GH Update Friday 12/6/13

General Hospital Update Friday 12/6/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick shows up at Carlo's apartment (Milo's old place) just as Carlos pulls Sabrina in for a kiss. Patrick tears them apart and tells Carlo" to get your hands off of her."

Maxie is still at the cemetery, ready to take her own life. Robin shows up and calls her name.

Carly and Franco are making out in his hotel room. Carly breaks it off and wants to order room service. Franco would like to go down to the restaurant. Carly wants to avoid the restaurant, because of the drama Jerry caused. Franco asks what drama, so she tells him about Jerry kidnapping Bobbie, and probably being dead. She's putting off calling Jax and Lady Jane, but she knows she has to do it. "So I'm a distraction," says Franco. Carly laughs and says yes, then he tells her that perhaps she can distract him. Franco tells Carly that Scotty wants nothing to do with him.

Michael and Kiki arrive in the courtroom, where Diane is crowing over her latest victory over Scott. She's talking about the Metro Court footage that she got dismissed. Scotty reminds her that the footage was only dismissed, because it was incomplete. He would love to know where the missing footage went. He looks right at AJ.

Ava is heading to the courtroom. She's leaving a message for Carlos to call her. She hasn't heard from him, and she's worried. Sonny is coming from the opposite direction. He's also on his cell phone to Shawn, checking to see if he found out anything about Carlos. They both reach the courtroom door at the same time.

"What took you so long?" asks Ellie, when Spinelli finally arrives at Maxie's. He tells her that he had to find child care, because he's not allowed to bring Connie there. Ellie says that she forgot, and he tells her that Mercedes, Josslyn's nanny, was available. He hopes that Maxie doesn't go there and give her a hard time. They talk about feeling bad for Maxie, not being able to see her own child.

At the cemetery, Maxie thinks she's seeing a ghost. She tells Robin to stay away from her.

Carly asks Franco when he saw Scotty, and he tells her that he came by earlier. Scotty basically told him that he didn't want anything to with him. At first, Carly tells him to give Scotty a chance, that maybe he's still in shock. She does a 180 when she hears that Scotty thinks that Franco is a political liability. Franco asks how well she knows Scotty. She tells him that he's an old friend of Bobbie's, who swears there's good in him. She tells him about Scotty's reputation for being self-serving. Franco thinks that Scotty should give him a chance before putting him in the "I'm a P.R. disaster" column. Carly confuses Franco even more when she tells him not to write Scotty off quite yet. She reminds him that she's adopted, and she didn't meet her father until she was an adult. He asks her if he was a politician, and Carly says "close." He was a federal prosecutor who was trying to put Sonny away. He empathizes with her, and she tells him that is was difficult to get know her father because of Sonny. She says that eventually they came to an understanding. Franco thinks she had a happy ending, but she tells him that her father was killed in a shootout.

Ava taunts Sonny about what happened at the art show. Sonny tells her that Ava and her "lowlife" brother turned Morgan against him. Ava tells him that Morgan makes his own decisions. Sonny stops her from going into the courtroom and leans into her. He tells her that just because they got a couple of hits off of him, doesn't mean they have the run of the town. He tells her that they need to understand that if they hit him, he hits back. "What is that supposed to mean?" asks Ava.

Patrick goes off on Carlos before Sabrina stops him. Sabrina tells Patrick that no one took advantage of her. She's there because she wants to be there.

At Maxie's, Spinelli asks Ellie what her big news is. She says that she has a plethora of big news. Ellie rambles on nervously before she's able to tell Spinelli about Robin. He does a cute Batman and Robin thing, but Ellie tells him it's about Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake. "What about her?" he asks. "She's alive," says Ellie in excitement.

At the cemetery, Maxie still isn't believing what she's seeing and starts rambling. Robin tries get her to listen, but she won't, so she slaps her. "I can't believe you just slapped me. You're supposed to be nice," utters Maxie as she feels her cheek. The slap wakes her up, and she breaks down, realizing that Robin is alive. Robin and Maxie embrace.

Ava asks Sonny if he's threatening her, and he tells her that it's not her bone marrow that Danny needs. Ava thinks that Kiki would be devastated, and Michael would be upset with Sonny. Sonny doesn't think so, which forces Ava to switch gears. She tells him not to do this, because of everything she's done for him. Sonny doesn't understand, so Ava tells him she's there to testify against AJ.

Franco makes fun of Carly's depressing story about her father John Durant. Carly says that her story is sad, but she does have a point. Her point is that she wished she knew her father better, but it didn't happen. Her father wasn't perfect. He wasn't Ward Cleaver. He was Arnie Becker (L.A. Law). She tells him that she focuses on the good things in her life. He starts feeding her olives, which distracts her. He tells her that she's the only good thing in his life, and they start making out again.

