GH Update Thursday 1/2/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/2/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina was at home trying to will her pregnancy test results to be negative. Felix walked in and told her it was positive. Sabrina was stunned that she was pregnant with Patrick's child. She went into denial mode, saying she couldn't be pregnant, but Felix gently pushed her to face the truth. Sabrina panicked and asked what she was going to do. Felix assured Sabrina he'd be there for her, but he said the only one who could help her figure this out was Patrick. Sabrina was adamant that Patrick could never find out about this. According to Sabrina, if she told Patrick she was pregnant, she'd be no better than Britt. Sabrina swore that she wouldn't use the baby to lure Patrick back to her, the way Britt had. Felix argued that her situation wasn't the same as Britt's, because Sabrina was really having Patrick's baby and she didn't get pregnant on purpose. Sabrina wasn't swayed, and she insisted that she wouldn't do that to Patrick. Felix thought Patrick had a right to know, so he grabbed the phone to call Patrick himself. Sabrina dashed over and took the phone away. She threatened to cut ties with Felix if he told Patrick the truth. Felix felt that was his duty to step in when Sabrina wasn't thinking straight. Sabrina argued that there was no point in telling Patrick. She didn't want to saddle him with a baby he didn't want or have him and Robin resent her and say the same awful things about her that she and Felix used to say about Britt. Felix didn't think Patrick would react like that. Sabrina insisted that she wouldn't ruin what Patrick, Robin and Emma had.

Felix still didn't agree with Sabrina, but he admitted that it might be best to figure out what to do, first. Sabrina said she loved Patrick and she wanted him to be happy, even if it wasn't with her. Felix asked what she was going to do. Sabrina cried that she had no idea, and Felix hugged her. Felix held Sabrina on the couch while they watched the ball drop.

It was New Years Eve in Port Charles. Maxie was at home getting ready for her trip. She put portraits of baby Georgie and of herself with Lulu into a box that was going to go to storage. There was a knock at the door. Maxie assumed it was Mac, there to take her to the airport, so she was surprised to see a dark haired man about her age standing at her door. He introduced himself as Nathan West, and explained that he was the one who was going to be subletting Maxie's apartment. Maxie let him in and explained that she didn't realize the agency found someone. Maxie kept smiling at Nathan as she gave Nathan a tour and pointed out the quirks of the apartment. Maxie told Nathan he'd be sleeping in her room. Nathan was surprised there was more than one room and wondered if this meant Maxie had a roommate. Maxie told him that her ex roommate moved across country with the love of her life and her daughter. Maxie's eyes filled with tears, and Nathan reached into his jacket and pulled out a handkerchief for her. Maxie was surprised he carried one, and he explained that his mother had told him to carry one for times that he met a damsel in distress. He'd always thought it was silly, but now he'd found one. Maxie dried her eyes then told him her ride to the airport would be here, soon.

Nathan was curious about her trip, so Maxie explained that she was going on a spiritual journey and didn't have a destination in mind yet. Maxie admitted that this sounded crazy, but Nathan assured her that he completely understood. Nathan asked if she was doing this because her her ex moved with her daughter. He guessed that things must have gotten pretty bad for Maxie to decide to leave. Maxie confessed that this was the worst year of her life. Nathan had a rough year too, and he was also seeking a fresh start. Maxie thought he was on the right track because he'd moved into a new environment. Nathan told her he didn't know anyone in Port Charles. Nathan suggested that Maxie stay at the apartment with him. They could pick up the pieces together. Maxie told Nathan he was being nicer than she deserved. Maxie explained that her life went to hell at midnight last year, and she promised herself she'd start 2014 with a clean state by being out of town when the year started. Nathan understood. Maxie's parents texted and asked her to meet them downstairs, because they couldn't find a parking spot. Nathan offered to help Maxie with her bags, but Maxie declined, because she thought it was time that she handle things on her own. Nathan asked when she'd be back, and Maxie said “When I find myself.” Nathan told Maxie he'd see her when she got back. He wished her luck and told her she didn't seem so bad the way she was. Maxie smiled and told him not to burn her apartment down. Later, Nathan was putting his pictures on the shelf when he found a picture Maxie forgot to pack up. It was of Maxie and Lulu.

