GH Update Thursday 12/26/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/26/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

It was Christmas morning in Port Charles. Obrecht did a voice over. She said that she loved Christmas as a child. She used to dream about her holiday wishes coming true, but as she grew older, she learned the hard way that not everyone got what they wanted for Christmas. And not everyone was happy on Christmas. People could be scared or feel guilty. Obrecht now viewed Christmas as a reminder to seek refuge from the cruel world with people you loved.

Patrick and Robin cuddled in bed and talked. Robin was glad that this wasn't a dream - they had found their way back to each other. Patrick vowed that nothing would tear them apart again. They kissed and Patrick apologized for taking so long to realize what he already knew – that he belonged with Robin and that this was the only life he wanted. Robin said it took her two years to get home to Patrick, so she wasn't going to hold a few days against him. Robin asked Patrick to confirm that he broke up with Sabrina before coming home. He nodded and Robin asked if she was okay. Patrick said that Sabrina didn't blame him, but she was hurt. Robin knew how devastated Sabrina must be right now, but Robin was still happy she had Patrick back. She wondered if that made her a bad person. Patrick told her that if it did, it meant he was a bad person too, because he'd never been happier. Robin agreed. They had sex and when they finished, Robin said she was glad last night wasn't a fluke. She had been worried that things would be different between them or that she would have forgotten how to be with Patrick, but to her relief, they remembered every part of each other. Just then, Emma ran in playing her didgeridoo. They went downstairs to open gifts. Robin got Emma a stuffed koala. Emma said thanks, but Robin noticed that she didn't seem excited, and Emma explained that she already had one just like it. Robin was hurt, but she tried not to let it show. Patrick put a positive spin on it by saying it was a friend for her other koala. Next, Emma opened something from Sabrina. She was thrilled - it was exactly what she wanted. Emma asked if they could go to Sabrina's to thank her. Patrick started to stammer something, and Robin said yes. Emma reached for another gift and Patrick asked if Robin was okay. She said not yet, but she would be.

Patrick and Robin both received didgeridoos for Christmas. While Emma ran off to get hers, Patrick gave Robin one more gift – her ring. He put it back on her finger and they kissed. Emma returned and noticed Robin's tears and asked if she was okay. Robin hugged her and assured her that she was perfect. Robin apologized for not having a chance to get something for him. Patrick told her that he got his gift when she came home. Later, the family played their instruments.

Sabrina sat in her living room quietly weeping. Carlos walked out of one of the bedrooms, his gunshot wound bandaged. Sabrina quickly wiped her eyes, but Carlos still noted that she didn't look so good. Sabrina pointed out that he didn't look so good either, and he said he got shot last night, so he had an excuse. Sabrina sounded anxious when she remembered how Carlos had stumbled onto her doorstep the night before. She told Carlos that she thought he was going to die. Carlos replied that an incredible nurse removed the bullet, patched him up and saved his life. Sabrina thought that since she saved Carlos's life, she was entitled to know who shot him. Carlos wouldn't tell her what happened. He put his hand on her knee and thanked her for letting him stay there. Sabrina leapt up and walked to the other side of the room. She made it clear that she only let him stay in Felix's room was because Felix and Taylor weren't there. She added that if they had been, she would have called the cops. Sabrina then picked up the phone and asked Carlos to give her one reason why she shouldn't call them right now. Carlos got up and grabbed Sabrina's hand and asked if she really wanted to call the cops. Sabrina thought it was suspicious that Carlos didn't go to the hospital after he was shot. She was angry because she now realized Carlos lied when he said he didn't know his boss was a mobster. Carlos owned up to lying, and said he was sorry. Sabrina asked why she shouldn't call the cops, now that he was admitting to being a mobster, and Carlos said if Sabrina turned him in, Sonny would kill him. Sabrina was horrified when she realized a mob boss wanted Carlos dead, and she became adamant that they should call the cops. Carlos told her that Sonny's son was a cop.

