GH Update Wednesday 12/11/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/11/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At Metro Court, Carly and Franco are sleeping in his suite. Franco is dreaming about killing his mother and burying her the night before. He's talking over her grave, and tells her, "Guess what I did?" he says. "I proved everyone right. I am a monster. You should've stayed away from Carly." Franco wakes up gasping. "What's wrong?" asks Carly.

Someone's alarm clock goes off, and we see Lucy turn it off. She tells "Doc" that he's going to be late for his 9 o'clock. She reaches out and rubs his back, and wonders why it's hairier than usual. Scotty mumbles, "Now that's the spot." Lucy calls out for "Doc", but Scotty turns around and says, "Guess again!" Lucy freaks!

At Wyndemere, Britt and Nikolas are having breakfast. Britt is anxiously waiting for Leslie to bring the boys back. Nikolas teases her about taking turns watching the door. Someone answers the front door, and Nikolas tells her that it's probably them. But it's not, a man servant brings in a package for a P.K. Sinclair. Nikolas wonders who P.K. Sinclair is, and Britt tells him it's her father.

Anna meets up with Robert in the Metro Court underground. He asks about Robin, and she says she's good. She asks him about Faison, and he tells her that everything has been taken care of. She tells him no one must ever know what they've done, especially Duke.

Duke steps off the elevator, and into the underground parking.

At GH, Felix hounds Sabrina about fighting for Patrick. Sabrina tells him that as soon as she sees Patrick, she's telling him it's over.

Robin and Emma are snuggling on the couch in Anna's suite. Robin tells her that they will be home with Daddy real soon. "What about Sabrina?" Sweet, little Emma asks. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door, and Robin lets Emma answer it. Emma is happy to see Patrick.

Duke runs into Kevin, and teases him about trawling for new patients. Kevin says that he's actually looking for Lucy.

Lucy is freaking out over spending the night with Scott. She can't believe that she cheated on her husband. Scott reminds her that she told him that her marriage was over.

Kevin heads towards the elevator, and Duke asks him if everything is alright. Kevin says, "Far from it."

Not far away Anna and Robert discuss the dire circumstances should anyone find out what happened to Faison.

In Anna's suite, Emma asks Patrick if he missed her and Mommy. He says that he did, and asks her if she had fun with Mommy and Grandma. She says she did, but she's ready to go home now. She asks if he's there to take them home.

Back at GH, Felix can't believe that Sabrina is giving up on Patrick so easily. Sabrina tells him Robin is his wife and they need to be a family. It's the right thing to do, she says. This makes Felix suspicious, and wonders who influenced her decision. Sabrina hesitates, but then admits it was Robin.

In Anna's suite, Patrick sends Emma off to brush her teeth. When alone, Robin realizes that Patrick is not there to take them home. Patrick says that he needs more time to figure things out. Robin asks him if he's talked to Sabrina.

Nikolas wants to send the package back, but it's too late. The man servant asks if he wants it destroyed, but Britt gets nervous, so Nikolas grabs it. Britt doesn't want him to touch it, but he tells her Faison wouldn't do anything to hurt Ben. It appears to be one of Heather Webber's paintings, called "Egg Salad".

In Franco's hotel suite, Carly tries to calm him down. Franco says that waking up next to her is the best thing for him. Carly says that he had a bad dream. Franco tries to brush it off, but Carly tells him to fess up. She knows what's going on. Franco says he just had a bad dream, and wants to start his day. He leaves to have a shower. Carly says "We should talk", but he's not there.

At Wyndemere, Britt and Nikolas turn it around, until they get it the right side up. They joke around about why Faison liked Heather. Britt asks Nikolas if Heather is any relation to Elizabeth. "She was married to my father. " Elizabeth answers. She has brought Ben and Spencer home. Britt takes Ben, while Spencer runs to his father. Nikolas asks what happened to Leslie. Nikolas is surprised that Leslie is meeting Monica for breakfast. He says that he thought they hated each other. Elizabeth says that they do, because Monica stole Leslie 's husband. Nikolas wonders how they became friendly, and Elizabeth looks at Britt before she says, "It's amazing what some people will swallow."

In Anna's hotel suite, Patrick tells Robin that he saw Sabrina yesterday morning. Robin thinks that they should've figured things out by now. Robin says that she wants her family back then apologizes to Patrick. Patrick says she doesn't have to apologize for wanting her family back. Robin reminds him that it's his family, too. He tells her how hard it was for him to get over her, and the things he kept that reminded him of her. He tells her about the plane tickets for her birthday. He tells her that he kept hoping that she would come back one day. Robin says that they could still take that trip. Patrick tells her that he had to make a decision to go on with his life. He tore up the tickets, and took off his wedding ring. "Right before I came home." says Robin.

