GH Update Monday 12/9/13

General Hospital Update Monday 12/9/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Ellie is in her apartment and announces to Spinelli that she has been offered a job on the west coast but has decided not to take it, part of the reason being him and also it's “not fair to Maxie”, at that moment, Maxie enters and informs them she's overheard their conversation. She tells them that she has some incredible news that maybe no one will believe her with, but which is true. Her cousin, Robin Scorpio-Drake, is alive.

Sabrina is alone in her home and goes to get her door. She is startled to see Robin at her door. Robin announces to Sabrina that she's there to talk to her and realizes they have never been “properly introduced”.

Patrick goes to confront Carlos at Carlos' home, after Sabrina has left. He tells Carlos he better leave Sabrina alone or he will be a dead man. In response to that, Carlos asks Dr. Drake whom he believes will accomplish that. He tells Patrick it will take someone with way bigger cojones than Patrick to take him out.

Outside the courtroom, Sonny walks with Shawn who informs him that he's found out about Carlos Rivera and Carlos has no family nor anyone who could pose a threat to them. And Carlos is not related to Sonny's deceased wife. Sonny conclude, in that case, it's time to take him down.

Inside the courtroom, Diane urges AJ to sit down and let his lawyer speak for him and let him exercise his right to remain silent. Michael urges his dad to do the same. But AJ tells his lawyer that the jury has to learn about what really happened the night Connie Falconeri was killed.

Heather enters Franco's hotel room at the Metro Court while Carly is showering in the bathroom. She notices Carly's phone on the bed and an incoming call from her “son”. She tells him she's sorry but his girlfriend is in the shower right now. She then gets ready to enter the bathroom where Carly is showering. Before she can do that, Franco enters, grabs a hold of her and pulls her out. He tells her he knows what she has done. He knows she's ready to go after Carly with a knife. He pulls the knife out of her purse. She tries to deny what he is accusing her of. He tells her he knows she's a miserable psycho and intends to kill Carly.

In the courtroom, Diane warns AJ if he speaks and does not let her speak for him in the courtroom, she can no longer represent him. He tells her if that's her decision, she is hereby fired.

When Maxie returns to see Spinelli talking to Ellie, who has informed him that she can either move or stay there for him, Maxie and the baby, (yet she doesn't know what they were talking about), she tells them that it would only seem, to them, great news that Robin is alive... Unless of course, they were talking about something not positive. She tells them she overheard Ellie telling her boyfriend that “they can't do that to Maxie”. So she wonders what they were talking about not doing to her.

When Robin goes to pay a visit to Sabrina, Patrick confronts Carlos who tells Patrick that he's used to wiping the floor with people like him. Patrick asks Carlos if he thinks he's a tough guy just because he works for the Jerome family. Carlos tells him that he is going to expose him so that Sabrina can see him for the dishonorable coward he really is. Patrick asks Carlos if he just wants to make himself not look like the bully he really is. Carlos asks why Sabrina was upset and came to him in the first place is because Patrick left her at the alter. Patrick protests that his dead wife came back. Carlos tells Patrick that he couldn't stop wearing his wedding ring before he proposed to Sabrina. And when Patrick gets done breaking Sabrina's heart and she sees what a piece of trash he is, Carlos will be there to pick her up and be there for her.

In the courtroom, Diane announces to the judge that her client, AJ Quartermaine has declined further legal assistance from her and is now representing himself. She leaves. Michael and Kiki sit watching and not understanding why his dad has declined having a lawyer defend him in a murder trial.

Robin asks Sabrina if she can come in. Sabrina graciously invites her and asks if she wants something to drink.. Robin thanks Sabrina for taking such good care of Emma. Sabrina looks down and tells Robin it was her pleasure. Both women are courteous but uncomfortable talking about what has to be discussed.

Before Heather can get into the bathroom with her knife to assault Carly, her son catches her. He tells her he knows the call he got that supposedly was someone offering him an art teaching job was from her so she could get him out of the hotel room at the Metro Court so that she could end Carly. He tells her that he has previously warned her if she ever goes near Carly, he won't hesitate to end her. She smirks and tells him she knows he would not do that to his own mother. But he shows her he is not afraid and nearly chokes her.

Spinelli admits to Maxie that Ellie was offered a job in Portland, OR and would have taken him with her, that would obviously mean that the baby would go with them. But they assure Maxie that they would never do that to her. Maxie protests that Ellie should not turn down the job. If Spinelli wants to come with her he should. And he should take the baby if that's what it comes to. The clearly do not want to do that however.

