GH Update Monday 1/6/14

General Hospital Update Monday 1/6/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ava goes to find Carly at the Metro Court. Carly coldly demands to know what she wants and why she is ingratiating herself in Carly's hotel. Ava tells Carly she is there because she would like Carly's “help" in convincing Kiki to give her mother another chance. Carly scoffs and asks why on earth she'd do that. She believes that Kiki has made the right decision to disown Ava and see her mother for the person she really is.

TJ is with Shawn at Kelly's knowing that “somebody” might have known that he got involved in Shawn and Sonny illegal dealings.

Morgan goes to tell Julian that he is done working for him.

Franco is alone in his room being “haunted' by demons and by a vision of his “dead and buried” psycho mom. Olivia Falconeri comes to talk to him. She tells him that she knows some people believe that after the tumor was removed from his brain, the serial killer psychopathic tendencies got removed, but she knows otherwise. He asks her how it is that she knows that. She tells him that she knows he is Heather Webber's son and no tumor removal can change that. She also informs Franco that she almost married Heather's other son, mistakenly believing that there was no reason to be suspicious of whom his mother was, but she learned the hard way that Steven was also a killer.

Sam seems to know that Molly has some personal stuff on her mind involving her relationships with Rafe and with TJ. She knows that Rafe was not entirely ok with her choice of TJ being her boyfriend and Rafe just being her friend. Molly hints to her older sister that she knows Sam slept with Silas. She used to not like Silas but has changed her mind and seen that he's a good guy. For one, he saved Danny's life. But she kind of hints about how Silas had a serial killer brother who is the father of Rafe. And maybe genetics plays a part in the type of human being both Silas and Rafe are and what they might both be capable of.

Rafe goes to Anna Devane's office and is ready to tell her “what he knows”. But he hesitates. She tells him she realizes that he might be afraid to implicate Sonny Corinthos and the Jeromes. But, she tells him, there are killers out there who endanger the residents of this town. She informs him that she practices law enforcement so that Port Charles's docks can be safe place for her granddaughter to feed the ducks. So, she urges him to tell her what he knows so that he can prevent more violence and keep people they all know and love safe. He then tells her he knows that TJ Ashford was involved in the shoot-out between Sonny and Julian Jerome.

At the same time, TJ is at Kelly's discussing the matter with Shawn and Sonny, telling them he realizes that he should have stayed out of it, just like they say. Sonny urges him to know that he is not safe walking around town with Julian knowing that he was a witness to the whole event. He feels it's his personal mission to protect TJ just like he would want for his own son. But TJ is obviously raising objections over what they are telling him.

After Morgan tells Julian he wants out of their organization, Julian tells him that that is more complicated than he realizes. He knows that Morgan knows too much. In response to that, Morgan assures Julian that just because he wants out of an organization that intended to kill his father and almost got Max killed, it does not mean he intends to rat his former “employers” out to Sonny. He wants nothing to do with Sonny and won't “side” with him. Julian then tells him it's not just about whether he trusts Morgan or about the conflict of interest regarding Sonny. He tells Morgan there is also the issue regarding Morgan's “relationship” with Ava.

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Ava that she and her brother are trouble with all of the stunts they have pulled. They have corrupted Carly's son and Ava is sick to be messing around with Morgan who's half her age. In response to that, Ava tells Carly she will have to give Morgan a little more credit than that. Morgan is old enough and smart enough to make his own decisions. Carly tells Ava she knows Ava had a trick up her sleeve from the start with Morgan. She gave him a place to stay when the loan sharks were after him. She knows how Ava had a plan from the start to get Morgan to fall for her daughter and cause them to get married, give Morgan false hopes, have Kiki dump Morgan, break his heart and leave him vulnerable. Carly also remarks how it must be embarrassing for Ava to “take” her daughter's sloppy seconds. She goes on to tell her, furthermore, if Ava messes with Morgan, she messes with Carly. If her son gets hurt, she will hurt Ava and she asks Ava if they are through and if Ava would like to exit her hotel. Ava then replies no. They are not through. She grabs Carly's arm and tells her that she has made an attempt to be civil to Carly and reach out to her as one flawed mother to another. But that did not work. So if Carly ever threatens her, she will be sorry. If she ever disparages Ava to Morgan or disrespects her, Ava will make it her mission in life to wipe Carly off the planet. Michael and Kiki walk in to hear the very hostile confrontation between their two respective moms. Ava attempts to explain to her daughter. But Kiki clearly indicates she wants nothing to do with her mom and is there to have dinner with Carly whom is her friend. Carly sits with her son and Kiki and Michael asks his mom what she called them there to talk to them about. Hearing that and knowing that her son may not take well to what she is about to say, she hesitates but comes out and admits that she is seeing Franco.

