GH Update Monday 12/16/13

General Hospital Update Monday 12/16/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is at the boxing ring when Duke comes to visit him at his request. He informs Duke that he would like for the two of them to take down Julian Jerome's empire. Duke replies it's a good deal, but one he can't accept.

At the police station, Anna walks into the interrogation room and sees Lisle Obrecht. She remarks that they meet again.

When Dante and Lulu go to the hospital lab to see if Ellie has any more frozen embryos, after they declare that they'd like to try to have another baby, (realizing they can't have Connie), she goes to look for the embryos. She is shocked and stunned when she finds out that the embryos are gone.

When Britt is talking to Nikolas and ready to confess and come clean about the truth, she admits to him that her baby Ben is not hers' with Brad.

When Duke declines Sonny's offer, Sonny tells him he's disappointed as he believes the two of them would make a great team. Duke tells Sonny he has been very impressed by how Sonny has handed the problem that is his as well as Sonny's with the Jerome family. But if he were to join forces with Sonny, it would put him and Anna on opposing sides, something he cannot risk.

In the police interrogation room, Lisle asks Anna just what she would like her to do and what her “offer” is. Anna tells her she would like her to write all of the things she's done and all the laws she's broken. It could spare the time and tax payers' money the cost of a trial as well as sparing Lisle Obrecht some humiliation. Lisle says nothing and smirks. Anna then yells and demands that she starts writing.

Brad goes to see Felix who is ready to do good things for Christmas. Felix tells him now that Spinelli is no longer available to play Santa, he has to step in and be the Santa. And he tells Brad what he'd like him to do is be Santa's elf, something Brad is not ready to do.

Britt cries when she attempts to tell Nickolas how she felt herself having no choice except to lie first about Patrick getting her pregnant and then finding another "story" She was ready to lose3 everything if the truth came out. He tells her in that case, he takes it that Patrick is her baby's father. But she tells him no. It's not that simple.

Ellie is with Dante and Lulu, all of whom are perplexed and haven't a clue how or why the embryos have suddenly disappeared. She hasn't a clue where they could have been.

Britt tells Nikolas that she was desperate to somehow, some way get pregnant. So the only choice she had was to go and take something that did not belong to her.

When Dante and Lulu suggest to Ellie that perhaps the embryos have been put in the wrong place, she explains she knows for a fact that they have not been touched since almost a year ago when Maxie tried to access them right after she miscarried their baby for the first time and was already pregnant again with Spinelli's baby.

Spinelli attempts to go and visit Maxie, bringing the baby over before he has to leave for good and go with Ellie to Portland, OR. She at first refuses to get the door, telling him they both know that she will only get herself thrown in jail and lose him custody of baby Connie if he lets her see their daughter. But he tells her he won't tell if she does not and informs her that he and Ellie have go leave sooner than expected.

When Dante attempts to probe Ellie to tell him all information she knows about who might have access to the embryos at the lab. She tells him she happens to know the only person who could have would be Dr. Britt Westbourne.

Britt spills to Nikolas that she went and took the embryos from the lab to get herself pregnant. He tells her that even if she had “motives” to lie to Patrick, why did she have to tell him and everyone else that Brad artificially inseminated her. She tells him that if she had admitted that she stole the embryos, she would have been committing a felony and gotten in serious trouble. That's why she told people that Brad was the father of her baby. She asks Nikolas if he can forgive her.

Obrecht is ready to talk to Anna about the crimes she, her daughter and her daughter's father have commit4ed. But she seems to be “unafraid” of what Anna might be able to do to her, almost as if she knows a secret about Anna.

When Duke is ready to depart courteously from Sonny, Julian walks in and calls to Sonny while he points a gun at him.

At the hospital, Brad grudgingly agrees to dress into his elf suit and invites Felix to undress with him. They stare at each other awkwardly.

When Spinelli goes to say good-bye to Maxie, he tells her that all of his and Ellie's stuff has been packed and they are headed for the airport. She holds the baby and tells him how beautiful she is. She tells him that she sees how much the baby looks like Georgie. In response to that, Spinelli tells her that maybe they should name her Georgie instead of Connie. Connie is the namesake for Dante and Lulu's family. But he knows that Maxie intended to name her baby after her sister Georgie.

