco's room. Ava is just outside in the hallway, looking for something in her purse. Heather slips by her.

Back at Carly's, Kiki recalls catching Ava threatening Carly at the restaurant yesterday. Franco tells her that Ava said that Carly was all over her. Kiki says that Carly is angry with Ava because of Morgan. They go over the timeline, and he includes the conversation he had with Ava. They decide that home wasn't the first lace that Carly would go. They head out to find Ava.

At Metro Court, Ava is checking the text message that Morgan sent her.

Michael tells Morgan and Sonny about having lunch with Carly, so she can tell him that she's dating Franco. It's news to Morgan, but not Sonny. He says they fought, and he may have upset her. Michael tells them that Bobbie said she didn't come home, Sonny assumes she was with Franco.

AJ wants to check the boathouse, but Monica thinks he's just making an excuse not to talk about his drinking. She tells him that if there are raccoons, Alice will take care of it. AJ is frustrated that he can't remember the night Connie was killed. He says he keeps having a dream of someone else coming into the office, and killing her. Monica says that maybe that's what happened, but AJ tells her the security footage from Connie's office is gone. He says that drinking is the only thing that helps him forget. Monica goes after him for his self-pity, and not thinking of anyone else. She wants to drag him to a meeting, but he won't go. Monica says she's done with him and his self-pity. She challenges him to go to meeting for his son, if not for himself.

Michael questions Sonny about his behavior when Carly was here. Sonny says, yea, they argued about that "psycho freak" , and Sonny tells him that he told her that she's lying to herself about Franco. He says that Carly left his office, looking for Michael. Michael realizes that Sonny was the last one to see her,

Julian leaves his hotel suite, where he's met by Shawn. Shawn wants to make sure that Julian heard him. Julian tells hi that he's not interested in TJ, and walks away.

While Michael and Sonny discuss where Carly could be Morgan recalls Julian's threat against Carly. Morgan grabs his jacket, and rushes out, telling his father and brother that he's going to look for mom. Michael questions Morgan's sincerity about being back home.

While answering Morgan's text, Ava is accosted by Franco and Kiki, demanding to know what she's done with Carly.

AJ agrees to go to a meeting just as Heather returns. This time they both he and Monica hear the noise inside, but AJ decides to go to a lunch meeting before he changes his mind.

When Heather re-enters the boathouse, she sees Carly's disappointment, and realizes that Carly had hopes of being rescued. Heather quickly dashes those hopes.

As Robin leaves, Felix apologizes to her. She tells him that she's not gonna shoot the messenger. He's not the one that's pregnant.

Carlos pleads his case with Sabrina, until Patrick knocks on the door.

Sonny tells Michael that he saw Morgan at the hospital, and he was broken up about Max. He tells him that he talked to him, and that he thinks he got through to him. He thinks that Morgan is through with the Jeromes. Michael hopes Morgan won't disappoint Sonny. He seriously thinks something has happened to Carly, Sonny hopes they find her.

Morgan jumps Julian in the underground parking at the Metro Court. He asks if he hurt his mom.

Franco gets rough with Ava until Kiki stops him. He goes to his room. Kiki tells Ava that she isn't there to mend fences. She wants to know what happened to Carly.

Franco gets upset and sweeps the papers off the coffee table. He finds the letter that Heather left for him.

Heather raises her knife over Carly. She  tells her it's the knife that she was gonna use when Carly was in the shower before Franco stopped her. She tells her it's the knife that Franco used to kill her. 

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