GH Update Tuesday 1/7/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/7/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan went to Sam's penthouse. He identified himself as a detective with the PCPD and asked to talk to her about Silas. Sam asked if Silas was okay. Nathan told her he was, leading Sam to wonder why Nathan was there. Nathan began to complain that his throat was dry, and Sam told him to drop it, because she knew he was trying to get invited in. Nathan told her it must be her PI training. Sam asked if she was under investigation, and Nathan told her he was investigating Silas. Sam didn't want to deal with this anymore. She wanted Nathan to leave, but he insisted that he had to ask her some questions and told her she could kick him out if she didn't like them. Sam pointed out that she hadn't let him in yet. She asked why he didn't just talk to Silas, and Nathan explained that he tried, and Silas referred him to his lawyer. In Nathan's experience, people did that when they had something to hide. He asked Sam if she thought Silas was hiding something. Sam remembered Ava saying that Silas was keeping something from Sam. Sam agreed to let Nathan in for a few minutes. She got him a bottle of water and urged him to get his questioning over with.

Nathan asked how she and Silas met. Sam figured that Nathan already knew the answer to the question. Nathan revealed that he did know about the custody battle. Sam didn't think that was an accurate description, so Nathan pointed out that Silas accused Sam of being an unfit mother. Sam replied that they didn't know each other well then and that they got to know each other when he diagnosed her son with leukemia. When Nathan learned that Danny was fine now, he asked Sam how grateful she was. Sam didn't understand, and Nathan asked if she was sleeping with Silas. Sam angrily ordered Nathan to leave. Nathan wondered if Sam knew Silas was married. Sam accused Nathan of making that up, and she challenged him to prove it. Nathan realized he shouldn't have come and that he should be directing his questions to Silas. Sam figured out that Nathan never needed any information from her and that this had all been a ploy to get her to say negative things about Silas. Nathan apologized for upsetting Sam, then he warned her to think twice about being involved with Silas, because he wouldn't want to see her get hurt. After Nathan left, Sam remembered another time that Ava told her that Silas had dark secrets.

At GH, Silas left Diane a voicemail letting her know she'd be getting a phone call from Nathan regarding Silas. Silas asked her to call him (Silas) back so he could fill her in. Rafe arrived. He was very shaken up, and he told Silas that he just did something really bad. Silas took him into an exam room and made a joke to lighten the mood and get Rafe to open up. Rafe confessed that he just got TJ in big trouble. He explained that he overheard TJ say he witnessed the warehouse shootout, then he took the information to Anna in an attempt to get TJ out of the picture. Rafe regretted his actions, because he was afraid that someone might kill TJ. Silas didn't think Shawn would let anything happen to TJ, but Rafe was still worried, so Silas decided to call Anna.

Anna lead TJ and Shawn into her office and thanked them for their cooperation. Shawn was happy to assist, but he wanted to know what this was all about. Anna revealed that she wanted to talk to TJ about Sonny. It was clear that TJ was nervous. Anna told TJ she heard that he witnessed the warehouse shootout. Shawn kept calm and repeated the story Sonny accidentally shooting Max. Anna knew this wasn't true. She repeated that she heard TJ was there. TJ and Shawn asked who told her that. Anna replied that her source was confidential. She warned TJ that lying to a police officer was a serious offense, then she asked him if he was at the warehouse that night. Shawn replied that TJ wouldn't be answering any questions without a lawyer present. Anna told TJ that he was a person of interest and he was not to leave town. TJ assured Anna he wasn't going anywhere. He and Shawn left and shortly afterward, Silas called. Silas asked if TJ was okay and if Anna told anyone that Rafe spoke to her. Anna informed Silas that TJ was fine and that she and she had kept Rafe's identity confidential. After the call ended, Nathan arrived and told Anna that he'd done something that he hoped would rattle Silas's cage.