Sabrina decided against getting the cops involved, but she told Carlos he couldn't stay there. Carlos told her he had nowhere else to go. He didn't want to go home, because he didn't want Sonny or the Jeromes to find him. He was afraid the Jeromes thought he'd informed on them like Vince had. Sabrina asked who Vince was, and Carlos said it didn't matter, because the “bastard” was dead. Sabrina looked overwhelmed, and Carlos told her that if she ever cared about him, she'd let him stay until he figured things out. Sabrina relented and let Carlos stay for now. Carlos said it was nice to spend Christmas with Sabrina, and she looked uncomfortable and said it wasn't like she had anywhere else to be. Carlos realized Patrick must have gone back to his wife. Sabrina loudly ordered Carlos to gloat about being right about everything. Carlos insisted that he didn't care about being right. He cared about her. Carlos explained that it was hard knowing Patrick would hurt Sabrina, but being unable to prevent it. Sabrina sobbed that it hurt so bad, because she loved Patrick, and Carlos pulled her into a hug. Later, Carlos brought Sabrina a bowl of food. She refused it at first, but eventually accepted it and ate.

Ava went to the Quartermaine mansion, but before she knocked, she left a voicemail for Morgan. He wasn't there when she woke up, and she was on edge because Carlos was missing. Ava hoped Morgan didn't go to the hospital.

The guilt-ridden Morgan peeked through the window of Max's hospital room. Diane and Milo were at Max's bedside. Olivia walked up and asked what he was doing there. Morgan told her he cared about Max. Olivia explained that she was surprised Morgan was there, because she knew how tense things were between him and Sonny. Olivia was sure that Sonny would be glad Morgan came. Morgan asked where Sonny was, and Olivia told him that his father had been arrested for some reason. She asked Morgan if he wanted to go inside with her, and he said no, because it looked crowded in there. Olivia hugged Morgan and promised to tell Max he asked about him. Olivia went into the room and hugged Milo, who fought back tears as he gave Olivia an update on Max's condition. Max was in critical, but stable condition and he hadn't woken up. Olivia wondered how this could happen and the distraught Diane snapped that she should ask her boyfriend. Milo clarified that they didn't know the whole story. Olivia asked for an explanation, and Milo told her that apparently Sonny shot Max by accident. Diane spat that she'd never known Sonny to confess to so much as a parking violation and now he was confessing to the commissioner that he shot Max. both Olivia and Milo agreed that this didn't sound like something Sonny would do. Olivia went back into the hallway. Morgan was curious about how Max was doing. Olivia got him up to date about Max, and Sonny, then she left for the police station.

Back inside, Milo blamed himself. In his view, Sonny needed two guards and this wouldn't have happened if he'd been there. Diane comforted him and assured him that this wasn't his fault. She pointed out that this happened to Max because of the life he chose and the life she and Milo walked away from. Diane told Milo that if he had stayed, he might have been shot instead, and Max wouldn't want that. Diane added that there was something about this shooting that didn't add up.

At the loft, Lulu stared at the empty crib. Dante got out of the shower, and she offered to go with him. Dante said no, because it would be a quick trip. He was going to try and get some answers from Sonny while Olivia talked to Max. Lulu felt bad for Max and she hoped Milo was doing okay. Dante thought well of Max, despite Max's job. Dante had learned that when you work for Sonny, you have a target on your back. Once Dante got dressed, they opened gifts. Dante gave Lulu a shirt and mentioned that cotton was the gift for a second anniversary. Lulu felt bad about forgetting their anniversary, but Dante assured her that it was okay. Lulu couldn't believe it had already been two years. She admitted that their earlier years had felt more hopeful. Dante comforted her with a hug. He confessed that he kept wondering if there was anything he could have done differently to spare them the pain of this year. He promised that they would get through this. They kissed. Nikolas, Britt and Ben dropped by. Lulu brightened when she saw the baby, and Britt looked uncomfortable when Lulu walked over to wish Ben a merry Christmas. Later, Britt awkwardly shifted Ben around on her lap as Lulu told Nik that her embryos had been mistakenly destroyed. Lulu thought this meant she and Dante would never get to have a child of their own. Nik hugged Lulu, and Britt offered to help Dante and Lulu go through the process of creating new embryos, and they could be parents this time, next year. Britt said that if they weren't comfortable with her anymore, due to her history with Maxie, she could help them find another doctor.

