GH Update Thursday 1/9/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/9/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina stopped Felix as he was about to leave for work. She knew he was bad at keeping secrets, so she warned him not to tell Patrick she was pregnant. Felix promised not to say anything, but he maintained that this shouldn't be a secret. Sabrina insisted that no one could know she was pregnant. “Too late,” Felix whispered, as he noticed that Carlos had slipped into the living room. Sabrina was mortified, and she asked Felix not to leave, but Felix told her he had to go to work. He ordered Carlos not to bleed on his couch and left. Carlos asked if this was true, and Sabrina snapped that it was none of his business. Carlos reminded her that they were still friends, and he offered to listen. Sabrina softened and confirmed that she was pregnant with Patrick's baby. He asked how far along she was. Sabrina said she wasn't far along. She confessed that she hadn't been the best caregiver to Carlos, because she had morning sickness. Carlos asked if she told Patrick, and Sabrina stated that she wasn't going to. Carlos insisted that Patrick had a responsibility, but Sabrina argued that his responsibility was to Robin and Emma. Sabrina was sure Patrick would take care of her and the baby, but she asked Carlos to imagine what that would do to Patrick's family. Carlos admitted that he didn't care about them; he only cared about Sabrina. Carlos thought Robin would understand the circumstances and find a way to deal with it. Sabrina maintained that Robin shouldn't have to, after all Robin had been through. Carlos didn't think Sabrina should martyr herself because the timing was inconvenient. Sabrina refused to be Patrick's obligation. When Carlos tried to argue his point, Sabrina yelled that it was her body and her choice.

Carlos backed off and asked what she was going to do – was she considering abortion? Sabrina admitted she the thought had crossed her mind. Carlos took Sabrina's hand. Sabrina told him not to come at her with Catholic guilt. Carlos said he just never thought she'd choose abortion for herself. It was clear that this was weighing heavily on Sabrina. Sabrina had been thinking about leaving town for awhile, having the baby in secret, then giving it up for adoption. Carlos said there was a way she could keep her baby – he and Sabrina could raise it together.

Robin walked to Kelly's while she talked to Patrick on the phone. Robin mentioned that she had a hard time getting Emma to get ready for school. Patrick theorized that Emma wanted to spend as much time with Robin as possible before Robin went back to work. Robin said she planned to go to GH and discuss her options, but she wanted to spend more time catching up on what she missed before going back to work full time. As she talked, she walked into the diner. Sonny heard her voice and approached her with a big smile on his face. Patrick thought Robin would have a good shot at being named Chief of Staff. Robin ended the call, and hugged Sonny. Sonny had heard she was alive, but he wouldn't let himself believe it until he saw her face to face. They sat down, and Sonny confessed that he'd been remorseful since she “died” because he wasn't able to tell her how sorry he was about what he'd done. He admitted that he'd acted badly and there was no excuse for it. Robin told him that she understood that he'd been in a bad place. She added that her ordeal had taught her that people should live in the now instead of dwelling on the past. Sonny wondered if Robin was happy. Robin assured him that she was, and she was also grateful. Sonny asked if Robin had talked to Brenda yet. Robin confirmed that she did, and Sonny said he was glad Brenda had her best friend back.

Franco waited outside Kelly's. When Kiki walked up, he rushed over to her and began rambling wildly about how he knew she'd be coming, because he learned her routine when he thought she was his daughter. Kiki guessed that Franco must have had a lot of caffeine. She asked what was going on and he asked if she had seen Carly. Kiki hadn't seen her since the lunch Carly tried to put together yesterday. Kiki wondered if Franco thought Michael's concerns were groundless, and Franco admitted that he didn't. Kiki confided that she thought Franco really had changed, but she respected Michael's stance, because Franco had put Michael and his loved ones through hell. Kiki warned Franco that she wouldn't try and change Michael's mind. Franco didn't want her to put in a good word for him. He explained that he hadn't seen Carly since she went to talk to Michael about Franco. Kiki revealed that Carly never met with Michael yesterday. Franco had a bad feeling about this, but Kiki was sure Carly was fine. She told him that Michael went to Carly's to talk with her. Franco thanked her and rushed off.

Michael went to Carly's house. Bobbie greeted her grandson warmly and told him Carly wasn't there – she didn't come home last night. Bobbie wasn't worried. Michael explained that he needed to talk to Carly, but it was hard to when she was off with “that sick freak” Franco. Bobbie was shocked and disgusted that Carly was dating Franco. “After what he did to you” she exclaimed, to Michael. Michael added that Franco had also kidnapped Carly and targeted Josslyn, Sam and Jason. Michael was hoping he could talk some sense into Carly before she got hurt.

