GH Update Monday 12/30/13

General Hospital Update Monday 12/30/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie goes to see Lulu. Lulu asks her what she wants. She replies she's there to say good bye.

Sam rushes to the hospital after Silas tells her he needs to see her.

Dante is not far away on his phone leaving a message for Anna telling her he is trying to talk to Max about what happened that caused him to get shot but Max is too doped up to talk to him.

Patrick then tells Robin he would like for them to have another baby. Hearing that, she is surprised.

Right then, Sabrina is in the apartment with Felix and suddenly rushes to the bathroom to throw up. She hasn't a clue as to what could have caused that. But he tells her that it could mean that she's pregnant. She has to consider that as a possibility. She tells him that is ridiculous and laughs. But he tells her that since she's a nurse, she is obviously aware of the symptoms of morning sickness. She reminds him that he has just reminded her that there is stress in her life regarding the fact that they are hiding a fugitive in the next room. In response to that, he asks her if she might have slept with Carlos. She tells him absolutely not. But he tells her that she hid what happened when she ran to his house after the wedding ended. And he remembers she was too drunk to remember everything that happened. But they realize that if she did not sleep with Carlos, this can only mean that she is pregnant by Patrick/

Patrick tells Robin that he's gotten to know Sam's baby, Danny. He really likes him and wouldn't mind having a baby boy or girl and little brother or sister for Emma. Hearing that, she asks him if this has anything to do with Britt.

Dante runs into Britt at the hospital. She informs him for the first time that Lulu called her not long ago while she was with Nikolas and agreed to have Britt as her OB/GYN so that she and Dante can try again to have another baby. But Dante reveals to her that he did not know that his wife contacted her regarding that.

When Maxie tells Lulu she is going to leave town to go and find herself. Lulu asks her where she got that idea and if it might be from a magazine article in Crimson. Maxie tells her that she has thought this through and knows what she is doing. Lulu wishes her a good trip. She tells Lulu, again that she cannot leave without telling her how sorry she is for all that has happened.

Sam and Silas run into Monica who tells Silas she knows his dirty little secret. She informs him that her sister-in-law Tracy is on the hospital board, and she heard that there has been some talk about replacing her as chief of staff. He doesn't understand and neither does Sam since he is not on the board. She tells him that she knows that he is one of the candidates to replace her. In face, she informs him, he is at the top of the list.

Maxie tells Lulu she did not ever intend for her friend to lose the baby. And if it's any consolation, she (Maxie) lost her tool Lulu then reflects that it was so futile for them to battle it out in court. They both lost her. She is now living in Portland with Ellie and Spinelli. They know that Connie is in good hands with them. But she is out of their lives. Maxie tells Lulu that she knows she did a terrible thing not to inform her friends that she miscarried the baby that was supposed to be theirs' and was pregnant by Spinelli. She let Lulu and Dante fall in love with Connie, only to lose her. She wishes she could take it all back and have them know how sorry she is. Lulu tells her she realizes that and wishes she could have closure for herself and for Maxie. But she can't do that.

While Britt is with her baby (Ben, whom everybody believes is the biological offspring of herself and Brad), Dante talks to her... And little does anyone know (consciously anyway), that he is the biological offspring of Dante and Lulu.

Patrick and Robin talk about how he was ready to be a dad to baby Ben, in spite of the issues he had with Britt. But the baby he would like to have with her would not be a “replacement” of the baby he could have had. He wants to have a baby with her because she is the person he loves. So, he asks her, what does she say? She replies she says no.

When Felix tells Sabrina she might very well be pregnant by Patrick, she protests that they used contraceptives. He tells her that they are both nurses and know that not all contraception is effective. They know that the Quartermaine condoms have been faulty. She protests they did not use that method. But he reminds her that the only way she will know whether she is pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.

Lulu tells Maxie that what has happened cannot be fixed or changed. All anybody can do at this point is move on. Maxie then tells Lulu it may be none of her business but she asks if Lulu and Dante have considered trying again, remembering that there would have to be some more frozen embryos at the lab. But Lulu informs her that she and Dante went to find them. But Ellie said they have disappeared. Hearing that, Maxie is shocked and tells her she cannot believe that and thought that Ellie would be more conscientious.