Obrecht and Sonny were in cells across from each other. Sonny paced back and forth and as his frustration grew, he knocked over a chair. Obrecht warned him that when caged animals paced, it was a sign that they were about to lose their mind, then she asked what he was in for. Sonny didn't reply, and Obrecht said that made sense, given who she was. Sonny told her she didn't know what she was talking about, but Obrecht revealed that she knew exactly who Sonny was. Obrecht called him a mafia don, and Sonny countered that he was a coffee importer. Obrecht ignored that, and told Sonny that the man she loved attempted to take Sonny's territory and killed his enforcer. The exasperated Sonny told Obrecht to stop talking, but she kept going, and admitted that she admired Sonny for being able to hold onto his territory for so many years.

Sonny's success over the years told Obrecht that he was too smart to be brought down by Anna. She surmised that Sonny was in jail by choice, and she asked him if he was taking the fall for someone else. Sonny got really irritated and made a veiled threat in an attempt to make Obrecht be quiet, but it didn't work. She continued to speculate about who Sonny was taking he rap for. She knew she went to extremes for her daughter, and she asked about Sonny's children. Just then, Dante walked in. Obrecht noted that he was Sonny's son, and Dante told her to shut up. Obrecht quieted down and watched intently as Sonny and Dante quietly talked. Sonny asked about Max, and Dane filled him in, then Dante asked what happened. Sonny lied and said he accidentally shot Max while he was cleaning his gun. The skeptical Dante reminded Sonny of the time that Dante lied and said he shot himself in the chest, then he asked Sonny to tell him the truth. Sonny stuck to his story, and Dante asked if the Jeromes shot up the warehouse.

Dante knew that Sonny never confessed to anything unless he was trying to protect someone. He had a realization and asked if Morgan shot Max. Sonny told Dante drop the subject and leave Morgan out of it. Dante kept prodding Sonny for information, and Sonny got fed up and raised his voice at Dante, just as Olivia walked in. she noticed the tension and asked if everything was okay. Olivia mentioned that she was planning to stop by the loft with food. She asked about Lulu and grumbled that they should sue the hospital for what they did to the embryos. Obrecht smirked. Dante wasn't interested in suing. He just wanted to get through this. Sonny asked about Max, and in the course of updating Sonny, Olivia mentioned that Morgan was at the hospital. Dante decided to go talk to him. Sonny tried to convince Dante not to investigate, but Dante left anyway. Obrecht made a comment about ungrateful children being sharper than a serpent's tooth. Olivia quietly told Sonny that she knew enough to know not to ask questions right now, but she also knew he was careful with his firearms and that he didn't shoot Max. She promised that she'd be there once Sonny was ready to talk. Sonny asked about Morgan, and Olivia told him how upset Morgan was. Olivia thought this might be just what Morgan needed to make him see the importance of family.

A guard arrived to take Sonny for more questioning. Once Sonny was released from his cell, Olivia took his cuffed hand and walked with him and the guard. Obrecht began to sing “O Tannenbaum in German.

At the Quartermaine's AJ opened his gift from Michael and Kiki – four tickets to a Broadway play. Michael explained that he was hoping they could go back to NY and have a better time than they did the last time they were there. AJ thanked them, but he looked glum. Kiki went to answer the door, and AJ apologized to Michael for appearing to be underwhelmed. He explained that he did like the gift, but he found it difficult to get excited about things, now that he was out of jail. Michael understood, but he tried to get AJ to see that he had a lot to be grateful for, including his freedom. AJ admitted he was still worried he might have killed Connie. Michael pointed out that AJ had been found not guilty. AJ countered that the jury thought he did it, but lacked the evidence to convict. Michael told him that since there was reasonable doubt, he should accept that he didn't kill Connie. AJ said that if he didn't kill Connie, who did.

