GH Update Wednesday 1/8/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/8/14


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Ava is surprised when instead of joining her for a celebratory dinner, Julian informs her that he sent Morgan home to his father. She doesn't understand how Morgan could have done a 180 and go from declaring his loyalty to begging to be released. Julian agrees that that story doesn't make any sense, but it is what he wants Morgan to get his father to swallow, if he knows what's good for him.

Morgan finds his father at Pozzulo's and tells him he's done with the whole Jerome family, but he's not happy when Sonny doesn't give him the expected reaction, because Sonny finds it surprising that Julian would just let him walk away.

On the phone, Bobbie tells Lucas she doesn't know when she'll be back, because she wants to be in Port Charles for Lulu. Right after Bobbie leaves Carly's house, Heather drags Carly home where she holds her at gunpoint. Carly informs Heather that her daughter is in Australia with her father. Glad that they're alone, Heather vows to kill Carly, but she has some things to take care of before the fun begins.

Sitting at the Metro Court bar, Franco leaves another message on Carly's voicemail that he's still waiting for her at the restaurant drinking iced tea. Scott sits down a few stools away and orders 3 fingers of double bourbon. Franco looks at him and imitates his raised three fingers. Scott gives him a sour look. Luke enters and, not seeing his sister, heads for the bar, but Lulu pulls him away, announcing a Baldwin alert. She doesn't think they have anything to say to each other, now that Luke is divorced from Laura. Luke agrees that Scott is unimportant and offers Lulu a seat at a table where she announces that she's left Dante.

While Dante is staring at a photo of him and Lulu, Nathan approaches his desk at the PCPD and introduces himself as his new partner. That is news to Dante, though, who is slow in responding to Nathan's extended hand. Finally, they shake and Dante apologizes, because he's used to riding solo. As they make small talk, Dante refuses to discuss his personal life and stows away the framed picture in a drawer. He just states that he and his wife are going through some stuff right now, then he asks about Nathan, who says he's a native New Yorker from Manhattan who came to Port Charles to work on a particular case.

Silas enters Sam's place asking for her help in cheering up Rafe, who's suffering from a broken heart, but she wants to discuss his wife. When Silas feigns ignorance, Sam encourages him to tell her the truth. Is he married? Instead of denying it, Silas realizes that it was the cop who told her and vows to kill him. After Sam insists on knowing, Silas finally admits he does have a wife. Kicking herself for sleeping with a married man, Sam throws him out for making her feel cheap and pathetic. Calling him a liar, she never wants to see him again, but Silas insists on her hearing him out.

Luke encourages Lulu to tell him what happened between her and Dante and commiserates with his daughter on the state of the situation. Since their baby problems are not all Dante's fault, Luke wants to know what's really going on. He guesses that Lulu can't forgive her husband for not lying in court.

Lucy and Kevin arrive at the restaurant for a nice dinner together, which is spoiled by Scott's presence. She wants to leave, but Kevin reminds her this is her favorite restaurant. Recalling her indiscretion with Scott, Lucy is uncomfortable there and diverts their attention to Bobbie, who's just entered. After Lucy praises her appearance, Bobbie asks what she's up to. Kevin wonders the same thing.

When Franco greets him with a "What's up, Pops?" Scott cautions him to stay away, because he doesn't need him. Franco is hurt that Scott doesn't have time for him and strikes back by pointing out that Scott no longer has a career. Scott insists he's still the D.A., but Franco hoped that now they could have a father/son reunion, since Lucy was supposed to go to bat for him. The last thing Scott wants to do, though, is talk about Lucy, who's a married woman. Franco notices that daddy doth protest too much. Scott won't discuss Lucy with him and asks the bartender for the check.

Julian informs Ava that Morgan is their ace in the hole in their feud with Sonny. He's now their mole into the Corinthos organization. Ava thinks it's too dangerous for Morgan to be their spy and that Julian's "brilliant" idea will turn out very badly. She's even more unhappy when Julian tells her she no longer has her boy toy, but she can't believe that Morgan would willingly go along with ending their relationship. What Julian doesn't tell her is how he threatened to finish off Max if Morgan didn't comply.

