GH Update Tuesday 12/10/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/10/13


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy was lounging on the Quartermaine couch watching a tabloid show that was speculating about the reason Deception hadn't launched yet. Monica walked in, grimaced, and told her to turn it off. Tracy asked if Monica still had a migraine. Monica was fine now, but she didn't want Tracy's choice of entertainment to bring her headache back and force her to miss the verdict in AJ's trial. Monica was upset that she wasn't able to go to the trial today and she was determined to be well enough to be there when the verdict came in. Just then, the television announcer said that the jury had already reached a verdict. Tracy grinned and turned off the TV, confident that she already knew the outcome. After Monica was gone, Luke came in and kissed Tracy, then asked why Monica was all riled up. Tracy thought that was Monica's default setting, but she was even worse when it had to do with her “deadbeat children.” Luke remembered AJ's trial and he marveled at the number of bad decisions AJ made. Tracy told Luke the jury was already back. She smirked and said it looked like it was curtains for AJ.

AJ was in the courtroom talking with Michael and Kiki, when Scott returned and revealed that the verdict was in. Michael and Kiki were surprised that the jury didn't take more time to deliberate. Scott crowed that they didn't need to when the case was a slam dunk. Scott smirked at AJ and told him he was about to go to prison for the rest of his life. The jury returned, then Monica came in and sat next to Michael. Michael told his dad that he loved him, no matter what. The foreperson read the verdict – AJ was found not guilty of murder in the first degree. AJ was stunned. Monica, Michael and Kiki smiled. Michael and Kiki said Diane was right, the circumstantial evidence wasn't enough to convict. AJ still didn't understand how this happened. Michael thought he must be in shock.

Scott was angry and disbelieving. He started insulting the jurors, until the judge threatened to hold him in contempt. The judge told AJ he was free to go. Scott clarified to AJ that he hadn't been declared innocent. Scott said they both knew AJ killed Connie and that AJ would have to live with it.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy and Luke ate snacks while they waited for the verdict. Tracy thought AJ was about to get what he deserved for murdering her friend. Luke hoped that the verdict wouldn't hurt Tracy's ELQ stock. Both Tracy and Luke were shocked to hear Tracy say some things were more important than a healthy stock portfolio. Luke told Tracy not to be too hasty, but Tracy pointed out that Luke was a loyal friend, in addition to a freeloading criminal. She asked how Sean Donely was doing. Luke was pleased to report that his friend got the cure and that Tiffany already saw improvement in him. Tracy was sure Tiffany and her daughter were relieved. The conversation turned to Jerry, who had disappeared without a trace. Luke thought Ava helped Jerry escape. Tracy wasn't sure that Ava would get involved with someone like Jerry. She and Luke talked it through and realized that both Ava and Jerry had ties to the mob. Luke didn't know Julian personally, but he heard stories about the Jeromes. Luke surmised that the Jeromes were back looking to take over Sonny's territory. Tracy noticed that Luke was intrigued and she told him not to dig for a link between Jerry and the Jeromes. She pointed out that he almost died. Luke countered that he was better now, and Tracy told him to stay that way. She was adamant that it would be a bad idea for Luke to do anything to make Jerry or the Jeromes target him. Luke smiled as he listened to Tracy's lecture. Luke told her to forget about that, then he opened a bottle of wine and said they had some celebrating to do. Tracy said yes and no, since their families were suffering at the moment. Luke agreed. He'd never seen Lulu so low, but he was confident that she'd get through it, because she was a Spencer. The last few months had taught Luke that you had to enjoy every moment. Luke told Tracy they'd “done good,” then they toasted to themselves. Tracy talked about their good fortune – Luke and Sean got the cure, and AJ was going to pay for his crimes. Tracy said if she could get Monica out of the house, she'd have it all to herself. They laughed. Monica arrived and reminded Tracy that the house was hers.