Silas called Ava as he was leaving GH. He left her a voicemail – the cop from NY kept calling and Silas thought he and Ava should meet and come up with a strategy to make the troubles go away. Silas hung up and swore that he wouldn't lose Sam over this.

In an exam room, Dante watched Britt give Lulu an ultrasound. Britt looked concerned, then she broke the news that she wouldn't be able to create more embryos for them, because Lulu didn't have any viable eggs left. Lulu was adamant that there must be some mistake, so Britt gently asked Lulu when she had her last period. Lulu admitted that she hadn't had one in a while, but she attributed it to stress. Lulu and Dante wanted an explanation for why a young woman like Lulu wouldn't have viable eggs. Britt pointed out that Lulu's body had endured a lot of trauma this year. Dante realized Britt was referring to Lulu's ordeal on Cassadine Island. Lulu was nearly in tears and she said this was their last chance to have a baby. Dante insisted that there had to be another option. Britt offered to schedule more tests, but she warned them that she was expecting to get the same results. Britt apologized and assured them that no one wanted to give them a baby more than she did.

Sam and Nikolas ran into each other at the Metro Court restaurant, while they were waiting for their dates. The cousins hugged and Sam asked what was keeping Britt. Nik explained that she had a last minute appointment with Dante and Lulu. They raised a toast to Dante and Lulu's success having a child. Sam told Nik that this reminded her of the surgery she had in order to allow her to get pregnant. She'd been scared at the time, but she was glad she went through with it, because it resulted in Danny. Nik was optimistic about Dante and Lulu's chances. He felt that if anyone could give them a baby, it was Britt. Sam noted that Nik and Britt seemed to be getting close. She asked him to tell her about it, and Nik explained that he and Britt had gone through a lot in a short amount of time. He asked how things were going between Sam and Silas. Silas walked up and playfully told Sam to feel free to answer. Silas greeted the pair, then invited Nik to sit with them until his date arrived. Nik declined, because he didn't want to be a third wheel. Nik teased that if Silas hurt Sam, he'd have to answer to Nik, because Cassadines looked out for their own. Silas and Nik shook hands, then Sam and Silas went to their table.

Sam theorized that Nik said what he did because he was a prince, or because as Cassadine heir, he didn't feel like the head of the family. Silas didn't think there was anything wrong with Nik's protectiveness. Sam said she'd let Nik know that Silas wasn't planning on breaking her heart. After their meal they couldn't take their eyes off each other, even when the waiter stopped by to check on them. Silas asked if Sam wanted to get out of there. Sam suggested they watch the fireworks from the terrace or go to the park, but Silas was interested in a more private location. They couldn't go to either of their homes, because Rafe was at Silas's and Molly and TJ were babysitting at Sam's. Silas suggested that they get a room at the hotel, then he assured Sam that he wasn't trying to pressure her into doing something she didn't want to do. Sam smiled and said she liked the idea. The waiter came back to offer them dessert, but they quickly asked for the check. Once they were in their room, they admired the view, the Sam proposed a toast to Silas as new Chief of Staff. Silas thought his chances of being named Chief of Staff were slim, because Monica wanted her job back and the Quartermaines had a lot of clout at GH, but Sam was confident that the board would pick Silas. She told him she had enough faith for the both of them. They kissed passionately and had sex. Sam hoped that 2014 would be a bit calmer than 2013 was. Silas promised to do everything in his power to make sure it was. They began to make love again and didn't notice Silas's phone ringing.

Nathan, who revealed that he was detective Nathan West from NY, was the one who called Silas. “You can't avoid me forever” Nathan said in his voicemail to Silas.

After Britt arrived, Nik helped her into her chair and kissed her on the cheek. He asked how things went with Dante and Lulu, and Britt revealed that she wouldn't be able to make another embryo for them. Nik didn't understand, but Britt felt like she already said too much. Nik knew Lulu must be devastated. “You don't know how sorry I am” Britt said. Later, they watched the fireworks on the terrace. Nik mentioned that Britt had been very quiet, and she explained that she felt bad for Dante and Lulu. Nik agreed that they'd been through a lot. He and Britt agreed that they (Nik and Britt) had dealt with their share of trouble this year, too. Nik told Britt he didn't want to start the new year without telling her how much she meant to him. They shared a tender kiss, then Nik hugged Britt, who looked guilty.

