GH Update Thursday 12/12/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/12/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli sat on Sam's couch holding his daughter. He thought she was the most stunning thing that ever existed. Sam came downstairs and remarked that Spinelli was become a pro at feeding. Spinelli told her that the baby was a lot more comfortable with him now that they'd been together several days. Sam thought the baby had needed time to adjust to a new place. Spinelli thought the baby had been uncomfortable at first because she missed Dante and Lulu. Sam told Spinelli she was cleaning out the office so he could use it as a nursery. Spinelli told Sam that he might not need it, because he and Ellie were thinking about relocating to Portland. Spinelli explained that he and Ellie didn't want to be apart, but he didn't think it was fair to Maxie to take the baby across country. Sam predicted that Maxie would freak out if that happened, but Spinelli told her that Maxie practically begged them to move, so that she wouldn't be able to violate the judge's orders. Sam understood why Maxie was having such a difficult time staying away from her daughter. Sam knew she'd move heaven and earth to be with Danny if someone took him away again. Spinelli thought Maxie's point made sense, but he and Ellie were still struggling about what to do. Spinelli wished someone would tell him what to do. Sam said if it were up to her, she'd tell Spinelli not to go. Spinelli was conflicted, because Port Charles was home and he had family there, thanks to Sam and Jason, but he was ready to give his whole heart and soul to Ellie. Sam asked Spinelli if he could picture raising a family in Portland. Spinelli could, but he wasn't sure if he could leave his family in Port Charles behind.

Maxie squealed with joy when Robin dropped by for a visit. Maxie still couldn't believe Robin was alive, so she couldn't help staring at her. Robin was concerned that Maxie might still be having suicidal thoughts, and Maxie assured her that she hadn't thought about it again, now that Robin was back. Robin noticed a picture of Maxie's baby and told Maxie that she would get through this. Robin told Maxie to keep in mind that her baby was just across town. Maxie brought Robin up to speed on Spinelli, Ellie and the baby's potential move. Robin was shocked that Spinelli would consider taking the baby so far away. Maxie told Robin that she wanted Spinelli to leave town with the baby, and she explained the reason for it. Robin urged Maxie to think about whether she really wanted to live with the consequences of Spinelli and the baby moving cross country. Maxie said six months was like forever to her. Maxie knew Robin thought she was strong, but Maxie disagreed. Robin countered that it was strong of Maxie to send her daughter away so Spinelli wouldn't lose her. Maxie admitted that having Robin home helped. Maxie reminded Robin that they promised each other they would survive. Maxie was certain that she was going to keep that promise.

Maxie asked for an update on Robin and Patrick. Robin said she did something stupid, then she confessed about asking Sabrina to walk away from Patrick. Maxie didn't think Robin's actions were stupid. She thought it made sense for Robin to ask Sabrina to make it easier for Patrick to go back to Robin, where he belonged. Robin explained that Sabrina refused to make Patrick's decision for him. “Who am I to think I'm more important than Sabrina?” Robin asked. Maxie pointed out that she was Patrick's wife and the mother of his child. Robin wasn't sure that was enough anymore, but Maxie was confident that Patrick would choose Robin, because he loved her, and not because Sabrina bowed out. Robin hoped Maxie was right.

Robin looked at the picture of Maxie's baby. Both women thought that she looked exactly like Georgie. There was a knock on the door, and Robin answered it while Maxie went to get a tissue. It was Spinelli. He and Robin hugged and made friendly small talk about the baby, Ellie, and the potential move. Maxie returned and Spinelli revealed that he made a decision about Portland. Maxie took Robin's hand and told Spinelli that she still thought it was best for him to move. Spinelli said, in that case, Ellie would accept the job, and he and the baby would go with her.

Sonny walked into Volonino's and spotted Dante using the punching bag. Sonny noted that Dante was going hard at it, and Dante said he was working out his aggression. Sonny asked if it was about losing the baby. Dante said it was also about losing his wife. Sonny believed that Dante and Lulu would eventually be close again, but Dante wasn't sure. He told his father that Lulu could barely stand to be around him. Dante was worried that when they lost their baby, they lost their marriage, too. They sat down, and Dante said Lulu was slipping away and he couldn't stop it. Sonny advised Dante to wear Lulu down until she talked to him. Dante didn't want to handle things that way. He told Sonny that she was his wife and they were a team – or they used to be, until they lost the baby. Dante admitted it had been difficult to watch Diane tear into Lulu during the cross examination. Dante didn't think Lulu would ever understand why he contradicted her story on the stand, proving that she lied under oath. Dante wondered if he should have backed Lulu up. He knew Sonny would have. Sonny pointed out that he wasn't a cop. Dante told Sonny that Lulu asked how Dante could lie for Sonny but not for her. Sonny felt that the situations were different. Dante said he lied for Sonny because the truth would have hurt people Dante loved. Dante didn't want Lulu to have to live with a lie, the way he had to.