Carly was bound, gagged and sleeping on the floor of the Quartermaine boathouse. Heather woke her up and taunted her. Carly asked Heather to let her go, but she refused. Carly struggled with the ropes that Heather had used to anchor her to the floor, while Heather explained that she planned to move Carly somewhere else soon, far away from Franco. Heather assumed that Franco was worried about Carly, and the thought filled her with glee. She thought he deserved it for burying her alive. Carly mumbled through her gag that Franco should have made sure Heather was dead. Heather shoved Carly and crowed that none of the Quartermaines would come out to the boathouse in this weather.

AJ was getting drunk out on the bridge near the boathouse. He called Elizabeth, as he stumbled along, and got her voicemail. AJ left her a message saying that she must be avoiding his calls, then he hung up. AJ tripped on something, then swore. Back in the boathouse, Carly purposely knocked something over in an attempt to alert AJ. Heather pulled out a gun and pointed it at Carly. AJ went to the door and fumbled with the knob. Michael appeared and asked AJ what he was doing out in the cold. AJ quickly slipped his liquor bottle in his pocket and claimed he was just taking a walk. Michael asked if they were still on for breakfast, or if AJ was busy with the boathouse. AJ explained that he heard a noise. He wrote it off as being an animal, and he and Michael walked away. AJ hid his bottle in some bushes while Michael wasn't looking. Carly's heart sank as she heard Michael and AJ leave. Bobbie called and Heather tormented Carly by showing her the phone.

Heather took the gag out of Carly's mouth, and Carly promptly screamed for help. Heather stated that no one would hear Carly. Carly argued that someone was going to miss her and go looking for her. Heather didn't see why anyone would miss Carly. She pointed the gun at Carly and replied that it was time for her to say goodbye. Carly said she wanted to say goodbye to Franco, but Heather said she'd never see him again. Heather had forged a goodbye letter to Carly's loved ones.

Bobbie left a voicemail for Carly. She acknowledged that Carly was allowed to stay out all night at her age, but Bobbie wanted her to know that Michael stopped by. Bobbie expressed her disapproval about Carly and Franco, then answered the knock at the door – it was Franco. Franco introduced himself, and Bobbie spat that she knew who he was. She tried to slam the door, but Franco caught it and told her he was a different person when he did those things. Bobbie ranted about what he did to her grandchildren and niece. Franco explained that he was there to see Carly. Bobbie asked why he came there, instead of going to wherever he and Carly slept. Bobbie was alarmed when Franco revealed that he hadn't seen Carly since yesterday. They compared notes and realized Carly hadn't been answering either of their calls. Bobbie was concerned that one of Sonny's enemies might have done something to Carly. She asked Franco to stay at the house while she went to the police.

Back at Kelly's, Robin asked how Sonny was doing and revealed that she heard about Jason. Robin recalled that she always warned Jason that his lifestyle could kill him, but she never really thought it would, because he seemed invincible. Robin regretted that she didn't get to say goodbye, and she felt bad that she wasn't there to support Sonny when Jason died. Sonny told her Jason loved her and wouldn't want her to be sad. Sonny thought Jason would want Robin to focus on her family. Robin felt bad that Jason died just when he and Sam started to get it right and before he found out Danny was his son. Sonny wanted to believe Jason knew Danny was his. Sonny complained that it wasn't fair that his best friend was dead, while his “bastard brother” was alive. Robin was confused, and Sonny realized she didn't know about AJ. He filled her in on Monica faking AJ's death. He added that AJ had killed Connie and gotten away with it. While Sonny was ranting, AJ, Kiki and Michael walked in.

AJ was elated to see Robin at Kelly's. He approached her, but Sonny stepped in the way. Michael asked Sonny not to do this, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. AJ listened quietly as Sonny tore into him for killing Connie. Michael placed himself in between his fathers and pointed out that AJ was acquitted. Sonny argued that the jury didn't have enough evidence. Sonny reminded Michael that the only reason AJ was alive was because Michael begged Sonny to spare his life. Kiki interjected that they should go. Sonny told her to stay. He pulled out some money, stuffed it in AJ's pocket and told him it was the first installment of payback. AJ gave it back and hissed that he didn't need Sonny's money. Sonny said all AJ needed was Sonny's son. According to Sonny, AJ hid behind Jason. “And now you're hiding behind my son!” Sonny bellowed. “He's my son” AJ countered. Sonny spat that he should have killed AJ when he had the chance. Michael countered that revenge solved nothing. “Neither does enabling” Sonny said. Sonny told Robin he lost his appetite. He hugged her, said goodbye to Michael and left.

