GH Update Tuesday 12/17/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/17/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Anna called Robert and left him a voicemail. She told him how Obrecht had bombarded her with questions about Faison. Anna assured him that she didn't slip up and told him that she and Robert would take the secret to their graves. She turned a corner and was alarmed to see Duke. Duke didn't overhear her, but he noticed her expression and was concerned that the phone call upset her. Anna lied and said she'd been talking to Robin and was still trying to digest Robin's return. Duke wondered if Anna had returned to work too soon. He suggested that the two of them take a mini vacation to the mountains. Anna turned Duke down, because she thought it was important that she be in town, now that a mob war was brewing between Julian and Sonny. Anna was relieved that Duke was steering clear of it. Anna asked how Duke spent his day. Duke remembered teaming up with Sonny to take Julian down, but he only told Anna that he went to the gym.

Duke asked Anna about going to get something to eat, but she said she had to stay at the station and question Obrecht after Obrecht finished her call. Duke asked if Obrecht called Faison. Anna's eyes widened and she wondered why Duke would say that. Duke pointed out that Obrecht was obsessed with Faison. Duke stated that Faison couldn't help her, because he was in Steinmauer prison again. Anna agreed and said she had to get back to work. She walked Duke to the door and he hoped she didn't work too late, because he wanted to spend some time with her tonight. Anna hoped Duke had something to keep him occupied while she was at the station. Duke assured her he had plenty to do.

The hurt and angry Molly raced onto the deck of the Davis home with TJ following. TJ wanted to talk, but Molly was adamant that there was nothing left to say. Nothing would change the fact that their relationship was over. TJ was surprised Molly was breaking up with him. Molly snidely told him to consider it a gift. He was now free to be with Taylor. TJ argued that he never said he wanted Taylor. Molly shot back that he was thinking it. She said TJ couldn't have something real with her when he was jealous of Rafe and Taylor. TJ snapped that if anyone was jealous, it was Molly. According to TJ, Molly was into Rafe and had been ever since he first came to town. Molly argued that TJ had been checking Taylor out under the mistletoe. TJ denied it. TJ wanted to keep talking, but Molly had enough. She screamed at TJ to go home, then she stormed back into the house, slamming the door behind her, and leaving TJ out on the deck.

Sonny arrived at his warehouse and asked Shawn how their guest was. Shawn pointed him toward the room where Carlos was being held. Sonny went inside and taunted Carlos, who was tied to a chair. Carlos responded by spitting on the floor. When Sonny chided Carlos for being rude to his host, Carlos argued that Sonny wasn't treating him like an in law should. Sonny responded that until he had proof, Carlos was just an animal who worked for the Jeromes. Carlos's phone rang, and Sonny glanced at it and told him it was Ava. Sonny theorized that the Jeromes would probably fire Carlos soon, but Carlos insisted that they would come rescue him. Sonny wondered why Carlos would be so important to him. He called Carlos loyal to a fault and Carlos shot back that Sonny knew nothing about loyalty, because Sonny had cut his own son loose and let Ava draw him in. Carlos wondered if Sonny regretted the way he treated Morgan. Carlos figured that Sonny probably didn't, since he had Michael and Dante. Sonny slapped Carlos on the back of the head and ordered him not to talk about his sons. Carlos laughed and said Lily would be disappointed in Sonny. Sonny called Shawn into the room and asked if he'd been able to verify Carlos' story. Sonny was fed up with Carlos and planned to slit his throat then and there, if he wasn't Lily's brother.

The worried Ava left Carlos a voicemail, then hung up. Morgan was on their couch wearing boxers and a Santa hat. He told Ava to come sit on his lap and let him cheer her up. They had sex, then laughed about how they had just had sex a couple of hours earlier, too. Ava told Morgan he was wearing her out and said they could take a break sometimes. Morgan asked if she was getting bored with him. She wasn't. Morgan told her he wasn't bored with her, either. Julian knocked on the door and called out that he knew Ava was home, because the doorman said she hadn't left all day. Ava put on a robe and opened the door. Julian glanced at Morgan, who was getting dressed, then he questioned how worried Ava was about Carlos. Ava insisted that she was genuinely worried. Julian said that while Ava was entertaining Sonny's son, he went to talk to Sonny himself. Julian told Ava that Sonny pretended not to know what happened to Carlos. Morgan asked Julian if he was sure Sonny was involved in Carlos's disappearance. Julian asked Morgan if he was questioning him. Morgan said no, but he thought Carlos might have left on his own, because of the drama with his ex. Ava was adamant that Carlos wouldn't have taken off like that. She added that when she saw Sonny at AJ's trial, Sonny said he was going to strike back. Ava wished they knew what Sonny did to Carlos. Julian grumbled that they would know if Morgan had done a better job hiding the bug in Sonny's office. Morgan took responsibility for screwing up and asked Julian for a chance at redemption by letting him find out what happened to Carlos. Julian was skeptical and asked if he planned to ask Sonny. Morgan said he had a much easier mark in mind.