AT GH, Sabrina tells Felix about Robin's visit. She tells that Robin just pointed out what she was already thinking. Patrick, Emma and Robin, deserve to be a family because of all the time they've lost. Felix doesn't agree, and doesn't want Sabrina to sacrifice her happiness. She's ready to find Patrick, but Felix says "Over my dead body."

In the underground, Robert worries about how wound-up Anna is. Anna tells him that there will be questions about Faison. He wants to make sure that they have all their ducks in a row. Anna assures him that she will take their secret to the grave.

Nearby, Duke and Kevin are playing catch-up. He asks Kevin if he and Lucy have got their wires crossed. Kevin admits they have, and Duke tells him that he heard Lucy was working closely with Scotty Baldwin. He advises Kevin to check out Scotty's room. Kevin takes his advice.

Scotty is trying to persuade Lucy that they belong together. Lucy says that she's still married, and she's a proven cheater. Scotty says she can do better, and she asks who? He says himself, but she claims it's just a one night stand. "Why can't it be more?" Scotty asks. Lucy freaks out, and recalls that they had a fling when she was married to Alan. Scotty says they had more than that, and were even married once. Lucy says it wasn't a good marriage. She's taken aback thinking that he wants to marry her. He says no, but he wants her to be his girl, and he wants to be her guy. He tells her that he knows a lot about her, and he likes what he knows. She asks him about Laura, and he admits that that was a mistake. He was trying to relive a past, that was over a long time ago. He tells Lucy that she's the one that's always stood by him. She admits that they've always been there for each other. He's about to kiss her, when Kevin shows up, and bangs on the door. Kevin is calling out to Scotty, saying that they have to talk about Lucy.

Robin tells Patrick that she wants her family back. Emma returns, and Robin tells her that she's going to spend some quality time with Daddy. Emma asks her what she's going to do, Robin grabs her coat, and says that she has to see someone.

At GH, tries to convince Sabrina not give up on Patrick so easily. He tells her that Patrick still loves her, otherwise, he would've gone back to Robin already.

Back at Metro Court, Carly thinks she knows what his dream was about. Carly reminds Franco how she was there for him since the night he found out about his parents.

Carly tells him that she's not going anywhere. Franco says that's nice to hear, but that's not what the dream is about. He tells that it's about what he did last night.

In the underground, Anna and Robert come to an agreement about keeping quiet about Faison. Suddenly, Duke comes around the corner, just as their finished talking. Robert asks him if there is something wrong. Duke says ominously, "There certainly is, I know what you did."

Out at Wyndemere, Britt thanks Elizabeth for bringing Ben home. She leaves to take Ben upstairs. Elizabeth is clamping at the bit, so Nikolas gives her permission to have at it. Finally, he gives in and says, "Why is that woman still at your house?"

Back in Anna's suit, Emma asks Patrick why he's taking so long to take her and Mommy home. Patrick tells her that he and Mommy have been apart for awhile, and they have to get to know each other again. Emma tells him that Mommy is the same as she was before she went to heaven. Emma asks if he wants to be with them. Patrick says he does, but it's complicated, and it's because of Sabrina.

Sabrina is still trying to defend herself to Felix. He doesn't want her to give up on her dream of happiness. He tells her that Patrick is his own man, and can make his own decision. He tells her not to let Robin bully her. "She's not the boss of you." he says. "Neither are you." says Sabrina. "Oh, honey...if that makes you feel better believing that, be my guest. " Felix chuckles. " Just don't let Robin cajole you into doing something you don't want to do." Of course, that's when Robin steps off the elevator.

Franco tells Carly he didn't dream about her leaving him. She seems a little disappointed, but tells him that he can tell her anything. He doesn't think that she wants to know. He flashes back to Heather, then says," "Not anything." Carly persists so he tells her that he messed up. He tells her that he lied about his interview at PCU. He didn't do as well as he told her. She tells him that the lie is the disappointment. He fells sorry for himself, and says that he probably wont be working there anyway. Carly tells him that the tumor was the killer not him.

Robert asks Duke to speak plainly, so Duke tells him that Anna told him everything. Robert still isn't sure what he's talking about. Duke tells him that Anna told him about Julian Jerome, and how Robert helped fake his death. Duke isn't happy that Julian escaped justice for what he did. Anna tries to defend Robert, but he tells her to let Duke say his piece. Robert says that he sent 20 years, keeping Julian away from Port Charles. Duke says that he could've told Anna, but Robert argues that Anna thought Duke was dead, and her didn't want to go after Jerome for revenge. Duke says so he did it to protect Anna. Anna is getting agitated, but Robert continues and says that made a judgment call. Duke says it was a poor one. Duke says that the secret ended up doing no good, but secrets rarely do. They both turn to look to at Anna.