Tracy figured Monica was hurting after the verdict, so Tracy promised not to snipe at her. Just then, AJ, Michael and Kiki entered the room. The stunned Tracy demanded to know how the DA let AJ go. Luke assumed Scott was at fault. Michael said AJ was found not guilty due to a lack of evidence. Tracy rolled her eyes and told Michael he knew better. She turned to Kiki and told her to straighten Michael out. Tracy was adamant that AJ killed Connie in a drunken rage. Tracy told Michael that at least he paid for his crime. Michael said he confessed to killing Claudia, but AJ didn't even remember what happened to Connie. Tracy felt that AJ just lacked the character and integrity to own up to his crime. Luke asked Michael if he might be defending the wrong person. Luke said that if he were Michael, he'd be angry that he had to go to prison for saving a baby from a psycho while someone who killed a defenseless woman walked free. Tracy left the room in disgust, to celebrate somewhere else. Luke followed.

Michael told AJ to forget what Luke and Tracy said and remember that this was a happy day. Monica decided to have Cook II make all of AJ's favorite foods to celebrate. Michael and Kiki left to go talk to Cook II. AJ admitted that he wasn't sure how Michael didn't resent him. Kiki asked Michael how he felt about what was said. Michael thought everyone had a right to their opinion. He also knew that Sonny wouldn't be happy AJ was acquitted.

Later, AJ saw an interview of one of the jurors. He looked upset when the woman said that most of the jurors thought he was guilty, but there wasn't enough evidence to convict. AJ glanced around to make sure he was alone, then he drank a glass of wine.

After Julian took a shower, he walked into his living room to get something and was taken aback to find Ava was in his suite, sipping a drink. Julian sniped at Ava about the age difference between herself and her “boy toy,” and Ava shot back that Julian didn't have a love life. Julian asked Ava what she wanted. Ava was worried because Carlos hadn't met with her, like they had planned to and he wasn't answering his calls. Julian figured Carlos was off licking his wounds because Sabrina got married. Ava thought that Carlos would have said something if he was upset. Julian said that although Ava was fond of Carlos, it was unlikely that Carlos would turn to them if he was upset, because they were his employers. Ava admitted that her brother made a good point, but she still couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Julian confessed that he was glad Ava was there, because they needed to talk about his daughter. Julian told Ava that Sam didn't want anything to do with him. Ava didn't think Julian should be surprised, since Sam had said the same thing at the gallery opening. Julian said it wasn't just that. He repeated what Sam said about “Lucas” probably not wanting anything to do with Julian, either. Ava wondered who Lucas was. Julian planned to find out. Julian said there weren't any Lucas's in Sam's family, or in his. Julian wondered if Lucas could be another one of Ava's mom's bastard children. Ava was annoyed that Julian liked using that term so much, but Julian told her it was a statement of fact. Ava didn't think her mom and Victor Jerome had any more children. Julian had inferred from Sam's tone that she thought Lucas was important to Julian. Ava didn't know a Lucas in Port Charles, besides Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. Julian didn't think Sam was talking about Luke. Ava told him to ask Sam who she meant. Julian didn't think Sam would be willing to answer him. Julian grabbed his jacket and said he'd find the answers himself.

In Franco's suite, Carly had a bellhop set up and decorate a small dinner table. She planned to surprise Franco with a dinner to celebrate his new job. After the bellhop left, Carly wondered why Franco hadn't called or come home yet. There was a knock on the door, and Carly steeled herself and said that it didn't matter who found out about her and Franco. She spotted Franco's key and was relieved, because she assumed he was at the door. Carly excitedly answered it - it was Sam. Carly said she was busy, but Sam walked in anyway, after explaining that the bellhop told her where to find Carly. Sam told Carly about her run in with Julian. According to Sam, Julian wanted to keep up the “fake” relationship with her that he pretended they had while he was going by Derek. Carly hoped Sam told Julian to go to hell. Sam confirmed that she had said she didn't want anything to do with Julian. Sam looked embarrassed and told Carly how she'd accidentally mentioned her and Carly's brother Lucas to Julian. Carly demanded to know exactly what she said. Sam explained that she only let his name slip. Carly was angry because she knew her mother was afraid that Julian would find out about Lucas. Sam apologized profusely and promised that Julian didn't know much. Carly thought Julian knew just enough to make him curious. Sam promised to handle this however Carly, Lucas and Bobbie wanted her to. Sam was curious about how Lucas reacted to the news that Julian was his biological father. Carly wasn't sure Bobbie told him, yet. Sam asked if Lucas asked about her. When Carly glared at her, Sam pointed out that she was Lucas's sister. “I'm his sister” Carly said, possessively. Then Carly brusquely thanked Sam and told her to leave. Sam was shocked and asked if Carly was throwing her out. Carly reminded Sam that she already told her she was busy.

