GH Update Friday 1/3/14

General Hospital Update Friday 1/3/14


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny calls Duke from the hospital to find out if Anna suspects Morgan of Max's shooting. Feeling uncomfortable at being put in the middle, Duke insists he only went in with Sonny to protect Anna, not to forge a relationship with him. Sonny suggests that Duke will have to make compromises if he wants to take down the Jeromes. Sighing, Duke enters Anna's office with coffee for her and immediately learns that she thinks Sonny's story about accidentally shooting Max is a total crock.

Hunky NY Detective Nathan West, who's subletting Maxie's apartment in Port Charles, comes out of the shower with just his towel on. He checks his cell phone and sees that Dr. Clay still hasn't called him back. He figures that perhaps Silas has better things to do than answer for his crimes. Looking over Silas' case folder, Nathan decides to get creative in reaching his elusive suspect.

Sam wakes up in bed with Silas in a room at the Metro Court. She recalls that last night wasn't too bad. He feels there's nowhere else he'd rather be. While massaging Sam's foot, Silas ponders all the things he should have done, like go to study in Italy during his junior year of college. When she asks if he has any regrets about last night, Silas admits he does have one -- they didn't make love sooner. She agrees, and they start kissing.

Molly takes little Danny to Kelly's so his mom can enjoy her date. She wonders if they can now start calling Dr. Clay Silas. Rafe accosts her suddenly and scares her, but she assures him she's okay. When she asks what he wants, he answers that he wants her. She admits this has been a weird time for her, but she just wants to be friends. He wants to build on that friendship, but she wants to work things out with TJ. If he can't accept that, then they can't even be friends. Molly asks if that's what he wants. Rafe realizes that his relationship with Molly is too important, so he will accept her terms, even though he thinks TJ is bad for her.

Inside Kelly's, Shawn stops TJ from leaving and insists on talking to him about what happened at Sonny's warehouse. With lots of attitude, TJ asks if the subject of this talk is how Shawn almost killed Carlos for Sonny. Shawn wants him to stay out of it, but TJ insists he can't, since they live together. He can't ignore the fact that Shawn is a hitman, even though he's grateful to him for saving his life by dragging him away from Carlos. Shawn points out that he's just trying to save him and Molly from Julian Jerome. If he fears that they will go to the police, then he and Morgan will be in danger. Shawn asks TJ if he can trust him never to speak with anyone about what happened.

Feeling very jittery about his safety, Julian holds a gun when Ava knocks on his door. She notices the men he has posted at each end of the hall and assures her brother that he needn't worry about Sonny retaliating after what happened at the warehouse. Hearing that Morgan is home alone, Julian insists that Ava keep him close to stop him from confessing. She smugly assures him that Morgan is safely tucked away at her place, and he's not going anywhere.

Morgan rushes up to a nurse at the hospital for an update on Max's condition when Sonny surprises him. Morgan thought his father was in jail and is now afraid he'll make trouble for him. Visibly angry, Sonny takes Morgan into a room and yells that he almost killed his faithful long-time bodyguard.

After another round of mattress mambo, Sam and Silas declare how amazing it is, but she has to go. Before she flees the bed, Sam teases that she's going to think about how long she'll make him wait until next time. Hearing his phone vibrating, Silas again sees an incoming call from a restricted number and again ignores it, but a message comes through: "You can run, but you can't hide." Donning his gear, including a gun, Nathan leaves his apartment.

Holding the local newspaper with the story on the front page, Anna angrily reads Sonny's excuse for the shooting and how the PCPD was forced to release him due to lack of evidence. Duke suggests that Sonny sue the paper for slandering him by making him look incompetent. Ignoring him, Anna continues to rant, insisting there's a warehouse full of spent shell casings from five different firearms, suggesting a full-on gunfight. She's frustrated that Max is supposedly too drugged out to answer any of the police's questions. Duke suggests she's being stonewalled to which she agrees, plus she's sure Julian Jerome was involved. Trying to save his lover undue pain in dredging up the past, Duke suggests she delegate, but Anna ignores him again and continues wondering why Sonny would protect a Jerome if Julian shot Max.

Julian's not as sure as Ava that everything is under control. He points out that Morgan's youth makes him fickle and highly impressionable, and they'll have a serious problem if he keeps showing how sorry he is. One wrong word out of his mouth, and everything they've worked for falls apart. Worse, they could both end up behind bars or dead. Ava assures him again that Morgan is fine. Sighing, Julian hopes so, for Morgan's own sake. She angrily asks what the hell that's supposed to mean. Is he threatening Morgan's life?

