GH Update Friday 12/27/13

General Hospital Update Friday 12/27/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Sam takes Danny to the hospital for a check-up and is pleased when Silas praises her baby's recovery. He tells her they can extend the times between blood work to every other week now and no biopsy for six months. Sam thanks the brilliant doctor who calls Danny a champ much to her delight. Sam and Silas decide to celebrate tonight and start the new year off with a bang.

Felix surprises Sabrina by returning a week sooner than expected. He's happy to have pulled off a great escape from his family, leaving Taylor behind. Felix sees Sabrina's anxious look and wonders if Patrick has made his decision yet. When she tells him the bad news, he hugs her and holds her tight.

At home, Patrick smiles at his stocking which says "Daddy" hanging from the fireplace mantel. Robin talks about Emma having a great time at her sleepover, which surprises Patrick. He thought their daughter would want to spend all her time with her newly-returned mother, but Robin glumly guesses that "the thrill is gone." Patrick sympathizes and kisses her, assuring her that it's not gone for him. As Patrick takes down the decorations, Robin asks if he couldn't wait until New Year's, but he wants things back to normal to which Robin agrees. She asks Patrick how good it feels not to have any more drama in their life. He remarks, "Really good." When Robin's phone rings, she answers and it's Maxie with an emergency.

While Dante sleeps, Lulu sits up in bed thinking. When her husband wakes up, she informs him that she wants to make a baby. Dante is surprised at her change of heart, but she wants them to become parents and is eager to start the process over again, because this is their last chance. Dante holds her tight. Then they recall the happy feeling they had before when they found out they were going to have a baby and want to experience that again. As they start kissing, Lulu wants to give Dante something to remember when he makes his next deposit. He then throws her onto their bed and gets on top of her, kissing anew.

While Silas holds Danny's hand, Sam asks him if he resolved the issue that was troubling him. Silas answers that it's complicated, but he's eager for them to have time together without interruptions. Sam gives in and asks him to pick her up at 8. He smiles as Sam and Danny head to the elevator. When his phone rings again with a call from a restricted number, he again ignores it.

Felix wonders why Sabrina didn't call him. She knew he'd come racing back. He thinks it would have given him the greatest excuse to leave. Felix then starts ranting about what a jerk Patrick is for dumping her and one day he'll realize what a horrible mistake he's made, but Sabrina wants him to calm down and understand that Patrick didn't want to hurt her. He loves her, but his wife came back, and he wants to be with her again.

While Patrick takes down the tree decorations, Robin puts on her coat to go tend to Maxie but promises Patrick that she will return, because nothing will ever keep her from him and Emma ever again. With a kiss and an "I love you," she goes out the door.

Felicia and Mac arrive at Maxie's, but she won't tell them what's going on until Robin gets there. Her parents, however, won't be held in suspense and demand answers. To calm down their fears, Maxie finally announces that she's leaving Port Charles. Once Robin joins them, Maxie insists she needs to get out of town. She assures Felicia and Mac that she's not going to Portland to see her little girl. She just needs a few months to go off and find herself. Robin explains to a frustrated Mac that it's a way to gain perspective on her life to become a different and better person. Eager to get away from the place where she's made so many mistakes, Maxie announces that she is leaving tonight.

Silas has a patient in the Navy, Hicks, just back from Afghanistan, who's afraid he's dying. Silas asks him to wait for his lab results. Instead of going to the local VA Hospital, the seaman has come to Silas due to his stellar reputation and because his wife works at the VA Hospital, and he doesn't want her to know he's sick. He feels horrible for lying to the woman he loves, but he doesn't want her to worry about him again.

Sam and Danny go to visit Patrick who's happy that the little boy is doing so well. Patrick tells Sam she was right about him coming home to Robin, even though it meant breaking Sabrina's heart. He's confident he's made the right decision and realizes all the small things about her that he missed. Sam has dreamt that Jason returned but now knows she has to give up that fantasy and replace him in her heart. Patrick guesses that it's because of Silas and asks Sam for details. Sam shares the fact that she and Silas haven't actually "closed the deal" yet. Patrick wonders why. Sam can't really find a good reason -- it's just been the circumstances, and they haven't found the right time. Plus, his ex, Ava Jerome, keeps warning her that Silas has a big secret, but Sam doesn't know if she can believe her. Patrick remembers that Ava was truthful when she told him that Robin was alive, but Sam thinks Ava's just jealous and wants Silas back.