After Olivia informs Franco that she found out the startling truth about Heather's other son, Steven Lars, he asks her how much his “brother” cost when Heather sold him off to strangers like they did him. He asks if her theory is that because he and Steven are both the sons o Heather, that means they are both psychopaths. She tells him no. The point she is going to make is that Steven killed a very bad man in order to save the life of a sweet little girl and for that he is serving a life sentence in a Tennessee prison. She tells him she believes they both have the ability to kill from Heather. But the difference is, Steven Lars has a conscience. Hearing that, Franco emotionally asks her why she thinks he does not have a conscience when he lies in bed awake thinking about what he did to Jason and to Sam and to Michael. He sees the “vision” of his dead mother reminding him, also, of what he did to her.

In her discussion with Sam about Silas and Rafe, Molly tells her big sister she knows if Sam lives with Silas, the closer Rafe will be in their lives. Sam first assumes that would be a good thing because Molly and Rafe are friends. Yet, she admits to her little sister that Rafe wound up in the ER after smashing his hand and it was over losing her to TJ. At that point, both sisters know that maybe Rafe is going to have difficulty getting over Molly as well as anger issues about it.

After Anna finds out, from Rafe that TJ is working with or aiding and abetting Sonny Corinthos, she is ready to take action.

Julian tells Morgan when he first heard about his sister hooking up with Sonny's son, he thought that maybe it was just an arrangement to defy her daughter and Morgan's family. But now, when he sees the two of them in action, he almost believes there's more to it than that. Morgan responds to Julian yes. There is more. He does care for Ava. Julian then tells Morgan, in that case, he needs to know how complicated it is to walk away from his feelings for Ava when he's the son of a crime lord. Morgan must know how this whole thing works, Julian tells him. If Morgan walks away from this organization, he and Ava are through. Morgan asks him why that would have to be. Julian reminds him that Ava is his partner. They don't make a decision without consulting each other. Ava can't be in a relationship with her enemy's son. Morgan tells Julian Ava can make her own decisions. But Julian tells Morgan he needs to get what he's saying. If Morgan walks away from him, there will be consequences. IN response to that, Morgan asks what Julian will do. Will Julian kill him?

When Franco is having his discussion with Olivia, he sees his mother coming after him and yells: “Get away from me”. She knows he's hearing or seeing something or someone that is not there. He tells her he knows she has a similar “gift” with her LSD overdose that was given to her by his mother. She tells him she knows that what is going on with him is not the tumor “talking”. He tells her he needs to get going because he's meeting up with Carly. So she needs to get straight to the point of why she is there. She then tells him that her point is to tell him that even if Carly is not going to let him get evicted from the hotel, she will find a way to get rid of him. She believes she owes it to her cousin to get rid of murderers who are staying in her hotel

Downstairs in the restaurant, after Carly drops the bombshell upon her son that she is seeing (and most importantly trusting and giving the benefit of the doubt to) Franco, he asks her how she could do that,. Does she not realize what that man did to her son and to Jason and to Sam? But Carly protests that she knows that Franco was not responsible for his actions. He had a brain tumor. He has a conscience and is a good person even though Michael does not believe that nor want to believe she may know what she is talking about. He firmly tells his mom and his girlfriend he wants nothing to do with that guy. Franco walks in to overhear their conversation.

Detective Nathan West goes to find Silas at the hospital and tells him he has some questions for him. Silas tells him he's busy practicing medicine, has patients and work to do. And if Nathan has any questions, he may contact Silas' lawyer, Diane Miller. Nathan replies he can do that but asks why Silas cannot answer the very simple questions. Silas then gets on the elevator and evades him.