Kiki opened the door to Ava. Ava had gifts for Kiki and Michael, but Kiki refused to accept anything from her mother. Ava walked in uninvited, and Kiki railed at her for turning Morgan into a killer. Ava looked alarmed and asked Kiki who told her that. Kiki clarified that she was talking about the fight Michael and Morgan had when Michael fell into the water. Ava pretends to be talking about the same thing, but Kiki sensed that Ava meant something else. Michael rushed out to the foyer. He'd just gotten a call from Milo, and he wanted to go to the hospital. Michael and Kiki left, ignoring Ava yelling that she had presents for them.

AJ stared at the wet bar, but Ava grabbed his attention when she let herself into the living room. AJ asked what she was doing there, and she explained that she wanted to put Kiki and Michael's gifts under the tree. Ava wondered why Kiki and Michael ran off, and AJ grumbled that Sonny was at it again and had shot his bodyguard. Ava thought AJ was being hard on Sonny, considering that he'd killed the woman Sonny loved. It was clear that Ava hit a nerve in AJ. Ava poured herself a drink and noted that she hadn't yet congratulated AJ on his victory. AJ ordered her to leave, but Ava ignored his angry tone and reminded AJ that they used to get along very well. AJ spat that that was when he wanted her shares. Ava waved her drink around enticingly and urged AJ to celebrate getting away with murder. AJ told Ava to leave again. Ava stayed put and purred that they should be civil, because their children was dating. She added that she hadn't said anything that wasn't true. “Get out!” AJ screamed. Ava agreed to leave, but before she left, she offered to be AJ's confidant if he ever wanted to unburden himself and admit to killing Connie.

Michael was surprised that Morgan was at the hospital. Morgan assured Michael that he cared about Max, too. Morgan looked guilty when Michael reminisced about how good Max had been to them when they were kids and when he wondered how many times he'd saved their lives without them knowing it. Morgan told Michael it was good to see him. Kiki was angry that that was all Morgan had to say, since the last time he saw Michael, he'd left him to drown. Morgan insisted that he could explain, but Kiki argued that there was nothing he could do to explain that. Michael asked Kiki to give them some privacy and as soon as she stepped into Max's room, Michael confronted Morgan about the shooting. Michael remembered that the only time Sonny confessed to a crime was to protect Michael. “What do you know about Max getting shot?” Michael asked. Morgan didn't respond, and Michael reminded him that he (Michael) told him that this wasn't a video game – the bullets were real. Morgan whispered that Michael should ask Max what happened. He turned to leave, but Michael grabbed his arm and said he'd bet his life that Sonny wasn't the shooter. Kiki returned and told Michael that Milo wanted him. Michael and Kiki went inside. Morgan got overwhelmed by the pressure. He sat down and Dante walked up and sat next to him. Dante told Morgan that he thought Sonny was covering for him. Morgan tried to leave, but Dante grabbed him by the arm and told him he loved him and that the only way to make this right was to tell him the truth. Morgan snapped that Sonny was obviously losing it again and had made a stupid mistake. Dante replied that Morgan was the one making mistakes. Dante stated that Morgan was more like Sonny than he'd ever admit, then he walked away.

Morgan went back to Max's window and peeked in. He, Diane and Milo were relieved when Max woke up. Ava walked up behind Morgan and touched his shoulder. They hugged.

Michael and Kiki returned to the Quartermaine foyer and kissed under the mistletoe.

Back in the living room, AJ drank the drink Ava left behind.

Dante went back home. He and Lulu played with the baby, while an uncomfortable Britt watched.

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