GH Update Thursday 12/19/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/19/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sam met with Silas in a GH exam room. Rafe had dropped in to visit Sam and Danny earlier, and Sam had come to the hospital to ask Silas how Rafe was handing his feelings for Molly. Silas revealed that he'd talked to Rafe about what it was like to be drawn to someone who didn't want you back. Sam asked if he had experience with that, and Silas teased her by telling her about being drawn to this difficult woman he met just before he moved to Port Charles. The more time he spent with the woman, the more he wanted to be with her. Sam knew he meant her, and she played along and asked how he dealt with it. Silas told her that he kissed the woman, then he kissed Sam again, to refresh her memory. Sam pulled back, because she felt Silas's phone buzzing. Silas glanced at the screen – restricted number. He answered and seemed taken aback by what the caller said. He asked if he could call them back, then he wrote their number down. Silas told Sam it was a patient's family. He made plans with her to pick up where they left off later, then kissed her goodbye. As soon as Sam left the room, Silas called Ava.

Luke and Bobbie were at Kelly's. Bobbie hung up with Alexis, then told Luke that Julian tried to get Alexis to tell him who Lucas was. Just then, Julian walked in and told Bobbie it was lovely to see her again. He reintroduced himself and explained that he'd had plastic surgery. Luke noted that Jerry Jacks had plastic surgery, too and he wondered if the men used the same surgeon. Julian asked who Luke was, and Luke introduced himself and said he knew Ava. Luke accused Ava of helping Jerry leave town. Julian acted like he didn't know what Luke was talking about. Luke didn't buy it. Lucas called Bobbie. Since the phone was sitting on the table, Julian saw the name on the screen and asked her who Lucas was. Luke didn't think it was any of Julian's business, but he claimed he was Lucas. Julian pointed out that Luke wasn't on the phone. Luke pulled out his phone, then told Bobbie that he just butt-dialed her. Luke went on a rant about cell phones, and Julian got the call from Morgan. Julian excused himself, and Luke told him to say hi to Jerry. Once Julian left the diner, Bobbie sighed in relief and told Luke that was close.

Bobbie spoke to Lucas on the phone. She told her son that she wasn't sure when she was returning to Seattle. After Bobbie ended the call, Luke noted that Lucas could tell something was wrong. Bobbie felt bad hiding the truth from Lucas, but there was no way she could tell him that she just ran into his biological father. Later, they ate pie and agreed that it was good, but not as good as their aunt Ruby's. They reminisced about her and talked about how much they missed her. Luke wondered how they would have made it if she hadn't been there for them. He told Bobbie that they still had each other and that he'd always be her big brother.

Ava noticed that Morgan was still at home, and reminded him that he said he was he was going Christmas shopping. Morgan said that he had to stuff her stocking first. Ava looked exasperated and asked if Morgan thought about anything besides sex. Morgan told Ava it wasn't a euphemism. She was pleasantly surprised when Morgan drew her attention to two personalized stockings and explained that he wanted to make their first Christmas special. Molly arrived and told Morgan she was worried about TJ. Morgan introduced Molly and Ava and told Molly it was okay to talk in front of Ava. Molly explained that TJ had gone to check out Sonny's warehouse. Ava pounced on that information and asked if that was where they were holding Carlos. Molly didn't know. Before more could be said, Silas called Ava and told her to come see him immediately. Ava told Morgan to call Julian about Carlos, then she rushed out. Morgan tried to comfort Molly by telling her that Julian would know how to handle this. Molly knew that Alexis and Sam didn't want anything to do with Julian so that didn't make her feel any better. Just then, Julian arrived and Morgan filled him in. Molly stressed that she didn't know anything about Carlos. Molly wondered if they should call the police, and Julian calmly said no. He also added that Molly did the right thing coming to Morgan. Julian told Morgan to come with him. Molly wanted to go, too, but Julian insisted that she stay there and not call the cops or anyone else. Morgan offered his cousin some reassuring words, and Molly agreed to do what Julian said. Later, Molly looked at pictures of herself and TJ and prayed that he was okay.