Sonny confessed that he always thought it would be a long shot for Dante and Lulu to win custody. Dante agreed and said Lulu couldn't accept that they lost the case before they even walked into the courtroom. Dante told Sonny that Lulu was in agony. Sonny could tell that the same was true of Dante. Dante wanted to help Lulu, but she was pushing him away. Dante wondered if she thought he wanted them to lose their daughter. Dante fought back tears and said he loved Connie too; she was everything he ever wanted. Dante confided that he still woke up at night sometimes, thinking Connie was crying or that she needed something. Then he'd realize Connie wasn't there and never would be. Dante felt empty and he was dealing with it alone, because Lulu didn't want to talk to him or grieve with him. Sonny comforted Dante and told him that while the situations weren't exactly the same, Sonny also knew what it was like to be alone. Sonny promised to be there for Dante. Dante apologized for unloading all this on Sonny, but Sonny was happy Dante got it all out. Sonny asked Dante what he was going to do about this.

Sonny told Dante that he and Lulu couldn't wallow in their grief. Sonny told Dante to remember what happened when Sonny wallowed in his grief after Connie died. Dante agreed, but he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. Sonny urged Dante to take action and jump-start his marriage. Dante wanted Sonny to throw out some suggestions, but Sonny had faith that Dante would figure it out. Dante sighed that he was glad someone had faith in him. Sonny told Dante that he was his son and he was strong. “You can do this and Lulu can, too.” Sonny said.

At the loft, a teary-eyed Lulu folded and placed Connie's clothes in a box. Carly stopped by and told Lulu that she'd called earlier to ask for her help with Franco. Lulu realized Carly hadn't heard that they lost the baby. She filled her in, and Carly comforted her. Carly felt bad that she'd been so caught up in her own life that she hadn't realized her cousin needed her. Carly helped Lulu fold baby clothes and asked if Lulu was allowed to visit. Lulu said no. Lulu told Carly how she and Maxie had dredged up dirt on each other and both lost the baby in the end. Lulu said Spinelli picked up the baby and she and Dante went from being a family to being alone. Carly thought Spinelli was great, but she didn't think he should get the baby, just because of biology. Lulu told Carly that they actually lost the baby because of Dante.

Lulu told Carly some of the things that happened at the hearing. Carly was disgusted that Lulu got accused of killing her baby because she had an abortion when she was young. Lulu told Carly how she had tried to convince Dante to go on the run with the baby, then lied about it on the stand. Lulu explained that Dante didn't back her up, then the judge said that Lulu hurt the case when she perjured herself. Lulu cried that they wouldn't have lost the baby if Dante had backed her up. Lulu was surprised Carly wasn't laughing in her face right now. Lulu clarified that she was thinking about everyone's actions at Sonny's trial for Claudia's murder. Lulu felt like she'd been smug and self righteous when she supported Dante telling the court that Michael really killed Claudia. Lulu remembered that Carly had perjured herself and Lulu had argued that Dante had to tell the truth, because he was a cop. According to Lulu, she had no idea what it meant to fight for her child back then, but she knew now. Carly stroked Lulu's hair and told her there was nothing worse than losing a child. Carly understood why Lulu was lashing out, but she thought it would be best if Lulu and Dante helped each other get through this. Lulu cried about how much she missed Connie – it was like a piece of her heart was missing. Lulu wondered what she was supposed to do without her. Carly gave Lulu a hug and said she'd never wish this pain on her. Carly told Lulu she was strong enough to survive this, and she urged her to let someone help her. Lulu knew Carly meant Dante.

Lulu asked why Carly wanted help with Franco, whom she hated. Carly told her that things had changed. Lulu stared at Carly in disbelief and asked if she was seeing him. Carly dodged the question and explained that Franco had hit rock bottom, so Carly was hoping Lulu would hire him as a bartender at the Haunted Star. Lulu was stunned that Carly would ask her to hire the man who strapped her (Lulu) to a chair and tried to blow her up. Lulu didn't buy Carly's explanation that Franco was a changed man now that he was tumor-free. Carly asked Lulu to think about it, and Lulu agreed. Carly asked Lulu not to tell Franco about this. Lulu grimaced and said Carly didn't have to worry about that. Carly hugged Lulu again and told her that it would take time to heal after losing the baby. Carly told Lulu not to push Dante away, then she kissed her on the forehead and left. Lulu picked up a picture of Connie and held it to her heart and cried. Dante returned home and asked Lulu to hear him out. He said they were both hurting and he had an idea about how they could heal. He thought they should try to have another baby.

Kevin was at the hospital on the phone, when Franco walked up behind him and took the phone out of his hand. Franco wanted Kevin to treat him. Kevin refused – he wasn't taking on any more patients, because he wanted to devote more time to Lucy. Franco didn't care that Kevin was having marital problems, because Franco had a much bigger problem. He insisted that Kevin fit him into his schedule. Kevin offered to refer Franco to someone else, but Franco was adamant that he wanted to work with Kevin. Franco had heard that Kevin had a mental breakdown, and he figured Kevin wouldn't get scared off when he heard about the horrible thing Franco did. Kevin asked what Franco did. Franco made sure this would be confidential, then he confessed to killing someone.