While Anna's pondering the case in her office, Nathan walks in and introduces himself. Duke excuses himself and leaves them alone. Anna offers Nathan a seat and prepares to interview him for the detective position, since he wants to transfer from NYC. Looking over his file, she points out his stellar record and wonders why he wants to make the change. She nods as Nathan admits that he goes where the action is: in this case, the mob war between the Corinthos and the Jeromes. Her department needs honest and creative officers, but Anna wants Nathan to give her a straight answer as to his real motivation. He insists it is about the Jeromes, and, specifically, Ava and an old friend of hers, Silas Clay.

As TJ runs out, Duke sits at Kelly's counter and asks Shawn if everything's okay. Shawn admits it's not. Molly sees TJ is upset and is not surprised that Shawn doesn't want them going to the police. Rafe eavesdrops as TJ informs Molly that his life is in danger. Having grown up close to an "alleged crime family," Molly knows there are certain rules, such as never volunteering information to the police, that they should abide by, but TJ doesn't understand it. Their conversation is cut short by Sam who checks on Danny while TJ and Molly ask if she had a good night. She says she did and thanks Molly for watching Danny. They're both glad that she's happy again.

When Sonny asks why he would go up against his father, Morgan tries to explain how he and Julian were just there to retrieve Carlos whom Sonny had kidnapped. Though angry that his son involved himself in his business, Sonny will not apologize for doing everything he can to protect his family, especially when Julian Jerome is using his son to destroy him. Sonny disagrees when Morgan insists he makes his own decisions. He angrily hits his son in the chest and asks if taking down his old man is going to prove something. He then puts his cocked gun into Morgan's hand and orders him to prove he's a man and kill him, so he'll be rid of the father he hates so much. As Sonny keeps encouraging him to shoot him, Morgan shakes his head and refuses. Taking back the gun, Sonny declares that Morgan needs to leave the Jeromes and go back home to him. Sonny understands that a life of crime isn't right for Morgan and urges him to get away from the Jeromes while he still can.

Julian feels that anyone who threatens him is dispensable, but Ava thinks Morgan will stay quiet so as not to incriminate himself. Julian reminds her that Sonny is now taking the blame, so Morgan has nothing to lose. Plus, there was another witness at the scene of the crime: TJ. Ava points out that Molly also knows that Julian went to the warehouse that day, and she so happens to be Sam's sister. If something happens to Molly, Sam wouldn't like it. Julian can't believe that Ava is asking him to do nothing -- she thinks that if he keeps his mouth shut, it'll all blow over. He accomplishes what he set out to do: rescue Carlos and now both of them need to lie low and not do anything stupid. Julian suddenly stops arguing and shows Ava the door. Once alone, Julian orders that TJ and Morgan be followed and monitored, so he knows where they go and who they see.

Sam kisses Silas again in the doorway before taking her walk of shame through the hotel. Ava walks down the hall and sees them but hides until Sam has left, then she asks Silas if he and her niece had a nice New Year's. Pulling her into his room, Silas angrily states that the cop isn't going away. Ava admits she's also being hounded but hasn't decided what to do yet. As for him, Silas is sick of waiting and is ready to confront the cop who knows where to find him, but Ava wants him to just refer him to their lawyer, Diane. Silas, though, doesn't trust either Diane or Ava, who smugly suggests he get Alexis, his lover's mother, which will assure that his romance with Sam will be over as quickly as it started.

Anna finds the file Nathan has very interesting, but since the crime wasn't committed in Port Charles, they can't pursue it. However, if he comes up with something, they can use it as leverage against the Jeromes and, at least, take down Ava. Before she hires him, Anna wants to know what's driving him to pursue this case all the way to Port Charles, but he won't say. Regardless, she takes him on provided he only works on the NYC case in his spare time, and she be kept apprised of all developments. When Nathan agrees, Anna shakes his hand and welcomes him to the PCPD.

Nurse Sophia finds it strange when Dr. Clay compliments her smile at the hospital. With a goofy grin, Silas credits his chipper mood on the way he spent New Year's Eve. Coming up behind Silas, Detective Nathan West introduces himself as the guy he's been dodging until he ran out of moves.

When Morgan returns, Julian is angry that he's been out walking around. Morgan announces that he doesn't want to do this anymore; he wants out. Julian stares at him incredulously.

Sonny joins Duke on a nearby stool at Kelly's counter where they surreptitiously discuss how much Anna knows or believes. Sonny determines that Dante hasn't shared his theory with his boss. Duke is sure that Anna will figure it out sooner or later. Sonny hopes that by then, Morgan will have returned to his family where he belongs. Sonny goes into the kitchen and asks Shawn about TJ. Shawn assures his boss that he'll keep quiet, because he knows he's a target.

Before they part, TJ agrees with Molly that the police can't know what happened.

Rafe walks into Anna's office and announces that he knows what really happened at the warehouse.

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