Sabrina tells Patrick that she ran into Carlos on the pier after the non-wedding. She was upset and needed someone to talk to. Patrick doesn't believe that Carlos only wanted to talk. Carlos tells Sabrina that she doesn't owe Patrick an explanation. Sabrina ignores Carlos and tells a jealous Patrick that they kissed, but that's all. Patrick wants Sabrina to leave with him, but Carlos gets in his face. "Why would she go anywhere with you? he asks Patrick. "After what you did to her last night."

At Maxie's apartment, Spinelli is amazed that Robin is alive and in Port Charles. She tells him that her parents managed to free her, and she just showed up at Patrick and Sabrina's wedding.

Robin is telling Maxie the same story at the same cemetery. Robin tells her that she was held hostage by Jerry Jacks, with help from Faison and Obrecht. She says Jerry orchestrated the whole thing, and it wouldn't have mattered if Maxie's purse was caught or not. Of course, Maxie makes this about herself and says that everybody tried to tell her that, but she wouldn't listen. She tells Robin how much she's missed her and needed her. Robin asks why Maxie said not to talk her out of it when she first showed up. Robin asks her if she was there to take the pills which are laying near Georgie's gravestone.

At the courthouse, Ava reminds Sonny that she was with AJ the night Connie was murdered. She witnessed AJ's drunken rage and when Sonny asked to tell the police what she saw, she cooperated. Sonny wonders what that means for him. She tells him that she always keeps her promises, and they don't have to be on opposite sides. She enters the courtroom with Sonny right behind her. Michael and Kiki take notice of the odd couple. Ava no sooner takes her coat off than the judge asks Scotty to call his next witness. Scotty calls Ava, who marches up to the stand and is sworn in. When the bailiff asks her to tell the truth, the whole truth, etc. Ava says proudly "Of course, I do." She's smirks at AJ, who looks uncomfortable, while Diane gives him a questioning look. Kiki practically groans and looks like a migraine is coming on.

Carlos and Patrick are still battling over Sabrina. Carlos asks Patrick if he's chosen Sabrina over Robin, and that's why he's there.

Robin and Maxie are still at the cemetery. She's told Robin about having a baby with Spinelli. Robin jokes about how much she's missed. Maxie admits how much she's messed up, and how much she's hurt Spinelli, Lulu, and Dante. She's especially hurt her daughter, but Robin tells her that she doesn't think she was being vindictive. She wanted to help people she loved. Maxie tells her about not being able to see Connie for six months. Robin encourages Maxie not to give up and be strong.

Ellie and Spinelli are glad that Robin is back for Maxie's sake. Spinelli wonders what other news Ellie has for him.

After making love, Franco tells Carly he's starting to feel better about his father. "Give me time. I'll make you feel better about your mother." Franco mentions boundaries, and Carly lets up. She asks if he's heard from her, and Franco recalls Heather being dragged away from the art gallery screaming. "Some day you'll understand that everything I do is for you." He warns her to stay away from Carly. Carly brings him back to the present, asking him if he's heard from her. She snuggles up to him and says that she's glad Heather is locked up. She can't do anything to her while she's locked up, right? Wrong. Heather, poorly disguised, is just outside his hotel room door.

At the same time, Scotty is questioning Ava about AJ's behavior at The Floating Rib. Ava says that AJ was ranting about losing control of ELQ. When she calls him irrational, Diane objects. Scotty continues by asking Ava if AJ mentioned Connie. Ava says that Connie was the focus of AJ's rage, and he blamed her for everything wrong. When she voices her opinion of AJ's guilt, Diane objects again. Michael asks Kiki if she knew her mother was testifying. Kiki tells him that she hasn't talked to her mother, since she talked Morgan into betraying Sonny. Scotty finishes his questions, and then it's Diane's turn. She asks Ava if she has any proof that AJ killed Connie. Ava flashes back to burning the evidence in a trash can. She answers that no, she doesn't have proof. Diane says she has no further questions.

Back at Metro Court, Carly and Franco are still in his bed. They talk about having burgers in bed when the phone rings. It's Heather, pretending to be from PCU. Franco applied for a job there, and she tells him they would like to interview him. When Carly asks him who it was, he tells her that he dropped off a resume at PCU today. Carly tries to be encouraging but, of course, Franco isn't so sure it's a good move. He wants to take a shower before he leaves, but Carly wants to show him how happy she is for him.