Dante and Lulu returned to the loft. Dante was interested in exploring other options, like using a donor egg. Lulu wasn't receptive to the idea, because that wouldn't be their baby. Dante pointed out that they loved Connie even though she wasn't biologically theirs, and Lulu countered that this was different, because the other baby would be Dante's child with another woman. Dante understood that it was a lot to process, but he thought they were running out of options. Lulu revealed that she didn't want to have a child anymore. Dante put his arms around Lulu. He assumed she didn't mean what she was saying. Lulu pulled away and walked to the other side of the room. She cried that she couldn't do this anymore. It had been one heartbreak after another: first she learned that her “defective uterus” couldn't carry a baby, then she got them blackballed by every adoption agency, then they lost Connie. Lulu thought the universe was telling them that they weren't supposed to be parents. Dante still believed there were other options, but Lulu saw the options as more opportunities for heartbreak. She sat down and sobbed that she needed all of this to stop.

Dante gently said they weren't thinking clearly right now. He sat across from Lulu and suggested that they they set this aside for awhile and go up to the roof and watch the fireworks and focus on what they did have – each other. Lulu said she couldn't. Dante assumed she meant the fireworks and he was stunned when she clarified that she meant she couldn't stay at the loft anymore. Lulu jumped up and grabbed her suitcase. Dante wanted an explanation and Lulu said she couldn't be at the loft, because it was filled with memories of Connie. Dante pressed Lulu to tell him exactly how long she planned to be gone. Lulu insisted that she just needed some space. Dante was adamant that Lulu couldn't leave, because they were supposed to be leaning on each other. Lulu argued that Dante didn't understand. Dante countered that he did understand. He loved Connie too, and he needed Lulu. Lulu cried that this wasn't just about that. Dante was upset when he realized that Lulu still blamed him for losing Connie, because he contradicted Lulu on the stand. Lulu said she didn't want to, but she couldn't help it. Lulu couldn't help thinking that this wouldn't have happened if Dante had her back. Dante countered that he always had her back, and Lulu shot back that he didn't when it mattered the most. Lulu didn't think she could be in the loft with Dante as long as she felt like this. The depressed Dante stared out the window while Lulu packed. When Lulu picked up her bags, Dante asked where she was going to go. Lulu didn't know. Dante asked her to stay with him for the night, then leave tomorrow. Lulu quietly said she couldn't. Dante told Lulu he loved her. She said she loved him too, and she left.

Patrick and Robin were at home with Emma. They were amused by how excited the little girl was about New Year's Eve. Robin's smile faded when Emma mentioned that she spent last New Year's Eve with Sabrina. Robin hid the pain she felt, and Emma talked about what she and Sabrina did last year. Emma fell asleep before 12 AM last year, but she was determined to stay awake this year. Patrick told Emma that they had something special planned this year – he and Robin were renewing their wedding vows. Emma thought it sounded like fun. She wanted to invite Spencer and Cameron, but her parents told her that the re-commitment ceremony would be just for the three of them. Emma asked who was going to marry them. Robin and Patrick noted that anyone could do it, since it wasn't official.

Robin and Patrick held hands while Emma officiated over the “wedding.” When she got to the line where guests were invited to “speak now” if the couple shouldn't be married, Patrick and Robin told her to skip it, because they didn't want to jinx it. Patrick and Robin recited the same vows they used at their real wedding, and there were flashbacks to the original event. Patrick leaned in to kiss Robin. He and Robin stifled laughs when Emma yelled “Not yet!” Emma handed them their rings. They placed them back on each others fingers and Emma finished the ceremony. Patrick and Robin kissed. Later, the couple had a toast to Robin being home with Patrick and Emma and starting the new year married. After the toast, they noticed that Emma fell asleep before the new year started. They watched the countdown and kissed.

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