Sam spotted the table set for an intimate dinner and Carly's outfit and realized she was planning a date. Sam asked whose room this was, then she noticed the easel. “Oh no.” Sam said, before saying she hoped Carly wasn't seeing Franco. Carly was unapologetic when she revealed that she was. Sam was surprised that Carly was admitting it. Carly said that Sam might as well be the first to know. Sam was shocked that Carly would date Franco after everything he did to Sam. Carly pointed out that Franco was sick when he did those things. Carly added that she understood that Sam couldn't accept that and that people would have concerns. Sam told Carly that people were going to wonder what the hell she was doing. Sam asked Carly to consider what Sonny and Jason would think. Carly felt that Jason would disapprove, but tell her it was her decision to make. Sam said Jason loved Carly and wouldn't want her dating a psychopath. Carly loudly insisted that Franco wasn't a psychopath. She was adamant that he'd changed and that she didn't need anyone to validate her relationship. Sam's eyes widened and she pointed out that Carly had used the word “relationship” to describe what she and Franco had. Carly firmly told Sam that she had made her decision. Sam told Carly she was making the wrong decision, then she walked out, shaking her head.

A nervous Franco pushed a covered laundry cart containing Heather's body down to the parking garage and up to his car. He had a flashback of stabbing with her own butcher knife Heather after catching her lying in wait for Carly. Just then, Lucy suddenly walked up. She apologized for startling Franco and asked if they could talk about Heather. Lucy said she didn't like to meddle, but Franco needed to know that his mother was bad news. Franco discreetly pushed some gloves and a sheet deeper into the laundry cart and listened as Lucy stated that Heather was certifiably crazy and advised him to cut her out of his life for good. Franco quickly told her she didn't have to worry, because they were in complete agreement about Heather. Franco said that Heather would never get in the way of his life again. He tried to leave, but Lucy kept talking. She was relived by Franco's statement, because she remembered the scene at the gallery. Franco told Lucy he to take the laundry to the Laundromat now, or he'd be fired. Lucy didn't take the hint. She grabbed the laundry cart to prevent Franco from leaving and urged him to “take another stab” at getting to know Scott.

Franco listened impatiently as Lucy went on and on and got off topic. She finally got back to her point – she thought that Scott would be receptive to getting to know Franco. Franco told Lucy that Scott didn't want anything to do with Franco, because Scott was afraid it would hurt his (Scott's) career. Lucy was taken aback and she felt bad for Franco. She told Franco she'd talk to Scott on his behalf. Franco told her it wasn't necessary, but Lucy insisted. She got onto the elevator, and Franco glanced at the laundry cart and said that he had more pressing things than a father to worry about. Franco put Heather's body in the trunk. Franco stared at Heather and in a cold voice, he said he gave her a chance to back off, but she wouldn't take it. Franco thought that Heather might have assumed he didn't have it in him to kill her, now that his tumor was out. Franco said she was wrong, because there was nothing he wouldn't do to keep Carly safe. Franco wrapped the knife in a towel and said his “ability” was still there when he needed it; for when someone made him do something. Franco angrily slammed the trunk shut.

Scott was in his room at the Metro Court drinking. He was annoyed at the jury and angry because he'd lost his first case since becoming DA again. Lucy stormed in and Scott assumed they were upset for the same reason. Lucy told Scott she was disappointed in him for casting Franco aside. In Lucy's view, Franco was a great guy who wasn't responsible for the things he did while he had a brain tumor. Scott grumbled that Franco still had the same bad attitude. Lucy argued that Franco might have turned out differently if he'd grown up with a father who could have noticed the early warning signs of psychosis. Scott spat that Franco needed a shrink, not a father. Lucy told Scott he was a great father and she wouldn't choose another co-parent. She couldn't help but wonder what Scott could have done for Franco. Scott said it was too late for that, but Lucy disagreed. Lucy thought Franco was in a bad place and that he could benefit from Scott's guidance. Scott was almost afraid to ask what Lucy meant. Lucy explained that Franco had gone from being a celebrated artist to pushing a laundry cart.