Kevin is still banging on Scott's door, telling it's important. Luc is freaking out, thinking that he knows. Kevin tells Scotty that he'd rather not talk about his wife through the door. Scotty wants to face the music, but Lucy panics. Scotty reminds her that she said that he doesn't care about her marriage. Lucy runs and hides, before he goes to the door. Scotty makes an excuse about sleeping and Kevin apologizes. He tells Scotty that he's looking for Lucy. Scotty lies, and says that he hasn't seen her. Lucy is listening, from her hiding place, when Kevin tells Scotty that she told him their marriage was over. Scotty tries to get rid of him, but not before Kevin says that he's going to save it.

Elizabeth doesn't approve of Nikolas's relationship with Britt. She asks him why he would want her around Spencer after the way she treated Emma.

Emma asks Patrick if Sabrina did something wrong and Patrick says no. He asks her if she remembers how he and Sabrina talked about being a family with her. She says she does, and he explains that Mommy wants the same thing. He doesn't want to hurt either one of them. Patrick tries to find an example, but it doesn't work out for him. Emma doesn't understand why they can't be families with both Sabrina and Mommy.

Robin apologizes to Sabrina for tracking her down at work. She just wants to be clear on where they stand. Sabrina says that she hasn't a chance to talk to Patrick yet. Robin wants Sabrina to leave work so they can take care of this today. Sabrina refuses to cooperate, much to Robin's surprise.

Carly tries to talk about Franco options for a job. Carly suggests that he try painting again. He reminds her that she told him the last batch sucked. She tells him that she liked his better than his mother's.

Elizabeth reminds Nikolas that Britt is a bully, and cause Emma to run away. Britt goes back downstairs, in time, to hear Nikolas defend her to Elizabeth. He reminds Elizabeth that they've made mistakes, and that they've changed. He thinks that Britt has changed, and when Elizabeth pushes him to describe what they are he calls them a couple. Britt overhears this.

Kevin bursts into Scotty's room, and tells him that it's all his fault. He took Lucy for granted, and that he put his marriage on the back burner. Scotty tries to convince him that maybe the marriage is over, but Kevin doesn't buy that. Lucy is touched, when she hears Kevin impassioned speech about how much he loves her. Scotty tries to get rid of him, and Kevin asks for his help in finding her. Scotty doesn't have, too, because Lucy heard every word.

Robert and Duke are arguing over the Jerome situation. Robert blames Duke for getting involved with the Jeromes in the first place. Anna tells Robert that Duke has stepped away from that life and distanced himself from the Jeromes. Robert isn't so sure, as Duke recalls his meeting with Sonny and their plan to take the Jeromes down.

Robin is surprised to hear that Sabrina has changed her mind. Sabrina tells Robin that Patrick loves her too, and stepping away wouldn't change that. Sabrina tells her that Patrick has to make his own decision.

Patrick is explaining to Emma how hard that is. She wants them to be one big happy family. He tells her how in her fantasy books , that the prince can only have one princess. He tells her that no matter what, he will always together with her. She asks him together with who? Sabrina or Mommy?

Elizabeth warns Nikolas that Britt is gonna hurt him. Nikolas reminds her that people used to say that about her. She admits that may be true, but that's maybe why her instinct is so strong. On her way out, she tells Nikolas that she doesn't think that Britt has changed. She runs into Britt, when she turns around. Nikolas apologizes to Britt if she overheard Elizabeth. Britt tells him that the only thing she cared about was him defending her, She asks him if he meant it, and he tells him that he did. They end up kissing.

Scotty wants to go and get some grub, but Lucy says that she has o go and find Kevin. She says that he wants to save their marriage. She has to confess that she and Scotty slept together.

Kevin is at the hospital, where he's on the hone asking someone to take on some of his cases. Franco suddenly shows up, and grabs the phone from him. "He'll call you back." he says. He tells Kevin that he needs his help.

At Metro Court, Carly's on the phone, telling someone that she needs their help.

At GH, Sabrina tells Robin that it has to be Patrick's choice. Robin thinks that Patrick really wants to be with her, and that'll end badly for Sabrina. Robin wants her to rethink her decision.

Duke says that Julian Jerome is a matter for the police. Now that Jerry Jacks, Obrecht, and Faison have been dealt, they can concentrate on Julian. He asks if Faison is back where he belongs. Robert says that he needn't worry about Faison, no one is ever gonna hear from him again.

Emma asks Patrick if he'll make a decision by Christmas. Santa won't know where to find them, if they don't put up their Christmas stockings Patrick promises that he will make a decision by then. A pinkie promise.

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