GH Update Monday 12/23/13

General Hospital Update Monday 12/23/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny, Shawn, and Max are in a shoot-out against Julian and Carlos, who are holding TJ hostage until the opposition drops their weapons. Sonny notices Morgan continuing to work for the other side and demands that he puts his gun down and go home. But Morgan does not listen to his dad.

Patrick goes to visit Sabrina unexpectedly.

At the hospital, Sam is with Silas and tells him that he needs to stay for a party. He has an unexpected patient who appears to be Rafe.

Molly is at Ava's art gallery waiting for Julian and Morgan go come back as they had promised. Ava asks her where her brother and Morgan went. Molly replies to look for TJ.

Sonny fires shots and hits Carlos. It appears TJ is free but Julian panics when he sees that Carlos is down.

Robert Scorpio is dressed like Santa and telling Robin he wants her to be happy and won't be afraid to confront Patrick for not being with her. She tells her dad she does not want him bad mouthing Patrick in front of Emma and although she knows he is just intending to help, she would prefer he buts out.

When Patrick goes to see Sabrina, she greets him warmly and gives him a gift she's wrapped for him. She tells him that she realizes he still needs time to make the “big decision”. In response to that, he tells her that is the reason he's there.

When Silas notices that Rafe has been wounded and Sam accompanies him, they are curious to find out what has happened.

When Molly informs Ava that Morgan has joined forces with Julian and Carlos is the shoot out, Ava tells her she is angry but not with Morgan.. She is angry at her brother for putting her “boy toy” up to doing that.

Right then, after Morgan notices that his “alli” Carlos is down because of Sonny and his men, he knows Julian wants him to “step up” So he walks up close to his dad holding the gun on him. Julian tells him he can't hesitate to do what “comes next”

Molly admits to Ava that she's very worried that TJ could be in real danger. Ava tells her she may relax and if TJ is in harm's way, her brother will retrieve him. She sees that Molly is upset and crying and she comforts her in a “motherly way” as she remarks that “her guy” is out there too.

Morgan faces his dad and Sonny tells his son that this is “not him”. He knows that Morgan will regret what he does. Julian yells at Morgan not to listen and shoot him. But Sonny tells his son he loves him and he needs to know that. But Morgan fires a shot. And it hits Max. Max falls to the ground. Now they are down to 2 vs. 2.

Anna, Robert and Emma are happily with Robin but are all wondering where Patrick is.

Meanwhile, Patrick is at Sabrina's home. She cries when he tells her that he had a long talk with Sam who helped him putting things into proper perspective. He knew what he needed to do deep down. He knew he could not hurt anyone. But the reality involving the situation and both of the two women is that somebody is going to get hurt. She tells him she knows he is going back to Robin. He replies yes.

Robert, Anna, Duke, Robin and Emma are gathered at Patrick's home waiting for him but ready to enjoy the holiday with or without him when Robert asks his granddaughter to open his gift to her first. Emma is exited when it looks as though he's given her a didgeridoo. He remarks to his daughter and ex wife that it's the perfect time to enhance Emma's musical education. Suddenly at that point, Anna gets a call. The others ask her what that was. She replies there was a shoot out at Sonny Corinthos' warehouse.

Diane goes to find Ava and asks if she plans to reveal to anyone about Franco trying to pass off someone else's work as his own.

Silas and Sam are with Rafe. He admits that what happened to him had something to do with his and Taylor's plan to make Molly and TJ jealous. He admits that it did not work. Sam tells him that maybe a lesson beyond hurting his hand can be learned. He needs to know that he's a great catch. But he tells her that he has his reservations about having Molly know that he is the son of a serial killer and vampire. Right then, Silas gets a call from Ava that he does not answer. He remembers her telling him that when he pushed the truth about Kiki, she “warned” him.

Patrick tells Sabrina that he loves her. She gave him strength and reason when he had none. She means so much to him, and he was ready to spend the rest of his life with her and start a family with her. He does know that if he'd known that Robin was alive, he would have done anything he could possibly do to bring her home to him and to Emma. He cries with her and tells her that he is torn between not hurting her and doing what he has to do. He hopes that she will find it in her heart to forgive him some day.