Back at GH, Rafe worried that something would happen to TJ in the future. Silas told him there were no guarantees in life, but Rafe sighed that TJ could have had a guarantee if Rafe hadn't acted out of jealousy without thinking things through. While Silas agreed that this wasn't Rafe's finest moment, he pointed out that Rafe didn't put TJ in the warehouse. He added that at least Rafe hadn't punched a wall again. Rafe wished that he'd only hurt himself this time. He confessed that he didn't want to lash out every time he got hurt. Silas asked if he was still upset about Molly, and Rafe said he knew Molly liked him. He was convinced that they were perfect for each other and that they'd have a real chance if it Molly wasn't with TJ. Rafe wasn't sure how to move past this, and Silas told him that he didn't have to figure it out right now. Silas suggested that he and Rafe grab a pizza and go home.

After Silas dropped Rafe off at home, he stopped by Sam's. He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She reacted coolly, but when he asked her if everything was okay, she said yes. Silas suggested that they come up with ways to cheer Rafe up. “Of course. And maybe after that, we can talk about your wife” Sam replied.

At Julian's suite, Morgan pledged his loyalty to the Jeromes and swore that he wouldn't tell anyone what happened at the warehouse. He also promised to do better next time. Relieved, Ava exclaimed that this called for a celebration. Julian told her to go ahead while he spoke with Morgan. Ava wanted to stay and hear what Julian was going to say. Morgan flashed back to Julian threatening to kill his loved ones if he left the organization. Julian smiled and said Ava didn't want to be left out. Ava pointed out that her sharp eye saved them plenty of times. Julian agreed, but he told her it wasn't needed here – he and Morgan were just going to chat man to man. Ava checked with Morgan, and he assured her it was fine for her to go. Ava made it clear that she didn't buy the idea that they needed to talk man to man, because they were all in business together. She decided to go since it was so important to them, though.

Julian told Morgan he made the right choice by not quitting. Morgan spat that Julian didn't give him much of a choice. Julian countered that he did give Morgan a choice and he chose his family. Morgan said was angry with Michael, but he didn't want him to die. He added that Carly and Molly hadn't done anything, but Julian threatened to kill them anyway. Julian insisted that he hadn't wanted to threaten Morgan's family, but as a businessman, he had to make sure his employees were loyal. Julian explained that he was just trying to give Morgan an incentive. Julian told Morgan that when Morgan joined the organization, he earned Julian's undying loyalty. Julian wanted the same thing from Morgan in return, but it seemed to him that Morgan was loyal to his family. Morgan clarified that he wasn't loyal to his family. He insisted that there was a huge difference between being loyal to someone and wanting them to stay alive. Julian was sympathetic to Morgan's stance, because of his relationship with Sam. She didn't want anything to do with him, but he'd still do anything to protect her and Danny. “The last thing I'd ever want is to see Sam get hurt,” Julian said.

Julian gave Morgan a friendly squeeze on the shoulders and asked if they were good, now. Morgan said yes, but he didn't sound pleased about it. Julian was exasperated when Morgan confessed that he went to the hospital to check on Max and argued with Sonny. Julian hoped Morgan was smart enough to have that argument in private. Morgan assured Julian that no one overheard them. Morgan explained that Sonny had made a pretty convincing argument for why Morgan should stop working for Julian. Morgan assumed Sonny thought Morgan was quitting right now. Julian came up with a plan – Morgan would pretend to cut off ties with the Jeromes and go work for Sonny. Then Morgan would act as an inside man, feeding information about Sonny to Julian. Morgan protested when Julian said Morgan would have to break things off with Ava, in order to keep up the ruse, but Julian got him back in line by threatening to hurt Michael and Carly if he didn't comply. Morgan agreed to do what Julian said, and Julian warned him what would happen if he betrayed.

At the Metro Court, Carly kissed Franco and told him everything was going to be fine. Franco told her he almost believed her, and Carly told him she was always right, then she kissed him again and told him to wait there. Carly got on the elevator with several other people. She didn't notice that Heather was also in the elevator in disguise.