Felix flies off the handle again when Sabrina tells him Patrick dumped her on Christmas Eve, but she doesn't think there would have been any ideal time. He just did it when he made up his mind. Felix is sorry Sabrina's been alone for the last week, but she informs him she's had company. Felix makes plans for them to do all kinds of lovely things today but stops in his tracks when he finds Carlos sleeping in his bed. He assumes that the ex-boyfriend took advantage of Sabrina's emotional state to get her into bed, but she insists no sex happened anywhere. She's just harboring a fugitive who was shot by Sonny, and Felix wants to turn him in to the police, but Sabrina begs him not to.

Maxie insists she has to get out of Port Charles before the new year, because it was last New Year's Eve when everything started to go horribly wrong for her. She can't just sit around, thinking of how much she hurt Lulu and Dante, but Mac doesn't want her to cut off her whole family, especially now that Robin is back. Robin wishes Maxie would stay closer to home, because they love her so much. If they love her, then Maxie wants them to accept her decision, trust her, and give her their blessing. With a hug, Robin gives Maxie what she asked for, including a promise not to buy an article of clothing until she returns. Once Robin leaves, Felicia wonders how to say good-bye to her daughter.

Felix reminds his friend that they could be reprimanded as professionals for not reporting a gunshot wound. Carlos is a marked man who could get them both killed. Suddenly, Sabrina runs from the room feeling sick. She then runs down all the reasons for vomiting, until Felix wonders if she's pregnant. The thought makes her freeze and drop her washcloth.

Noticing how good Patrick is with her son, Sam proposes that he ask Robin for another child. As soon as she returns home, Patrick puts the question to his wife.

In bed together, Dante tells Lulu he can't wait until he has their baby in his arms, and she is happy again. Remembering last New Year's Eve, Lulu wants time to let go of their pain and focus on the future with baby Falconeri, whoever she or he may be. With any luck, this time next year they will be a family. Lulu likes looking forward instead of looking back. Their kissing is interrupted by a phone call from work. Now that Max is out of danger, the police need to talk to him. Dante wants to get to work so he can provide for their child. They kiss again.

Maxie asks for help in getting her suitcase and going to the international airport. She has an open-ended ticket, so she'll decide where to go when she gets to JFK. When Felicia and Mac shake their heads at her recklessness, Maxie assures them she knows where it's safe to travel. There's just one thing she has to do before she leaves. Felicia tells Mac she's glad Maxie's actually looking forward to something.

In bed with Nikolas, Britt is glad that Ben is still asleep. He apparently already fed Ben with the express purpose of having Britt to himself. In addition to morning sex, Nikolas hopes that he and Britt can make their relationship official by having her and Ben make Wyndemere their home permanently. Britt, however, is reluctant because of his family's negative reaction to her, especially Lulu. She feels awful about what happened and wants to make it up to them. Nikolas, though, is not worried about how Lulu feels about Britt, but she still won't agree to move in, because she feels undeserving of him. Their conversation is interrupted by Lulu on the phone who asks Britt to be her obstetrician again. Britt gleefully agrees and thanks Lulu for allowing her to make it up to her, then promises not to let her down. She will get her baby. Feeling better about herself, Britt also agrees to move in with Nikolas. He applauds her decision and welcomes her home with kisses.

Lulu answers the knock on her apartment door and finds Maxie standing there.

Silas again ignores his ringing phone. A nurse delivers the lab results. While Silas peruses them, Hicks wonders if he survived the war just to die at home, but the doctor assures him there's no cancer. The best part of the good news for Hicks is that now he can stop lying to his wife. Silas sympathizes when Hicks says that coming clean with his wife will lift a big weight off his chest. Once Hicks leaves, Silas tells Sam, who's answered his call to return to the hospital, there's something he has to tell her.

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