Later, Molly was inside looking at pictures of her and TJ during happier times. There was a knock on the door and Molly yelled to go away. She went to the door and her mood brightened when she realized it was Morgan. She let him in and he greeted his “favorite bestselling cousin.” He asked what was wrong and she told him she was done with boys. Morgan said he heard TJ was a good guy. In a concerned tone, Morgan told Molly that if TJ wasn't careful, Shawn and Sonny would ruin his life. Molly asked what Morgan meant. Morgan explained that it was rumored that Sonny had Shawn do something to Carlos. Molly pointed out that TJ wasn't involved in that. Morgan countered that Michael and Kristina weren't directly involved either. But they still got hurt because of their last name. Morgan said he'd been lucky enough to escape that fate, but TJ might not be so fortunate. “If Shawn's as bad as people are saying, TJ could really get hurt.” Molly admitted that she worried about that, too, but she didn't know what to do. TJ had to live with Shawn because he had nowhere else to go. His mom wasn't in the picture and Alexis would never let him move in with her and Molly. Morgan continued his manipulation by backing off and saying he could be wrong about Shawn. Molly thought Morgan had been right the first time. Morgan wished there was a way to find out for sure whether Shawn was involved in Carlos's disappearance. Molly suggested that they have TJ follow Shawn. Morgan acted like he didn't think it was a good idea, but Molly persisted and said nobody would be suspicious of TJ turning up in the same place as his guardian. The dejected Molly said now she just had to convince TJ to listen to her. Morgan stressed that if Molly loved TJ, she had to make him listen, so she could keep him safe.

At the warehouse, Shawn told Sonny that his source hadn't gotten back to him. Sonny was eager to find out the truth and he needled Carlos about how difficult it must be for Carlos to wait. The doorbell rang and Shawn went to check it out. It was TJ. Shawn stood in the doorway and wouldn't let TJ in. when Shawn found out about the fight, he was sympathetic, but he told TJ that he knew better than to go looking for him at work. Shawn asked if their talk could wait. TJ sighed that he guessed it would have to. TJ asked Shawn to be careful, then he left. Shawn went back to the holding room and told Sonny that TJ stopped by because he was having girl trouble.

Molly caught TJ leaving a box at her doorstep. He explained that it was a Christmas gift he bought before everything happened. He couldn't return it, so he was giving it to her. Molly apologized to TJ for jumping all over him and admitted that she had been a little jealous. Molly assured TJ that she wasn't jealous because she wanted Rafe. She loved TJ. TJ said he loved Molly too, and they hugged and kissed. TJ started to leave, because Shawn would be home soon, but Molly asked him to wait. She wanted to talk to him about Shawn.

Julian told Ava that her boyfriend had better come through. Ava was certain that he would. Julian stressed that he was serious. He expected more for his investment in Morgan than Ava's gratification. Ava advised Julian to focus on his own sex life. Julian told Ava that her sex life could get them killed and that if Morgan didn't do more, he'd have to answer to Julian. In a cold tone, Ava warned Julian that if he touched Morgan, he'd have to answer to her. Julian pointed out that she could find someone else to “scratch her itch” but Ava was adamant that she wanted Morgan. Julian wondered if Ava was falling for Morgan. There was a knock at the door, and Julian grumbled that it was probably “the idiot” saying he forgot his keys. He answered the door – it was Duke. Julian drew Ava's attention to Duke, and she called Duke “the family lapdog.” Julian asked Duke to excuse Ava, because she'd only heard family stories about Duke's disloyalty and didn't know Duke the way Julian did. “As your better?” Duke asked. Julian, who was still being very polite, acted disappointed that Duke was acting so cool toward him. Julian claimed he hoped they could start over, now that Julian had been reborn. Julian said he offered Duke a job to give him an opportunity to atone for what he'd done to the Jerome family. Duke pointed out that Julian's father tried to enslave him and his sister murdered his unborn child. Julian said that his father and Olivia were gone now. He suggested that they let bygones be bygones and find a way to coexist. Julian was sure that Anna would want it that way. Duke announced that he should have killed Julian when he had the chance. Duke reached into his coat. Ava whispered to Julian that Duke had a gun, then she hid behind her brother. Julian pulled out his gun and ordered Duke to take his hand out of his pocket. Duke revealed that he was holding a letter. He read the letter of resignation to Julian, then he turned to leave. After Duke finished, he noted that it had been much easier to walk away from the Jeromes the second time around. Julian hinted to Duke that it wouldn't be that simple for him or Anna. Duke dared Julian to complicate things, then he left. Morgan returned and told Julian and Ava that he laid the groundwork that would help them track Carlos down.