When Felix got to work, Patrick asked if he had a second. Felix tried to avoid talking to Patrick, but he persevered and asked how Sabrina was doing. Patrick noticed that Felix was nervous. Felix told Patrick to ask Sabrina herself. Patrick explained that he tried, but Sabrina had been keeping her distance. Patrick admitted that he hurt Sabrina when he chose Robin, but he assured Felix that he still cared about her.

AJ and Robin hugged, and Michael introduced Robin to Kiki. AJ told Michael and Kiki that Robin was the reason he knew Michael was his son. Robin pulled Michael aside, because she was concerned about how he was dealing with the tension between AJ and Sonny. Michael assured her he was handling it. Robin smiled and said “like uncle, like nephew.” Michael admitted that he missed Jason. Robin told Michael that when she told AJ that he, not Jason, was Michael's father, she didn't do it to take Michael from Jason. Michael knew. Robin said she'd never forget watching Jason and Michael bond. Robin left. AJ wasn't in the mood for breakfast anymore. Seeing Robin had dredged up feelings about all the lies Sonny and Jason and Carly told. Michael asked AJ not to complain about Carly right now. AJ decided to take a cab home. He left, and Kiki noted that AJ seemed off. Kiki asked how things went with Carly, and Michael said he didn't see her. Michael assumed she spent the night with Franco, and Kiki told Michael that Franco was looking for her, too.

Michael and Kiki went to Carly's. Franco was just finishing up a text to Carly when they arrived. He was relieved, thinking Michael knew where Carly was. Michael flew at Franco in a rage, shoved him against a wall and demanded to know what he'd done to Carly.

At the boathouse, Heather read Carly the letter (off screen). Carly spat that it was a load of crap. Heather forced her to sign it at gunpoint. Meanwhile, AJ retrieved his booze from the place he hid it earlier. Heather went outside, and Carly heard AJ say “What are you doing here?”

Morgan was at Pozzulo's. He called Julian and told him he'd done what Julian forced him to and tricked Sonny into thinking he'd left the Jerome organization. Ava walked in just after Morgan predicted that she wouldn't be happy that he had to stop seeing her. Morgan hung up. He panicked about Ava being there, because Sonny wanted her dead. Ava thought Morgan was overreacting and that Sonny wouldn't hurt her at the restaurant. Morgan countered that Carlos probably thought Sonny wouldn't get shot at the coffee warehouse, too. Ava explained that she just wanted to see Morgan since he disappeared on her. Morgan revealed that he spent the night with Sonny.

Ava told Morgan she knew about the plan, but she was hurt and angry that Morgan let Julian tell her she was getting dumped, instead of doing it himself. Morgan insisted that he wasn't dumping Ava, but he had no choice but to cut ties with her and Julian. He added that Julian said so. Ava seemed bitter that Julian was the one making the rules. Morgan apologized. Ava admitted that she shouldn't be angry with Morgan, because they never made a commitment. Sounding embarrassed, she said she was acting like she meant something to Morgan. “You did mean something to me, and you still do” Morgan said. Ava tearfully asked why it was so easy for him to walk away, then. Morgan told her this wasn't easy for him. He yelled that Julian gave him no choice. Ava asked what that meant, and Morgan told her that Julian made it clear that this was the way it had to be. Morgan took Ava's hand and told her he didn't want it to be like this. Morgan revealed that he'd been thinking about Ava nonstop since he got here. When Ava realized that Morgan wasn't coming back to her, she fought back her tears told him she'd pack his things and have them sent wherever he wanted and that the next time they saw each other, they will both have moved on. She walked toward the door, and Morgan stopped her and kissed her. Morgan was torn between his feelings for Ava and Julian's rules. Ava maintained that they could still be together. Morgan countered that Sonny would question Morgan's loyalty if Morgan continued to see Ava. Ava argued that Sonny wouldn't have to know. Just then, Sonny returned and demanded to know what was going on.

Patrick knew he was putting Felix in an uncomfortable spot, but he still hoped Felix would tell him how she was doing. Felix stalled, then said Sabrina was strong and willing to go it alone. Patrick pointed out that Sabrina wasn't alone, because she had Felix. Felix asked if he could go now. Patrick reminded Felix of the time Felix was afraid to tell Patrick he let Emma gorge on cookie dough until she got sick. Felix's demeanor was the same as it had been that time, so Patrick knew he was hiding something. Patrick said he loved Sabrina and he needed to know what Felix was keeping from him. Robin got off the elevator and began to walk up behind Patrick. Felix blurted out that Sabrina was pregnant.

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