They sat down for a session, and Franco absentmindedly picked up a letter opener. Kevin gently took it away. Kevin, who knew about Franco's reputation, assumed Franco was referring to the crimes he'd been charged with and found not guilty of, due to his tumor. Franco admitted that he wasn't sure that he committed those crimes because of the tumor. Franco said he'd hoped the tumor was at fault, “and then yesterday happened.” Kevin asked him to clarify, and Franco confessed to killing his mother. Kevin took the news calmly. He had heard about the spectacle Heather made at the art show. Franco said he found out that everything he thought he knew about himself was wrong. Kevin mentioned Franco's connection to Scott and revealed that Lucy and Scott were married at one time. Franco was surprised and wondered what she ever saw in that “cold fish of a jerk.” Kevin grumbled that Scott had been in his life for some time now, due to Lucy. Franco's face lit up when he realized Kevin didn't like Scott either. He wanted to discuss it, but Kevin steered the conversation back to Heather. Franco explained that Heather went to his room to threaten his girlfriend Carly. Franco still wasn't sure why Heather didn't want him to date Carly. Franco told Kevin how Heather kept threatening Carly and how he finally threatened to kill Heather if she didn't stop. He recounted the whole story of Heather luring him out of his room to get Carly alone, then going there with a knife. Kevin asked if Carly was hurt. Franco said no and that Carly was still in the dark about everything. Franco admitted he stabbed Heather to death, and he emphasized that he had to do it, to protect Carly. Kevin thought it sounded like Franco had no choice but to do what he did. Franco was relieved and got up to leave, then Kevin asked what the cops said. Franco explained that he'd been afraid that if he called the cops, no one would believe the tumor made him commit all the other crimes and he'd go to jail. Franco told Kevin how he'd buried Heather in a conveniently open grave at the cemetery.

Franco asked Kevin to confirm that this was all confidential, and Kevin said he couldn't tell anyone what Franco said, unless he thought Franco was a danger to himself or others. Franco admitted he wasn't sure if he was still dangerous. Kevin asked if he felt differently than he did before the tumor was removed. Franco did feel different – he didn't have those urges anymore, but he wasn't sure that meant anything, since he'd just killed his mother. Franco wondered if he might be a psycho, like Heather. Kevin pointed out that Scott wasn't psychotic, and Franco countered that Scott wasn't compassionate, either. Franco asked Kevin to tell him who he (Franco) was. Kevin thought that killing Heather was an isolated incident and that they'd have to talk about the larger topic of who Franco was in other sessions. Franco was grateful when he realized Kevin was going to treat him. He believed he needed therapy if he was going to hold onto Carly – the best thing that ever happened to him.

Franco went back to the Metro Court and froze when he saw a laundry cart. Carly walked up behind him and touched his shoulder. Franco jumped and Carly assumed he was still on edge after his bad dream. Franco assured Carly that he was fine. Carly asked how the job search went and Franco said it went well and that he spoke to someone who gave him hope.

At Scott's, Lucy tried to gather up the courage to go find Kevin and admit to sleeping with Scott. Scott told Lucy that the smart thing to do would be to keep quiet about it. Lucy sniffled as she thought about all the nice things she overheard Kevin say about her while she was hiding in Scott's suite. She reminded Scott that Kevin said he wanted the marriage to work. Scott was unpleasantly surprised when he realized that Lucy wanted to go back to Kevin. Scott pointed out that Lucy had been furious with Scott. Lucy argued that Kevin admitted he was wrong and wanted to change. Scott was skeptical that Kevin would follow through. Lucy told Scott that she and Kevin loved each other. Lucy was walking out the door and stopped in her tracks when Scott stammered “what about me?” He asked if last night meant nothing. Lucy told him that last night was beautiful and she'd never forget it. Lucy said that she and Scott would always be connected through their daughter. Lucy gently said they couldn't be more than friends, but she hoped that they would continue to be friends. Scott admitted he wanted to be more than friends, but he was willing to settle for friendship. Lucy was relieved Scott wasn't going to cut her out of his life. She hugged Scott and thanked him. Lucy confessed that she didn't know what she'd do without him. Scott told Lucy not to tell Kevin they had sex. He said if she did, Kevin wouldn't let them be friends anymore, because he'd be suspicious every time Lucy and Scott were alone with each other. Lucy looked troubled and she agreed that Scott was right.

Lucy went to Kevin's office and told him she heard he was looking for her. Kevin said this meant she saw Scott. Lucy nervously said she saw Scott briefly and he told her everything Kevin said. Kevin was surprised, because he didn't think he could trust Scott to deliver the message. Kevin and Lucy apologized to each other, then hugged. Kevin swore to Lucy that he was committed to her and to their marriage and that he wanted to fix this. Lucy said she did too, with all her heart. Kevin kissed Lucy, then hugged her again. Kevin promised that he wouldn't let anything or anyone come between them again. Lucy looked guilty and said she wouldn't, either.

Scott found a scarf Lucy left behind. He picked it up and thought back to their kiss.

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