Back at the warehouse, Sonny told Carlos that he had a one day reprieve, thanks to Lily. According to Sonny, Lily knew how the business worked and understood that messages had to be sent and sometimes people had to die. Sonny told Carlos that he would have had an easier death if he hadn't lied. Carlos yelled that he wasn't lying. Sonny grabbed Carlos, but before things went further, Shawn told Sonny he had a visitor. Sonny walked out and met with Duke. Duke reported that he cut ties with the Jeromes, just like he and Sonny had planned. Duke was eager to take the next step. Sonny welcomed Duke into the fold, then warned him that things were going to get dirty. When Duke said he was okay with this, Sonny told him about Carlos. Duke commended Sonny on making a good play. Sonny vowed to give Julian the war he said he wanted.

In the holding room, the camera panned up and showed a vent in the ceiling near Carlos. Shawn asked Carlos if he was comfy as he used zip ties to further secure him to the chair. Carlos told Shawn to go to hell and Shawn replied that Carlos was going there, soon.

At GH, Dante and Lulu told Brad they wanted to know about their missing embryos. Brad said he didn't know what they were talking about. He tried to leave, but Dante grabbed his arm and backed him against the wall. Dante and Lulu grilled Brad, and Dante said he'd hold him personally responsible if the embryos had disappeared. Brad tried to ease the tension by telling them that they were all on the same team. Then he said they were questioning the wrong guy and advised them to get in touch with Britt. Lulu asked why, and Brad pointed out that Britt did their implantation. Lulu started to explain that they had left a message for Britt, but Dante interrupted. He argued that that didn't matter, because Brad, as the lab manager, was responsible for what happened there. Dante threatened to go to Brad's superiors, so Brad quickly promised to look into it. He left and Lulu asked Dante if he was always so hostile when he questioned people. Dante explained that he was so passionate about this, because they had entrusted a piece of themselves to Brad and now he couldn't find them. Dante was prepared to press charges against Brad if he'd been negligent with their embryos. Lulu didn't understand how this could happen. Dante thought that Brad was either searching for the embryos right now or stalling because he didn't want to own up to being incompetent. Dante asked Lulu if she wanted to leave, and Lulu said she wasn't going anywhere until she got answers.

Lulu started second guessing their choice. She wondered whether they should even believe what Brad would say. Dante reminded her that Brad told them the truth about Connie. Lulu asked if she was supposed to be grateful. Dante thought that it was better that they found out when they did, and not months from now. Lulu finally understood the expression “ignorance is bliss.” It was blissful believing Connie was theirs and she didn't think Brad told the truth out of the goodness of his heart. Dante agreed. Lulu thought Brad was a sleaze. Nik had told her how Brad conspired with Britt to pass her son off as Patrick's child. Dante remembered that they still hadn't heard from Britt, so he called her again and left another voicemail. Dante considered taking the police boat to Wyndemere if Britt didn't contact them by tomorrow. Lulu wondered if these roadblocks were a sign that they weren't meant to be parents. Dante hugged her and told her it would be okay. Lulu told him he didn't know that. Dante promised to be with Lulu every step of the way. Dante swore they would find their embryos and have their baby.