Ava met Silas at GH. She made a joke, but Silas was too stressed out for that. He revealed that he just got a call from a detective at the NYPD. Ava asked what he wanted, and Silas snapped that Ava knew what he wanted. Ava didn't know why Silas was surprised. She reminded him that she warned him this could happen back when he was pushing her about Kiki. Silas confessed that he assumed the story would have died down after all this time. Ava thought there must be a simple solution. Silas grumbled that it was easy for Ava to say that; the cops weren't calling her. Ava suggested that Silas ignore the calls and wait for the cop to let it go. Silas didn't think the cops were going to give up and go away. Silas ranted about Ava being an expert on cops, because she played for the other side and had to stay one step ahead of them. Ava said was just trying to help. In an ominous tone, she told Silas that she was sure he didn't want her niece Sam learning his secrets.

Sabrina looked depressed as she wrapped Christmas gifts for Emma. She called Patrick, knowing he wouldn't answer, because he was in surgery, and left a message asking what to do with the gifts. Sabrina stared sadly at another gift – a men's watch, until there was a knock at the door. She let Felix in. Felix, worn out from last minute shopping, plopped on the couch. He noticed the watch and assumed it was for him. Sabrina clarified that it was for Patrick – she bought it before the wedding, when she thought they were going to be starting a new life together. Sabrina changed her mind about giving it to Patrick, because she wasn't sure they were going to be together. Felix wondered if Patrick had made a choice but not told Sabrina yet. Sabrina sighed that Patrick still hadn't returned her call. In Sabrina's opinion, if Patrick already made a choice, he chose Robin, not her. Felix urged Sabrina to stay optimistic. Sabrina argued that Robin was Patrick's wife and the mother of his child. Felix didn't discount Patrick's love for Robin, but he pointed out that Patrick proposed to Sabrina, spent the last year with her and had come to love her. According to Felix, Patrick had changed since he was with Robin, so Sabrina shouldn't give up. Felix noticed that Sabrina seemed distracted, and she admitted that she wasn't in a holiday mood.

Felix packed his bags and told Sabrina that he and Taylor were going home to North Carolina for the holidays. He asked Sabrina to come with them. According to Felix, the DuBois family dysfunction could make anyone feel better about their problems. Sabrina appreciated the offer, but she decided to stay in town. Felix urged her to wrap her “would be husband's” gift. Sabrina told Felix he had more faith than she did, and Felix reminded her that faith and hope were what the holidays were about. He left. Sabrina looked at the watch and reminded herself that the holidays were also about miracles.

Patrick had left his phone at the nurses' station. He picked it up when he returned and noticed the voicemail from Sabrina. Just then, Robin arrived at Patrick's request. Patrick explained that he wanted Emma to come back home, so that she could wake up in her own bed on Christmas morning. Robin thought Patrick was right. Anna and Duke took Emma to the mall to see Santa, but Patrick had arranged for them to drop her off at home. Patrick handed Robin his keys and said she could meet them there. Robin was confused and asked if this meant Patrick was moving out and going to live with Sabrina. Patrick still hadn't made his decision, so he was staying in the on call room. Patrick didn't blame Robin for refusing to come home as long as he hadn't made a choice. He only blamed the people who faked her death and put them all in this position. Patrick had promised Emma that he'd get this figured out by Christmas. Robin pointed out that Christmas was fast approaching, and Patrick said he just needed a little more time. Robin decided to go home and wait for Emma. Patrick asked her to give Emma a kiss for him. Robin agreed, then she said Merry Christmas in advance to Patrick, just in case she didn't see him. She gave him a goodbye peck on the lips and left. Patrick gently pressed his fingers to his lips, then, he listened to Sabrina's voicemail.

Sam spotted Patrick looking lost and asked if he was okay. Patrick admitted that he wasn't, but he didn't want to talk about it. Sam gently reminded Patrick that she was at his wedding, so she knew what this was about. Patrick confessed that he was just as confused now as he had been at the church. Seeing Robin holding Emma had been Patrick's dream come true, but he couldn't forget that Sabrina had put him and Emma back together again while they thought Robin was dead. Patrick loved both women and he didn't want to hurt either one, but he knew that his indecisiveness was hurting them both. Sam didn't think Patrick should feel bad for loving both women. She told him it would be wrong if he didn't. Patrick knew he didn't cause the situation, but he was the one dragging it out. He wasn't sure how to keep his promise to Emma to sort things out by Christmas, when he still wasn't sure where he belonged. Sam disagreed and said that she thought Patrick knew in his heart, exactly where he belonged. Sam understood that Patrick didn't want to hurt anyone, but since that was unavoidable, she thought he should make his decision so everyone could move on. Sam hugged Patrick and left.