AJ testifies in court that he came back to Port Charles after his family and everyone he knows thought he was dead. He did everything he could to redeem himself to be a better son, a better father and a better man. He wanted to work and earn the respect of his family and be able to get the voting shares to run ELQ. He talks about how everything suddenly went out of control as soon as Connie printed an article that his son's girlfriend could no longer vote on Quartermaine shares to make him the soul proprietor. At that point, he spiraled down, lost it, went to a bar and got drunk. From them on, he had no recollection of anything that happened until he got charged with the murder of Connie Falconeri. So he asks if it could not be possible that somebody else could have pulled the trigger. He has no memory and there are not witnesses that know that he killed Connie. He wants to somehow believe that maybe he would not murder a defenseless woman. When he's done talking, the judge asks Scott Baldwin if he has anything to say to the defendant. Scott replies he certainly does.

After Patrick leaves Carlos' home, Sonny and Shawn go to confront him.

Patrick goes to the hospital where Epiphany demands that he tells her what he decided to do after the startling revelation that Robin is alive. She asks which woman he chose and which one he spent the night with.

Robin tells Sabrina that she realizes that Sabrina had no intention of replacing her in Patrick and Emma's life. She knows that her husband fell in love with Sabrina and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Sabrina admits that maybe that is no longer the case after finding out that Robin is back. But Robin admits that she told Patrick he had to go after Sabrina and not let her run out of the church. But Sabrina is not entirely certain of that. She tells him she did expect Patrick to go and talk to Sabrina as it was the right thing to do. But she thought that when he was done, he would have gone home with her. Robin admits that she was not about to urge Patrick to choose her. She admits that she is not complete with that. She tells Sabrina she realizes she may have no right to ask for this. But she asks Sabrina if she can help Robin get her husband back.

In the courtroom, Scott cross-examines AJ and asks if he (AJ) had anger for Connie and if he intended to kill her but did not. AJ replies he was furious, hated Connie, intended to kill her but does not remember doing so. Scott concludes that that is very convenient. The judge them announces that both sides can make closing arguments and tells AJ he can go first unless Mr. Baldwin has other things to add, in which case he can proceed.

While Carly is still in the shower unaware of what is going on. Franco has his “mother” unconscious lying on the bed. He concludes he might have killed her. Carly can never find out. She will think he's a psycho. So the only thing for him to do is destroy the evidence. He wraps Heather up in a sheet and drags her out the door.

Spinelli asks Maxie how she can say that it's ok for him to keep his baby thousands of miles away from her. She explains that as long as her baby is in the same town, she does not know how she can deal with the temptation go see her. It will be a lot easier if he does not keep their daughter where they both know she can't resist the temptation to see her and which they both know that he is not capable of being ruthless or heartless enough to deny her seeing her daughter. She concludes to Spinelli that by taking baby Connie to the west coast, he will be doing them both a favor.

Robin concludes to Sabrina that she really appreciates and respects all that Sabrina has done for her husband and her daughter. She has no ill feelings toward Sabrina. But she is back now. Patrick is her husband and Emma is her daughter. So she asks Sabrina to please let them go.

Spinelli tells Maxie that it's entirely possible that in 6 months, the judge could revisit the case and rule in her favor, but she tells him there's no guarantee of that. And if she stays in Port Charles for the next 6 months, Maxie knows herself too well that she could blow everything and violate the court order. She knows that Spinelli is too gracious and has no much faith in her. She does not want to be the reason for her daughter losing both of them. So if Spinelli cares about her, he will go to Portland, OR.

In response to hearing Robin's “request”, Sabrina tells her it's not her decision to make. It’s Patrick's. Robin tells Sabrina she can help Patrick by making the decision for him, by telling him that he is Robin's husband and belongs with her. He needs to know that she is ok with that and not willing to come between him and his family. Sabrina admits that's a lot to ask. Robin tells Sabrina that she is his wife. If Sabrina loves him, she will do that for him. And she will make things right for both of them.

Sonny and Shawn are ready to “end” Carlos. They inform him that they can't go after Julian because Danny Morgan needs his bone marrow. Because Ava's daughter is seeing his son, he can't hurt Kiki's mother. So that leaves him.

Outside the courtroom, Michael and Kiki face AJ. He tells them he is certain he ruined his own case and he apologizes to them. Michael tells his dad he does not owe his son an apology for having said what he felt he needed to say.,

Franco is ready to dispose of Heather after he believes he's killed her. Diane shows up and asks him what he is doing.

When AJ is talking to Michael and Kiki, very certain he's lost everything, Scott Baldwin returns and tells them that he has gotten a call informing him that the verdict is in. At that point, they all assume the worst.

Sonny and Shawn take Carlos out to the cemetery ready to kill him and Sonny tells him that he will stop at nothing to protect the people he loves. So they have to “send a message” to Carlos' boss.

While Robin and Sabrina talk about their “mutual” willingness to let Patrick go, Patrick talks to Epiphany, who assesses that he is in love with two different women at the same time, through no fault of his own.

Franco gets on the elevator with Diane and tells her he's gotten a new job doing laundry. He has Heather's body in a laundry cart while he heads out of the hotel. Little does Diane know what is inside the laundry cart. She appears to “buy” that he is doing his new laundry cleaning job for the hotel. Franco ignores a text from Carly looking for him.

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