Britt was at home on the phone with her mother, who was calling from the PCPD holding cell. Obrecht wanted Britt to come post bail. Britt didn't seem willing to help her mother out, so Obrecht threatened to tell everyone how she and Britt really created Ben. Britt told Obrecht that her threats wouldn't work, because Britt had already come clean to Nikolas. Obrecht didn't buy it, but Britt said that Nikolas understood what it was like to have a crazy family who coerced you into doing the wrong thing. Obrecht was confident that Nik was too honorable to associate with Britt if he knew the truth. She called Britt's bluff and told her to put Nik on the phone. Just then, Nik walked in with Ben in his arms. Britt told Obrecht she had to go. Obrecht replied that if Britt wasn't at the police station in an hour, Obrecht would tell the truth about Ben. Nik wondered why Britt wasn't still in bed. Britt explained that she didn't want to expose Nik or Ben to the conversation with her mother. Britt said Obrecht was at the end of her rope and was going to keep contacting Britt as long as she thought she could guilt her into helping her. Nik replied that they would change Obrecht's thinking. Britt agreed, but she told Nik that she had to be the one to deal with her mother. Nik was disappointed when he realized Britt was going to the station, now. He thought they would get to spoon. Britt wished they could. Tonight had been amazing for her. Nik felt the same way. Britt hadn't realized that it would feel so good to be close to him. Nik suggested that she wait and go see her mom tomorrow, but Britt said she had to go now, to stop her mother from causing any damage.

Anna went in to see Obrecht. Obrecht said she was beginning to think Obrecht forgot about her. Anna assured Obrecht that she was a priority until Anna could get her shipped off to prison. Obrecht smiled and asked what about being presumed innocent until found guilty. Anna reminded Obrecht that she witnessed her crimes. Anna hoped Obrecht put her phone call to good use and found a great lawyer. Obrecht was confident that she'd found someone who'd do everything in their power to be released, and who wouldn't ask for compensation. Anna wondered who that was and Obrecht nodded toward the window. Anna looked out and was appalled to see Britt. Britt came inside and Anna told her she thought she was smarter to throw in with her mother again. When Britt insisted she wasn't doing that, Anna told her to walk away and scolded her and told her to think about her child. Obrecht yelled that she'd heard enough of Anna's sanctimonious preaching. Obrecht argued that Anna shouldn't be handing out advice when she abandoned her own daughter to work as a double agent. Anna shot back that Obrecht shouldn't be asking for Britt's help when she kidnapped Britt's son. Anna called Obrecht delusional. Anna told Britt she'd tell her to have her mother committed, but they didn't want Obrecht to get off by pleading insanity. Obrecht ordered Anna to go deal with her own daughter and stay out of Britt's affairs. Anna left and Britt walked into the interrogation room and closed the door. Obrecht wasn't surprised Britt came. She said it was far better that Britt let everyone think Brad was Ben's father. Britt said that story was all over. Britt said she wanted to tell Nik the whole truth, but she ended up telling him she got a sperm donor. Obrecht remembered that Britt had originally planned to use a sperm donor to get pregnant, but in the end, Obrecht had come up with a better way. Britt looked worried and told her that the truth could still come out. Obrecht didn't think so. According to Obrecht, Brad wouldn't fess up, because he had as much to lose as Britt did. Obrecht assured Britt that she (Obrecht) would keep quiet, too, as long as Britt was sufficiently grateful for what Obrecht did for her.

Later, after Britt left, Anna returned and Obrecht asked when she'd be released. “How about never?” Anna said. Since the courts were closed, Obrecht wouldn't be arraigned until tomorrow. She'd go back to lock up until then. Obrecht crowed that Britt wouldn't let her languish there for long.

Back at Wyndemere, Nik answered the door and was irritated to find Brad there. Brad was pleasantly surprised that Nik was shirtless and said he might have to drop by more often. Annoyed, Nik tried to close the door, but Brad got to the point and asked to see Britt. Nik told Brad she wasn't there. He also added that he knew the truth about Ben, so Brad need not come by and try to conspire with Britt. Brad cautiously asked what exactly Britt said. Nik repeated Britt's story about taking a sperm sample from an anonymous donor from the GH lab without permission and using it to conceive Ben, then claiming Brad was the father, so no one would know she violated the rules. Nik took pleasure in telling Brad that the island was private property and he was not wanted there. Nik closed the door. When Britt got home, Brad was still hanging out on the doorstep. Britt demanded to know what Brad was doing there. Her irritation turned to alarm when Brad told her about his run in with Dante and Lulu. Brad was talking, but Britt wasn't paying attention. She was remembering the rest of her conversation with her mother. Obrecht had convinced Britt to use some existing embryos instead of going through the trouble of creating new ones. Britt and Obrecht implanted Dante and Lulu's embryos into Britt, and Ben was the result. Brad snapped Britt back to the present and asked her how long it would be before Dante and Lulu figured out that Britt had their son.

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