Dante sits beside Britt (while she holds baby Ben) talking to her about how she would be the person to help them and whom they put their faith, their trust and their lives in the hands of in having their own baby. Little does he know that his own child is sitting right beside him. She does not know what to tell him or say or do.

Sabrina finds excuses not to take a pregnancy test. She is not about to take one at the hospital and will only use one that they buy at the store that can remain anonymous. But she tells him there's no point in doing that. There' s no way that she's pregnant. But he goes out the door telling her they gotta know there is only one way to be sure.

Robin tells Patrick the reason she says no is because she's been gone for 2 years. All she wanted in that time was to walk through this door, and be with her husband and daughter. She wants that to be an every day thing and routine in her life. She has lost so much time with her family. She wants them back. She has missed so much time with Emma and did not know what to give their daughter for Christmas. She just wants some time with him and their daughter. She might wants more kids some day. But not right now. And she admits to him that she can see he is disappointed. He tells her that he has been so empty with her. She tells him she realizes what they have lost. But having another baby is not the way to get that back. She tells him she may have another idea.

Felix returns with the pregnancy test for Sabrina and tells her how he protected her privacy knowing he looked and felt odd since he's never before in his life purchased a pregnancy test. But he can see that she is evading and avoiding finding out the answer to the question.

Patrick tells Robin if she can't tell him the secret she's keeping from him, he will guess. But now, he will give up. What is her idea? She tells him they renew their vows.

At the hospital, Monica informs Silas that the board had their concerns about her being chief of staff because of the fact that her son got charged with murder. He tells her that is ridiculous that she should be judged because of her son. But she tells him now that she is reinstated, she would like him to take his name off the list of voters.

Not far away, Britt tells Dante that she is honored that he would ask her to assist him and his wife in having another baby and she wants to help him get that choice.

Lulu informs Maxie that after the frozen embryos were lost, she decided to let Dr. Westbourne assist them with doing in vitro fertilization. Hearing that, Maxie is surprised that she'd trust Britt. Lulu laughs and tells Maxie that she just happened to run into Britt when she went to visit her brother at his place. She cannot believe that Nikolas is seeing Britt. Maxie finds that interesting and they laugh. But they both realize that even if they pull it off and she and Dante have another baby, nothing can erase the past.

At the hospital, Sam tells Monica she realizes that Monica has the right to get her job back but it's not fair for her to be asking Silas to step down. Monica tells them that she has to do what she has to do. She leaves them alone and he talks to Sam about what it would be like if he was chief of staff. He could do some good things and get the Oncology Department into motion. And right then, Sam remembers that he called her to tell her a secret and she asks him what that is.

Patrick and Robin are talking about their future with Emma and with renewing their vows. They then agree to have another wedding.

Maxie tells Lulu she knows what happened between them is huge and she'd like nothing more than to fix it. Lulu admits that she wanted more than anything to call her best friend to come over and make her laugh with everything in life sucks. But they realize that it was her best friend who caused her all the pain. Lulu talks about all the things that they said and did to each other were so terrible and cannot be taken back. Maxie tells Lulu that is the very reason why she needs to go away for a while. She tells Lulu that maybe their friendship and everything else is lost. But maybe there might be a possibility to get their friendship back because that's what she'd like more than anything else. She departs and Lulu wishes her good luck.

At the hospital, Dante holds baby Ben and talks to Britt about how he and Lulu wanted for the procedure to work and yet they've lost Connie. He looks straight at the baby, telling her when he sees this little guy he wants to tell him: “I want one of you”. The baby looks at Dante and appears to be talking to him. And Britt then tells Dante there is something she has to tell him. He asks her what that would be.

Not far away, at the hospital, Sam and Silas talk about how it would be if he was the chief of GH staff. They get ready to spend New Years Eve together.

Maxie gets ready to pack her things and goes through photos. Right then, she gets a knock on her door from an unexpected visitor.

Britt accompanies Dante and Lulu into the lab to start the fertilization procedure and help them have a baby, but her mind is clearly elsewhere.

Patrick and Robin get ready to spend New Year's together and reflect about their future.

Sabrina is too impatient to see the results of the pregnancy test, and she admits to Felix that there is no way she can tell Patrick she's pregnant right after he got back to his wife. Felix looks at the pregnancy test and declares that it's positive.

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