Over at Maxie's, Ellie tells Spinelli that she's been offered her dream job as lab manager of a state of the art facility. Spinelli is happy for her, and they kiss. Ellie tells him that she is going to turn it down because of him.

Out at the cemetery, Maxie is finally coming to grips that Robin is really alive. She asks her how she knew where to find her. Robin says that she didn't know. She came to look at her memorial. She felt someone guiding her, and Maxie admits she did, too. They share a chuckle. Maxie wonders why she's here, and not with Patrick and Emma. Robin explains the situation, and Patrick's dilemma.

Patrick and Carlos are still going at it over Sabrina. When Sabrina tells Carlos to shut up, he tells her that he's just looking out for her. Sabrina defends Patrick but still wants an answer from him. Who is he going to choose? Patrick doesn't have an answer and says he needs more time. He wants Sabrina to leave with him. Carlos gets mad at Patrick for jerking Sabrina around. Carlos says that he will take Sabrina home which makes her mad. She picks up her stuff and walks out on both of them. "Nice work, Doc," says Carlos. Patrick turns around and sucker punches him, knocking him down.

Robin tells Maxie that Patrick refuses to end things with Sabrina. Robin tells her that she watched him say his vows to Sabrina, and that he really loves her. Maxie asks her about Patrick's feelings for Robin. She tells Maxie that Patrick is confused, and doesn't know what to do. Robin says she doesn't either, but Maxie knows better. Maxie turns the tables, and tells Robin what she just told her. Robin wonders if Maxie is gonna slap her, too. Maxie tells Robin that she's a fighter and isn't about to give up on what she wants. Robin agrees and begs Maxie not to ever consider taking her own life again. Maxie promises her that they are both going to be around for a long time.

Spinelli is surprised that Ellie wants to turn down the job. She tells him that she would have to relocate to Portland, Oregon. She tells him that her new employers gave her complete autonomy. She tells him that they just got back together, and she doesn't know if they would last long-distance. Spinelli suggests that they leave together.

Kiki confronts Ava outside the courtroom, and Ava uses the time to try and get her daughter back. She asks her to join her for lunch, but Kiki turns her down. She says that she has to stay with Michael. As Ava leaves, Shawn passes her and calls her by name. Ava looks at him skeptically, before she leaves.

Michael is talking with AJ when Sonny comes up to talk to his son. He takes the opportunity to needle AJ about how it's going for him. Michael asks Sonny to table this discussion, but Sonny, of course, doesn't listen. Sonny tells Michael that he knows that he feels "misguided" loyalty to AJ, but he has to prepare himself. Sonny turns to AJ, and says, "You're going down." After Sonny leaves, AJ agrees with Sonny and says Michael should prepare himself for the worst. Michael says, "It's not over yet."

Judge Chua begins the trial again and asks Scotty to call his next witness. Scotty calls a ballistic expert from New York. AJ looks worried as does Diane.

Carly is still in bed watching Franco get dressed for his interview. She flirts with him and decides to order room service when he's gone. She tells him to "knock 'em dead" when he leaves. Meanwhile, Heather is skulking around the corner.

Ellie and Spinelli discuss the pros and cons, mostly pros of moving to Portland. She tells him that the city's unofficial motto is "Keep Portland Weird." Spinelli laughs and says they would fit right in. They talk about leaving everyone they know and love behind. Knowing they have to take the baby with them, they wonder what it would to Maxie. Of course, that's when Maxie comes home and overhears them.

Carly is talking to herself before taking a shower. Heather lets herself in and pulls a butcher knife out of her purse.

When Scotty is finished with his expert witness, Judge Chua asks Diane if she has any questions. Diane stuns AJ and Scotty by saying she has no questions. AJ wonders why not, and Diane says she doesn't have to. She explains that her cross-examining the expert would look bad for AJ, since he confirmed the fingerprints were his. The whole case is based on circumstantial evidence. The judge asks Scotty to call his next witness. Scotty says that the prosecution rests its case. Sonny leaves the courtroom. Diane is asked to call her first witness, but she says that she has none. This upsets AJ, who jumps up, and against Diane's advice, wants to testify.

Sonny meets up with Shawn in the hallway. Shawn tells him that Carlos is no relation to Lily. Sonny says that they can go ahead with their plan. They can take care of him.

Patrick gives Carlos some medical advice about head injuries. Carlos is still on the ground when Patrick warns him to stay away from Sabrina, or he'll kill him. Carlos scoffs as he nurses his bleeding jaw.

Sabrina is back in her apartment and looking like the Sabrina we first met. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. When she opens it, she finds Robin.

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