Franco sat down at a table and worried that Carly was wrong when she said everything would be okay. Ava sat down at the same table and mentioned that she saw him talking to himself – a sign of insanity. Franco said the definition of insanity was dating Ava. He tried to get Ava to leave, but she refused. Ava noted that Franco was nervous. Franco swore he was fine, but Ava knew better, and she was amused. She wondered if Franco was upset about his art career or going from being a Quartermaine to the child of a murderer and a politician. Franco admitted that he was concerned about his relationship with Carly. This was the first time Ava heard that Carly and Franco were together. She asked if he always fell for his attempted murderer. “I fell for you, didn't I?” Franco shot back. Franco made snide jokes at Ava's expense about her unsuccessful attempt to kill him. Ava laughed and Franco said he was lucky he was still in one piece. Ava replied that his girlfriend wouldn't be so lucky. Ava asked Carly to help her repair her relationship with Kiki, but Carly purposely made things worse by blaming Ava for the rift between Sonny and Morgan. Ava maintained that Sonny drove Morgan away because he pushed Morgan aside for years in favor of Michael. Franco countered that Morgan was safely in private school while Michael lived in an Al Pacino movie. Franco told Ava that her estrangement from Kiki was her problem and he ordered her to stay away from Carly. Ava argued that she had no choice but to threaten Carly, because Carly threatened her first. Franco warned Ava that if she didn't stay away from Carly, she'd have to answer to him. He took her hand and bent her finger backward. Ava told Franco that she wasn't afraid of him, because they both knew she was the wild card in their relationship. She bent Franco's finger backward and snarled that he'd better tell Carly to watch out, because if Carly messed with Ava, she would retaliate. Ava left to find out what was keeping Morgan and Julian.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny left voicemail for Shawn. Sonny wanted to know if Shawn had gotten TJ out of town without a hitch. He also mentioned that he hadn't heard from Morgan and that he wanted to discuss Julian. Carly came in looking for Michael. Heather lurked outside and watched them through the window, while holding a gun. Sonny asked if they had a fight, and Carly said no. Sonny asked if this was about AJ. He ranted about AJ's trial and said he'd be dead if Michael hadn't begged for his life. Carly said she was there about Franco. Sonny wondered why she and Michael were fighting about that “waste of space.” Carly hesitated and revealed that she and Franco were seeing each other. Sonny didn't understand why she was dating the person she asked Sonny to kill. Carly explained that Franco wasn't the same person anymore. Sonny listed some of the terrible things Franco had done to the people they cared about. Carly insisted that Franco had changed.

Carly told Sonny she invited Michael and Kiki to lunch so she could explain things to Michael, but things went horribly when Franco showed up early. Sonny and Carly had a disagreement over whether or Franco's tumor made him do terrible things. Sonny pointed out that doctors could be wrong, and if they were, Carly was sleeping with the person who got their son raped. Carly felt that she could see the change in Franco, and Sonny wondered if she was just seeing what she wanted to see. Carly said she didn't want to argue; she just wanted to talk to Michael. Sonny asked Carly if she thought it was right to try and convince Michael to support something that Michael knew would hurt her. Carly was adamant that Franco wasn't going to hurt her. Sonny replied that she and Michael knew better, and he urged her to listen to her son. Sonny thought that Carly and Morgan had a habit of trusting the wrong people. Carly was offended and she argued that it wasn't fair to compare her relationship with Franco to Morgan and the Jeromes. Sonny admitted she was right. Carly got choked up and said she'd give anything to get Morgan away from those horrible people.

Sonny confided in Carly about talking to Morgan at the hospital. He was optimistic that he convinced Morgan to walk away from the Jeromes. To Carly's dismay, she hadn't seen Morgan in a long time. He wouldn't return her calls on Christmas. She asked Sonny how he looked and Sonny said he was worried about Max. When Carly visited Max, he told her the cover story about Sonny shooting him. Carly didn't believe it and she wanted to know why Sonny was covering for the Jeromes. It quickly dawned on her that Morgan was involved somehow. She hoped and prayed Sonny had gotten through to Morgan. Sonny believed he and Morgan had connected during that talk for the first time since Kiki and Morgan's reception. Carly felt that Morgan would eventually realize that he was better off and that Sonny never meant to hurt him. Sonny hoped she was right.

Carly decided to continue her search for Michael. Sonny admitted he hoped Michael could convince her to end things with Franco. Carly was irritated that Sonny brought this up again because she didn't want to fight. Sonny urged her to figure out how important Franco was to her and whether he was worth losing her son over. Carly insisted that Michael would understand her decision to be with Franco. Sonny stressed that Franco was dangerous, whether he had a tumor or not. He told Carly that he didn't want to see her get hurt. Carly didn't want to hear it, so she quickly left. Heather watched her from the shadows.

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