When Dante and Lulu demand that Ellie brainstorm to find out who the only person is who could have made the frozen embryos disappear, she concludes that the only person who could have possibly done so was Britt. She doesn't like to think that but it's the only explanation.

Britt tries to protest to Nikolas about how he is the only person she's met who's been on her team without being “forced” or lied to. She's so afraid of losing him and believes it could happen if he finds out the truth about her. He then tells her the one thing that will drive him away from her is if she lies to him. He then concludes that he, himself has done many things. But he knows that where he wants to be is with her. And he kisses her.

Obrecht smugly tells Anna that she would consider her offer but would like to talk to Faison first. Hearing that and knowing she cannot make that happen, Anna asks her why she wants to talk to him. Obrecht tells Anna that she knows Anna may not understand how it is as in Obrecht's culture, that when falls in love with one person it's forever. Anna has been married to Robert, has seen other people, and is now with Duke. But Cesar Faison is the one and only love of Obrecht's life. She can't abandon him and has to see him. She remarks to Anna that it’s very odd how it appears no one has seen or heard from Faison .

Julian demands that Sonny tells him where Carlos is. Sonny better tell him or he's a dead man. Sonny is not about to tell him and reminds Julian that if eh carries out his threat, he will be in trouble. Julian asks Sonny if he thinks the cops care about him. Is he any more on the right side of the law than Julian is? Duke hides unseen and Julian does not know he's being overheard when he tells Sonny that he is not afraid to “take out” commissioner Anna Devane and her boyfriend, Duke Lavery.

Anna asks Obrecht why she is so intent on attempting to call a maximum security prison in order to reach Faison? Obrecht asks Anna why she is preventing her from doing so and why she'd care whom she calls. Is it because Anna knows that Faison cannot be reached? Anna does not answer that question.

Maxie admits to Spinelli that their friendship has changed her life. Even when she was at her worst, he saw the best in her. He tells her she did the same for him. He tells her that she is the first girl he truly loved and the first to make him believe that he was capable of being loved and of achieving the same love others have and that he deserved it. She tells him she loved him although by the time she realized that, it was too late. She tells him she still loves him as he still loves her.

Nikolas continues to kiss Britt although she hesitates and asks him if this is what he really wants and if he trusts her. He tells her he is not going anywhere. They proceed to take off their clothes and go a step farther. Ellie, Dante and Lulu have all pieced together the answer to the mystery and are ready to go after Britt Westbourne for stealing their embryos and ruining their lives. Ellie tells them she wishes she could be of more help. They are trusting of her and there is no “animosity” between them. She tells them unfortunately she has to catch a flight out of there, but if they need further assistance from her, they have her phone number. They wish her luck and to take care of that wonderful little girl and to wish Spinelli the best of luck and warmest regards remembering he's always been a good friend to Lulu.

Britt is happily with Nikolas in his bed. But not far away, her phone rings while Dante leaves a message to call her regarding an urgent legal matter.

Spinelli and Maxie relive their history together, their first meeting and going from disliking, to friendship to feeling more than friendship and all they've been through together.

After Duke is able to overhear Julian's threats to Sonny to “take out” Anna and anyone else that gets in his way, and Julian is gone, Duke comes out of hiding. He announces to Sonny he's had a change of heart. He will work with him to end Julian. Anna does not know about the last 25 years of his life and need not know so Sonny has a partner. Sonny smiles and shakes his hand.

After Anna has offered Obrecht the phone to call Faison and left her alone in the room, she gets on the phone to leave a message for Robert telling him Obrecht has asked to talk to Faison and may be aware that they have made him “disappear”. She confirms with her ex that they both need to know that this secret follows them both to their graves.

At the hospital, Dante and Lulu go to find Brad and tell him they'd like to find out what he knows about their missing embryos.

Britt and Nikolas are awakened by the baby monitor and hear Ben crying. He tells her he will go and take care of the little guy and lets her get some rest. She then checks her phone and sees she's gotten a message from Detective Dante Falconeri. She then gets a call from her mother telling her she needs her daughter's help. She asks her mom why she would help her. Her mom replies because she knows everything about Britt's baby.

Ellie returns to the house while Spinelli picks up the baby and gets ready to take her to the airport. Maxie then tells Spinelli she wants to give him something. She gives him ribbons that were hers and Georgie's when they were babies. She wants him to have them, but Spinelli returns one to Maxie. He and Ellie depart and Maxie cries alone in the apartment.

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