Sonny wants to know exactly what happened when Morgan decided to break off from the Jeromes but gets very upset, because Morgan knows too much and now has a target on his back. Morgan tries to convince his father that Julian wouldn't come after him and risk a bigger mob war, then asks if Sonny will protect him. Apologizing for everything he's done, Morgan asks Sonny to forgive him.

Silas talks of having met his wife, Nina, at Columbia after he left home at 18. After graduation, they married but her rich family didn't approve of him. That didn't bother Nina, who put him through medical school. Now, she's been in a coma for over 20 years, being kept alive by machines. He wanted to take her off life support, but her rich parents objected and have kept him from seeing her. They knew he had another woman in his life, Ava, with whom he conceived Kiki. When Nina found out, she tried to kill herself and took some pills. Wanting to give Sam time to think about it, Silas starts to leave but stops when she asks what the police want with him.

Looking over Silas' file, Dante asks Nathan what he's done. For starters, Nathan says he cheated on his wife, but the really bad thing is what he did to her. After Silas cheated on Nina, she OD'd and slipped into a coma. She was declared brain dead, but her family wanted her kept hooked up to machines against Silas' wishes. The police think Silas intentionally caused the overdose.

Lucy suddenly suggests they should go eat at the Floating Rib and spend some quality time with their dear friends Mac and Felicia. As she tries to convince Kevin and Bobbie that she's not up to anything, Scott approaches them. Bobbie greets Scott warmly then excuses herself. Spotting Franco at the bar, Kevin does the same, which leaves Scott declaring his love to Lucy, insisting that he wants her, while she shushes him. Lucy wants to work on her marriage with Doc, but Scott insists they're partners in crime and wants to be with someone who knows him better than he knows himself.

When Franco tells Kevin he missed his appointment because he was busy, the doctor points out he needs a lot of therapy to work through what he did to his mother. Franco had decided that he killed Heather to protect Carly, who doesn't need to know. Kevin understands but warns Franco not to miss any more appointments.

Heather is determined to take precautions before she kills Carly, so she won't get caught. She knows Franco won't suspect her, because he "killed" her. Heather fills Carly in on how Franco stabbed her with her own knife when she tried to kill Carly in the shower, then he dragged her to the cemetery and buried her alive. Heather dug herself out, dragged herself to the ER, where they bought her foolish story, and left town. Now, she wants to make Franco pay by killing the woman he loves.

Scott asks if that night meant nothing to Lucy just as Kevin walks back to them. With Kevin next to them, Lucy and Scott speak in code about him getting over his ex. Kevin jumps at Lucy's suggestion to go get some ribs, and they leave Scott behind.

While enjoying their family dinner, Lulu appreciates that they're there for her. Bobbie mentions that she hasn't yet told Lucas of his biological father's return and hopes Julian has other things on his mind right now. Lulu declines her Aunt Bobbie's offer to take her back to her apartment and feels safer going to stay at Carly's.

With Heather holding Carly inside, Franco pounds on her door shouting for her to open up. Heather threatens to kill both Carly and Franco until he gives up and leaves. While Carly cries, Heather tells her to accept the fact that she won't get out of this alive.

Ava wants to put an end to the insanity and talk to Morgan, but Julian strong-arms the phone away from her, because he won't tolerate her cougar/cub tryst any longer. He threatens to deal with her if Ava doesn't do what she needs to, just like Morgan is doing. When she makes fun of him acting like a big mob boss, Julian suggests she remember who's in charge, but Ava insists she's also a Jerome, not one of his lackeys. Then she goes on to make some threats of her own and leaves Julian smirking.

Sonny wants Morgan to understand that when he defected to the Jeromes, he put his whole organization in jeopardy. Grabbing Morgan by the lapels of his coat, Sonny shouts that if someone else takes over, he will be snuffed out. As Morgan cries that he's sorry, Sonny hugs him and assures him that he's his son, and they will get through this together.

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