Robin went home. She picked up her and Patrick's wedding picture, then she thought back to the day she and Patrick first saw the house that became their home. Anna, Duke and Emma arrived. Emma excitedly greeted Robin, then said she was happy to be home. Robin and Emma talked about Santa, then Emma said Robin was the best present. Robin felt the same way about Emma. Duke took Emma up to the attic to find the stockings, and Anna asked Robin how it felt to be home. It felt a little weird, because the room had been repainted. Anna explained that Maxie did it as a way to cope with Robin's death. Robin remembered that she wanted the house because she thought it would help her deal with her post partum depression. It wasn't a cure, but she didn't regret buying it. Anna didn't think she should, because this was the place where Robin, Patrick and Emma became a family. Robin admitted she felt like she was walking into someone else's house, because the moments she, Patrick and Emma shared there felt like a lifetime ago and especially because Patrick wasn't there.

Robin was trying to give Patrick space, but it was difficult because she wanted him back. She confessed that she wanted to shake him and call him an idiot. Anna remembered that years ago, when she was Duke, Robert came back into her life. Anna had had to keep reminding herself that Duke was her present love and Robert was her past. It had been hard, because she and Robert understood each other so much. Anna loved both men then and still did now. Robin asked what Anna would do if Robert asked her to be with him again. Anna didn't answer the question, because she knew it would never happen. According to Anna, Robert would never put her in that position. Robin explained that she was asking what Anna would have done if it happened back then. Anna admitted that she'd be doing the same thing Patrick was – stalling because she didn't want to hurt someone she loved and lose the connection to what might have been. Anna said eventually, she would have had to ask herself who she wanted to have a life with. Anna thought that Patrick would realize he wanted to be with Robin. Robin hoped Anna was right and that Patrick just needed time. Emma and Duke returned. Robin helped Emma hang her stocking and Anna hugged and kissed Duke and asked if he was okay. Duke remembered that he had secretly teamed up with Sonny against Julian and said he was okay with Carlos dying if that's what it took to protect Anna.

Duke glanced out the window and told Emma he saw clouds, so she might get the snow she wanted. Emma handed Robin her stocking, then asked if they should hang Patrick's stocking there or if he'd be at Sabrina's. Robin was trying to answer Emma's question when Duke and Anna stepped in and distracted the girl by changing the subject.

At the warehouse, TJ watched, frozen in shock, as Carlos overpowered Sonny's guard and took his gun. Then he took TJ hostage. Meanwhile, Shawn realized he didn't have his keys. There was a gunshot, just as Sonny unlocked the warehouse door. Sonny and Shawn cautiously entered the building and found the guard unconscious on the ground and Carlos missing. Carlos hid and he forced TJ to hide. Shawn checked the alarm. It hadn't been triggered, so they knew Carlos was still there. Sonny told Carlos to show himself and Carlos walked out, holding TJ in front of him as a shield. Sonny told Carlos not to bring the kid into something that was between the two of them. Carlos threatened to kill TJ if Sonny and Shawn didn't let him leave. Shawn ordered Carlos to let TJ go and drop the gun, but Carlos refused, because he felt he had he upper hand. Shawn assured TJ that everything would be okay. Sonny and Carlos had words about whether or not Carlos was going to escape, then Max suddenly appeared behind Carlos and held his gun on him. To Carlos's delight, Julian and Morgan rushed in with their guns drawn. Sonny told Morgan to leave, and Morgan suggested that Sonny just wanted to shoot him in the back. Sonny again, told Morgan to leave, and Julian yelled that they weren't leaving without Carlos. Julian figured Sonny would say that, and he suddenly pulled the trigger.

Ava and Sam happened to run into each other at the hospital. Ava told Sam they should have lunch sometime, then she left. Silas walked up and Sam told him Ava was being cryptic, as usual. Silas thought Sam went home. Sam explained that she had been going home when she ran into Patrick. Sam thought the might have actually helped Patrick make a decision.

Sabrina wrapped Patrick's gift, then there was a knock on the door. She assumed it was Felix and was surprised to see that it was Patrick.

At the same time Patrick was at Sabrina's, someone knocked on Robin's door. Robin smiled and assumed it was Patrick. She opened the door.

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