GH Update Wednesday 12/18/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/18/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Julian shows up at Alexis' door asking for help with Carlos Rivera. Irritated that he's bothering her with this, Alexis denies knowing anything about the stranger. Julian points out that if Sonny kidnapped Carlos, it will be Shawn who will have to pull the trigger and execute him.

Sonny checks in with Carlos who's tied up in his warehouse. While Carlos is hopeful he will soon be released, Sonny promises to kill him if he's not Lily's brother. Although Carlos insists that he's not lying, Sonny wants to send a message to Julian, sure that no one will find Carlos' body and the police won't figure out who's behind his death.

Molly phones TJ, upset that Morgan told her that her Uncle Sonny wants to get rid of Carlos. TJ's father is the designated murderer, having taken Jason's role as hitman in the organization. She's afraid that Shawn may be arrested or killed, and TJ will be left alone. Noticing Molly's angst, Alexis asks her what's wrong. Molly pretends she's just worried about a math test and leaves. Alexis tries to show Julian the door, but he asks who's Lucas?

Carlos proposes that he could be helpful to him, but Sonny is set on getting revenge on Julian for turning his son against him. Then he puts a gag around Carlos' head and in his mouth. While the prisoner grunts and pants, Sonny talks to Duke in the other room. Sensing that Duke is squeamish about killing Carlos, Sonny asks his new partner if he has a problem with being on the opposite side of the law from the woman he loves. Duke decides that he has to neutralize Julian in order to protect Anna, no matter who gets hurt in the process. Sonny advises Duke not to let Julian know they're working together. Sonny calls Shawn for an update on Carlos' identity, so they can figure out whether he lives or dies.

Shawn goes home to talk to TJ about the previous night when he wasn't there for him. TJ assures him that he and Molly worked things out, but he wants to know what's going on at the warehouse. Shawn tries to calm TJ's fears that he's in danger, but he doesn't want him to be the fall guy for Sonny. Shawn wants to know where TJ's anxiety is coming from. When Molly shows up, Shawn leaves them alone. Molly informs TJ that Julian came to her house and told her mom about Sonny ordering Shawn to kill Carlos. TJ fears that if Shawn dies, he'll have to go into foster care, because his mother doesn't care about him. They decide that they have to find Carlos. Once they get to the deserted warehouse, TJ sends Molly away and enters.

Anna places Dr. Obrecht in an interrogation room at the police station and informs her that her daughter hasn't sent her a lawyer. Dr. Obrecht is disappointed in her "Britta." Anna delights in informing her prisoner that she and Robin are looking forward to her long imprisonment. When Dr. Obrecht again asks where her lawyer is, Anna suggests she spill her "dirty little secrets" to her public defender. Seeing Dante walking in, Obrecht decides she'd rather confess to the detective.

Britt holds her baby at Wyndemere, realizing she's made a real mess of things and wondering how she can get out of it this time. She's afraid that if she doesn't help her mother, she will lose her baby boy. Nikolas wonders what kept Britt up all night, besides Benjamin? He asks if she told her mother she was through with her. Britt feels conflicted about helping her mother, afraid that she would feel guilty if she didn't get her a lawyer. Nikolas understands and suggests she do what she has to do to ease her mind, because he doesn't like sleeping without her.

After Brad plays elf to Felix's Santa for the hospital Pediatrics patients, he basks in the warm feelings, but it doesn't last when Felix wonders what Dante and Lulu wanted to ask him. Brad recalls asking Dr. Westbourne how long it will be until Dante and Lulu figure out that she has their son. Although Brad is not sure what he can do, Felix urges him to fix the problem, so they can both be happy.

Lulu informs her dad and Aunt Bobbie that her and Dante's embryos are missing from the GH lab and Dr. Westbourne hasn't returned their many calls. With Luke's encouragement, Lulu decides to go see Britt in person at Spoon Island. At Wyndemere, Lulu and Nikolas hug and commiserate about losing a child. When she's told Britt is not there, Lulu notices Ben and picks him up. She wistfully enjoys holding and smelling the baby. Then she tells Nik about her problem with the missing embryos.

Dr. Obrecht tells Dante she has something important to tell him, but Anna thinks she's just grasping at straws, because she's mad at her daughter. Speaking of Britt, Dante mentions he hasn't been able to reach her. Obrecht thinks he'll be very interested in what she has to say about her daughter, but before she can say anything else, Britt appears. After she apologizes to Dante for not returning his calls, he asks what she knows about his missing embryos. Britt denies any knowledge of them and asks to speak to her mother privately. Obrecht admits she was about to tell Dante the truth about his son.

Out in the hall, Dante tells Anna he fears that Lulu will lose all hope of having a child. Anna wonders if someone tampered with their embryos. Brad calls Dante with news. Dante calls Lulu and together they go see Brad at the hospital.

Alexis keeps on trying to fend off Julian's questions about the elusive Lucas, but he thinks she's lying. She finds it rich that he should accuse her of lying, but Julian claims he can tell when she's not truthful by the corner of her mouth. He remembers Alexis saying they used another family member's DNA to prove his paternity, and he wonders if that person is Lucas. She changes the subject by informing him that their relationship ended when he went to war against Sonny. She declares she's a pacifist and won't get involved in the conflict, then she shouts for him to "Go to hell" and slams the door in his face.

Sitting together at Kelly's, Bobbie tells her brother that she understands Lulu's need for a child and how special her adopting Lucas was. When Luke asks how his namesake is, Bobbie says he may not be so fine when he learns that his biological father is alive. She's worried sick that Julian will find out he has a son. Bobbie tells Luke that Lucas and Sam are siblings, but Sam wants nothing to do with Julian. Luke hopes Julian won't find out, but Bobbie doesn't want her or her son to be caught off guard. She wants to find out how much Julian knows. Bobbie receives a call from Alexis about Julian asking questions about Lucas.

Britt is grateful that her mother didn't make a deal with the police. Dr. Obrecht reminds her how she hatched the plan to make sure her lovesick daughter got pregnant with a boy to trap Patrick. Britt wishes she'd resisted her mother's wicked plan to implant Dante and Lulu's remaining two embryos in her, but she was desperate to get Patrick. Now they're asking questions. She wonders how she got to the place where she has her boyfriend's sister's baby. She doesn't want to lose Nikolas, who makes her feel worthy of love and understanding, but she doesn't know if she can live with what she's done. Obrecht assures Britt that no one will ever find out the truth, because she has arranged a way to protect themselves if the day ever came.

Shawn informs Sonny that Carlos is definitely not related to Lily Rivera, so they can now proceed with their plan to take him out. TJ finds Carlos and unties him. Carlos expresses his gratitude to TJ, but an armed guard tries to stop them from leaving. As Sonny and Shawn are entering the warehouse, they hear a gunshot.

Duke goes to the station to check up on Anna, lying to her about where he's been so early in the morning. She wants Duke to be successful so Julian will rue the day he tried to trick him into returning to the mob. Duke asserts he will regret it deeply.

Nikolas cherishes holding Ben, feeling sorry for Lulu's atrocious loss. He assures the baby that no one will take him away, because he and his mommy would miss him terribly. He then whispers a secret into Ben's ear -- he's falling in love with his mommy.

At the hospital, Brad informs a horrified Dante and Lulu that Ellie Trout approved their embryos' destruction.

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