Anna tells Duke that she has to go because this is an indication that something is blowing up between Sonny and Julian Jerome. Robin tells her mom she knows that Sonny is not Anna's favorite person. But he's been a good friend to her. Anna assures her daughter she knows that Sonny cares about her and has asked about her. But regardless Sonny chooses to break the law. She has to do her job and not look the other way.

After Max has been shot and is bleeding, Sonny gets on his phone to call a hospital for his loyal friend. Max is in shock realizing that Morgan shot him.

Sabrina tells Patrick she knows this is good-bye and he need not apologize or feel guilty. She hugs him.

While waiting for Anna, Robert tells Duke she knows that Duke has “extricated himself” from the people on the other side of the law. And he tells his ex wife's boyfriend, almost as if he knows that Duke has a secret, what it would mean for Anna if Duke was still “with those people”.

Morgan returns to Julian and Ava. But Molly is worried that TJ has not been accounted for. Morgan and Julian are having her believing that they have gone to find him and she thanks them. As soon as she's out the door, Ava rips into her brother for the stunt he's pulled. He tells her that he is worried for his own sake because Sonny shot Carlos. Morgan cries and admits he shot Max.

Anna goes to find Sonny after Max is in an ambulance. She tells him she knows that what happened today involves Julian Jerome. She knows that Sonny has incentive to stop at nothing to go to war with Julian and his organization. She asks him if he wants to help her to hopefully prevent more people from getting shot. She asks him if Julian did not shoot Max, then who did. He replies that Morgan did.

Shawn and TJ return to Kelly's. They are both not hurt physically but worried. Molly is happy to see them but they inform her that Max has been shot. Hearing that, she is not happy remembering she's known Max her whole life and what a great friend and guard he's been to her uncle. She asks her boyfriend and his uncle if anyone else got hurt. They reply yes. Carlos got shot.

Morgan is distraught and tells Ava that Max has taken care of his father and his whole family since he was a little kid. And what if he doesn't make it? Morgan cries and Ava holds him. Julian stands nearby unmoved.

Diane is at the hospital after finding out that Max has been shot and may be in critical condition. She is furious and distraught and demands to know who did that to him.

Robert tells Duke he encourages him to get used to being husband to the police commissioner and he will go and buy him a drink. Robin and Emma come out to say good bye. Robert encourages his granddaughter to become a “dedicated didgeridoo-ist”. When Robin mouths, "I hate you," Robert tells his daughter that he loves her and so does Patrick.

Patrick tells Sabrina he wants to always be her friend and for her to not hesitate to visit Emma and know how much she means to his daughter. She tells him that she is ok, although she is crying and very emotional. She gives him back her rings telling him he must take them because they are not hers anymore. He leaves and she breaks down crying.

Sam is with Rafe in the hospital exam room while waiting for Silas. They talk about whether he should move forward with Molly and whether she should move forward with his uncle.

Morgan wants to leave Ava and Julian's apartment, but Julian prevents him from going out the door. She cautions Morgan that it's too dangerous, but he tells them he can't sit there and must get to the hospital and see if Max is ok. She tells him that he should just call because if he's seen there, it could lead to more danger. He goes in the other room with his phone and Ava continues to confront Julian about how this most recent event is only going to make Sonny even more of a threat to him.

Anna confronts Sonny about all the blood-shed and corruption and wants to know what happened to his son and to Max.

TJ confronts Shawn telling him now that he's seen what kinds of things he does “for a living”, he is not impressed. He is angry and from now on, he washes his hands of all of it and no longer cares about his Shawn's well-being if this is what he chooses.

Sonny refuses to answer all of Anna's questions. She has a uniformed cop come by and place Sonny under arrest.

Morgan calls the hospital and urges a nurse to tell him the status of Max Giambetti. The nurse asks if he is family. Morgan tells her no, but he like family and demands to know if he's ok, but she tells Morgan unless he's family, it's private confidential medical information and hangs up.

When Sabrina is alone in her apartment heart-broken and crying, she hears a knock on her door. She yells at whomever it is to “go away”. But she sees “they” will not. She opens the door and sees Carlos, staggering, bloody and ready to pass out. He pleads with her to help him.

Patrick then goes to see Robin at their house. Everyone is gone. Her mom is arresting Sonny. Her father and Duke are out and about. Emma is in bed. He tells her that he's made his decision. He is her husband. He is committed to her and Emma and he has chosen his family. They kiss passionately.

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