Lucy told Scott that while Franco might not be the son he dreamed of, he was the only one Scott had, now that Logan was gone. Scott interrupted and told Lucy he lost the case. Scott felt like he messed up. Lucy was sympathetic. Scott thought that Lucy should now understand that he had no time to deal with a lunatic that claimed to be his son. He had a career to mourn. Lucy was about to say he won the DA position fairly, then she realized that wasn't true. Lucy told Scott he wouldn't lose his job for losing one case. Scott argued that he'd been neutered politically. He said he lost Laura, his career and all he had left was Lucy. They slowly moved toward each other, as if to kiss, but Scott stopped and told Lucy she should probably go home to her husband. Lucy revealed that she moved out and had been sleeping in her office. Scott kissed Lucy, then he helped her out of her coat and they collapsed on the bed together and kissed deeply again.

It was now dark in the cemetery, where Sonny, Shawn and Carlos were. Sonny handed Carlos a shovel and told him to start digging. Carlos realized they were going to make him dig his own grave. Sonny said it was nothing personal, they were just sending his boss a message. Sonny said he intended to end what Julian started. Carlos tried to talk Sonny out of killing him, but Sonny and Shawn weren't interested in what he had to say. Sonny threatened to shoot Carlos right now if he didn't start digging. Carlos did as he was told and soon he was standing in his future grave. Carlos begged for his life. The unsympathetic Sonny told him he would have killed him last week if not for his last name. Carlos didn't understand and Sonny explained that he had to makes sure Carlos wasn't related to his late wife. Carlos insisted that he could be of value to Sonny. Sonny told Shawn to end it. Shawn pulled out his gun and Carlos yelled for him to wait. Sonny told Carlos to man up and accept his fate. Carlos quickly announced that he was Lily's brother. Sonny said Lily was an only child, and Carlos claimed he was born out of wedlock. Shawn thought Carlos was lying, but Sonny insisted that he wanted to hear this. According to Carlos, his mother had hidden him away, because she was afraid of his father's enemies. Shawn was skeptical and he asked why Lily never mentioned him. Carlos claimed that Lily was respecting his mother's wishes. Carlos asked if Sonny loved his sister, then he added that she and her baby died because of Sonny. Carlos said that Lily kept him a secret from Sonny because everyone knew Sonny was taking over their father's territory. Sonny suddenly leapt into the grave and grabbed Carlos by the throat. Sonny told Carlos that they were going to stash him somewhere until they got answers. Sonny warned Carlos that if Carlos was lying, Sonny would kill him, himself. Sonny had Shawn take Carlos away.

Sonny was visiting Lily's grave when Michael called and told him about AJ's verdict. Michael hoped that Sonny wouldn't try and take the law into his own hands. Sonny thanked Michael for the call. Michael told his dad he loved him. Sonny said it back and they hung up. Sonny told Lily that he didn't believe in justice, but he promised not to kill Carlos unless he was sure he wasn't her brother.

Franco dragged Heather's covered body into the cemetery. He looked up and thanked the heavens when he discovered the open grave. Franco uncovered Heather's face and told her she really should have stayed away from Carly. He shoved her into the grave, then he stared at the knife and threw it in, too. Franco buried Heather, then idly poured the last bit of dirt onto the grave. His phone rang. He saw it was Carly and adopted an upbeat tone and answered. Carly impatiently asked what was taking him so long. Franco lied and told her the interview went so well that they had him meet with several people. Carly told him to hurry back, because she had a surprise. Franco threw the shovel and it clanged against something. Carly asked about the noise and Franco said it was nothing. He left the cemetery while talking to Carly about the surprise. Suddenly Heather's arm burst out of the loose dirt and she grasped around at the air.

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