After Sonny and Shawn conclude that TJ needs to leave town in order to be safe, he is not ok with that idea. He doesn't know why Shawn would want to send him away. He thought Shawn cared for him and would be there for him. Shawn tells him it's because he cares about him that he needs to keep him safe. And he's not the only person who cares about TJ. TJ has a mom who cares for him. But TJ tells his uncle that is bull. He doesn't want to live with his mom. He wants to live in Port Charles with his uncle, with his friends and with Molly. Shawn tells his nephew that keeping him safe is his number one priority. He can't risk him getting hurt which could happen if TJ stays in Port Charles.

Morgan asks Julian if he plans to kill him for disloyalty. Morgan does not appear scared when he reminds Julian that if that happens, Sonny will bury him before Morgan bleeds out. Julian then tells Morgan he does not need to kill him when there are so many options. There's Morgan's mother and Michael but he realizes Morgan does not care about them anyway. However he knows of something Morgan probably couldn't live with. He can always go back to the hospital and “finish Max off”. He tells Morgan he will do what he needs to without blinking an eye. Morgan can go around for the rest of his life knowing that an innocent person has died because of him. He tells Morgan he has no choice except for it to come to this. So, he asks Morgan again if he still wants to walk away. Ava walks in the door after talking to Carly. She asks her brother and “boy toy” what was going on while she was away.

Shawn and Sonny convince TJ to pack up and let them help him leave town. But he tells his uncle he needs to wait until he can contact Molly since they just got back together.

Meanwhile, Anna is ready to go after TJ with the information Rafe has provided for her.

As Molly is talking to Sam, who needs to know what she may suspect about Rafe regarding TJ, she gets a call from TJ. She tells her sister that TJ wants to urgently meet her at Kelly's right away. She then departs.

Sonny and Shawn are alone in the seating area of Kelly's as TJ is in the other room calling Molly. The two men talk about how a father has to protect his son or nephew, and they confirm that they trust one another to do the right thing and have each other's backs.

Franco approaches the table where Carly is sitting with Michael and Kiki. Realizing that Michael is not happy to see him, he offers to leave. At that point, Michael furiously tells them no. He will leave instead. He just wishes his mother would see how she is betraying their deceased friend Jason. Carly urges her son to sit back down, telling him he's the fairest person she knows. She asks if he would please listen to her and give Franco a chance. He asks his mom if she honestly believes that Franco will not hurt her, that she believes he's changed and she trusts him. She replies yes. He tells her he does not buy that Franco had a physical condition that he could not help. He thought his mom was smarter than this. Carly is very disappointed that he feels the way he does and wishes she could change that, but she holds firm on her decision to be with Franco. He tells her that he knows this is going to end with her getting hurt. When that happens, he will make Franco pay for hurting the people he loves. He walks off and Kiki tells her “almost dad” she's sorry for this and goes after Michael. When Franco is alone with Carly, he wonders if her son is right. Franco is afraid he will end up hurting Carly.

Sam is alone in her home, remembering her encounter spending the night with Silas. She hears the doorbell ring. It's Detective Nathan West. She notices his badge and remarks that she has never heard of him on the police force. He admits this is his first day on the job. He would like to talk to her about Dr. Silas Clay.

At the hospital, Silas leaves a message for Diane warning her that she may be hearing from Detective Nathan West. Rafe gets off the elevator and rushes to find his uncle with an urgent matter. He just did something really bad.

After Ava demands that Morgan tell her what he was discussing with Julian, Morgan replies he was just telling her brother that they can count on his loyalty. He apologizes for messing up at the warehouse but promises to do better next time. She tells him that is wonderful news and hugs him.

At the Metro Court, Carly is very confident and encouraged to be with Franco. Although he has his doubts knowing that he could be responsible for severing her relationship with her son, she has no worries and is ready to spend a romantic evening with him. First though, she has to go straighten things out with Michael. She gets on the elevator asking Franco to wait for her as she will be “right back." Little does she know that while on the elevator, his psycho mother is in the crowd, disguised with sunglasses, a dark wig, and a hat.

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